Welcome to Wonderland

Welcome to Wonderland
Christie and her friends walked into the majestic old house. Christie's
mother had just purchased the old house and they would be living there for a
few months during the summer. The house supposedly belonged to Lewis Carroll
when he was a child. Christie had no idea who that was, nor did she care. She
really didn't want to live in England even if it was just for a summer. She
did however bring some of her friends with her for this long vacation.
Christie's mother was a real estate agent and her job was to fix the old house
up and sell it by September. Christie and her friends Sharon, Sara, Tina, and
Cindy, all walked into the main room of the downstairs. The thing that first
caught all of their eyes was the huge mirror that covered the wall at the back
of the room. The mirror was very large and reflected the rest of the room so
well that it almost looked like a large window. Christie, and her friends
immediately felt drawn to it. The five girls all walked up to the large mirror
and lined up. Each slowly raised a hand to touch the wall of glass, and as
their fingers all met the smooth surface simultaneously they were all pulled
through. When they came to they found that they were still in the room.
Somehow they had just all been knocked unconscious. "Well that was weird."
Said Christie as she rose to her feet.
"That was so cool. I loved it." said Tina. She was the ditz of the group and
found almost everything to be "so cool". The girls shook off the weirdness
that they all felt and headed for their rooms. They had to unpack their things
because they had decided to take a little trip into town to get a look around.
Soon the five girls were on their way to town. The house was only about two
miles from the center of the small English village. They only found one place
that seemed to have young people in it, a small caf?. The caf? was partially
outdoors and the girls walked up and found a table. Sitting there they began
to look around at the buildings in this little town. It was pretty normal, but
all of the girls felt as if something was odd about this town. Just then a
young man walked up to their table.
"Hello ladies, I'm needin' a fuck anyone interested?" They were shocked, they
could not believe what they had just heard.
"Who the hell do you think you are!!????" screamed Sara. "Get out of here
before we call the manager!" Sara was slightly a feminist and the only virgin
in the group.
"You girls are just a bunch of teases, walking in here looking like that.
Everybody here knows that you are all just a bunch of fuck happy sluts!" said
the young man just before he walked off and returned to his table in the back
of the caf?. The girls were shocked, nothing like this had ever happened to
them before. They all looked at what they were wearing, but basically they
were dressed fairly modestly. Soon they all settled down and ordered some
coffees. Sara was still mad at the strange man when the feelings started.
When she tried to picture him in her head she saw him standing there naked, not
hanging from a tree like normal. Neither Sara or her friends could shake off
what they were all feeling, they were horny as hell. Sara soon found that she
could not control herself and soon she stood up and walked toward the table in
the back of the caf? that the young man was sitting at. As the former feminist
walked she made sure that her tight ass wiggled so that she could get his
attention. When the man saw the sexy young woman walking toward him he asked
his question again.
"So bitch are you ready to fuck me now?" he said, in an even more arrogant
tone than before.
"I'll do anything you want baby." Cooed the sexy young woman. Sara could not
believe what she was saying, but she was so horny. She would really do
anything that she could if he would fuck her. "Please baby, I need it bad."
She said, Sara could hardly contain herself.
"Come with me honey, I'll give you what you need." Said the snotty young man.
He lead her out to the street and sat down on a bench that was on the
sidewalk. Sara walked in front of him and he pulled down her skirt. Sara was
ecstatic, and moaned as he reached up and grabbed her breasts. She quickly
undid his pants and freed his rock hard cock. With the sight of his engorged
organ she lost all control and became a being totally devoted to sex. She sat
on top of his cock as he guided it into her sopping wet virgin pussy. She only
knew pleasure as he deflowered her tight slight. Just then a van pulled up.
Out of the van came Christie's mother, with a look of shock on her face so
profound that it is indescribable. She screamed at Christie and her friends
and told them to all get into the van. Sara was shocked back into reality, she
quickly dismounted her partner, pulled up her clothes and ran into the van.
"I can't believe you girls. I let you go into town on the first day and you
start fucking the locals." Christie couldn't believe what she was hearing.
Her mother wasn't upset about the sex, she was just upset that it happened so
soon. "And you Sara, I bet you didn't even use a condom. You probably got
pregnant too. That's just what we need all summer a big fat pregnant woman
waddling around the house." Christie knew something was wrong, her mom, the
man from town, and the way she and her friends had felt and acted after that
man said that they were sluts. Chapter 2 Christie and her friends went up to the room that they all shared in the
house. All of them were kind of shaken up by what had happened. Christie was
going through the entire incident in her head trying to make sense of it when
she was interrupted by a horrible sound. Sara emerged from the bathroom, her
face looked kind of pale. "Sara, what happened?" asked a very concerned
"I just tossed my cookies. I've felt totally horrible since I had sex with
that guy." Said Sara. The girls talked for a few more hours about how they
felt and what the cause of it was but still couldn't come up with any
explanation for it. Eventually they all went to sleep. In the morning they
all met in the kitchen for breakfast. Sara walked in last and gave her four
friends the shock of their young lives. Sara was wearing the same outfit she
had gone to sleep in but now it looked totally different. Sara's belly was
huge, she looked like she was about nine months pregnant or more. She waddled
over to the table and eased herself into the chair. Her breasts were also
larger and they were pushed to either side of her huge gut. The top of her
nightie did little more than cover her shoulders.
"Sara, What happened to you?" asked all the girls in unison. Sara had a
confused look on her face and before she could answer Christie's mom piped in.
"You girls know what happened. She had unprotected sex like the stupid bimbo
that she is and got herself pregnant." She said matter of factly and went back
to serving breakfast. None of the girls said much to each other and they all
finished quickly and returned to their room, except for Sara that is. She kept
eating until there was no breakfast food left. When Sara waddled back into the
room, the girls all went silent as she made her way over to her bed.
"Sara, did you just wake up that way?" asked Christie as she had made herself
the leader of their little investigation.
"Well of course I did silly." Replied Sara in a bubbly voice. It was then that
everything that happened made sense to Christie.
"I think I know what's happening around here. It all started when we all
touched that mirror. Its like everything that someone says is right. That guy
in town called us all sluts and soon we were acting like sluts. My mom said
that Sara was a pregnant bimbo, and now she is a pregnant bimbo." Said
Christie "Don't you all see, when we touched that mirror we were transported
into some kind of other world. Here thoughts seem to be able to effect
things." She finished.
"Okay, well if thoughts effect things here then I have nipples as big as my
forearm." Said Sharon the cynical member of the group. She always responds to
about anything with a sarcastic remark. Suddenly the girls all turned to look
at her as she let out a gasp and then a moan as she grabbed her rapidly
expanding nipples. Cindy, Tina, and Christie watched on in disbelief as their
friends nipples expanded to the point were they looked like twin elephant
trunks. Sharon looked down at her new nipples and reached for one. As soon as
she touched it, both of her nipples became erect and lengthened until they were
about four inches longer than her forearm. "No, I don't have nipples this
big!" she said, hoping that they would return to normal. Unfortunately they
got even larger. She pulled her shirt off to get a better look, as there
areaola expanded to cover her entire breast. Tina giggled but Sharon didn't
notice because she was to busy being worried about her new assets. Sharon was
careful not to say anything, she didn't want to make a bad situation worse.
All of the girls looked to Christie for help, except for Sara who was staring
blankly at a wall thoroughly enjoying herself.
"Sharon has normal sized nipples." Said Christie, in a calm even voice. Sharon
looked relieved as her nipples began to shrink. They continued to decrease
until they were about the size of a mans thumb, three inches long, half an inch
"Well that's an improvement." Said Sharon as she pulled her top back on.
"I think that maybe we can't control things very well here. It's probably
because we aren't from here." said Christie. She liked having everybody
looking to her for leadership. Usually they all thought Sara was the smartest
but now she probably couldn't even add two and two. Christie then said that
Sara was smart again and not pregnant, and the girls watched as her blank stare
turned into a shocked look of realization as her intelligence returned. Sara
's stomach did not reduce in size though.
"Sara you're still pregnant." Said Christie.
"No, I'm not. I just look fat. I can't fell the baby anymore." With her
newly returned brains Sara concluded that they could not effect this world as
well as its true inhabitants. The girls talked about their predicament for a
while, trying to come up for an answer to their problem when Christie's mom
said that they all had to go into town to visit the grocery store. They were
reluctant but they felt compelled to go. In the store they all tried their
best to act inconspicuous and not attract any attention, but a half of an hour
later they were transformed again. Christie was first, a passing young man
had called her sweet tits and her breasts had swelled to the size of
volleyballs, and wet stains began to radiate from her larger nipples. She was
lactating, and willing to bet that her new milk was sweet as sugar. Sharon had
wandered over to the candy section and was looking at some of the chocolates.
She saw an open bag and decided to sneak a bite. As soon as she did a woman
passed by and said "don't eat that, it'll go straight to your hips." No sooner
was it said then Sharon found that she now had a huge ass, hips, and thighs.
Sara was waddling down the isle of the store, her huge belly sticking straight
out and her large tits bouncing with every step. No matter what she said she
could not seem to get her body back to normal. Just then a woman walked up and
placed her hand on Sara's gut.
"Your pregnant aren't you. When is the baby, or should I say babies due." Said
the woman. With those words Sara felt the kicking of a baby in her large
belly, and felt her breasts expand even more. She knew that know she was
pregnant again and probably with twins or worse!
"I'm due any day now." She answered trying to get away from this woman before
she said anything else. Meanwhile Tina and Cindy were exploring the store when
they saw the same young man from the caf?.
"Hey, well if it isn't two of those American bitchs. I bet you sluts are still
horny for cock, well to bad, you had your chance." Tina felt it instantly this
time. It started with a familiar tingling sensation in her crotch that soon
spread to her breasts, looking over at Cindy she could tell that she wasn't
"Tina, Cindy come on we gotta go!" yelled Christie from the door of the
supermarket. The girls ran to the door , went outside, got into the van, and
drove back to the house. Halfway home Tina and Cindy broke down and began to
fondle each other in the back of the van.
"Stick your hand in my cunt!" moaned Cindy as Tina yelled the same. Both of
the girls continued to fist fuck each other for several minutes. After their
second orgasm they both seemed to calm down and put their clothes back on.
Christie was having a hard time driving the van with her now huge tits. She
knew they needed to be drained of milk before they got any larger. When they
returned to the house Christie's mother didn't even seem to notice the girls
change in appearance as she took the food into the kitchen. Then the girls all
went up stairs and tried to undo what had been done to them. Christie was able
to reduce the size of her breasts to a mere 44 DD size, while Sharon had
managed to shrink her hips to about 46 inches. Sara got rid of her new babies,
but neither her stomach nor her breasts would shrink. Tina and Cindy managed
to calm themselves somewhat but they were left with constantly aroused pussies
and tits. The girls knew that the longer they were here the more
transformations they would go through. Chapter 3 The girls made their way downstairs to the mirror from which this had all
started. They positioned themselves in front of the mirror and touched it just
like before, but nothing happened. Then Sara spoke up.
"There has to be a way to return. I'm going to search the house, there has
gotta be something here to help us." Said Sara as she waddled out of the room.
Christie told the girls to stay inside and not to leave because who knows what
could happen to them next. Christie had to go back upstairs to use the breast
pump she had purchased at the grocery store because her breasts were starting
to swell again. Cindy, Sharon and Tina decided to sneak outside and explore
the grounds of the house. Cindy and Tina knew that if they needed it Sharon
would be a great help. Both of the girls were still very horny and after a
little discussion amongst themselves they had some great ideas on how to make
Sharon better for their uses.
"Ohhhh, yesssss, uhhh uhh oh oh oh yesssssss!" screamed Christie as she had
her third orgasm. She was finally finished milking her big tits and she
removed the pump and put her shirt back on. Then she removed her hand from
her wet sopping pussy. She could not believe that just milking her big fat
tits would make her so hot. She knew she had to get back to normal before
something else happened to her. Just then the door opened and in stepped
Christie's mom, or her mirror world duplicate at least.
"I want you and your friends to get dressed up. I'm having a party and
inviting some of the locals and some potential buyers for this place. And make
sure to wear something sexy to make those big fat milk filled cow tits of yours
to stand out, and tell your slut friends the same." Christie said okay and as
her mom left she felt the change coming again. Suddenly she felt her already
big tits begin to swell, but then she felt an additional swelling, this time it
was coming from under her tits. Christie went to the mirror in the room and
ripped open her tight shirt. Under her now 52 inch bust she supported another
set of swelling breasts. Her mom had said she had cow tits and now it was
happening. When her breasts stopped growing at about 54 inches each she saw
the nipples on each begin to expand, soon she had four huge breasts with udder
like nipples. Just great she thought, now I have to milk four breasts. Tina
and Cindy had led Sharon to a small meadow when the two girls were effected by
what Christie's mom had said. Both girls were already excited and now they were
pushed over the edge. Tina began to rub her tits and Cindy began to strip
naked and rub her dripping pussy. Sharon also felt a change fall over her, but
she was not as nearly effected as her two friends.
"Ohhh, Sharon please come over here and stick your big cock in my cunt." Said
Tina. As the words left Tina's lips Sharon felt her pants become even tighter.
"Sharon, we know you love to stick your big cock in our wet pussies." Said
Cindy as she removed her panties to reveal her dripping cunt. Sharon pulled
her pants down from around her wide hips and pulled down her panties and out
sprang a huge foot long cock. Thanks to her friends comments Sharon now had a
raging hard on and she wanted nothing more then to plunge it into one of her
friends warm wet slits. Sharon grabbed Tina and pushed her onto the ground.
She then grabbed one of Tina's breasts and began to fondle the girls tits.
Then she took her huge rod and shoved it up the normally quite girls twat. Not
being able to control herself Cindy sat down on top of Tina's face so the horny
teen could suck on her waiting pussy.
"Fuck me harder, please, I need it so bad Sharon. HARDER OHHHH YEESS."
Screamed Tina between licks of Cindy's pussy. When the hornines wore off after
they all had their orgasms they were quick to counteract the latest
transformation that they had undergone. Tina and Cindy apologized to Sharon
and tried to return her female anatomy with limited success. Now Sharon still
had her enlarged hips and nipples, and an enlarged clit that when erect was the
size of a nine inch penis. Sharon was mad, but was glad that she had a pussy
Sara had quickly felt the change coming on but had time to correct it before
she was lost to her arousal. She had found a book written long ago by someone
else who had found the secret to this mirror world. The only way to return to
your home was to make the best use of this world. Once that happened all you
had to do was touch the mirror and you could come and go as you please between
the dimensions. The author of this book had said that he had never been able
to totally control the transformations but that really didn't matter you would
return to normal every time you returned to Wonderland after being in the real
world. Sara also read that wonderland is different from our world in other
ways as well. In Wonderland society is much more sexual based and concepts of
sexual morality do not apply. With this knowledge she waddled upstairs as
quickly as possible to tell her friends of the news. When she came into the
bedroom she was surprised to see Christie now supporting four large breasts
instead of just two.
"What happened to you?" asked Sara.
"Mom came in while I was milking these suckers and called me a cow or
something and now I have four of these things." Answered Christie as she tried
to button a large shirt over her considerable endowments. When the other girls
returned from outside Christie told them about the party and Sara told them
about the way home. The girls decided to enjoy themselves and got dressed for
the party. They each put on the sluttiest outfit that they owned and went
downstairs. Tina, Cindy, and Sharon ended up wearing halter tops and short
tight skirts, Sara and Christie found that all of the clothes in their closets
were now changed to fit their new bodies. Soon all of the girls were at the
party and mingling as best they could. The girls were having a wonderful time
at the party. Most of the night they passed the time by fucking whoever was
horny. The guests continued to make comments about each of the girls
transforming them further. The party ended late that evening and the drunken
teens made their way to their rooms and passed out. When they awoke new
surprises awaited each.
Christie woke up first and immediately ran to the milking machine she knew to
be in the corner. Her four tits had grown to tremendous size and now hung down
to her knees. As she felt the pressure in her tits lessen she began to look at
her reflection in the mirror on the wall to see what else had changed.
Christie looked mostly the same she thought. Although now she had two small
horns protruding from her head. She also had floppy fur covered ears like a
cow and a cows tail. When Sharon woke up she knew that she was in for some
surprises. All her memories of the previous night were filled sex. In fact she
was still aroused. She threw the covers off of her to peer at her once again
transformed body. Her extra large nipples where now even larger, in fact they
looked like two six inch cocks, and they were erect. She parted her two now
massive tits to get a better look at the rest of her body. Her pussy now
started at her navel and extended to her crotch, she still had a huge erect
clit as well. Her huge pussy now also had incredibly swollen lips and was
dripping hot sticky female cum. Just looking at her freakish body Sharon
found erotic and she grabbed her tit cocks and began to jack off. The moaning
coming from Sharon and Christie woke up Sara. Sara hadn't gotten dunk the
previous night and could clearly remember the huge orgy that had taken place.
She struggled to stand up as various comments about her pregnancy and weight
had changed her as well. Her belly was easily 80 inches now and looked like an
inflated bean bag chair. Her tits were also huge 60 inch balloons that rested
on either side of her huge gut. She knew that it should be physically
impossible for her to stand but somehow she was doing it. The rest of her body
had grown as well and she now estimated her self to weigh at least 300 pounds.
Various women had told her how much they had gained during pregnancy and she
had reflected every statement they had made. Sara really didn't care that she
had become a fat pregnant woman. She was really enjoying her enormous breasts
and fat body.
Tina and Cindy hadn't been physically changed much but there mental states were
very different. They had both been called sluts, whores, and cocksuckers so
much that now they were only mindless sluts. The first thing that came to each
of their minds was that they were horny and needed a good fuck. Both girls
immediately began to fist fuck themselves trying desperately to cum. The girls
were all now really enjoying themselves in Wonderland. When her friends were
done getting off Sara suggested that they all try the mirror again. They all
made their way downstairs and within a matter of seconds were transported back
home. On the other side they agreed to go back to Wonderland as soon as
possible. Chapter 4
Thanks to some major persuasion by Christie her and her friends were allowed
to take the large mirror that served as the gateway to wonderland home with
them. The girls had all made frequent trips to wonderland that entire summer
and still wanted more. Unfortunately all of them were off to college in
different parts of the country from Christie and as such would have to wait
before visiting again. When Christie brought the huge mirror into her
apartment her roommate was surprised, but after she told her the stories of
wonderland she was ready to have her Christie committed. "You have got to be
kidding. A world were your wildest sexual fantasies come true whether you want
it or not?" said Michelle in a mocking tone. "Yes, you have to believe me. It
all happened and it was awesome." Just then Sam and Jesse walked in. They
were the across the hall neighbors and sometime lovers of the two women.
Christie proceeded to explain the properties of the mirror to them. Although
disbelieving both were willing and anxious to try it out. All four reached up
and touched the mirror and received the electrical jolt that transported them
to wonderland.
Michelle was the first to stand up and look around. "Looks like our apartment
to me Christie. We all look perfectly normal, I knew you were joking."
Christie knew better and asked her roommate to test it out. "Okay, hmmm, I'll
go for broke. I have an elephant size pussy and constant state of arousal."
Said Michelle giggling. Suddenly and odd looked crossed her face and they all
watched as her tight pants began to swell in the crotch. As quickly as she
could Michelle undid her pants to relieve the growing pressure as they all
learned that wonderland was real. Michelle gasped as her pussy reached its new
final size. It was huge and extended from just above her waist to where it
normally ended. Her clit and lips where also swollen so much so that she
wouldn't even be able to walk normally. Then the second stage of her change
kicked in. As her request for constant arousal began to kick in Michelle
begged Christie to help her. "Unnghh, Christie ahhh, please make me, ohhh,
normal." Said Michelle as she began to rub her enlarged clit and pussy lips.
Christie then proceeded to try and return her friend to normal. Michelle was
incredibly embarrassed as she pulled her pants and panties up to cover up her
almost normal pussy. While nowhere near its former size it was now very
swollen looking and quite inhuman looking. "I can't believe that this place is
real. Are you sure that we are gonna be okay and that none of this stuff is
gonna be permanent?" asked a now concerned Michelle. "Don't worry, I did this
stuff all summer and every time I came back to the real world I was just like I
was before I left." Suddenly the phone rang, Christie walked over to answer
and found it was her mother. Her wonderland mother. "Christie I just wanted
to make sure that you got back to your apartment okay." Said her mirror mom.
"I'm okay mom me and Michelle are hanging out with our neighbors Sam and
Jesse." Replied Christie. "Sam and Jesse better not be boys." "Umm, don't
worry mom they are girls." Replied Christie trying to calm her weird mirror
mom. Back in the living room of the apartment Sam and Jesse were beginning to
feel the affects of Christi's hasty statement. Sam had begun to make out with
a very turned on Michelle when he let out a very female moan in between kisses.
Michelle quickly stood up and stared down in disbelief as Sam and Jesse
became Samantha and Jessica. Both began to grab at their breasts and crotches
as some equipment dissapeared and some grew in.

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