Let me cum on your cock

Let me cum on your cock
Benny said I wouldn't have to do anything I didn't want to. A half hour into
the photo shoot I was on my knees and sucking his cock.

"Damn it, Benny," I bitched between sloppy slurps. "You know I can't take you
deep without gagging."

I wanted to think maybe he didn't hear me but I knew he could. His grasp on
the back of my head tightened and he pushed his cock deeper down my throat.

"Aggghhh, you bastard. Mmmpfff. Slow the, aggghhhh, fuck down."

He responded by stopping, only he stopped with his balls pressed against my
chin. I felt his cock swell in my throat, followed by his convulsive pumping,
as he filled me with his cum. Finally, he pulled out and let me fall back,
gasping for breath on the floor.

When I opened my eyes I found him standing over me. He shook his cock and let
his last few drops of cum fall between my tits. "God, Becca. You suck cum
like nobody else. Get your ass off the floor."

I guess I was suppose to be flattered by that. Fact was Benny would be happy
to get his rod sucked by the cat. I remember him once saying, "Any blow job is
a good blow job!" after a quick suck and fuck late one night in the bed of his

"Benny, you asshole. Are you ever going to let me actually taste your cum?" I
asked as I pushed myself up off the floor.

Scratching his ass while pulling his pants completely off he turned and
snarled, "Hell no, titty baby. I'm not wasting my spunk all down your chin and
shit. You get every drop baby."

"What an honor," I mumbled under my breath as I reached for my panties.

Benny grabbed me by the hair and yanked me back down to the floor. "I heard
that, bitch. And just what the fuck do you think you're doing?"

A shrink would probably charge me a hundred bucks an hour to tell me I
subconsciously wanted Benny to hear me. As he stood over me, calling me his
bitch whore I felt a wetness slide down my inner thigh.

Benny grabbed his half mast cock and swatted it around in front of my face,
looking like some frantic sword fighter.

"See that?" he leered. "See that? You better not be reaching for your
panties, bitch. I'm not even close to being done with you.

I hated getting Benny riled up like this. I hated it because I loved what
usually followed and I hated that. The slut begged to be released. As hard as
I tried, the prim and proper Becca could not contain the whore.

Still holding me by my hair he guided me over to his shop table. The clutter
of camera bodies and film rolls and paper were tossed aside and replaced by my
upper torso. I hardly had time to settle in when I felt my feet being kicked
out till I was straining to support myself on the tips of my toes. I reached
across the table and found support by grabbing at and hanging onto the far

Thank God I was wet. Benny never was one for foreplay or preparation. Before
I could catch my breath he slammed himself into me two more times. Each time
his cock rammed home he slammed the air from my lungs. I lay there gasping and
gulping and most likely sounding to Benny as if I were in the middle of a
tremendous, mind bending orgasm.

After minutes of this he began to slow. I finally found my breath and managed
a glance over my shoulder. "Oh --Benny. You bastard. You're killing me."

"Not yet, bitch," Benny grunted. "Give me time."

"Please, Benny. Let me cum. Let me cum on your cock."

Benny slowed a bit more and then settled into a steady fucking motion. "Oh,
Benny. You beautiful bastard. Oh God Yes --just like that. Let me
cum --.please. Let me cum and then you can fuck me to death."

Slow. Steady. Deep in --all the way back out. Oh Yes Benny Right There!

And then it happened. The slut deep within me had her way with me. The orgasm
came from a place only the slut in me was aware of. The shuddering rocked
Becca's soul and set me free.

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