The Married Sister 2.

The Married Sister 2.
Gail's heart was pounding and her mouth was dry. Her mind was
imagining what it must have been like and paying no attention to
what his hands were doing. Besides, it felt good, exciting her and
making the idea of her own brother in bed with two women all the
more exciting. It was wrong, it was evil, it was depraved, it was
carnal, yet it was exciting. She had looked at her brother full of
dazed, drugged wonder. He had actually done such a thing! It was
unbelievable. "You're making all this up."
Thinking back, reliving every moment of the night with her
brother, Gail put her head in her hands and wanted to cry. If only
she had gotten up at that point, or at least forced his hands
away, it might have been different.
Yet, now, she knew it would have been the same. Details might
have changed, but the end result would be the same. Lee had wanted
it to happen and, now, only now, could Gail, full of despair,
admit that she too had wanted it to happen. Chapter 2 She had no chance. She was drugged, she had no idea of how
much she had drunk. Lee was telling her lurid details about his
night in bed with the two girls, describing their bodies and what
they did to him in lewd detail, and his hands were all over her
Lee had said she was too tense. How had he put it?
"You're uptight. Relax." Thinking of his exact words, she
went back to the night, determined to relive the whole thing. He
had suggested a massage and she had stretched out on the floor on
her stomach and felt his strong hands kneading the flesh around
her neck and shoulders. "Oh, that feels so good! she had sighed.
And she let him go on. Her own younger brother had unzipped
her dress and his fingers gently massaged her bare flesh. She had
only murmured when he had unclasped her bra. She lay quiet,
sighing with pleasure as his hands caressed her back and she felt
an intense pleasure that somehow lulled her mind while pleasing
her body. This was the first time she had felt any physical
affection since Rod had left and it was so pleasant and everything
was happening so easily as Lee said, "I can't get at your arms and
shoulders with this dress in the way."
And Gail had actually helped him get it off until she was
lying with the dress down around her waist, her whole back naked,
her breasts crushed under her in the bra. It was wrong what she
was doing, naughty, bad, but so very very good. And, after all,
she rationalized through the marijuana haze, it was her brother.
The music, light and dreamy, was still playing on the radio
and Gail found herself listening in rapt pleasure as she felt his
hands working their way down her spinal cord, toward her buttocks.
Her excitement increased as she felt his fingers probing lower and
lower, pulling down her panties until his fingers were working
soothingly at the deep crevice between her buttocks. Just as she
felt she must say something to stop him, he returned to her
shoulders, gripping them as he leaned over and whispered, "That
feel good, Sis?"
"Mmmmm," she had murmured and he began all over again. She
closed her eyes as she felt the fingers on her back. They were
strong and sure and she liked the feeling and a wild thought
filtered through her drug dimmed mind ... just once, one time in
my life, I'd like to be in an orgy with other naked people. Just
His hands were going lower this time, slowly going over her
back to tease themselves in the soft yielding crevice of her
buttocks. His hand was actually under her white nylon panties now
and just inches from her now unprotected anus that suddenly became
alive with feeling and she was aware of her vagina, pressed into
the rug underneath her. Her pussy lips were swelling against the
tightness of the crotch band of her panties and she could feel a
slowly rising moistness in her vagina. It was a warm slippery
feeling that excited and tormented her and she flexed her inner
thigh muscles to relieve the lewdly growing sensation.
"You're tense, Sis. Relax and enjoy it." Her brother
whispered hotly behind her ear. He was bending over her, his body
close. She could feel the heat of his breath on the nape of her
neck, sending a prickly sensation down her spine to where his hand
was now massaging the smooth rounded cheeks of her buttocks under
her panties.
"Do you think this is right?" she asked, surprised how low
and sexy her voice had become.
"Does it feel good?" Her younger brother asked, ignoring her
"Oh, Lee, it feels great, but ... should we be doing this?"
The boy laughed and shifted behind her, taking his hand away.
"Okay, now just relax. Don't move, Sis," he said in a soft,
hypnotic voice. "Just let your mind drift and enjoy the feeling."
It seemed forever before she felt his hands on her ankles,
massaging them and moving them around. He pulled off her shoes and
began massaging her feet as his voice continued in a low singsong
way, "Just relax, total relaxation. All muscles relaxed, just
relax and feel good, just relax nice and easy, relax." He went on
talking with a hypnotic tone as Gail felt his hands moving up her
legs, moving over her calves and on up to the knee and to her
thighs! Gail felt her vagina swell again as she felt him pushing
the hem of her dress up and massage her soft inner thighs in
strong young hands.
With an ease that surprised her, he spread her legs gently
apart and the band of her panties tightened up between her thighs
and she felt one lip of her vagina slip free and the elastic
legband of her panties were tight on her clitoris and so aroused
and excited her she had to fight against the temptation to move
her buttocks beneath his teasing fingers.
Her mouth was open, parted, and her eyes closed as she felt
his fingers lightly teasing the insides of her thighs. She still
had her stockings on but, in another few inches, he would be above
the stockings and touching her bare flesh. Could he see up under
her dress? Was he looking now and seeing where she was staining
her panties wet from so much excitement? Could she stand much more
of this teasing? What, she wondered, was she doing? She had never
felt like this before. What did Lee think he was going to do to
her, his own sister. Was it really possible?
He spread her legs wider, forcing them apart with his strong
hands. Then, taking his hands away, she felt him slowly push her
skirt up around her waist. It caught under her and pulled the
crotch band of the soft nylon panties excruciatingly tighter
between her open thighs. Now the band slipped, bit, deeper into
her cunt slit and, as he bunched the dress around her waist, she
felt the band slide into the deep crevice between her buttocks.
God, she thought, I'm so exposed and hot! I must look like
one of those awful girls to him!
The thought seemed to explode in her mind and her buttocks in
sudden, abject surrender writhed, grinding down into the rug as
she let out a little moan of helpless delight and felt the panties
slipping back and forth over her now distended and throbbing
clitoris. Behind her, she heard the rustle of her brother's shirt
and from his movements, she knew he was taking his clothes off.
Lee had looked down at his married sister with a lopsided,
triumphant little smile on his face. There she was, her dress
bunched up around her waist, her bra undone and her back naked,
her legs wide apart, her stockings, garter belt, and panties still
on, and she was undulating and grinding her buttocks around,
lifting them slightly and flexing her muscles. The panties bit
deep into the crevice of her buttocks, exposing the white, rounded
cheeks of her ass that quivered and hollowed as she writhed hotly
in her drug induced excitement.
"That's it, do that more," he whispered as he crouched naked
over her.
The prickly surface of the rug excited her all the more and
she moaned, "Oh, God, Lee. We shouldn't be doing this. No, not at
"Doesn't it feel good?" he asked in a smutty whisper.
"Ohhhhhhh," she said as she ground down on the rug with her
groin, thrilling to the feelings that were pulsing through her
body. It was wrong what she was doing, very wrong and the
'wrongness' of it excited her more than she had ever been before.
Lee was lying next to her now and her body stiffened and
tensed as she felt his hard young cock pressing against her side.
Her own brother's cock pressing against her! And it felt so hard
and huge and evil! Before she could react or say anything, his
hand was once again on her buttocks. This time he was bold and
brazen, pushing their soft quivering roundness down hard into the
floor and imitating her lewd grinding movement. "Oh God, Lee,
don't, please don't," she whispered, pleading, her voice shaking
in helpless fear of what her sub-conscious mind knew was about to
He paid no attention to her, only continuing his teasing
grinding motion until she felt her hips voluntarily responding.
She couldn't help herself any longer. All thoughts of her husband
and morality drifted from her mind and she moaned in helpless
surrender, her eyes still closed as she rolled limply over on her
back and lay with her legs spread invitingly apart and one arm
over her eyes. She heard herself hiss out the words and, as she
said them, she felt as though obscene magical flames, flames of
sweetness and heat and desire were licking hungrily at her cunt.
"You can do anything you want to me!"
Lee grinned again in triumph and propped himself on one elbow
and looked down at his older sister. Damn, he thought, she is
built. Jesus, what a hot little body! Wonder if her husband fucks
her shitless when he's home?
He stared at her trembling body, his grin loose and depraved.
Lying on her back, she was naked to the waist and her breasts were
full and beautiful, like two snow white ripe melons with little
shadows under each one. Her nipples were small and pointed and
hard, revealing her excitement. The breasts were so perfectly
round and formed and set off by her incredibly thin waist. Her rib
cage jutted out in a tantalizing way and his fingers itched to
hold her by the ribs and lick and bite her nipples. With a cold-
blooded lewdness, he took his time, drinking in all her beauty and
savoring it.
Her eyes closed, her mind whirling in drugged surrender, Gail
was relishing her feelings of lewdness and brazenness. She had
never been so hot before in her life, had never felt so lascivious
and evil before. And ... with her own little brother! Languidly,
her body tingling with lewd delight, she shifted her hips, tilting
her pelvis up so that the crotchband of her panties pressed deeper
and rubbed harder into her now passion-drenched vaginal slit. An
insane idea was in her mind and the more she thought of it, the
more she liked it. She felt as if her open cunt were boiling in a
cauldron. She had to get satisfaction. Being lewd had only served
to flame her desires. A mad little smile played around her lips as
she still kept her arm over her eyes. "Treat me," she whispered,
thrilled by the lewdness of what she was going to say, "Treat me
like you did those girls. Just like you had picked me up tonight
in a bar."
"You'd like that, huh?" Lee breathed in her ear.
"Want me to do everything to you?"
"Tell me you want me to fuck you, Sis."
Gail took a deep breath and hissed out the words. "I want you
to fuck me!" The obscene words coming from her own lips thrilled
her and she felt his hand close over her cunt still covered by the
wetness of her panties and a spasm of pure lust swept through her.
Lee was going to take his savage good time with her.
Something, an evil desire, swept through him. When he got through
with his newly married young sister, she would really know what
it's like to get the life fucked out of her. She was his now for
as long as he wanted to enjoy her.
He looked at her flat stomach as smooth as silk and at her
panties barely covering her desire-flooded pussy. The band between
her legs was now a thin slit, revealing her soft, curling pubic
hair and one swollen lip of her vagina. By tilting his head ever
so slightly, he could see just a slit of her vaginal wall, red and
glistening with excitement. In a few minutes, he would have her
naked and spreading her cunt wide for his pleasure. He was going
to treat her like a whore, bring her down to her true level and
show her what she was really like. A twisted grin was on his face.
This, to him, was what it was all about, breaking down women's
egos until they begged to be fucked and groveled at his feet and
pleaded for more. Once aroused, women were all alike. And he loved
Roughly, saying, "Okay, I'm going to give it to you," he
pulled at her dress bunched around her waist and his sister flexed
her knees and lifted her hips free of the floor as he pulled the
dress off and threw it across the room. "Like a whore!" he said in
a hoarse voice, the words thrilling her. "Like a God damned
And she moaned with delight as he bent over her, his thumbs
under her white silky panties as he pulled them down. She jumped
with delight as she felt the electric shock of his wet tongue on
her stomach as he pulled her panties lower, revealing the soft
resilient triangle of her pubic hair.
Lee pulled the panties over her rounded hips and down to her
ankles where she kicked them off. Then, her eyes smoky with
passion, she bent her knees again and slowly, lewdly, with her
younger brother breathlessly watching, she spread her legs wide.
Lee looked with a lust making his face hard. Her cunt was now
naked and, with a thumb and forefinger, he slowly spread the
hair-lined lips of her pussy wide while she moaned and ground her
buttocks salaciously down into the rug, the softness of it just
tickling her exposed anus. Lee looked at her cunt spread wide, red
and moist, ready for him to do anything he wanted. Bending closer,
he flicked the tip of his tongue over her clitoris and Gail
reacted violently. "Aggggggghhhhhaaaaaa!"
Her arm was flung away from her face and she looked to see
Lee's face poised expectantly between her thighs and she pushed
her hips up and saw his tongue flick out again and she felt the
soft hot wetness lick at her cunt and clitoris and she felt she
was going to explode with desire. He was on his knees, his back
and tight bare buttocks facing her. She touched his thighs and he
turned his hips so that she could see, with an audible gasp, his
erect penis.
It was so big! Bigger than even her husband's and she had
thought that Rod's had been huge! Big and thick and swelling with
a lustful excitement, the foreskin pulling back to reveal the
smooth rubbery head. As she watched, half frightened yet aroused
by the maddening white-hot thrusts of his tongue into her willing
and begging cunt, Lee began squirming along the rug, that huge
cock moving closer and closer to her head and face and, with
another gasp, her mouth!
With a deft movement, he swung one leg over her head and was
straddling her face upside down, still licking at her cunt. She
moaned aloud as he slowly sunk his tongue into her excitedly
throbbing pussy and wiggled it around. She closed her eyes and
rolled her head around as she felt the first deep stirrings of an
orgasm come rushing on. No one had ever done such a thing to her
before and she had never even dreamed of the searing exquisite
pleasure of such a thing.
She opened her eyes to see his huge cock looming in front of
her face. She felt like she was in a cave, a cave made of human
flesh and nowhere for her to turn. And, as she watched, Lee
lowered his hips so that the head of his cock brushed rubberlike
against her lips.
This was something she had never done with Rod even though he
had hinted at it. The thought of it had always repulsed her. Now,
with her own brother's tongue sliding in and out and all over her
cunt, teasing her, driving her on, pleasing her and building the
momentum for an orgasm, she didn't know how she felt. He was
treating her like one of those awful girls he had told her about
and she felt a lewd thrill. The tip of her tongue licked slowly
over the thick head of his cock and she smiled with the thrill and
knowledge of power over him as she saw his cock jerk tighter in
front of her face.
As if answering her in kind, Lee looped his arms around her
thighs and pulled her legs wide apart and buried his face deeper
in her defenselessly spread cunt, his tongue darting in and out
and wiggling against the soft glistening walls of her vagina.
Gail was galvanized, twisted, searing inside, into a lewd
response. She arched her back and tilted up her pelvis and felt,
with a little moan of joy, his finger probing for her anus. Her
head thrown back, her hands up before her face, she seized his
throbbing prick in her fingers and opened her mouth wide. With a
slow thrust of his hips, Lee shoved his cock into the warm
moisture of his married sister's mouth and Gail felt it hot and
hard on her lips. Her mouth was open wide, her lips fitting
tightly around the massive mushroom head, her tongue twirling and
tasting a drop of his cum on the very tip and liking it.
With a malicious sweet slowness, Lee took his mouth from her
open convulsive cunt and began fucking up and down into her
tightly locked lips, enjoying the sensual feeling of having her
helpless under him. Whenever he thrust down, Gail's lipstick
rimmed lips would go white and roll in as she held tight and tried
not to choke. As he pulled out, her lips would balloon out as she
sucked with all her might and fought to keep his swelling prick in
her mouth.
Lee pumped up and down with a slow lewdness, his hips moving
as he looked down at her cunt in front of his face, her thighs
held wide apart and watched her undulate and writhe in a silent
begging for him to lick her more. That crooked cruel grin split
his face savagely as he began to increase the tempo and strength
of his thrusts, thinking, for a wild moment, he would just cum in
her mouth and leave her own body hot and helpless. With a snarl,
he changed his mind. Gail had always been the "good one" in the
family and tonight he was going to show her just how "good" she
really was.
He rolled off her with Gail scrambling, clutching for his
cock like a demented animal deprived of its dinner. He gave her a
straight arm and knocked her over on her back where he leaped on
top of her. The impact of his strong young body caused her eyes to
blink and lose focus as she felt the aching pain spread through
her rib cage and lungs as her breath left her body. He seized her
arms by the wrists and forced them back up over her head, making
her breasts thrust up tantalizingly.
With his knees, he forced her legs apart and stuck his cock
down along the open slit of her cunt. Gail, with a dreamy smile,
eyes closed, squeezed her thighs closed around his lust-hardened
young cock and felt it big and hard and throbbing in the soft
flesh between her thighs and felt her wet cunt slipping over the
side of his shaft and she worked her pelvis, rubbing up and down
the rock hard shaft, teasing and exciting herself.
She suddenly felt a pagan atavistic thrill: she was alive and
almost being fucked by her own brother; more than that, more than
the lusty lewd thrill of doing something wrong, committing
infidelity, she was doing something that all of society, from time
immemorial, had condemned. She was doing something that everyone
secretly wished and desired and feared! She grinned up at her
brother's face hovering over her with the guilty knowledge that
they were being carnal in the most sinful way. Incest! The very
thought of the word made her feel as if the floor reeled and
rolled under them and it seemed as if a roaring fire were in her
groin and she twisted and writhed her naked body licentiously
around under her brother. She was panting excitedly now as she
spread her legs as wide as they would go and undulated her hips
up, feeling her cunt slip and slide up and down the full length of
his virile young cock.
But Lee wasn't ready to fuck her yet; he had more in store
for her. She was not yet animal enough to satisfy his sadistic
ego. When he was through with her, she would never forget this
night, she would never be the same. He grinned triumphantly. Few
men wanted to realize how lewd women really are and how easy it
was to get them into a state where they acted like, and became,
complete whores. The more you made them feel like depraved sluts,
the better they liked it. And it was all so ridiculously easy if
only one had the guts to do it.
Slowly, he forced her wrists together so that he could hold
them with one hand. His other hand freed, he pried it under her
back, arching it even more, her large lovely breasts spilling
upward and now in front of her face. He let his tongue lick. and
tease around the distended nipples of her breasts while she
breathlessly watched. She tilted her head forward and he slid her
wrists underneath so that they made a knuckled pillow and her face
was tilted even closer, her chin rubbing against the soft
resilient flesh of her breasts.
She watched in mesmerized lust, her eyes clouded and out of
focus as he sucked and bit a nipple just a few inches from her
face. She moaned, her mouth open as she felt streaks of searing
pleasure course through her body and explode in the depths of her
belly. Her orgasm seemed like a cauldron churning, bubbling,
soaring upward, filling her until she thought she would burst.
With his chin (she could feel the stubble of his beard scratching
her sensitive flesh) he tilted the nipple even closer to her
mouth. Incest! The word seemed to hiss through the air as her hips
undulated and her cunt convulsed and twitched against the shaft of
his rigid cock. It was not enough to fuck and suck her own
brother, it was not enough to act depraved, she must love her own
body, raise her pagan lust by exciting herself even more in front
of him. The insidious delight of further perverting herself seized
her in iron talons. She would do anything and everything he
demanded and she hoped he would demand that she do everything.
Closing her eyes, an expression of utter lust coming over her
face, changing her into a wanton bitch ramming and groveling-for
more pleasure, her tongue slid slowly out of her open mouth and
slowly licked her own nipple.
"That's it, Sis!" Lee gasped, "Suck it!"
He pulled his hand free while Gail, her hips still pumping
enticingly, let her hands stay under her head while Lee cupped her
large breast in his free hand and gently pushed her wildly
distended nipple into her open mouth. Gail's wet lips closed over
her nipple in a babylike sucking motion while Lee tilted his head
and nibbled on her other nipple while watching her blissful
expression as she mewled and writhed under him. Shifting his hips,
he placed the head of his cock on the lips of her vagina and she
strained upward and outward, eager to have him fuck her.
With a sudden savage thrust of his hips, he rammed the head
of his prick through the thin covering of soft curling pubic hair
and on into her cunt with a quick wet slurping sound, stretching
the warm wet walls tight and round and Gail opened her mouth and
let out a low moan of pure pleasure as she felt the walls of her
vagina being stretched to the point of pain, a pain that was oddly
pleasing and exciting.
Then, just as suddenly, he was withdrawing, pulling out and
leaping to his feet, jerking her to her feet by one arm. Nothing
was said as he dragged her through the apartment, the only sound
being the two of them panting as they stumbled into the bedroom
and he spun her around and threw her sprawling on her husband's
and her bed where she lay on her back, her legs spread wide, the
slit of her cunt wide and glistening in the midst of the soft
sparse pubic hair between her thighs.
Lee was kneeling on the floor, tearing at his backpack and
sleeping bag, drawing out lengths of rope he used when camping.
Crouching over the foot of the bed, his teeth bared as he breathed
hard, he looped the rope around one ankle and passed the rope
under the bed. Bringing it up on the other side, he lashed the end
around her other ankle then pulled the rope tight, dragging her
legs helplessly wide apart while his sister winced and moaned
under the pain of having her legs split so wide apart and tied
down. Looping the rope, he crawled up the bed and bound her wrists
to the upper posts so that she lay helpless, tied in a spread
eagle position while her younger brother kneeled between her legs,
his face twisted in passion.
With a guttural snarl, he fell on her and plunged his virile
young cock deep into her wide-open cunt and Gail screamed as loud
as she could while Lee attacked her brutally, fucking her
helplessly bound body with all his might. Gail thought she was
going to pass out as he tore at her vagina, banging the blunt head
of his prick cruelly against her cervix. She thought she would go
mad from the pain and rendering until she felt her orgasm coming
again, mingling with the pain, becoming the pain, the pain
becoming a wild irresistible pleasure that mounted until she felt
the top of her head was going to burst off. "Fuck me!" she gasped,
"Fuck me, fuck it, fuck me, Leeeeeee!"
Their naked flesh smacking together in a lewd sensuous sexual
dance, glistening with sweat, bucking, grappling, undulating and
slapping together with Gail moving as much as the cruel biting
ropes would allow, Lee gasped, "I'm not through with you yet, you
hot, married little bitch!"
"Aaaaagggggghhhhhaaaaaaaaa!" The grinding moan seemed to come
from her very soul as her body twisted up in catatonic pleasure.
In a superhuman effort, she lifted the two of them off the bed,
only her head and heels touching as she was held tense, her inner
thigh muscles quivering crazily in the throes of her orgasm. She
came again and again, twitching, convulsive, her mouth open and
her eyes showing white as her body twitched and trembled from head
to foot. "Oh God, Leeeeee ... I ... I'mmmmm c ... c ...
And her body collapsed under him, her bones turning to warm
butter as she felt his cock still ramming into her cunt that was
still spastically spurting, the tightly clenching little lips
seeming to grip the shaft of his prick in a hotly locked death
With a snarl, Lee pulled free and crawled up her bound body,
straddling his knees on either side of her full rounded breasts
and seizing her head in his hands and pulling it up and forward.
His fingers were entwined in her hair and Gail's eyes went wide as
she realized what he was going to do, the wetly glistening head of
his cock looming in front of her face. "Lee!" she blurted, "No!
No, n ... oooooo! Cum in my cunt, darling ... cum in my cunt ...
But her voice was instantly cut off as he shoved his huge
cock in her mouth, choking her as she tasted the heat and wetness
of her own vaginal juice. The cock fucked in and out of her mouth
with a lubricated ease, growing in size with his excitement.
Despite her pain, Gail felt herself growing excited again as her
younger brother increased the rhythm of his strokes, his hips
pumping his cock in and out until he threw his head back and
bellowed as his prick swelled in her mouth, filling it completely.
Then ... she felt hot sperm spurt from his cock and hit the back
of her throat and she swallowed as he came again and again,
filling her mouth and ballooning her cheeks out as she swallowed
to keep from choking. She swallowed the warm slippery liquid again
and again as she felt his body slowly relaxing, listing to one
side, his hands becoming limp and falling from her head as he
moaned in wild, satiated delight.
With a newborn lewdness twisting her hips, she sucked on his
deflating cock with all her might, determined, in a lubricious
way, to suck him completely dry. She could feel his loins
trembling in fine spasms as he fell from her, his cock slithering
from her lips, a thin rubbery strand spilling out to lie
glistening on her breast as he fell heavily to lie next to her.
She lay trapped, naked and lewd in her marijuana inspired
lust, her hips pumping as she writhed against her bonds, wanting
to fuck more, wanting to fuck the night away. "Lee!" she gasped,
looking at him wildly, hungrily.
Lee propped on one elbow and grinned at her. "Hot again, huh?
Want to get fucked some more?" "Lee!" she hissed between clenched
teeth as she heaved and twisted her buttocks.
"Let me hear you say it, married sister!" he said
Gail closed her eyes and her head thrashed back and forth to
blot out the thought of her husband, Rod. "Fuck me, fuck me more!"
she said, her voice hard and low.
Lee got up and stared blearily around the room. "Must be
something here." He stumbled from the room into the bathroom while
Gail raised her head and wondered what he was doing, crashing
around in the bathroom.
The answer was in front of her in a moment. He came from the
bathroom slowly, that same old sardonic smile playing on his lips.
He had something in his hand, concealed behind his body.
He brought it slowly into view. It was a hairbrush! Her very
own hairbrush with a large thick handle. "This'll do," he said,
getting on the bed and kneeling between her wide-split legs,
"Until I decide to fuck you again."
With a moan, Gail let her head fall back, her mouth open,
tensing her legs and flexing her knees as much as she could as she
rolled her buttocks under and thrust her cunt open for her brother
to do whatever he wished. Chapter 3 Sitting alone in her kitchen, her eyes despairing and vacant,
Gail drained her cup of coffee and liquor and put her face in her
hands and sobbed.
The utter animalistic way she had behaved, the sheer joy with
which she had taken to depravity, the lust she felt searing
through her body, had been undeniable. She had loved every lewd
second of it. Had she stopped there, she might have had some
feeble excuse. She had been drunk and drugged. There was no doubt
in her mind that Lee had taken an inhuman and unholy advantage of
her. Nor was there any doubt in her mind that Lee, her brother,
was some kind of satanic monster, that he was close to madness,
that he would someday do something for which society would kill
him. There was no stopping the demonic impulses that drove him to
such reckless acts. Nor did he seem to feel any remorse or guilt
Just the opposite was true. His excesses only led him to
wilder fantasies. He seemed to have Gail hypnotized. She could not
resist him. And that was the real horror, for she realized, with a
growing revulsion and sense of doom, that he was her brother, her
own flesh and blood and she was like him! She loved the revolting
things he made her do, she gloried in them!
They had fucked the night away until, with trembling fingers
weak from so many orgasms, he had untied her and she had collapsed
into a deep exhausted sleep.
A jarring pain had pulled her back to consciousness. It was
morning and hard sunlight streaming in through the windows made
her eyeballs ache and Lee was on top of her again, his erect young
cock again pushing into her sperm-flooded cunt. She didn't believe
her body could ache so in every bone and her cunt felt raw and
sore. "Lee," she moaned, "Please, please, no, not now."
But her feeble pleas were lost as he began to fuck her
brutally and she could feel her body greedily responding to it.
Above her, Lee held her close and whispered in her ear. "Ever been
fucked like that?"
The evil pleasure of hearing him talk to her like that only
added to her growing excitement. "No!"
"Rod ever that good?"
She hesitated, her body stiffening as she thought of her
husband. Oh God, she loved him!
"Rod got a cock like mine?" Lee persisted, fucking her
She fought against answering. She would do anything he wanted
except deny Rod! She fought, her teeth clenched as she felt her
hips beginning to pump back and she wished to be tied down again
and have him do whatever he wanted. "Answer me!" he demanded
harshly, grinding his cock head deep up against her cervix.
She winced with the pain and her lips parted. "N ... no!"
"No what?" he grated.
"No, not like you." She said it with a sigh, the lewd
admittance and betrayal exciting her all the more. God, she
thought, I'm going to cum again! He's going to fuck me to death!
"Has he got a cock like mine?" Lee demanded, crushing her in
his arms as he forced his hand down the length of her back and his
fingers found the deep crack between her round buttocks and his
forefinger pressed against the tight puckered entrance of her
"Ahhhhhh!" a sigh of pure pleasure and depravity came from
deep within her as she felt the finger press as his cock sawed in
and out of her again, passion-wet cunt.
"Answer me!
"No. No!" And something inside of her grew, an orgasm as she
hungrily kissed his open mouth and ran her tongue slipping around
his lips. "Nobody has got a cock like yours!" she gasped, wild
with desire.
"Not even Rod?"
"No, you're better!"
"Better than Rod?"
"Bigger and better and fuck me, fuck me, Lee!"
And he had, the two of them having another orgasm and falling into
exhausted sleep to wake when it was dark out. * * * Sitting at the kitchen table, remembering it all and feeling
a mixture of hate and remembered excitement, her vaginal walls wet
with desire and her mind full of self loathing, blinded by tears,
Gail staggered to her feet and blindly felt for the bottle,
pouring and spilling the liquor on the counter top and finally, in
a desperate attempt to numb herself from the sickening thoughts
and remembered images, she drank from the bottle, tilting her head
back, some of the drink spilling and snaking down her cheek and
throat as she choked and pulled the bottle away and gasped for
"Oh God!" she choked as she put the bottle down and covered
her mouth with her hand and slid along the counter top until she
came to the sink where she retched over an over again.
She found her way to the bedroom where she fell on the unmade
bed. She lay there thinking how the whole house was a mess, how
she seemed to be going to the dogs, and she thought of killing
herself, committing suicide, rather than face the fact that she
was as depraved as her brother, Lee.
Brother? She shook her head. He was more than a brother, he
was her lover. She loved the way he had treated her and knew if he
should come back, if he should be alone with her ever again, she
would find herself helpless before his insane and vile will, that
she would do anything he asked.
There seemed no way out of it. The thought of facing Rod
again, of putting her arms around him and kissing him, of getting
into bed naked and making love with him after what she had done
and said, seemed impossible. She had betrayed Rod at Lee's command
and did so many times while he stayed with her.
Lying on the bed, exhausted, Rod's letter crumpled in her
hand by the force of her misery, she tried to will herself to
think of all they did together, of all Lee had done to her.
She had liked feeling abject and conquered in front of him,
rising that night and cooking his meal which he silently and
greedily ate, then, throwing his napkin down and getting to his
feet, she followed him back to the bedroom, clad in nothing but a
transparent negligee that he had demanded she wear, feeling sexy
and trembling with anticipation at what he would ask her to do. He
stood in front of the full length mirror that was attached to the
bathroom door and looked over his shoulder, grinning, his lips
thin and cruel. "Come here."
She obediently stood in front of the mirror, looking at her
voluptuous body, her nipples pressing through the flimsy material,
seeing the soft triangle of pubic hair showing. She wasn't drugged
and hadn't anything to drink now. She was cold sober, rational,
and yet, she still felt her vaginal lips swelling and the walls of
her cunt pulsating with a wild wetness. His hard strong hands were
on her shoulders and he was forcing her down, down on her knees
and she kneeled in front of him, looking at her obedient body in
the mirror.
Lee stood with his legs apart. He didn't have to say
anything; she knew, he was her brother. With trembling fingers,
she unzipped his fly and fumbled for his hardening cock and took
it from his pants, excited all over again by its size as it
swelled in her hand and she watched her fingers slowly pull the
skin back and saw her mouth slowly open and watched, helpless,
loving her humiliation and degradation, as he slowly pumped his
hips forward and his cock slid into her mouth and she saw her lips
grow thin and tight around the thick full shaft and felt the
delicious taste in her mouth.
His hands entwined in her hair and his breathing was becoming
excited and his face distorted as they both watched, standing in
front of the mirror with Gail kneeling at his feet, her hands
guiding his cock into her mouth. "Fingerfuck yourself while I
watch!" he hissed.
Again, she knew what he wanted and one hand slid down over
her breasts, down over her slim waist and pulled up the hem of her
negligee as she shifted on her knees, spreading them wide apart
and her fingers felt the pulsing wet slit of her cunt and she
teased and caressed her clitoris into a wild swelling that made
her pump her buttocks lewdly as she sucked on his cock and watched
herself doing this incredible wild thing in the mirror as he sawed
in and out of her widely ovaled mouth with an increasing depth and
tempo and she saw her hand moving rhythmically over her own cunt
and then, with a shivering thrill, plunging one finger into its
soft wetness up to the knuckle and fingering it back and forth in
time to his thrusts into her mouth.
Then she forced in another finger as she felt her heat and
excitement mounting as she urged herself, and Lee, on to still
another orgasm.
Then, as unpredictable and inexplicable as ever, Lee shoved
her away with a cruel grimace, stepping back and putting his prick
back into his pants and zipping them up. Gail, on the floor, naked
from the waist down, looked up at him full of fear and frustrated

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