Gwen and her kinky Master

Gwen and her kinky Master
Gwen looked at herself in the bedroom mirror and softly caressed her large
breasts. Then taking each nipple between her fingers gave them each a vicious
squeeze that made her gasp.

She couldn't believe what she was contemplating on doing this morning. She had
played around the edges of it in her mind for years, but now had finally
decided that she had to try it to see if it was what she really wanted.

She had tried her best to not get to this point, but as her Master had warned,
once you started there was no turning back. The more you did, the more you
wanted. Maybe it was a sickness, but all she knew was that it made her happy
both physically and emotionally. So how could it really be wrong?

Over the years she had fought hard to not accept her desire for total
enslavement; to allow herself to be used in the most brutal of ways; tortured
and degraded with all of her holes available for her Master's use in any way
that he pleased. Or to let others use them as well.

Today was the big test of her submission.

At least he had been kind enough to discuss the possibility with her and allow
her to try and accept what he was going to do. But the thought of sharing him
with another submissive was frightening. Exciting to be sure. She had long ago
accepted that she loved the taste and feel of another woman's body. But to do
so in front of him and to share their sexual life with another was till a scary

But there was no denying the effect that it had on her. Every time they
discussed it, her juices started flowing and her desire to please simply
overwhelmed her to the point that she begged him to find a suitable sister
submissive for her.

Now he thought they had found one and today was their first time together.

After she had dressed, she drove over to the apartment that they used as their
"dungeon." She entered the doorway precisely on time and then stood inside and
quickly undressed. She placed her collar around her neck and then the wrist and
ankle cuffs that were her only clothing when with her Master.

In moments, he had come out from the bedroom already undressed and in a state
of readiness. Sitting on the couch, she crawled over and immediately asked
permission to suck his penis, as was her want. As she did so, he softly
caressed her neck and shoulders explaining that their new playmate was already
in the bedroom ready for play and then looked deep into her eyes to make sure
that she was prepared for the morning's activities. Assuring him that she
wasready, he took her hand and led her in.

Their new friend was laying face down across the bed, blindfolded with her
wrists tied to ankles exposing her ass and cunt. Master grabbed Gwen's hair and
led her to the bed telling her to go ahead take a taste; he knew that was what
she wanted.

It had been so long but Gwen had no problem using her fingers to tease the poor
girl's clit and then without thought using her tongue to give a sloppy, wet rim
job. She probed the girl's wet cunt hard with two, then three of her fingers
only stopping when her Master grabbed her head and pulled her off.

Making Gwen kneel by the bed and watch, he then pulled out a small butt plug
and after coating it sufficiently with lubricant; he slowly forced it into the
tight anus.

Then without pause, he pulled out a narrow tapered vibrator and again slowly
forced it's way into the girl's wet pussy. This only served to excite Gwen
further and belatedly, she realized that she had been teasing her cunt and
tweaking her rock hard nipples without Master's permission.

"It's ok, slave, I know you're excited and ready to play."

Moving to the other side of the bed, he lifted up the girl's head and rammed
his hard cock into her waiting mouth. Following his instructions, Gwen
continued to run the buzzing vibrator in and out of the girl's cunt making sure
to not dislodge the plug.

It didn't take long before the two of them had forced the poor woman to lose
control and they both felt her stiffen and moan as a hard orgasm coursed
through her body.

Quickly, Master removed the toys from her openings and then undoing the cuffs
on her legs and arms allowing her to get more comfortable and come down from
the high she must be feeling.

As she cuddled up to close to the girl and gave her soft caresses, Gwen kissed
her soft mouth and then realizing that she felt nothing but pride for being
able to do this with her owner and wondered what excitements lay ahead.

Looking over the girl's body, her Master gave her smile and said, "Your turn."

"The pain in pleasure often becomes the pleasure of pain."

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