Chesty Goes For Groceries

Chesty Goes For Groceries
Chesty Morgan was bent over the bananas at her local grocery
store when suddenly a large pair of hands started squeezing her
plump little ass through the thin cotton of her summer dress.

Feeling the fingers dig into her fleshy rump, Chesty gasped and
arched her back. Was there anyone else around? No, it was
early in the morning, and she and the big hands were all alone
amongst the pyramids of fresh vegetables and fruit.

A little half whimpering sigh escaped her lips.

The hands needed no more encouragement than that. Up went
her skirt and smooth dexterous fingers hooked the sides of her
frilly white lace panties. As they were briskly pulled down to
her ankles, she felt hot breath on her exposed pussy, already
moisting in response to such a naughty outrage. A tongue,
large and wet parted her cunty lips. She gasped and tried to
spread her legs, but her panties were now manacles.

"Dear, dear! Look at those young people!" said a quavery
female voice. Chesty jerked her head up from the bananas. The
tongue was sucked away and the hands gripped her bottom
hard. "I mean, look at that young tart!"

Chesty swiveled her head this way and that, the hands kept her
in place otherwise. Where was the voice coming from? Then
she spotted the top a steel grey bun of hair, poking up from
behind a vegetable display.

"Dear, dear. Standing out on the street in a little plaid skirt that
doesn't even cover her nethers! In my day she'd be arrested for
prostitution. I suppose she's off to school. Shameful."
Another female voice, out of sight, made a sound that was
probably in agreement.

The tongue resumed its lapping, trailing up and down her moist
cunt, toying with her clit so deliciously that Chesty knew she
was in the hands of a professional muff diver.

"Goodness! She's offering herself up to that young hooligan
like a rutting doe!" There was an excited grunt from her
companion. To Chesty's distress, the tongue withdrew. That
old bat better not have distracted him. "Oh my!" The bat
continued. "Rubbing her bottom up and down on his--" There
was an audible gulp. "His engorged pants!"

From behind Chesty, there was the soft purr of a zipper. The old
woman was sending the grocer out to `set a hose on those
beastly animals', but Chesty didn't care. She bit her lip to stop
from crying out as the smooth, swollen head of a giant prick
parted her pussy and slithered into her.

"Oooo! Is that a zucchini?" asked the old bat. "What a large
and interesting shape! That must have been hand grown with
lots of love!"

The hands held Chesty's hips firmly as she was rhythmically
fucked by the cock. She was so wet from the licking that she
offered no resistance to the giant prong.

"Oh my dear, you have juice dripping down your--" said the
old woman. Chesty quivered with delight.

The hands reached around and tugged on the laces of Chesty's
bodice. His cock plunged deep into her as he stretched making
her squeak. He tugged at the laces again, hungry. Chesty
shoved her bottom back, plunging him even deeper into her
vibrating pussy. The hands loosed the vexing knot of
resistance. Chesty pushed again, feeling his toned stomach
slap against her ass. Smack. Smack, smack! The hand jerked
and the lace came free, the dress top burst open, and--

"Oh! Honey-dew melons!" said granny delightedly. The hands
cupped Chesty's bouncing boobies, cups that overflowed with
nubile fullness. "No, wait! I think these are casaba melons.
How succulent!"

Now Chesty was really being fucked. Hard, fast and deep.
With each plunge the hands squeezed her knockers. Harder
and harder. Tweaking her nipples. Oh god, oh god! She was
going to start--

"Mmmmm milk! This comes from the healthiest cows! So
productive!" enthused granny.

Chesty let out a low mewl. She was going to, going to, going

"It sounds like they have the cow out back." The companion
laughed at this.

She was going to come. Come hard and loud. What was she
going to do? The cock was relentless. She was going to be

The hands came to her rescue. Suddenly there was a banana at
her lips. She eagerly opened her mouth and took it. Took it

But the hand had more in mind. Suddenly there was a banana at
her bottom. She let out an indignant cry but the other banana
was firmly lodged in her mouth. And anyways, what with the
merciless dick fucking, her ass was all to eager to take the
banana. It was too much. It was like being gang banged by a
trio of vegetable fuck monsters.

"Mmmm dear, dear. What's that wonderful smell?" asked the
granny. "It reminds me of the old farm when I was a young girl.
The animals were so frisky in the summer!"

Chesty was frisky and fucked. Sucking hard on the banana, her
pussy wetly glorping as the cock plunged in and out of her, and
the other banana reaming out her beautiful bottom, she
exploded in a twitching, thrashing, helpless orgasm. Her
knockers bounced up and down in the piles of bananas. Her
boobies battered yellow curved cocks.

With a final sigh, the yellow pulp of banana drooling from her
lips and cum running down the inside of her thighs, Chesty
collapsed and briefly blacked out.


"Are you okay, honey?" asked a voice.

Chesty's eyes popped open. Banana was smeared on her
cheek. She was sticky elsewhere too. Quickly, she stood up,
pushing her breasts back into her dress, and kicking her panties
under the fruit cart. A short older woman was looking at her
quizzically. Chesty grinned sheepishly and straighted her dress.

"I-- I slipped trying to get a good banana," she said lamely.
This wasn't the same woman, her hair was spiky short, not up in
a bun. But more important, where was Hands Man?

"I'm afraid he gone dear," said the old woman, grinning at

"Who?" asked Chesty, trying to casually lace up her bodice.

"Darren, dear. I was talking to his grandmother while you and
he were-- Examining bananas back here."

"What--" Chesty tried to regain her composure. "I don't know
what you mean!"

"It's alright dear. I was awfully naughty with fruit when I was a
young girl." Chesty shrugged, and tried to look mystified. "Oh,
and dear," said the old woman with a grin. "You might want to
take that banana out of your bottom before you go looking for

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