My BBW Wife And The Dog

My BBW Wife And The Dog
It was some years ago on a warm Summer evening; my wife
and I were sitting and talking together, reminiscing
about days gone by. Somehow, the discussion turned to
the wild sexual adventures we had before we met and
fell in love, and almost in passing, she mentioned that
when she was a teenager, she used to let the family dog
lick a bit more than her hands or face.

Of course, I was consumed with curiosity and dying to
hear more about my poised, cultured and beautiful
wife's straying into that most outr?? of lusts. It
happened more than once, she said, with more than one
animal, but she never let any of them fuck her and she
never jerked any of them off in exchange for their
attentions. She was reluctant to tell me more at the
time, so I let it drop with an appreciative comment,
but I was really curious.

Although women and dogs hadn't been one of my cherished
sexual fantasies, this revelation of hers moved it near
the top of the list. Many people think it's all about
dominance and humiliation, but it doesn't feel that way
to me: the thing that really turns me on is women who
are game and wild for sex... and doing it with a dog
has got to be as wild as it gets.

A year or so after she first told me about this, when
she was really horny and in a loving mood, she invited
me to "do whatever I liked" with her. I'm sure she
thought I'd ask to fuck her in the ass, like I'd done a
number of times before when faced with the same
invitation - she says that's what most men will do if
you tell them that - but instead, in a voice hoarse
with excitement, I asked her to tell me about the time
she let the dogs lick her. I was ready for an angry
refusal or a blithe and witty change of topic, but I
was pleasantly surprised when, after a brief pause and
a shy smile, she began her story.

One morning, she said softly, when the rest of the
family was away running errands or at sports practice,
she was sitting at the breakfast table in her bathrobe
enjoying her solitude. As she sat there eating a bowl
of cereal and reading the paper, she was startled by a
wet nose and warm, rough tongue between her legs.

She pushed her chair back and looked down to see the
family's pet Lab looking up at her wistfully and
licking his chops. Her first reaction had been to push
him away, but she found herself aroused despite her
misgivings ‚?? no one had ever licked her down there and
she was curious to know how it might feel. Her brief
contact with him had turned her on and she felt the
moisture between her legs as she thought about what she
should do.

She is really juicy down there, by the way, more than
other girls I've known. The first time I ever grabbed
her crotch it was just sopping wet kissing and playing
around with me under the stars, and much later, after
we were married, on a bright, sunny afternoon, I was
working her over with one of those "barber massage"
vibrators that you slip over you hand, and I was
thrilled to watch the little drops of clear,
lubricating fluid leaking out of the glands that nestle
just inside the mouth of her vagina down by her
"taint." They came out of her beautiful cunt: drip,
drip, drip, sparkling in the sun that streamed in the

Anyway, there she was looking at the dog, poised
between desire and convention, and making her decision,
she parted her beautiful white thighs to see what might
happen. Of course, the dog was attracted by the sight
and smell of her then very wet vagina and nuzzled up to
her again. He sniffed her and then started licking her.
As he did, more of that clear, scented fluid began to
ooze out of her pussy. As he lapped away, she slumped
lower in the dining room chair, spreading her legs
further apart, and almost immediately she came with a
shuddering orgasm. As she did, she looked around
nervously and realized how exposed she was in that
compromising position to whomever might look in the
kitchen window.

She felt perverse and a bit guilty, but she had really
enjoyed the first head she ever got and she was still
horny; so standing up and gathering the disheveled robe
about her, she started upstairs to her bedroom calling
him after her. Of course, he trotted along behind her.
She locked the door, opened the window so she could
hear if anyone came home, walked up to her bed, pulled
the robe off her shoulders, and let it drop to the
floor. Turning around to face him, stark naked, she lay
down on the bed. She moved her bottom to the edge of
the mattress with her feet on either side of her and
her legs spread wide.

Her vagina was stretched open before her very
interested pet, her outer labia covered with long, red
hair and her long, pink, curly-edged inner labia spread
open, revealing the red and very wet mouth of her open
and dripping vagina. She called him over to her in a
soft, inviting voice: "Come on; good boy, let's do it
again," she said.

As he took her up on the invitation and started lapped
away, she spread her long legs even farther apart, and
thrust her vagina into his eager mouth. By now her come
was pouring out of her in torrents which he gulped down
greedily as he continued to lick her and thrust his
tongue into her hot snatch searching for the source of
that sweet juice. His interest never flagged and he
continued to lick her and suck the nectar that flowed
freely from her cunt.

His tongue was long and rough and seemed almost
prehensile as it snaked up through the muscles at
opening of her cunt and down into her vagina in its
search of more honey. Her vaginal juices tasted good to
him and aroused him in turn. She was almost blind with
lust, her heart thumping with perverse passion. She had
been pulling at her nipples but then reached down with
both hands to pull her sex open even wider for the
slavering animal.

Finally, the first of a long series of orgasms exploded
within her and she bucked and moaned and quivered
rhythmically as he continued to drill into her with his
tongue and she continued to come, again and again.

I was fucking her the whole time she told me these
stories, which I just loved. I kept moving my penis in
and out of her lazily as she told me the story and I
asked her questions about the details. Her wet pussy
made it obvious that she was enjoying herself
immensely. First, I asked if she played with her
clitoris while he was tongue-fucking her, and she said
that she didn't need to: she just lay back and had
orgasm after orgasm with him going to town on her and
her fantasizing that it was his big, red dick thrusting
into her instead of his tongue.

I asked her if she thought of following through with
that fantasy and letting him actually fuck her. She
said, yes ‚?? she did consider it, and it was obvious
that he really wanted to: when she got up from the bed
he was jumping up on her, grabbing her with his
forelegs, and humping away, but she pushed him down and
didn't even jerk him off, let alone give him head, to
relieve his frustration. She was a virgin when this
happened and she didn't want her first fuck to be a

She also didn't like the thought of him shooting his
load inside her and filling her vagina with doggy
sperm. I told her I would think she would be aroused to
think of his sperm swimming up inside her as she went
about her business during to day, but I think her post-
doggy-sex guilt would've made her feel too "dirty"
filled with his come.

As I said, she told me she did this with him more than
once and that she also did it with other dogs. To get
ready for them, she would pull at her nipples and play
with her clitoris, then masturbate with one, the two
and then three fingers up her cunt until the juices
really started to flow and she smelled like sex to

They weren't always as interested as they could be -
which I can understand what with the major dose of blue
balls they must've had from this one-way sex. Once, to
get a dog interested, she smeared her pussy with peanut
butter, which at least got him to start in on her; of
course, once she began to feed him her warm, fragrant
pussy juice, he got into it and lapped away like a

Since this happened more than once, I thought that
somewhere in there she might have fucked one of them or
at least jerked one off and didn't want to tell me
about it, but I guess she was telling the truth because
I think I really did convince her that I would admire
her, not look down on her, for having done so - God
knows I would be thrilled to hear her tell the story of
how some horny dog had been excitedly pumping his fat
cock into her!

It all was really wanton and lascivious, both the
stories and the fact that she had had dogs bring her to
orgasm many times. I'm so happy she told me about it,
and as you can imagine, it's become the source of many
pleasant fantasies.

After she finished the story, she told me that,
although it wasn't a big fantasy of hers, she'd fuck a
dog for me while I watched, if I really wanted to, but
unfortunately, in the cold light of day, without my
prick in her and these memories fresh in her mind, I
don‚??t think she really wants to; and it isn't that easy
for me to set up.

We don't have a dog and if I went out and got an un-
neutered male dog of the right size (like a German
Shepherd, Lab or Dalmatian) she'd say that I only
wanted one to make this fantasy come true and I could
"forget about it and take him back." Still, maybe
someday we'll house sit for someone who has a suitable
pet, or come by an appropriate dog some other way.

I'd love to watch an medium to large-size dog stuff his
bright, red glistening penis into her. I'd like to see
her on her elbows and knees and watch him climb up on
her back with her sticking her ass in the air, waving
it around like a bitch dog. He would mount her with his
forelegs wrapped around her hips, jerking his haunches
against her beautiful bottom as he tried to stick his
fat, pointed seven-inch cock into her cunt.

After a few futile and misguided jabs that sprayed her
bottom and thighs with come, I'd spread open her pussy
lips with my fingers, and help him put his prick inside
her, watching it disappear into her dripping vagina. As
he was fucking her, I'd wrap my fingers around his
prick so I could feel it sliding in and out of her.

I'd enjoy watching her long, delicate inner lips get
pushed in as he thrusts his penis into her, and then
see them cling to him as he pulls back to penetrate her
again. A mixture of her juices and his constantly
squirting come would drip out of her cunt as they

I'd love to see him use his powerful muscles and
curved, flexible spine to fuck her with fantastic power
and speed. Her breasts would be swinging beneath her as
he shoved her back and forth with his wild humping. The
sound of his dick squelching into her overflowing cunt
and the impact of his haunches against her bottom would
be answered by her low grunts and moans as she writhed
beneath him, pushing back against his thrusting cock.

He would start panting louder and louder as he pumped
into her faster and faster, come squirting out of her
as he increased the tempo, until finally he shoved his
knot into her and quivered slightly as he held his
throbbing penis in her and pumped her full of his, hot
sticky sperm. Of course, he‚??d tie with her and they‚??d
be locked together both of them enjoying the throbbing
of her multiple orgasms and the rhythmic pulsing of his
pointed dick and knot deep inside her pink pussy.

I would wait until he lifted his leg over her and they
stood asshole to asshole. I‚??d watch closely as his red
dick softened, the knot slipped out, and his penis
slithered out of her with a pop. Then I'd move him to
the side and quickly stick my rock-hard dick in her
used, sloppy, wet cunt before his hot, slippery come
poured out of her. As I fucked her with him looking on,
I'd feel his sperm inside of her and feel it running
out of her cunt and dripping down my prick and balls as
I filled her up to the top with my own come.

As you can see, I've enjoyed many fantasies from my
wife's revelation of her sexual experiences with dogs.
Maybe some day, I'll have the opportunity to bring one
of them life. Just to watch a dog lick her, as they did
when she was a young girl, would enough to fuel my
fantasies for years to come.

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