Jim fucked my chubby wife

Jim fucked my chubby wife
Since I started work I always thought Jim was kind of cute, but since
he was married and all, I never thought anything would happen with him
and me. Also, he was pretty old--I figured he might even be 40. I'd
seen his wife Cathy a couple of times. She is a slender, athletic
woman, in really good shape for her age. In fact, she has a body just
made for good clothes and except that she is a bit flat, I'd love to
have a body like hers. I never have a really skinny waist (right now
it's 29") but I do have more than average on top and I see men looking
at me all the time.

Well, one day Cathy seemed to be hanging around work. She talked to me
more than she usually does. At lunch time, she invited me out for a
sandwich. We went out to a restaurant nearby and she asked me something
that surprised me to no end: she wanted to know if I was interested in
having sex with Jim! I told her that he was cute and all and the
thought sounded pleasant, but that I didn't go after married men. Well,
she told me that she knew that Jim thought I was really hot. I found
that a little hard to believe--I had caught Jim looking at me before,
but not nearly as much as some of the other guys.

Then she told me to think about having sex with Jim and that she would
talk to me again. I had never run into anything like *this* before. I
asked her if she wanted Jim to have sex with me. She said she'd like to
watch Jim make it with another woman and I would do just nicely. I felt
awkward on the way back to work, but Cathy seemed to be able to talk
freely about everything. When she left me, she told me again to look at
Jim and think about doing it with him.

Well, whenever I saw Jim I couldn't help but start thinking about
Cathy's proposal. At home, I found myself imagining making it with Jim
with Cathy watching. It was all so weird--I had never thought about sex
so much. Two days later at work I got a phone message from Cathy asking
her to meet me at noon at the same restaurant. I went and as soon as I
sat down with her I realized that even though I never made a conscious
decision, that I was going to take her up on it.

Cathy was obviously glad to see that I came and seemed to know what I
was thinking. She told me that I would come to their house and I had to
follow her instructions exactly. She asked me if I was nervous about
it. I told her yes. She said that was natural, but I'd do well enough.

She asked me point blank if I promised to do exactly what she said. I
was confused and I guess it showed--I sat there tongue-tied. She told
me that Jim was going to love it, that he really had the hots for me.
She asked for my promise again and I said OK, but without too much
confidence. She told me she would come by and pick me up that night!

She came by at 7PM but didn't take me to her house right away. We went
to a bar and she ordered us both drinks and told me to drink. After my
second drink, she took me to their house. I had never seen the house
and it is nice--a suburban split-level. It made me want more than ever
to get out of my little apartment.

I didn't see Jim. Cathy took me to the bedroom, handed me some clothes
and told me to change in the bathroom. When I got in the bathroom and
looked over the clothes, I was surprised to find a rather conservative,
long-sleeved green top--not very sexy at all. The black pants were
tight-fitting though. Looking at myself in a mirror, I could see that
my shape from the waist down was obvious but from the waist up it was
completely hidden. But when I showed myself off to Cathy, she seemed
pleased. She took me down to the living room. Jim was there. He didn't
seem as nervous as I felt. Actually, he was very gracious and didn't
leer at all.

Then Cathy told me to kneel down in front of him and unzip his zipper.
I looked back and forth between them. Jim was standing. Cathy
encouraged me. I edged up to Jim, knelt down, looked up at him. He had
a smile on his face that I couldn't figure out. I looked back down at
his zipper and unzipped it. Cathy told me to take out his cock. I
couldn't believe I was doing this. I pulled it out. I don't pay lots of
attention to cocks, but his was bigger than average. Cathy told me to
put it in my mouth. I have sucked men off but never just kneeling in
front of a man like that, and certainly never with anyone watching! But
I did it. And it grew and I realized that it was quite big. Cathy told
me to keep sucking. I noticed that her voice was harder. I wondered
what she was getting out of all this. But I kept sucking and I could
feel Jim getting closer. He was breathing harder and his hands were
massaging my head. Then I knew he was about to come. Cathy told me to
swallow. Fortunately, that doesn't bother me so I had no trouble
following her order. Jim let out a couple of groans and it was obvious
that he was in ecstasy. I swallowed. He came a lot. Then his breathing
slowed and I started licking his cock clean and I stopped a couple of
times to look up at his face. He certainly looked satisfied!

And that was it. Cathy took me home. She told me she would pick me up
the next evening and that Jim and I would fuck. I don't usually say
"fuck" but that's the word she used. That night my mind was racing.

The next evening, Cathy picked me up again. She had brought some
clothes and had me change at my house into an outfit just about exactly
like the one I wore the night before. She told me she would leave me
some outfits. When we got to her house, she gave me a drink. I was just
about finished with it when Jim came in. Cathy immediately told me to
take off my pants. When I paused just a second, she hissed "quickly". I
wondered what I was doing there. But I took them off. And the panties
too when she told me to. I was fully dressed from the waste up and nude
from the waste down. Cathy told me to lean forward over the dining
table. Jim came up behind me as I leaned and started massaging my cunt
from behind. He had a soft touch and I was wet in a second. Then I felt
him rubbing my cunt with the head of his cock. I turned around to look
at him but Cathy told me to face forward. Finally I felt his thrust,
right into me. I gasped--I was ready and raring to go.

Jim was good. He did long slow strokes until I thought I'd die, then he
gradually picked up the pace. I was moaning and gasping and grabbing
the other edge of the table as hard as I could. Soon he was plunging
into me so hard I thought I'd die of the sensations! I came and came
until I felt like a limp rag.

"Very nice" said Cathy and for some weird reason I felt pleased to hear
her say that. I felt so weird that a woman was watching me, possibly
getting her kicks from it too. What was going on here?

When she drove me home again, she left outfits and told me to drive
over myself the next evening. All the outfits were basically the same.
When I showed up at their door the next evening, Cathy had me strip off
my pants again. She told me always to remove them when I came into her
house, but never the top. Jim fucked me over the dining table the same
as the night before and I was just as worn out. The next night she had
me suck Jim while they watched television, then had me lay across his
lap as if I were going to get a spanking. Actually, he brought me off
with his hand and he really seemed to know what he was doing.

So I was going over there every night, and Cathy had me doing all sorts
of things I never thought I'd do--I took it in the ass, I got spanked,
I stood facing a corner while they ignored me, I let them videotape me
masturbating. And sometimes Cathy would undress and I saw here playing
with herself a little a couple of times when Jim and I were getting it
on. Soon it actually seemed like they were going to invite me to move
in with them.

A couple of times Jim started to take my top off, but Cathy stopped him
and insisted that he leave it. But one night he got it off while Cathy
wasn't looking. As soon as she turned around, she ordered me to put it
on immediately and I'd never heard her sound so stern. Later on when
she escorted me to the door, she told me to never ever take the top off
in her house again. Then as we stood facing her, she looked a little
nervous looking at me. She glanced down at my chest. Then she took my
top and lifted it and looked down at my breasts. I just stood there.
She just stared at them, with no expression. She let it down again
after about two seconds. Then she told me again to always keep the top
on in her house. I started to turn to leave, but she grabbed my arm and
pulled me back around facing her. Then she lifted my top again! This
time after staring at them fr a few seconds, she reached with one hand
and started massaging one of my breasts! I just stood there. I couldn't
believe I was putting up with this!

I realized that it felt good. She pulled the top over my head, and
started feeling my breasts with both hands. Her eyes were locked on
them. Then she glanced around. Jim wasn't around. She led me to the
couch, sat me down, then leaned over and kissed one of my breasts! I
discovered I was hot. From a woman! Soon she was sucking away on one of
them and I was beginning to get really excited. She stopped every once
in a while and switched, sometimes giving one a quick lick, sometimes
stopping to suck on it. I saw her hand going to her own breasts through
her blouse. Something made me unbutton her blouse and soon her hand was
slipping in while she was still sucking on my breast. She seemed so

Finally, I stood up and took off my pants. I guided her head down to my
cunt. Never in all our sessions had I had my cunt licked. She licked
and licked-- better than I had ever had before. Soon I was ready to
come. I came, but I didn't let go all the way, I tried to remain in
control. I looked up and saw Jim watching us.

I spent the night with them that night--completely nude, between them
in the bed. Cathy continually went back to my breasts, but I got her to
lick me two more times. Jim and I made love with abandon--completely
nude under the covers. When we all got up in the morning, Cathy
continued to stare at me and she begged me *not* to cover my breasts.

Jim is my husband now, but Cathy lives with us even though they are
divorced. She remains nude in the house now. She's a good little
housekeeper. I've "trained" her to do all the things she had me do,
plus she gets whippings with a little whip Jim got from somewhere. I
love to watch Jim do her ass. quit

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