Just an erotic story

Just an erotic story
Moon. Wind. Wild rainy night. A figure, out in a storm. She is soaked,
shivering despite her heavy hooded cloak. A pale hand reaches to the large
oak door and knocks. The door opens but we see no one. She walks into a
cavernous hall, dimly lit with naked flames. Her eyes are taken upstairs by
a series of torches hanging on cold stone walls. Slowly, she lets her
soaking hood drop. It drapes heavily on her shoulders. Hair clings round
her moon-shaped features like tendrils grasping at her smooth cheeks. Most
of it is back, behind her head. Tied and out of the way. As she
tentatively starts her ascent, we see a shadow at the top of the stairs.
Watching. Waiting.
She reaches the top of the stairs, peering into the gloom ahead. There
is an eerie glow from one room. Firelight. The thought of some warmth
draws her onward. She enters a small room, rushing forward to embrace the
warmth of the fire she finds. Shaking with cold and weariness, she lets her
sodden cloak drop to the ground. It has been little protection, it seems.
Her gown is soaked and clinging to her body, revealing to the watcher her
fullness. Her gentle curves. Her vulnerability. Kneeling by the fire, she
crosses her arms around her body and struggles to pull the wet gown from her

"Let me help," a soothing voice behind her says, flowing warmly over her
clammy skin.

She turns, but sees no one. Her dress lifts easily off, as if suddenly
freed. Staring back into the flames, she reaches up, behind. Undoing the
ties. Shaking her hair free. She kneels up by the fire, rubbing her damp
tresses. Trying to dry them in the heat of the fire. Something shifts
behind her. A shadow. The fire playing tricks on the wall, perhaps? She

'You are beautiful.'

A voice from the darkness. She heard it clearly. But still there is no
one. Covering herself as an after thought, she moves to the door. It
slides shut. Her breath quickens as her eyes dart around the room
searching for answers to put her mind at rest. Pulling at the door, she
finds herself feeling trapped. Snared, even.

Then she feels him. His arms slip through beneath hers from behind her, and
for a moment her body welcomes the warmth and contact. She tries to turn
but her head is held, and her eyes are suddenly covered with a delicate band
of soft silk. A hand brushes down her nose to her lips, gently pausing
there. To keep her from making sound? or to feel her soft lips against his
fingertips? A wave of panic (or excitement) washes over her. It is met by
a soothing voice. 'Don't worry. Relax.' He leads her gently to the bed,
lowering her onto the soft warm covers.
Stroking her soft naked skin.
I want you.
I must have you.
You are all mine.

And then kisses. Soft and warm. Needing. Insistent. Velvet caresses than
weaken her resolve. She sinks further onto the bed. Her body now
responding to his touch. Moving, swimming in his arms. Drowning in his
kisses. His hands are on hers. Holding them. Binding them. All the
while his lips kissing, eroding her will. She is tethered to the bed.
But she is held by his lips his caress. Hands move gently down over soft
breasts. Again pausing. Checking and rechecking. Holding and reholding.
Kissing and rekissing. Her will is gone. She is lost to him. Giving
herself now. Moving her body up to meet his touch.

His hand moves down, brushing her soft mound. She moans. His fingers
stroke gently at her sex, strong deep strokes pushing to her very soul.
Then they enter her. She gasps, meeting his insistent rhythm with her own
forceful thrusts. Now it is she who needs. She speaks.

Please. I want you.

He moves carefully over her bound form, his soft skin against hers fueling
her passion. Her head is back, wanton. Her body is arched, searching for
him. For his cock.

He moves between her, searching too, and finding her. She welcomes him into
her, breathing deeply. His thrusts are deep, filled with burning passion.
He crashes into her, losing himself finally. Waves of pleasure course
through her, shaking her to the core. He holds her, stilling the powerful
quaking of her orgasm. Kissing her again he whispers...

All mine. You have to be all mine.........

All the stars may shine bright
All the clouds, they may be white
But when you smile
Oh how I feel so good
That I can hardly wait
To hold you
Enfold you
Never enough
Surrender your heart
To me
All mine, You have to be........

From that cloud
Number nine
Danger starts
It's sharp incline
And such sad regrets
Oh as the starry skies
As they swiftly fall
Make no mistake
You shan't escape
Tethered and tied
There's nowhere to hide
From me

All mine. You have to be......

So don't resist
We shall exist
Until the day, until the day I die.....

All mine. You have to be.....
All mine. Yes you have to be....

Oh you have to be
All mine.

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