Sexy BBW Lana and bisexual Bart

Sexy BBW Lana and bisexual Bart
The next morning we played around a little, but it was actually nice to just
kind of sit back and watch Bart plow into Lana, jiggling her big round tits
and her broad white tummy and those thunderous thick thighs, while I stroked
myself unselfconsciously. After Bart came Lana considerately leaned over
and sucked me, which lasted about ten seconds before her power-vacuum tongue
had me squirting into her mouth. She lifted her head off of my cock,
trailing a length of sticky goo as Bart grabbed her face and French kissed
her, her mouth still full of my unswallowed spunk.

This got me thinking, and a few minutes later as Lana fixed breakfast, a
robe over her shoulders but exposing a foot-wide swath of cleavage, belly
and bush, I asked Bart the question that was on my mind. "So, like, being
in the Army, but, you know, liking to sleep with guys as well as girls," I
started, "don't you worry about Don't Ask Don't Tell and all that kind of
stuff? I mean, if they found out?"

Bart and Lana exchanged a look and smiled. "We're going to have to invite
you to one of our platoon's parties," Lana said.

* * *

I had my next date with Cindy that Wednesday-- okay, Wednesday's a funny
night to go on a date, but that's how our work schedules went. After a
movie we walked along the riverfront, and then sat down in a secluded area.
I took at least a little hope from the fact that she was willing to go to
such an obvious makeout spot.

We talked a bit, and then I leaned over and kissed her, and she let my
tongue roam around a little in her mouth but I didn't push it too far. My
hand went to her hip, and she put hers on mine, and at least once or twice
she must have felt my boner brushing her. I tried to cup her tit with my
hand but she pushed it away. Now it was time for me to push back a little.

"Cindy, I want you to be my girlfriend," I said.

"I am your girlfriend," she said, a little whimperingly.

"No, Cindy, I mean a real girlfriend," I said. "I don't mean we have to do
everything right away, but you push me away from anything more than a

"Don't you like to kiss?"

"Sure, but that's not all," I said. "It's just hard to really be boyfriend
and girlfriend when you don't trust me enough to let me go any further than
that. When you shut me out completely."

She looked at me, sort of hurt, and then, like it was the greatest sacrifice
ever made by womankind, she unbuttoned her top button and took my hand and
set it on her chest, over one breast. I felt the soft spongy rise of her
petite breast, and stroked it gently as I kissed her some more. Slowly I
worked my way down until I felt the bumps of her aureole (not that I even
knew the word for it then), but my pinky had just brushed her nipple when
she arched stiff and pulled away from me.


"I--I just can't do the things you want to do," she said.

"What do you mean?" I said, moving closer to her and putting my arms around
her, chastely. "They're what every man and woman do." Or man and woman and
another man, or...

"I--I just can't, Rick. I'm not ready."

"Cindy, honey," I said, all sweet and gentle now, "if something bad happened
to you before with some creep, it's not going to be like that with me. It
can be so nice and make you so happy--"

She looked at me, startled. "You've done it?"

What, did I have male virgin tattooed on my forehead? "Yes, I've done it."

"Were you in love?"

"No, I wasn't in love," I said. "I didn't feel like I feel for you."

"So how did you do it, then?"

Um, on top of her on her back and with her husband's cock in my mouth...
"What do you mean?"

"How could you do those things with someone you didn't love?"

"Because they were fun. Because they made both of us happy." All three, to
be precise, but I skipped that for now. "Because life is short and sex is
beautiful. And I want it to be beautiful with you, because you're so
beautiful." God, where had I learned all this. But it worked. Her big
round eyes got that much rounder.

"I want to, Ricky, but not yet."

"I don't want to do it until you want to," I said, lying my ass off, "but
there are a lot of wonderful things we can do along the way." I pulled her
back down into the grass, and we began kissing again, and this time I let
her bump into my hardon more frequently. "I want to see your breasts," I
said. I felt her stiffen again in my arms, and now I reached over and
unbuttoned her buttons, down the front of her blouse, and then opened it to
reveal the cast-iron bra beneath. I nuzzled the area above the cups, as I
reached around and found the woman's first line of defense, the bra snap. I
fiddled with it in several different ways, but couldn't get it to do
anything. Shit shit shit. I broke our clinch.

"Cindy, please undo your bra for me."

Wordlessly she reached behind and did what had failed me. But she only let
it become loose, she didn't take it off. I slipped my hand underneath one
of her breasts, and felt her hard little nipple jutting out of a soft round
B-cup. It was so different to feel her up, her small breasts and flat
girlish stomach, after rolling around in Lana's abundant womanliness. I
tried to kiss my way to her nipple to remove the bra, but her arm came
downtight on the strap, keeping it in place, and so I rubbed her tit, rather
fruitlessly for both of us, for a few minutes before she sat up again and
this time firmly snapped it up and began buttoning her blouse. It was time
to go home.

* * *

As we walked to her place we happened to take the street where most of the
bars in town are, and when we passed the adult bookstore and peep show
parlor I made a sour crack. "Well, I guess I know where I'll be stopping on
my way back."

I thought she might be shocked or offended, and I think she was a bit, but
there was also curiosity. "You've been in there?"

"Hey, every guy in town's been in there some time," I said.

"So what do they have, like, magazines like Playboy?"

"You can get those at the Kwikee Mart," I said, from experience. "They have
videos, and you know, dildos and stuff like that. But the main thing is the
peep show."

"What, you watch people do it through a hole?" she said, shocked to her

"No, I'm sure that wouldn't be legal," I said. "It's like, they have a
stage area for the girls, and the guys all have booths they stand in, and
there's like glass in between, and a place to put money. And the more money
you drop, the closer to they get to the glass and show you stuff. You could
go broke real fast if you were a regular customer, I think. That's why I've
only been in there a couple of times."

She squeezed my hand and stood closer to me as we walked. "Then when you
get home, do you... think about what you saw, and..."

"Well, uh," I said, surprised by her sudden interest in male sexuality,
"actually you do it there, in the booth, usually. In fact I think you have
to, you know, pull it out, so if things cross the line they know you're not
a cop."

She was very silent for a minute. "The girls watch you, too?" she finally

"Well, I'm not going to say they get as much out of it as the guys do," I
said, "but yeah. I guess they do."

We walked to her house in silence, but she seemed more physical with me than
she had ever been before. I had a tiny hope that I might be invited in and
we could pick up on a new level, but she stopped me at the door and kissed
me briefly. Then she took my hand and looked into my eyes. "I really want
you to be my boyfriend, Ricky," she said. "Please let me get used to the
idea slowly, and do things my own way."

"Okay," I said, because there was nothing else I could say.

* * *

I could have gone home and just beaten off, or fallen into bed with my
upstairs neighbors, but I sort of didn't want to bring other people into it,
I wanted to think about Cindy. So the logical way to do that and still
finally shoot my wad, which I was aching to do, was to go to the peep show
and think about how curious she had been about it.

I paid the dollar to get in and bought some tokens. I looked at the
vibrators and dildos for a moment and wondered how Cindy would react to one
as a present, but decided that was a bad idea, and made my way back to the
booths. I was the only one in them--remember, it was Wednesday night--and
everything was quiet for a moment before the lights came on and an Aerosmith
song suddenly started booming from the jambox.

The first dancer was a bleached blonde with rings in every place she could
think of and an assortment of tattoos. I pulled my cock out and she nodded,
then immediately started hitting me up for bigger tips. I dropped a couple
of ones in the slot but frankly she didn't do much for me and when she saw I
wasn't that interested, she just kind of zoned out and did her thing as if I
wasn't there.

After two songs the boss called to her and she left the stage. Nothing
happened for a minute, even as a Def Leppard song boomed away, and my cock
was getting soft in my hand and I was thinking about calling it a night when
I saw the curtain stir and a girl in a satin pink negligee and panties and
high heels entered the stage. I was working my way up checking her out when
I realized, with a complete shock, that it was Cindy, my Cindy.

My God, she knew I was coming here and so she came over, I'm sure the boss
loved the idea of a new girl volunteering to be on stage, probably for
free--shit, she probably had to pay him--and now she was going to dance for
me behind glass, sow me what she was afraid to show me when we were
together. Well, she'd give me her money's worth, I was sure of that. I
moved back from the glass a little so she could see my cock, and pulled at
it as it quickly sprang back to full size. "Show me your titties, baby," I
said. "You make my cock so hard, show me your titties." I stuffed a $5 in
the slot.

She started dancing to the music, clumsily but she had at least some idea of
what to do from movies or TV shows, I imagined. She pulled the negligee up,
showing her flat tummy, then turning around and showing her little round
butt in the panties. She took the negligee off and set it neatly on the
floor, then started rubbing her breasts under the bra. "Do I make your
thing hard?" she asked, becoming the first peep show worker ever to call it
a "thing" instead of a cock.

"Very hard," I said. "I want to see your titties. Show me your beautiful
titties and your wet pussy."

She blushed at that, and turned around, undoing her bra and letting it drop.
At last I saw her breasts, small but round and perfectly shaped.
"Closer, baby, closer," I said, dropping another dollar into the slot. She
came up to the glass and I pressed my cock against her tits, her mouth just
inches away as it oozed precum. She studied it, the glass safely between
us, for a couple of moments. When she finally moved away I said again, "Let
me see your hot wet pussy. Show it to me, show it to me," and I stuffed
another dollar in the slot.

She seemed torn for a second, and then she began to pull down her panties,
revealing a thicket of black hair. "Show it to me, let me see it," I said,
and she came up to the window and, after studying it for a minute, figured
out that she could prop one leg up on the ledge. She did that and although
it was kind of in the shadows, I saw her pink lips, glistening with wetness.
I pulled my cock harder, and pumped with my hips. "Show me how you make
yourself cum," I said, and she reached down with a finger and started to rub
her pussy. I'd wondered if she even masturbated, but yes, this did show
that she knew what to do down there.

Suddenly a door opened and she froze. She had another customer. "You're on
stage, you have to finish the show," I said, and she looked at me,
imploringly, but I just stroked myself and said "Show me your pussy, show me
how you make yourself cum." She closed her eyes and rubbed her clit with
one hand as she squeezed her tit with the other. "I'm going to cum," I
said, and she said "Oh yes, Ricky, I want you to cum," and as she moaned an
orgasm I sprayed jism up onto the glass around her tits and down her belly.
Her leg dropped down and she stood there, naked except for stage high
heels, panting. Then she looked at me and turned and bolted off the stage.

"Hey, how do I get some action around here?" I heard a voice from the next
booth shout.

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