My fat wife sucks my boss cock

My fat wife sucks my boss cock
My wife just recently went back to the work force and as a result a
few weeks into her job, she invited her boss over for a BBQ. He
turned up on time and seemed like a nice enough guy. Late 40's
early 50's, greying hair. Fairly well built and was very confident.
I supposed being a boss would call for that kind of thing.

Well things were normal up until I walked in to ask for the meat for
the BBQ and saw Karen (my wife) leaning against the bench and her
boss pushing his crotch against her from behind. They were both
fully clothed but quickly moved apart as I came in, but I saw what I
saw. Well I was very supicious from then on. Each time they
touched or their hands disappeared below the table. Sometimes even
the way they looked at each ohter. Well about two bottles of wine
into the afternoon, we were all feeling quite happy. But when
Karen's boss stood up, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock,
it sure as hell sobered me up.

'What the fuck are you doing.' I asked

'Just going to get some head from you lovely wife.'

He grabbed the hair at the back of my wife's head and pulled her to
his cock. At first she resisted, but then she opened her mouth and
sucked on his large organ. He then put both hands on her head and
began fucking her face right in front of me. I didn't make a move
to stop what was happening, I just watched on, getting an incredible
hard on. Frank (my wife's boss) began pushing deeper into Karen's
mouth. She would choke from time to time, but she continued to
allow her bosses face fucking to continue. It didn't take all that
long, although it seemed like forever, before Frank was cumming in
my wife's mouth. He pulled back a little just as he cum, shooting
big gobs of it onto her tongue, then he pushed hard right to the
back of her throat and told her to swallow it all. Which she did.
When he was finished he zipped himself up and grabbed another glass
of wine.

'You see, I can do what I like to your wife because she wants to
keep her new job and is willing to do anything. A couple of friends
and I have been fucking your lovely wife here, almost everyday since
she started work. It's been great. Has she told you all about it?'

I was silent.

'I guess not. Well we've fucked in the mensroom, on my desk, in the
back seat of my car. Hell we even triple fucked her on the board
room table. I would've been sure she'd have told you about that
one. Big old Bill's got a cock so fat .... but Karen here took it
in her ass with hardly any screaming. Didn't you sweetheart?'

My wife's head was lowered her could see her face was red, but I
could also see her nipples were hard and her breathing was seemed
faster. Frank moved his hand to between my wife's legs and began
rubbing her pussy.

'I've got all excited again talking about our exploits, I'm going to
have fuck you now baby. Do you want me to do you right here at the
table, or you want to go to the bedroom?'

Again nothing was said. The floor belonged to Frank, he was in
charge. He stood up and removed his pants completly, then motioned
for Karen to stand. She obeyed and allowed herself to be stripped
naked by this older man. He carressed her tits and sucked on her
nipples. Swapping from one to the other. I could see the wet shine
of his saliva glistening on which ever nipple was free. His hand
was busy between her legs, finger her cunt, getting her ready for
fucking. My wife still had her head lowered and squatted slightly
to allow Frank better access. He stop fingering her and sucking her
and moved around behind her. He told her to pull her cheeks open
for him, which she did. I watched as he rubbed his cock against the
cheeks of her ass.

'Come around he so you don't miss anything Rickie, I wouldn't want
you to think we're faking it here.'

I moved around to their side of the table and watched him rub his
cock between the cheeks of her ass and push slightly between the
lips of her wet cunt.

'Line my cock up with your wife's hole Rickie boy, put in where you
want me to fuck her.'

I had always wanted to fuck my wife in the ass and I thought the
next best thing was to watch someone else do it, so I lined his cock
up with her asshole. She wasn't lubed up, so when he pushed
forward, although it opened a little, he couldn't get very far. He
reached toward the table and dug his fingers into the margarine,
then rubbed it over his dick and her asshole. I placed his cock
against her shit hole again and watched in amazement as he began to
enter her. Moans escaped my wife, but not very load ones, but
definately moans of pain. When about half of his cock was inside
her rectum, he began fucking in and out. Very small strokes which
to me hardly seemed as if it was doing anything, but on each inward
movement, a little more of his cock slipped in. Finally to my
unbeleiving eyes, all of this mans cock was buried in my wife's

'Take a look at that Rickie, she's got all of my cock in there. No
room to spare.'

With that he grabbed her hips and began fucking her hard and fast.
Drawing his cock almost all the way out and then driving it forward.
My wife would let out a sharp pained sound each time he would slap
against her. She reached back and spread her cheeks open allowing
him to reach the very depths of her bowels. It didn't take long
before both of them were lost in what they were doing. There was no
more talk from Frank and Karen was finger her clit at lightning
speed. Frank started speeding up and mutted something, then slammed
forward. His ass cheeks clenched tight as he held her against him.
He made small hard thrusts foward, emptying his balls into my wife's
ass. Karen wasn't far behind (pun intended) her orgasm seemed hit
her like a freight train. She shuddered and whimpered and cried out
as it took her to incredible places.

'Well.' said Frank. 'That was a great fuck. I didn't think it would
make a difference to me fucking a wife in front of her husband, but
that was pretty close to the best orgasm I've had. We'll have to do
this again.'

They both went to the bathroom together and I was left at the table
stilled pretty shocked. When they reappeared, Karen was looking a
bit less apprehensive and was able to meet my gaze. She mouthed to
me that she loved me and smiled a very sexy smile. Frank grabbed
his pants and began putting them on.

'I better be going. I wouldn't mind staying and fucking your wife
some more, but I can fuck her at work tomorrow. And I'm sure you
two have a lot to talk about. I'll let myself out.'

Frank did just that and no words were spoken between my wife and I
for almost an hour. We kissed , we fucked and simply explored each
others bodies as if we were new lovers. Even when I got to her just
fucked asshole, I wanted to see the cum inside her, to taste it and
smell it. She was so happy that I wasn't mad and our whole sex life
at home changed from that day on. Knowing that she was fucking her
boss and others each day at work and that I could see the effects
that had on her body every night. We both agreed we would have to
arrange other get togethers with her work mates. I was dying to see
her with three cocks in her at once. That day would be soon.

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