BBW Spanking

BBW Spanking
Sarah was an engineer,
with no man to heat her rear.
Now she hit upon a master plan,
to electronically replace a man.
She'd build a robot nice and strong.
She called the project, Spankatron.

Now her Spankatron soon took shape,
with spares she acquired from the cape.
The arm had speed, force and aim,
while spanking a cushion, she nearly came.
She imagined her butt, placed right there.
one day soon, she'd lie there, bare.
Soon she fitted a remote control,
and so she neared her final goal.
Just a few more bits for her to fix,
Like a cane, a paddle another bits.
Next she fitted the special straps,
to keep her still throughout the slaps.
These were designed not to let her loose,
until her mind had blown its fuse.
Around her arms, her waist and legs,
powered by motors, and locked by pegs,
These straps would hold her, with arse exposed,
till Spankatron had, its task disposed.
Now Sarah lay down upon the bench.
Naked,this was one tasty wench.
With the remote, she started pressing,
The buttons that would lock her, no messing.
After all the pegs were fully home.
Sarah she began to moan,
With her wrists now feet apart,
She could not stop, what was to start.
For the remote control sat between her arms,
way out of reach of her sweaty palms.
The Spankatron began to whirr,
to put the fear of God in her.
It was programmed to select at random,
a cane, a paddle or a synthetic hand, um,
Sarah struggled, but to no avail,
as the first blow whomped upon her tail.
It was a particularly vicious paddle,
made from leather from a horses saddle.
Right on target, was Spankatron's aim.
she knew to expect more of the same.
The pain was crippling right from the start,
but Spankatron, it had no heart.
She wailed, and cried and struggled,
but ol' spankatron did not get muddled.
Slowly working through its program,
now a cane was used on her ham.
As welts and wheals turned her arse so red,
pain turned to pleasure inside her head.
For 2 solid hours Spankatron performed,
until Sarah's arse was more than warmed.
After her third orgasm, Spankatron stopped,
Oh dear, his main cut out had popped.
At this point, all the pegs dropped out.
Now Sarah heaved, and moved about.
After a struggle she got herself free.
so she got up and went for tea.

So though our Sarah was very plucky,

she can count herself, very lucky.
but for a fault that saved her bacon,

her life, Spankatron, might have taken.

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