Bbw Love - A smoking fetish tale

Bbw Love - A smoking fetish tale
I was at the library in the large city where I live
and decided to go to the local library for some music
CDs. I'm 44 and divorced and horny all the time and
believe it or not some really hot women can be found
there be it patrons or the very hot employees.

As I browsed the CDs a girl approached me and
commented that she loved the same type of music I did.
She was about 30 years old or so and very chubby. Not
fat per say just enough weight to be called a BBW. She
had shoulder length brown hair and pretty blue eyes
and tits that had to be an E cup at least. We talked
for about a half hour and she mentioned she lived
about a mile away and asked if I could take her home
and she would offer me lunch if I did.

Naturally I couldn't pass on this so I readily
accepted! She asked if she could smoke in my car and I
didn't have a problem with this. I have always had a
smoking fetish and the sight of her lighting a
cigarette made my cock really take notice.

When we got to her apartment we went inside and we
both sat on her couch. She continued to smoke her
cigarette and that combined with het low cut blouse
was almost too much to bear! She asked me if I wanted
to see all of her apartment and we went into her
bedroom. She came to me and began to french kiss me
deeply. She began to grab my hard cock through my
jeans and I instantly began to squeeze her massive

She pulled away and said, "I want to suck that big
cock of yours." She took everything off except her bra
and panties and got on her knees. By this time I had
completely undressed and my cock was hard and ready to
be sucked by this bitch.

I asked her if she would give me a smoky blowjob and
she agreed. She then took of her bra and her nipples
were huge! Silver dollar size and light brown and very
erect. She lit a cig and blew the hot smoke on my
erect cock.

She then began to deep throat my cock and I began to
fuck her mouth. She sensed that I was close to cumming
and said, "No I want that cum inside my pussy
instead." With that she lay on the bed and I slide
down her panties. She had a beautiful shaved pussy
which I began to eat and tongue fuck.

She came hard several times screaming, "Fuck me now!"

I got on top of her and slide my cock inside her hot
wet sweet pussy. She asked me to suck her nipples as I
fucked her and I did gladly. It didn't take me long to
explode inside her cunt and I swear I must have shot a
gallon of cum inside her and she came hard again as I
came as well. We lay in each other's arms and cuddled

I eventually got her name lol which is strange because
I have always known the names of the women I have
fucked beforehand! To make a long story short we
continued to see each other and today we are happily
married with a beautiful daughter!

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