When Girl Friends Step-Mother and Father Click

When Girl Friends Step-Mother and Father Click
It was one of those cold day's, you know, those cold
days when they would say it was colder than hell. It
was, almost thirty below. One of the coldest winters
I had ever been through.

That wasn't enough, it was also snowing like in a
blizzard and that was just what it was. We were
doing just fine, me, my young twelve year old
daughter and her twelve year old girl friend
Jessica. My daughter had had her stay for the
weekend, planning on going up to the local ski
lodge, when the blizzard hit.

Well with the blizzard and the warning that it was
going to last for quite awhile, my daughter Kamila
had Jessica call her parents and tell them she was
just fine and would be staying with us until after
the blizzard. Which was fine with me.

When Jessica was there things always warmed up,
she didn't seem to mind to show her firm little ass
with her little panties and she never wore a bra
to cover her small petit tits. She seemed to enjoy
showing them to me.

Also when she was their my daughter Kamila
would follow suite and I was always getting
flashes of small firm bare breast and panty
covered asses and pussies.

This was going to prove to be an interesting and
possibly an exciting week or so, that they predicted
'that the storm would last.

I had plenty of wood and coal for the old fashion
wood and coal store I had set up in the living room
and a good supply of food, and snacks, which they
seemed to like. I had battery operated lamps, plenty
of batteries and oil lamps, the old fashion one's and
plenty of oil for them. We could actually cook on
the old wood heading stove.

It was a damn good thing I was prepared because
it wasn't long before the power went out and we
had no electricity.

They wondered what we were going to do for
entertainment, I could have suggested something
but I didn't think either of them would appreciate
it. Not with the thoughts that were running through
my mind as I kept glancing at their bare legs, bare
clear up to their panties and their breasts showing
through their see through blouses.

Now Kamila had no mother living with us, she had
taken off with some damn rich guy she had met and
was fucking. It was something because Jessica had
no father, he had met and had taken off with some
rich bitch. Neither me or Jessica's mother knew
where our loving spouses were and neither of us
had seen them for three or four years.

Jessica's mother herself was actually a very good
looking petit woman, her daughter taking after her.

When Jessica called her mother to tell her we were
fine but would be stranded her mother wanted to
talk to me.

I told her that Jessica would be just fine and that
I was glad to have her there that I enjoyed the two
girls. She told me then that she wished she was
there with us so that we could all be snowed in
together. Believe me I took that as an invite
for later.

Then she told me something that kind of shocked
me with the way she said it and what I took her
meaning to be.

She told me to take care of her little girl, that she
was getting to be quite a little sex pot and was
always talking about sex. She said that she also
enjoyed showing herself to the men. Then what
shocked me was when she told me that being
cooped up like we were that her daughter might
just want to go further than she had ever gone
before and that if she did, it was all right with
her if I helped her and gave her what she
wanted, if I decided I wanted to. She told me
that her daughter was a hot little gal wanting to know
all about sex, just like she had been at that age and
that if I wanted to it was alright to teach her. To me
that gave me the go ahead from her mother to enjoy
her daughters twelve year old body.

But then there was the problem with my own
daughter. It would be kind of hard fucking her
girl friend with her there.

Then thinking about my own little girl and the body
she had and the way she showed it, maybe, just
maybe, I could enjoy both of the girls even my own
little virgin daughter.

Oh yes in the last year or so, watching my little girl,
around the house, yes even seeing her naked, I had
thought more than once about what it would be like
to fuck my own little girl taking her virginity, being
her first, but then I had never really had a chance like
I just might have this time. I could almost see myself
with my cock plunging into both of those little tight
virgin cunts and taking their virginity.

But then I also knew that it was probably just a
fantasy of mine and I would probably never get
to sample them, just see their attributes.

But then you can't stop a man from fantasizing,
dreaming and wishing.

Things got really interesting when suddenly
everything went dark, the power going out. I
knew that with the storm the way it was it would
be several days probably before we got power
back. I already had the stove going and it stayed
warm in the living room where it was.

I also had a pull out bed, you know one of those
couches that pulled out to be a bed.

I lighted a couple of lamps for light and there we
were, two young sexpots, and a man, a father of
one of them in one of those romantic situations.

Oh yes I was hoping things would get interesting
and believe me it didn't take long.

I turned on the battery operated radio to get the
news and it was all about the blizzard that they
expected to last for several days without a break.

I had a hard time hiding my stiff cock with what
I was thinking and wishing.

Both girls suddenly got up and ran into Kamil's
bedroom as I pulled out the couch and made
it into a bed, putting several heavy blankets on
it to keep us warm.

I got a shock when after about twenty minutes
both of the girls came out dressed for bed, giggling.
Well I couldn't laugh I was in to much of a shock
at the way both of them were dressed.

Both girls might as well have been naked. They
were wearing transparent nighties, that in the light
of the lamps even showed their bare tits and even
their pantyless pussies. Neither girl had any pubic
hair. Their little slits showed plainly through that
transparent material. I didn't know where they had
gotten them and didn't ask, I sat there and just
enjoyed the scenery. Believe me they were not
very careful in hiding it from me.

They seemed intent on turning me on and they did.
I was ready to throw both of them onto the bed and
rape the hell out of both of them. But I didn't have

I was sitting on the bed facing the stove, when both
girls set right beside me, one on each side. I mean
right beside me, they were pressed right up against

The two girls sat there talking about their school
girl friends, and about this having had sex with
this boy and that girl friend having had sex with
that boy.

It wasn't long before I had a small young hand on
each leg rubbing my thigh. Then I had young
hands take my hands and put it on two bare thighs.
Not a word had been spoken.

I had put the radio on a station that was playing
music, not that wild music but soft romantic

I sat there listing to two young mostly naked,
'fully exposed little young sexpots that were
spouting sex each holding one of my hands on
their bare thigh, even moving my hands slowly

Just as each had was pressed tight against a
bare little hot wet pussy, my daughter suddenly
looked at me and said.

"Daddy, will you do something for both of us?"

I looked at her with out even trying to pull my
hands away from those two little hot cunts.

"Honey, you know I will do whatever I can for
you. What is it that you want your old daddy
to do for you?"

She looked over at Jessica and grinning told

"Daddy, Jessica and I want you to show us all
about sex. We want you to show us how to make
love how to have sex, the right way, not the way
those young boy's did when they had sex with
our girl friends. Our friends told us they didn't ]
mind the sex, but all the boys thought about was
themselves. The boys didn't do it until the girls
cum too.

I was a bit shocked at the way my little girl
was talking but now was not the time to say
anything about it.

Then I felt my hands rubbing a pair of tight hot
wet pussies. Still virginal and still young.

I looked at her, then Jessica. Then I ask

"Jessica is that what you want too?"

"She didn't hesitate. "Yes, she said I, I don't
have a daddy I can ask, and Kamila said that
if we could get you to, she would like for you
to do it with me too."

"Well is that what you want? Once we start
we won't stop until both of you girls know all
about it." I told them.

"That's ok with us, Jessica said grinning at
me as she pulled my hand up tight against her
hot wet, little virginal cunt just as Kamila
did at the same time.

I was feeling two little virgin cunts, hot and

I turned my hand enough that I managed to
run my fingers up both of those little slits.
Both girls gasp at the touch of my fingers
touching their virgin pussies and their
sensitive little clitoris's. The first time they
had anyone touch them there.

I couldn't help it, I didn't want to help it or
stop. I looked at both girls and ask them

"Are you girls sure you want this?"

"Both of them answered yes.

With that those two little ones unbuckled my
belt, giggling as they did, then Kamila reached
into my shorts and wrapped her had around her
daddy's cock and pulled it out. I couldn't believe
I was letting my little girl play with my cock, but
almost immediately I had two small hand wrapped
around it.

They looked at me then each other and just like that
I had two small virginal tongues licking my cock
head at the same time.

Jessica was the first to do it. She opened her mouth
and slipped it down over my cock head and began
sucking it in and out. Then she pulled it out of her
mouth and told Kamila,

"Oh that taste so good to me."

Very quickly, my own daughter sucked my cock
head into her mouth and fucked her mouth with it.

All I could do was sit there and enjoy having my
cock sucked by two young virgins. I wasn't about
to stop them. Not at that stage of the game.

As Kamila sucked her daddy's cock, I pulled Jessica's
night gown up and over her head taking it off leaving
her naked.

Kamila pulled her mouth off of my cock and Jessica
took her place. While she was sucking my cock, I
slipped my daughters night up and off leaving her

The two girls swapped back and forth sucking my
stiff cock. I was in what they called seventh heaven.

Finally they stopped and finished stripping me. I lay
back on the couch bed and both girls continued with
their sucking of my cock.

Finally I pulled Kamila up and had her straddle my
head and as Jessica sucked on my cock, I licked and
sucked and tongue fucked my little girls tight
virginal cunt.

Then they again swapped places and I was licking
and sucking on Jessica's tight hot wet juicy cunt,
tasting my second virginal cunt.

Then finally the girls told me they wanted me to
fuck them both and teach them how. They told me
they wanted me too, because they didn't want it to
be with them like it was with their girl friends, the
boys fucking them, taking their virginity, but not
making them cum like they had all heard and read

They both wanted me to do it to them.

Well how could I turn my own little girl down with
something that she wanted so bad.

I kissed both of them, tasting my own cum on their
lips as I fondled and played with their little titties
and their little cunts.

Those girls were really into it. Really into sucking
my cock and playing with it and letting me play with
them and fondle them.

Finally Kamila, kissed me and told me.

"Daddy fuck Jessica first then fuck me. She don't
have a daddy to fuck her, so we want you too."

I looked at her and then at Jessica.

"Jessica are you sure you want me to fuck you and
take your virginity?"

"yes," she said, "Yes, I want you too."

Well with that I pulled little Jessica up against me
and began kissing her, then sucked on her tiny titties,
then I kissed and licked my way down her tight firm
stomach to her hairless pussy.

I spread her small legs and moved between them,
then continued licking, sucking and tongue fucking
her until suddenly she experienced her first ever
orgasm from a tongue or a cock.

When she began orgasming, I moved up and began
rubbing my cock head on her tight little pussy slit.
Then I slipped it down to her virginal opening and
holding her small legs, I pushed my cock up into her
tight virginal twelve year old cunt.

She cried out with pain as my cock stretched her
cunt wide and tore through her hymen taking her
virginity from her young body.

Once I had my cock buried deep inside of her,
I held still letting her tight cunt adjust to it's
invader. I could see my own daughter staring at
her friends tight cock filled no longer virginal

Finally when she relaxed I began to slowly fuck
her. It wasn't long before she slowly began to try
to fuck her little cunt back at me. Well I fucked
her good. I fucked her until once again she
stiffened and cried out with pleasure as her young
body once again experienced a strong orgasm.
When it did, I spewed her young cunt full of my
hot sperm. It just intensified her own orgasm.

Finally she settled down and lay without moving,
with my cock buried deep in her no longer cunt
and her womb full of my hot sperm.

Kamila, stared at her friend, then Jessica grinned
at her and told her.

"Oh Kamila do it fuck your daddy, Oh god Kamila
I loved it I loved his cock fucking in and out of me
and making me cum."

Kamila looked at her friend then at me.

"Daddy fuck me now will you? Please daddy,
fuck me like you did Jessica and make me cum
like you did her." She almost begged me.

Well I wasn't going to disappoint my little girl.

I pulled her to me and kissed me with her girl
friends juices still on my lips. I fondled her
titties, kissed them, sucked on them the licked
and kissed down her stomach to her hairless pussy.
She spread her legs wide, and cried out.

"Oh yes daddy, lick it make me cum again daddy.
Then fuck me, put your cock up into me and fuck
me like you did Jessica."

I did just that. I licked and sucked on my own little
girls tight virginal cunt, then tongue fucked her until
like her friend she began orgasming, her first orgasm.

I again moved up between a virgin little legs and
rubbed my cock up and down her hot wet still
virginal cunt, then I moved it down to her tight
opening just like I had done to her girl friend.

I held my little girls legs and pushed my big stiff
cock up inside of her. She like her girl friend cried
out with the pain of her little cunt being stretched
wide and her hymen tearing as my cock plunged
all of the way up inside of my own little girl.

When she relaxed, I slowly began fucking her
and fuck her I did. God I loved my own little girls
tight tiny pussy, just as I loved her little girl friends
tight no longer virginal sperm filled cunt.

On and on I fucked her, giving her the pleasure
that she wanted. The pleasure of being fucked and
made to cum by her own daddy.

Finally it happened, my little girl cried out with
pleasure as her daddy fucked her and she felt
her orgasm from her daddy's big stiff cock begin
to sweep her little body.

When it did, I pushed my stiff cock up inside of
her and like I had her girl friend, I filled my own
little girls womb full of her own daddy's hot fertile

She almost passed out her orgasm became so intense
from her own daddy's stiff cock and his hot sperm.

Finally we lay there the girls no longer young virgins
one on each side of me with a hand from each of
them wrapped around my cock.

Both of the girls, were relaxed and hugging me
both of them wanting me to fondle and play with
their sensitive but small little titties and nipples.

Well all three of us enjoyed being stranded by the
blizzard and we took advantage of it, staying in
bed most of the time with my cock buried in one
or the other of them, either in their cunts or in
their mouths. They loved both.

The time flew by way to fast for me, knowing that
when the blizzard was over, I wouldn't get to be
fucking both of my little fuck angels anytime I
wanted too.

Eight day's and night the blizzard last, eight days
and nights I got to fuck my two little sluts. They
love it. They told me they wanted me to keep
fucking them. Hell I wanted too.

That was when Kamila ask me if Jessica could
live with us then they could both keep fucking
me. I told her that her mama wouldn't want
her to stay, that I knew her mama wouldn't want
to be alone and not have her living with her.

Suddenly Kamila ask me. "Daddy can't Jessica's
mama come live with us too. Daddy you could
fuck her too, daddy, she doesn't have anyone to
fuck her either."

"Yes I would like that. I would like you fucking
mama too." Jessica said with a big grin. "Then
you could keep fucking me too." she said.

When the storm was over and the phone service
back in, Jessica called her mother. I didn't listen
in on their conversation. But Jessica then told
me her mother was coming out to pick her up, that
she had two or three days off and wanted to talk
with me.

"Oh shit, " I thought, I was probably in a lot of
shit because I had fucked her little girl and took
her virginity and fucked her for almost two weeks
straight during the storm.

Boy did I get a surprise. When her mother finally
drove into the drive way, Jessica and Kamila both
ran out and began hugging her.

Looking at her, I suddenly remembered just how
damn cute she was. She was wearing a blouse that
was almost as see through at the one the girls had
worn. Her skirt was short showing well shaped legs
and thighs. Her skirt stopped just below her ass

She was petit, about five foot, maybe ninety pounds,
with small petit firm breasts. She herself looked
only about sixteen or may seventeen.

When she came up to me, she actually gave me a
hug and a kiss and thanked me for taking care of
her daughter during the storm. The she looked at
me and grinning she told me that Jessica had told
her how I had taught them all about sex and how
I had fucked both of them during the entire time,
fucked them over and over.

She seen the look on my face and giggling she told
me she wasn't mad, she was grateful that someone
like me had been the first to fuck her and take her
virginity and make her enjoy it.

Then she looked at me and then told me,

"There is one thing you have to do though." she

"Wha, what's that." I ask worried.

"You have to fuck me and show me just what
and how much you showed my little girl. I know
she was really happy about the way you fucked her.
She said.

Talk about shocked. Oh yes I was more than willing
to fuck her mother. Jessica had told me her mother
hadn't had sex, as far as she knew for over two years.

I stared at her, Miana, and believe me I was all for it.

I invited her in and she readily went in with me.

She stayed that night, then next night, then next
night and on and on . She liked to have fucked
me to death. Of course she had to watch her
daughter and my daughter fuck me too.

For three weeks she stay fucking me with the
two girls before she had to go back to town to her]
job, which she said she was going to quit and move
in with me so she and her daughter and my daughter
could all keep fucking me.

During the three weeks she was there the girls also
learned how to lick and suck each other titties and
pussies giving pleasure to each other and licking
and sucking mama's titties and pussy, a girl
doing each and then swapping ultimately with
me fucking all three of them.

We, I knew that it was going to seem like a long
time before they would be back moving it. Hell
yes, two weeks seemed like a long time, but then
I still had my own little girl to enjoy and keep
happily, sexually satisfied.

Yes, I would survive, just barely unless my little
girl had really learned how to be a good little
slut and would fuck her daddy as much as he
wanted. That is until her girl friend returned
with her mother and moved in. In the meantime
I would order a big king sized bed so that all
four of us could sleep in the same bed.

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