Just the Beginning

Just the Beginning
She couldn't believe the position she was in. This was the first
time she had allowed herself to not have control over her
situation, yet it was all right with her. Every time his hands
touched her, there's such a warm feeling that she can't help but
be comfortable and at ease with him. Even being restrained is
becoming more of a turn on to her right now, so she decided to
just enjoy the new experience.

This time when he poured more of the champagne on
her, it spilled down her long legs and he even made sure some
dripped down the crack of her ass to her clit. She shivered at
the sudden chill it gave her, but there was also a certain warmth
already brewing in the same area. His tongue started again, but
this time at the top of her leg and worked its way down, tasting
and licking, and the giggling started up again. She tried to
contain it, but he was purposely teasing an area that he knew was
so tender. When he moved to the other leg, he worked his way up
from the bottom back to the top. He could see the glistening
between her legs on her swollen clit and knew she wanted him as
much as he wanted her, but decided to make her wait just a little

When she felt his tongue begin to trace the tattoo at
the bottom of her back, the giggles subsided and another feeling
began to take over. He reached his hands up and began to massage
from her back around the front to her chest. He caressed her
tits gently at first, but her body was beginning to have ideas of
it's own. She began to push back against his body as far as her
restraints would allow and her hips began to grind slowly against
his crotch. She felt him pull back away and he gave her a quick
smack on the ass, telling her that this is not going to go her

He left the room, only to return in an instant with
the rest of the bottle of champagne. He refilled her glass and
drank a few sips of it, then held it to her lips for her to have.
As she finished the rest, he lifted the glass slightly and a few
drops of the liquid spilled over her lips and down her chin. He
leaned forward and gently licked the drops from her face and
kissed her on the mouth.

She had been waiting for him to kiss her for what
seemed like forever. As his soft lips finally met hers she
couldn't help but want more. She ran her tongue across his lips
and playfully pulled his bottom lip into her mouth. His hand was
on the back of her head and grabbing a handful of hair pulled her
back away. Her head was pulled back so that her face was to the
ceiling. He stared down at her for a moment and she knew that he
was waiting for her to become uncomfortable and look away from
him, but she was not ready to give in. She kept his gaze almost
defiantly until he bent down and kissed her again, but this time
he kissed her hard, plunging his tongue deep into her mouth.

With his other hand he reached down and squeezed her
nipple between his fingers. It was just enough pressure to make
it sting a bit at first, but he began to pinch harder and pull on
it until it became more painful to her. He stopped kissing her
and his other hand found her other tit. He squeezed and pulled
at it with the same pressure he was exerting on the other. He
pinched them for quite some time, waiting for her to pull away or
ask him to stop. As the discomfort grew she forced herself to
tolerate it as long as she could. She could also tell that her
pussy was getting wetter by the minute. Tears began to well up
in her eyes as she winced from the pain when he gave another
twisting tug. Determined not to quit and give in, she bit her
lip to keep from crying out and finally turned her head away from
He always knew she had a low threshold for pain and
could see that she was trying her damndest to tolerate whatever
he was going to do with her, but for as much as he wanted to keep
going, when he saw the tears her eyes he knew it was time to
stop. His plans for her in the future warranted him taking the
time now to build up her tolerance and trust levels. He released
her breasts from his grip and heard her exhale with great relief
as she let her chin fall to her chest.

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