Show me that pussy, show me your juicy pussy

Show me that pussy,  show me your juicy pussy
"Cindy, we need to talk," I said.

"What about?" she said, smiling sweetly.

I stopped by the library where I knew she had a study group that afternoon,
and once they were all gone and we had some privacy, we sat down, facing
each other very seriously and grownup-like. "About last night," I said.

"What about it?" she said.

Um, the rubbing your pussy for total strangers for money part? "You know,
after we said we were going home for the night, and I went to the peephole
place, and... uh, you did too."

"That wasn't me," she said.

Now, you have to admit that was kind of a weird thing to say. If she really
hadn't been there, she would have said "What are you talking about?" But
saying "That wasn't me" meant she knew what I was talking about, which
meant-- what, multiple personalities? "I don't get it," I said, cautiously.

"It wasn't really me," she said. "It was me playing a part. That's the
only way I can do things like that for you, Ricky. If I put on an act, then
I can make you very, very happy." And looking into her eyes, the frankly
horny look in her eyes, I didn't doubt she meant it.

"Well, why don't we come back to my place right now and we'll both make both
of us very happy."

"I can't do that," she said, sitting back in her chair and taking her hands
off my knees, where they'd been resting. "If I'm going to put on an act--
it needs to be for an audience."

My head was swimming now. This was exciting, and scary, and deeply fucked
up. It sounded like we could do whatever I wanted to do-- but only on her
terms, which were, apparently, on stage at Radio City Music Hall. "What
kind of an audience?"

"Who's that woman you said you didn't love, but had sex with?"

* * *

"I've got the popcorn and the Jujubes," Bart said as we entered the peep

"C'mon, don't make fun, she might back out," Lana said.

"I don't think so," I said.

It was 6:30 on the nose-- early for traffic in the peep show, I was sure.
Lana and I went into one of the booths together. It was against the rules
and there sure wasn't much extra room, but we'd given the guy a $20 tip as
we went in which he knew meant, Listen pal, just keep reading the sports
section. Bart took the booth next to us. The music ("You Can Leave Your
Hat On") started, and the bead curtains parted as Cindy stepped out in a
feathery blue nightie and G-string panties.

"Wooo-hooo! If the booth is a-rockin', don't bother knockin'!" we heard
Bart shout from next door. Cindy seemed to be another plane of existence
entirely, however, as she moved calmly, serenely, toward the pole in the
middle of the stage and began to perform for us, wiggling her skinny little
ass while I was pressed up against Lana's bountiful tummy.

Lana squeezed around behind me and pushed me up against the glass, then she
unbuckled my belt and pulled my cock out. Cindy watched as Lana rubbed it
to full hardness while squeezing one of her own tits with her other hand,
right beside my head. Cindy began to do the same, rubbing her hands up and
down her breasts, each time pulling her nightie down a little lower until
one little nipple pointed out, then the other. It was like titty stereo,
watching Cindy show off her tiny, girlish tits while Lana's plump bazooms
rubbed against me. I leaned over and licked at her nipple and I saw Cindy's
eyes roll back in her head. Then she turned around and started wiggling her
ass at us again, pulling on her G-string and giving us little flashes of the
petals of her pussy. I heard a door open on the other side-- new customer,
a stranger-- but Cindy didn't seem to care.

Now Lana turned around and pulled her shorts down, pressing my cock into the
crack of her big round ass. Cindy watched as Lana began pumping her ass
against my cock, big fat hips working up and down like fat cams. Cindy got
on her knees on the little stage and pulled her G-string down, showing us
not only her soft purple pussy and the fine downy fur around it but her
petite twinkling asshole as well.

She rubbed her pussy for a few moments and I saw her juices glisten on her
finger. I grabbed onto Lana's fat hips and let my cock drop down to find
its natural place in her juicy cunt as well. Thrusting into her as well as
the tiny booth would allow, I watched as Cindy took her wet finger and
pressed it against her asshole, sliding it in to the knuckle and then back
out again, moaning as she fucked her own ass.

"Sweet mother of Christ, I'm coming!" Bart yelled from the other booth and I
heard the splat of one of his spurts on the glass. It didn't take long for
the same to happen to me as I came inside Lana.

Lana pulled off me and shoved me back toward the back, pressing herself
against the glass. She pulled both her tits out and began licking her
nipples while rubbing her clit. Cindy turned over on her back, legs spread
wide, and began rubbing her pussy. Lana began moaning wildly, muttering
"Show me that pussy, baby, show me your juicy pussy for mama to lick," until
she let loose a wild cry of orgasmic delight and, a moment later, so did
Cindy. On the far side a $10 bill slid into the slot and Cindy turned
around, spreading her petals wide, licking her finger and then shoving it
deep inside for the benefit of the stranger on that side. Then she took the
$10 and ran through the curtain.

"Let's all go get something to eat," Lana said.

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