Acme and Ecstasy - Office FemDom Novel

Acme and Ecstasy  - Office FemDom Novel
Apparently Ella was right about the girls. There was no resentment.
They were turned on by the smell of Ella on me.

Ashley even licked my cheek for a taste when we were alone and
whispered, "You bitch."

She seemed to admire my lack of guile.

Between calls Ashley got on the subject of Ella being a great boss.

"Remember that night that dork from accounting or corporate -whatever
- that suit -came in?" She asked around.
"Oh," said Molly. "And you were in your Headlights (Headlights is a
sports bar with big busted waitresses in tight T-shirts and shorts)
"Whoa!" I said to Ashley. "You worked at Headlights?"
"Molly is so full of shit. I had on shorts and a T-shirt. It was hot
up here. It was summer." Ashley said.

"Joan, help me out here. Was she or was she not looking like she fit
right in at Headlights?" Molly wanted to know.
"I don't know if it was that bad but I couldn't get away with wearing
an outfit like that. Not with this body." Joan said.
"Oh it was that bad." Molly began again.

Ashley jumped up, "Well Molly maybe if you dressed a little more like
that your old man would give it up and you wouldn't be so crabby all
the time." She was angry a little bit.

"What the hell has that got to do with it?" Molly asked.

For the first time all night Vicki said something, "You guys Joe
doesn't want to hear this stuff." She was being thoughtful of me.
"He'll live." Said Molly.

Then to Ashley, "You've got some nerve calling me crabby you're the
moodiest person around this place.So what does me being crabby have to
do with you dressing like a - whatever!"

"I like to surprise Mr. Ed once in a while. You know. Wear something
sexy once in a while. Gets him horny." Ashley said. "So sue me."

"Wait a second. Who's Mr. Ed?" I asked.
"Her husband's name is Ed." Said Joan. "She calls him Mr. Ed because
he's big enough to eat hay. Like the horse. See?"
"You mean because his dick is big enough to eat hay." Molly offered.

Things got heated. Ashley didn't like the way Molly said that. Vicki
didn't like them talking that way in front of me. Molly was still
upset about Ashley's comment. Joan just sat there with her hands
folded waiting for the storm to pass and I couldn't stop laughing.

"Hey! You guys break it up!" Barb yelled as she came thumping out of
her cubicle. "Just settle down. It's bad enough you guys don't want to
learn the manuals in your free time but jeez can't you keep it

For once the girls, even Molly and Ashley, were glad of Barb's
interruption. Still they grumbled about her as she went back to her
cube though. They just didn't like her.

"Ashley, you're the one always bragging about how hung Ed is." Said
Molly, in a normal quiet voice. " I like Ed. He's a great guy. I
didn't mean anything bad."

"I guess I shouldn't have called you crabby either." Said Ashley. "My
bad. Okay?"


"Y'know that whole big dick thing is -like- way over rated anyway."
Ashley said.

"Whew! I'm glad to hear that." I said. It got a good laugh.

"Well... maybe not way over-rated but a little." Said Ashley. "I mean
if you can get your hand around it, and still have enough meat left to
deep throat, anything more than that is a waste."

"Anything more than that!" I said. "How much more than that could
there be?"

"Oh, there be plenty. Right Ashley?" Said Molly.

Ashley made a fist and held it up.
"About this much more. I can get both hands around it and still do
deep throat on him." Ashley said.
"Damn." I said marveling at the thought of having a johnson like that.

"Poor Ashley. Doesn't know what to do with the extra inches." Said
Molly, and added, "He can give them to me if you want."

Everyone chuckled.

"Well it's not just that." Ashley continued, "He can pass out."
"Whadda ya' mean?" I asked.

"If I get him worked up too quick. Or too much." Ashley said, "So much
blood rushes to his dick that he can faint. It's a problem. Especially
if I'm giving head. He might fall on me."

"Jeez. Has that ever happened?" Asked Joan.
"No." Ashley said. "But almost."

"That is amazing." I said.

There was a small silence.

"What was I starting to say before?" Asked Ashley.
"About some guy in a suit came in." I reminded her.

"Yeah. So this Dork is snooping around. Supposedly, I guess, making a
performance check? Something... Anyway, he was standing over my
shoulder while I was on a call, just staring at my boobs." She said.

"I don't really care if someone looks, you know, fine, knock yourself
out. But for one thing, it's rude to stare. For another, this guy -
this suit - is trying to act so cool. Like, as if, he's really looking
at my computer screen or something ."

"So he's pissing me off a little. I mean he is right up close. Like,
close enough that we're actually touching. Ask these guys." She
motions around the room.

"So to get him to back-off I went like this." Ashley lifts both her
arms over her head, as if to yawn, and then bends herself back over
the top of the back of the chair so that from where I am sitting,
across from her, her tits look like two leaping whales breaking the
surface of the water in tandem.

My view was impressive. I can imagine what kind of eyeful this Dork

"I thought she was gonna flop out of her top and on to the floor."
Said Molly.

"Yeah. So this guy he had to actually jump back to get out of my way
and, I mean, he really got something to look at." Ashley said. "Served
him right."

"So what's the problem?" I said. "You must have made his day."

"Oh no." said Joan. "He became so flustered (and we started laughing)
he just didn't know what to do. He went somewhere and hid until Ella
came in."

"This is the cool part." Said Ashley "This Dork starts yelling at
Ella. Actually yelling. Ella wouldn't hear it. I mean I thought,
maybe, she might be mad at me. There is supposed to be a dress code.
But she wouldn't take nothing from this guy."

"Ella told him, 'This is MY office and these are MY people,'" Joan
said. "`What is your name? My name is Ella Major M-A-J-O-R. Write that
down. I don't want any excuses. If you or anyone else from corporate
ever comes back lurking around MY office without MY say-so you will
have a MAJOR problem to deal with. Got it?' That guy was so
scared it really was funny."

"There have been a few times after that when somebody came over to
drop off supplies or whatnot and the guy will be all apologetic
falling all over himself saying "I'm sorry to walk in here like
this.." said Molly.

"The same guy?" I wondered.

"No. Anybody. She had them all scared shitless." Said Molly.

"The coolest thing though," said Ashley. "Ella just walked on to her
office. Like nothing happened. She didn't care that we played this
guy. Tough luck, y'know. The guy shouldn't been where he didn't
belong. That was it."

"Wow. That is cool." I agreed.

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