Lisa finds a surprise at the Stampede

Lisa finds a surprise at the Stampede
Last night I went down to the Stampede with a few friends and was
surprised by something encountered while down there...

I was to meet some friends at the other side of the midway so I
decided to cut across behind the games to save some time fighting the
crowd. I zipped in behind one of the games at one end of the midway
and started to weave my way in and out of all of the trailers that
they have parked back behind the games. Moving for a about 30 seconds
I heard and say no one else back there, then when I was crossing at
the end of two semi trailers I notices something out of the corner of
my eye.

Pulling back to see what it was I peaked around the corner to see a
tall slim east indian woman standing with her back up against one of
the two trailers. I would guess she was about 5' 10" tall and with the
3 inch heels she was well over 6'. Before her knelt one of the carnies
from the midway with his head partially lost under her short skirt.
Her hands where resting on his head and her skirt guiding him where
she wanted him to go.

I was surprised, not that this sort of stuff goes on back here but
that it was going on at 7:30pm in the middle of the evening, it was in
broad daylight.. Taking out my phone I figured I would snap a couple
of pictures to look at later, just in case they caught me and though
better about this public sex thing. But as my luck would have it her
eyes where closed and his, no where to be seen.

In a couple of seconds I saw her start to buck her hips forward
grinding into his mouth, her breathing was starting to get louder, and
a small moan would escape her every couple of seconds. With the force
she was grinding into his face I figured she would not last much
longer, just then she froze, as I assume the first wave of her orgasm
hit her, then she started to shake and her legs almost collasped.
Leaning forward to place her hands on the other trailer she steadied
herself while her body was still in the middle of cumming.

Lifting her skirt I saw the person pleasuring her for the first time,
he was about 26 with wild hair and a clean shaved face. I could she
her cum glistening on his face as he stood and she started to undo the
fly to his jeans. He stood about 6'1" and was build like a football
player, when his cock sprung out of his jeans I could see that she was
pleased with his 8 or 8 1/2" cock. It was then that she reached into
her bag and opened a condom, unrolling it onto his cock she leaned
down and kissed the hood.

Stepping forward he picked her up by her ass and pulled her into him,
his cock moving between her legs and hitting the outside of her sex.
Pushing her back up against the trailer once against while he lifted
her slightly and positioned his cock at the entrance to her sex.

I don't know who wanted him inside of her more, him or her but when he
released her slightly and his cock entered her I could she the look of
pure pleasure on both of their faces. Slowly her started to raise and
lower her onto his manhood, sometimes just the tip of his cock would
slide in, other times he would allow his whole cock to disappear
inside of her.

Snapping a few more pictures I was glad that at the angle he was
holding her up she was also holding up her skirt so I could see and
thus get really good pictures of the two of them joining.

After a couple of minutes of the controlled fucking I heard her gasp
to him, "Faster, I want to feel you fast and deep... I am so clo... "
her words being cut off as her rammed himself into her with all he was
worth. Picking up his pace he started to ram in and out of her fast
and harder, with each stroke.

Within a minute of this pace I was her grab around him holding on for
dear life as she let out a muffled scream into his shoulder as she
body convulsed around his invading cock. Shaking her head from side to
side as her rammed himself into her over and over again while she was
cumming, I had a hunch that she was going to have second when she
flung her head back and started to moan uncontrolably.

His hand shooting to cover her mouth, to quiet her down. I don't know
how many people are normally back in the trailers but when I looked
around I noticed that there was a guy peaking around the other end of
the trailers from me, his cock out while he was rubbing it watching
the action.

Taking a couple more pictures I slipped my phone back on my bag just
as I saw him tense, you know how men are when they cum, he got all
ridged and released her so that he was as deep as he could get inside
of her. Then I saw a shudder move through him and I knew that he was
shooting load after load into her.

Just then I saw the other spy shoot a load of cum out of his cock, it
landing on the ground around his ankles. Thinking that I probably did
not want to get caught back here I took that moment to slide by the
trailers and make my way back out onto the midway.

About an hour later we where all enjoying a beer at one of the outdoor
patios on the grounds when I saw the woman walking by on the arm of
another guy. Her hand entwined with his like they where close, I got
the boyfriend vibe, and I also knew why she had such a wonderful smile
on her face, as neither of the men I had seen her with in the trailers
was the man she was here with.

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