The job interview with a fat MILF

The job interview with a fat MILF
The call came in about ten to five-- and it was the kind he couldn't ignore
and go home. A vice president, this middle-aged power female with blonde
helmet hair and a big square ass who everyone was afraid of, needed tech
support-- and he was up next. Why do I have all the luck, he grumbled to
himself, as he picked up his briefcase and headed for the elevator, pressing
up when everybody else was pressing down.

He reached her office in the executive suite and she was on the phone,
barking orders at somebody. She sure looked the type, the build of a
battleship armored up in a mannish dark green suit. Despite the nature of
the call, he couldn't help notice that she had some cleavage on display, as
if anyone would want her oversized udders. Actually he noticed that the
helmet hair had gone, replaced by something a little more natural-looking
and feminine, a flip do that swayed gently as she paced back and forth on
the phone. It was the voice, though, that really took any degree of
attractiveness out of the picture. Harsh, no-nonsense, emasculating.

She motioned to him to close the door and sit. He sat.

A moment later she was done. "Thank you for coming up," she said, as if she
just barely meant it.

"What's the problem?" he asked.

"I seem to have lost my access code," she said.

"That's easy," he said, breathing a sigh of relief. "Actually, I can reset
that from my desk if it ever--"

"I don't think you understand," she said, coming around the desk and sitting
on the couch next to him, then reaching to her front and unbuttoning her top
button. "I believe I lost it in here," she said, and she grabbed his hand
and slid it between her two enormous round breasts, pushing it down past the
top of her brassiere into a clammy, sweaty place where the two meaty globes
mashed against each other.

He made a quick mental calculation. He liked his job. He hadn't had any
since breaking up with Delia two months earlier. What the fuck, he
reasoned, and began to rub around in between.

"Let me make some room for you," she said, and in an instant the suitcoat
was off, and shortly after she had unsnapped the brassiere and her
watermelon-sized tits plopped free and rolled over her pale white belly like
two seals set loose on an ice floe. "Check all around," she said, and he
lifted them up and down, feeling the warm sweaty circle under each tit,
rubbing the rolls of tummy against which they lounged. He did that for a
moment, and then she stood up and put the suitcoat back on, loosely, without
the brassiere. He was certain he had just been fired.

"No sign of it, I take it," she said.

"Uh, no," he croaked.

"I suspected as much," she said, and grabbed a bottle of lube which had been
sitting out in the open on her desk, unnoticed by him until that moment.
She turned around, hiked her skirt up, and then pulled her large silk
underpants down, revealing two pillow-sized white cheeks, each of them
larger than ex-girlfriend Delia's entire ass. She spread her ass wide,
revealing a pink, wrinkly asshole, in case he was in doubt about where he
was supposed to put the lube. "Maybe you should check in here."

He squirted the lube on his fingers and then gingerly touched one of them to
the wrinkly brown eye splayed open before him, unable to believe what he was
doing-- yet with no intention of stopping. Her hole seemed to suck his
finger inside as her massive butt rode down; she slid back up on it and then
down again as he held it in place, and she reached into the wisps of pussy
hair that stuck out down below to start rubbing her clitoris. "It may take
two or more fingers," she said, as he rubbed one of her giant ass cheeks
with his other hand as her butt pistoned up and down, fucking his fingers
greedily. He slipped another one in and she let out a little grunt, so he
forced the next one in more boldly and got a more deeply satisfied groan in

Her massive ass seemed to pull him forward with each thrust, and he soon
found himself facefirst in her jiggly white hams as her sphincter slid up
and down his greased fingers, squeezing them tightly as her fingers on her
pussy made a flurry of motion. It seemed odd to be doing something so
intimate without the least sign of affection, so as he fucked her ass with
three fingers spread wide, he started kissing her huge cheek, then sliding
his other hand up and down the thick, muscular thigh that tapered from it.
He saw her grab one of her own tits and start licking the nipple, which he
took for a sign of approval. A moment later, though, she seemed to slow
down. "Any sign of it?" she asked huskily. It took him a moment to
remember what she meant.

"No, no sign of it," he said, feeling foolish for carrying on the charade.

She suddenly pulled off his greased fingers and turned around, sticking her
blonde bush and chubby, rounded mons right in his face. "Maybe there's
something longer you could look for it with," she said, and then turned
around and stuck her huge ass back out again, expectantly.

He dropped his pants and quickly smeared some of the lube from his hands on
the end of his dick. He put the end of it up against her asshole, to make
sure that was what she wanted. She grunted impatiently and he began to
slide it in past her asshole ring, and she moaned long and low as he went
into her. Halfway in she reached around and clamped his leg with her hand
and pushed him all the way into her, then began fucking his cock up and
down, her asshole squeezing it out, then hungrily sucking it back in,
loosening up as he plumbed her ass.

As he did he reached for the front and pulled her suitcoat open, her huge
tits falling loose, knocking over a desk calendar and a bottle of Evian as
they swung in a wild arc with each thrust deep into her intestines, and as
his groin crashed against her massive, pendulating butt. She grabbed his
fingers and squeezed one of her nipples with them until she cried out, then
took the greasy, ass-smelling fingers and stuck them into her mouth, sucking
them. That was the last straw for him and he rammed himself deep into her
guts, cum blasting once, twice, half a dozen times deeply inside her. He
could barely stand and he felt himself fall backwards from her and plop onto
the couch. She stood there for a moment, a thin white dollop of cum leaking
from her ass, as she continued rubbing her clit, pinky finger slipping
inside of her asshole, though scarcely big enough to be more than a memory
of what had just been plowing it open. She cried loudly, her legs locked in
place, and she seemed to grip her pussy as if trying to prevent its escape.
He dribbled cum onto his leg as she relaxed with the release of her orgasm.

"Any luck?" she asked.

"I feel pretty lucky," he said, "but not because I found your password."

She turned around, her huge sagging tits pulled out of her coat and streaked
with lube, her legs wet with a mix of both their juices. "Let me do some
looking," she said, and grabbed him, pushing him over so that his ass was in
the air and his face went into the cushions of the couch.

Before he had time to be apprehensive-- well, before he had time to act on
it, anyway-- she had spread him open and was licking up and down his crack,
then jamming her tongue into his ass. No one had ever done that to him
before-- a few girls had come close but chickened out, which was more
frustrating and demeaning than refusing outright-- and his head seemed to
swoon at the sensation of it happening now. Then he heard the cap on the
lube open and a moment later he felt her finger slide into his ass, gently
and caringly. She stood up but continued to slide her finger in and out,
slowly and seductively, stroking his balls as they hung below and his hard
dick swung back and forth. He heard some sort of movement, a clicking and
rubbing sound, and then her finger came out, but he was too dazzled and
dazed to move.

Suddenly something was at his asshole again. He felt something press
against it and then in an instant it had popped inside him. It slid all the
way in, and then he felt her thighs pressing against his and he understood
what it was. She was fucking him with a strap-on dildo. Holy crap, how did
that happen. Just as he was about to protest about it, she grabbed his cock
and started stroking it, and it betrayed him by becoming hard again, and
dribbling cum onto the couch. He was powerless, he could only accept it,
that he was being ass-fucked by an enormous fat lady who acted like she
owned him. She thrust into him, she thrust the finger that had just been up
his ass into his mouth and he sucked at it as she had sucked at his. He
wondered where it ends when you're being fucked by a dick that can't come.
And where it ends when you're being fucked by someone with total power over
you. At that thought he started to come again in her hand and she cupped it
to catch the cum. When he had fired most of it she pulled the dildo out of
his ass and flipped him over, then held the hand full of cum to his mouth.
He opened his mouth up and the slimy goo slid into his mouth; he swallowed
it as she licked the rest of it off her hand and then smeared the wet hand
on her huge, saggy tit, and dangled it in front of his face for him to lick.

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