I have long enjoyed married BBWs

I have long enjoyed married BBWs
I have long enjoyed married BBWs going back to my late teens and early 20s. The wife shown following (Tracy) was a LTR and we had many adventures together.

If there is interest in my story I'll share more at a later time. When I first met Tracy, she was online in a chat room. Her husband Mark had been arranging meetings for playtime and Tracy wasn't getting what she wanted from the meetings.

Her complaint was she'd get used as a sperm receptacle and not get her pussy eaten (which she LOVES) or the attention to her sweet B cup tits (she loves having her nipples sucked and nipples pulled and pinched).

I told her I love eating pussy and love a sweet pair of tits. She let me know she was a big girl and would I be OK with that?

I told her until she'd had a few orgasms she wouldn't have to suck me or take my cock to reassure her I'd be very different from what she had experienced before. Apparently hubby Mark didn't screen the guys very well and Mark wanted to watch and get video of our time together. I let Tracy know I was perfectly happy with the arrangement. She wanted to have a phone call with her and Mark to ask questions and arrange a date and place to meet. Tracy made arrangements for the phone call for 6 PM taking my phone number and promising she and Mark would be calling that night. She told me she was very horny and ready to be eaten and loved her pleasure was my priority!

At 6 PM I got the phone call with Tracy taking the lead for she and Mark. I told Mark I was going to eat his wife through orgasm after orgasm which made Tracy squeal with her excitement.

It was a Tuesday and Tracy wanted to meet that Thursday night. She told Mark she was horny and ready and he was going to get a real show to video! They gave me a motel to meet them at in Southern NH (45 minutes from my home) and Tracy's cell phone number to call. We talked a bit more and I reassured Tracy she was exactly what I wanted. Her body was perfect for me! She emailed me a couple of pictures earlier and I knew what she had. I had returned the favor and got a "yummy!" from Tracy as a response. Tracy asked if she could call me during the day and I told her it was fine. Call me when you're horny!

The best afternoon I got a call from Tracy where she was masturbating on her couch thinking about the next night and our meeting. I think she needed reassurance that I was going to be there. I stepped away from my office and told her I was going to devour her pussy and ass at which point she orgasmed as she fingered herself. I told her I'd love to lick her wet fingers and she told me she was going to give me her best tomorrow night.

The next night I left the office and called Tracy to let her know I was on the way. Mark didn't want to get a room until I pulled into the parking lot of the motel. I soon arrived (yeah, I was pushing the speed limits to get there!). They got out of their car and Tracy got into my car to wait for Mark to get a room and I handed Mark the cash to cover the room. They were thrilled I made the offer as they never got anything toward the room in previous meetings.

Tracy leaned over we we kissed passionately as Mark looked on and watched me openly grope Tracy. My pleasure when I found she had on only a t shirt and cutoffs. Tracy told Mark to hurry and get the room.

Tracy's first orgasm was as I fingered her soaking wet pussy by sliding my fingers up the leg of her cutoffs right in the car in the parking lot. She giggled and said she couldn't wait to be eaten and I licked her juices from my fingers. I told her she was going to be devoured when I got her in the room.

Mark showed up with the key as Tracy and I were passionately kissing. Tracy told him he missed the first orgasm but he was going to get the show he dreamed of. Mark grabbed the camera bag from their car and lead the way into the room.

Mark said "Sorry, all they had available was a room with two queen beds.". Tracy told Mark all she wanted was a room and bed so I could lay her back and eat her good.

When we stepped into the room Tracy told Mark to get the camera out. She was hot wet and ready. I pulled her t shirt off and sucked her hard nipples and cupped her tits to which she responded by holding my head to her tits as I nursed.

I did trace my way down her belly and slid her cutoffs to her ankles. I kissed her belly apron and layed Tracy back on the bed where she pulled her legs back and apart so I had access to her sweet pussy. I spread her open and licked her clit and eagerly fucked her with my tounge. Her next orgasm was in two minutes of licking her and I kept going. Mark had his pants around his ankles and was video in one hand, stroking his cock with the other.

Tracy had another orgasm as I tounged her pussy deep. I then trailed my tounge down and rimmed her ?????????????? which caused her to moan "YES!!". I switched back and forth from her ass to her wide open pussy and found Tracy had a very large erect clit. Tracy asked "I hope you don't mind my little cock?"

I assured Tracy her generous sized clit was even better and I gave her clit a good sucking which lead to two more rapid orgasms for Tracy.

Tracy stopped me and said her pussy needed time to recover and now it was my turn. I was still dressed and Tracy was all hands getting my clothes off. When my cock came free Tracy had me lay back and got on her hands and knees and sucked me deep into her mouth.

"Chuck, she really likes you!" Mark told me from the side of the other bed. Tracy's sweet mouth was fantastic and I had to have her slow down as I wanted to fill her pussy with my first load An enthusiastic "Mmmmm!" was Tracy's response.

A couple more minutes and Tracy reluctantly released my rock hard cock from her mouth. "Are you ready to fuck me?!" was Tracy's question. "You know I want to fuck you baby!" was my reply.

Tracy got on her hands and knees and lowered herself down onto her tits with her sweet bug ass high and spread and aimed at Mark's camera. I stood behind her and slid my thick cock deep inside Tracy's wanton wet pussy. As I began thrusting in and out Tracy was moaning and you could hear the wet sounds of my cock going in and out of her pussy. I knew I was not going to last long with the sight of her sweet ass taking me proudly.

Tracy was building to an orgasm as I fucked her and I told her I was going to try to cum with her I got a very excited moan from Tracy and felt her pussy spasm and grabbed her generous hips and buried my cock deep inside her and moaned my own release as Tracy was cumming too.

I held onto her hips for a few minutes and began to massage her big ass and her lower back. "Mark, Chuck is now my boy friend like you wanted me to have." wS Tracy's response. I looked back at Mark smiling and nodding his approval.

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