Diary of Madame

Diary of Madame
Though I grew up in a fairly middle class family, in a house on a
pleasantly middle-class street, with parents who instilled in me typical
middle- class values, it developed that I established certain friendships
with kids who were most definitely not of the middle-class. I suppose this
happens to many kids in the Junior High School and High School years, they
are drawn, undoubtedly, by the differences between the life-styles that they
are accustomed to. Kevin was one such friend I had in the eighth grade. This would have
been 1983 when we first started to hang out. Our home-lives could not have
been much different. While I was raised in a four-bedroom house with a
swimming pool; a house that was the property of my parents and not of some
landlord, Kevin and his family lived in a three-bedroom rental that stood
behind the parking lot of a local grocery store. While I was a member of a
so- called nuclear family; my Mom a housewife, my Dad an accountant, both on
their first marriages, both me and my sister unquestioningly the products of
their marriage; Kevin and his older sister Elizabeth, or Lizzie as she
preferred, were sired by different fathers, neither of whom had any part of
their respective lives. While my parents were very strict in regards to what
time I came in at night, where I was going, what I was doing; Kevin and
Lizzie both had free rein. They went where they wanted, when they wanted to
go there, and they stayed as long as they wished at wherever they were. Kevin was one of the school troublemakers. Though he wasn't a bully;
he was very short and unable to beat anyone up; he was always the class
clown, finding his defense in life through comedy. He told me most of the
dirty jokes I heard during that point of my life. His grades, in sharp
contrast to mine, were horrible. His demeanor towards school was that it was
a joke. I will never forget the first time I spent a Saturday over at Kevin's
house. I rode my bicycle over there about eleven o'clock on an autumn
morning at Kevin's request. My parents, of course, thought I was going over
to my friend Robert's house, a much more respectable friend that my parent's
knew of. I knocked on the door and it was immediately thrown open by Kevin,
who was grinning ear to ear. "What's up Marky?" He enquired, addressing me by a nickname that only
he used. "Not much." I told him. "C'mon in." He said, standing aside and letting into the living room
area which was it's usual disheveled mess. "I got some fuckin' aye good news
today." "Yeah," I said, shutting the door behind me. "What's that?" "Mom's gone for the day and Lizzie just scored herself a dime bag." "A dime bag?" I asked, confused. "What's that?" He looked at me like I was a total idiot. "I thought you told me you
smoked pot all the time." He accused. "A dime bag is a ten dollar bag of
pot." "Oh," I said. "A dime bag. Of course." While it was true that I had
told him that I smoked pot all the time, it wasn't exactly the truth. In fact
I had never even seen pot before. I wouldn't have known it if someone had
dropped an ounce in my lap. But in previous conversations, Kevin had told me
that he smoked it all the time, courtesy of his sister, whose boyfriend was a
dealer. Not wanting to seem a square, I assured him that I too smoked it
regularly. It had of course never occurred to me that Kevin really did smoke
it and would eventually want to smoke some with me. It wouldn't be the first
or the last time in my life that my mouth had gotten me in trouble. He grinned. "She said she'd get us stoned if we want. She don't have
nothin' to do today anyway. Isn't that fuckin' bitchin?" "Yeah, bitchin." I reluctantly agreed, nervous at the thought of
smoking pot, which I had been assured by my parents would leave me a heroin
addict within a month. I was trying to figure out a tactful way to get out of
this experience. Maybe I could feign sickness and leave? Just then Lizzy entered the room from the hallway. Lizzy was, I
believe, nineteen then. A ninth grade dropout, she lived at home with her
Mom and half-brother Kevin, didn't work, didn't do much of anything but party
until all hours of the night. A heavy-boned blonde like her mother, she was,
on that particular day, about six months pregnant with her first child. The
father, Kevin told me, had been some rock band member that she had slept with
for a few weeks. While not exactly fat, she was chunky, with thick, meaty
legs and enormous breasts. She was wearing a pair of yellow shorts that were
very short and very tight and a stained white halter-top that barely
restrained her huge mammaries. Her bulging belly was bare from the bottom of
her top to the top of her shorts, revealing a few stretch marks and her
navel, which was currently an outie. Her face, which while somewhat
dull-looking, was actually sort of pretty, sported no make-up that I could
detect and her hair was somewhat disheveled, leading me to believe that she
had only recently awakened for the day. Later in life I would learn a word,
a not very pleasant word, for women such as Lizzie: Skank. In her hand she
carried a strange device, the likes of which I had never seen before. It was
a dark blue plastic tube, semi- transparent, about the thickness of my wrist.
It had a stand on the bottom, obviously so it could sit upright, and a round
metal fitting protruded from the bottom of it. She smiled when she saw me,
flashing her crooked teeth. "Hey Cutie." She haled with uncharacteristic friendliness towards me.
"You ready to get lit?" "Uh..." I started hesitantly, intimidated by her. She was after all an
older girl. Surely I couldn't bow out of there now. "Sure." I finally
squeaked. "Way to go." She said, wobbling her swollen belly over to the couch
and sitting down. She set the strange device down on the coffee table after
pushing a few beer cans and the remains of a TV dinner out of the way. "Hey
Kevvie." She said, "How about you go get a glass of water for this thing?" "Fuckin' aye." Kevin answered, dashing towards the kitchen. She reached inside the tube and withdrew a small plastic baggie of the
sort that my father's fishing sinkers were packaged in. It was filled with a
leafy green substance that I correctly assumed was the pot. She noticed me
still standing there and patted the couch next to her. "C'mon an' sit down."
She said brightly. "Don't be shy." I placed myself to her right, sinking into the tired couch. "You ever smoke out before?" She asked me, opening the baggie and
taking a whiff. Her eyes lit up, apparently liking what she smelled. "Oh sure." I lied. "Lots of times." She gave me a knowing glance. "You ever use a bong before?" "A bong?" What the hell was a bong? I wondered. "I don't think so." Her smile widened. "This," She said, pointing to the blue device she
had carried in. "Is a bong. It's the best way to smoke out." "Oh." I said, nodding wisely. "I see. No, I've never used one of
those before. I usually do it in, you know, the normal fashion." "You mean joints?" She asked, setting the baggie down and picking up a
pack of Marlboros that had been sitting on the table. "Yeah," I agreed. "Joints." "Well, joints are okay in a pinch." She said, sparking up a cigarette
with a disposable lighter that she had produced from seemingly nowhere. "But
there's nothing in the world like a nice, smooth bong hit of some killer
greenbud. It's better than sex. You'll see." I nodded wisely again as she exhaled a plume of acrid smoke into the
room. I had of course never experienced sex before, of any kind, so I figured
I would just have to take her word on the comparison.
Kevin returned with a glass of tap water, which he handed to Lizzie
before taking up position on the other side of her on the couch. "You're the
greatest fuckin' sis in the world Lizzie." He proclaimed cheerily. "I ever
tell you that?" "Every time I get some pot." She said, pouring about six ounces of
the water into the neck of the bong. She noticed my confused stare. "It's
to cool the smoke." She told me, pointing at the metal protrusion. "You
see, the smoke gets drawn through the water before it goes into your lungs.
That way, it isn't so harsh and you can take a bigger hit." "It gets you fuckin' aye stoned." Kevin added happily. "I see." I said, nodding, although I didn't. She opened up the baggie and took out a pinch, holding it carefully
between her stubby fingers. She crammed it into the bowl of the bong and
packed it down. "Here, hold this for me." She said to Kevin, handing him her
cigarette. He took it, taking a few quick drags off of it. She picked up the bong and the Bic lighter, striking a light with the
latter. She applied the flame to the bowl of pot and began to inhale. The
sound was like nothing I'd ever heard before, a gurgling, slurping noise.
The pot in the bowl grew red hot and shriveled up. I could see smoke filling
up the interior of the bong, above the waterline, and I could see quantities
of it disappearing into Lizzie's wide-open mouth which was protruding through
the top of the pipe. All of a sudden the pot, burned out, disappeared down
the hole in the bowl. A second later, Lizzie inhaled sharper than she had
been and the smoke, which had been whirling inside the bong, all shot into
her mouth in less than a second. She pulled the bong away from her lips and
leaned back on the couch dramatically, closing her eyes as if in pain. "Lizzie can take some killer fuckin' hits." Kevin remarked, obviously
impressed. She held her breath for about thirty seconds and then let it out in a
great exhalation of air. I saw that there was hardly any smoke ejected from
her. "You see that?" She asked me after breathing heavily for a moment.
"Almost no smoke. That means I absorbed almost all of the pot." She shook
her head, smiling. "Whew." She breathed. "I can feel it already. This is
some good shit." She set the bong back on the table and re-opened the baggie,
withdrawing another, smaller pinch. After stuffing it and tamping it down,
she handed the bong to me. "Here, let me help you." She said, twisting her
large body towards me. "Put your mouth on it and hold your thumb over the
carb here." She pointed out a small hole in the side of the bong, above the
waterline, that I hadn't noticed before. I dutifully put my thumb over it
and applied my mouth where instructed. She leaned forward, bringing the lighter near the bowl. "Now when I
light it..." She instructed, saying further which I didn't hear because my
attention became immediately distracted by the fact that when she'd bent over
to help me, it allowed me to look straight down the top of her halter. Her
breasts, as I have previously mentioned, were enormous, made even bigger so
by the fact that she was pregnant. They were large globes, paler than the
exposed skin on her body and they jiggled in a fascinating way, like Jell-O.
She wore no bra and I was able to clearly make out the aureole of her left
nipple, though not the nipple itself. Her aureole I could tell was large,
about the size of a silver dollar. Suddenly I was seeing Lizzie in an
entirely new light. I had never thought of her in a sexual way before,
though at that stage of my life I was masturbating at least once and
sometimes as many as three times a day. The fantasies which accompanied this
frantic jerking off usually involved the more attractive of my female
schoolmates at Junior High and occasionally Mrs. Lear, the attractive
twenty-something year-old married neighbor across the street from our house.
Lizzie, though not exactly ugly, was not exactly attractive either.
Certainly not attractive enough to waste a precious jack-off fantasy upon.
But now, looking at more forbidden female flesh than I had ever seen before
outside of smut magazines, I had a feeling that all of that would change the
next time I had opportunity to apply hand to penis. "...okay?" She finished up. I looked up at her face, startled out of the daze I'd been in. "Huh?"
I finally stammered. She looked at me for a moment and then glanced casually down at the
view she was providing before looking up again with a knowing smile. "I
said," She repeated patiently. "That you need to hold your thumb over the
carb until it's all burned up and then you let go and suck in hard." "Yeah," I said, embarrassed that she'd caught me looking at her breasts
but also noticing that she'd made no effort to cover them up. "Sure." "Okay." She told me, scooting closer so that her thigh was touching
mine. "Here we go."
She flicked the lighter to life, applying it to the bowl. "Inhale."
She told me. I did so, but weakly, not even getting the water to gurgle. "Oh come on." She admonished, like a patient teacher. "Suck hard." I did, finally getting the water to roil violently and the small ball
of pot to flare to life. "Good, good." Lizzie encouraged, keeping the lighter applied while the
pot shriveled and shrank. I could feel a warm sensation entering my lungs but
it was nothing violent. This isn't so bad, I thought as I continued to
inhale. Finally, after an eternity, the pot disappeared down the hole in the
bottom of the bowl. "Now let off the carb and inhale hard." Lizzie instructed. I let my thumb off and sucked as hard as I could. It immediately
felt like someone had sprayed a can of mace down my throat. I coughed
violently, expelling an incredible plume of smoke that smelled like burning
leaves. I continued to cough, my gag reflex in overdrive while Lizzie gently
removed the bong from my hands. I saw that tendrils of bluish-white smoke
were rolling out of the top. Kevin started cracking up, laughing derisively. "Fuckin' aye." He
chuckled. "Did you get a good hit?" "Shut up." Lizzie admonished, setting the smoking bong down on the
coffee table again. "He's new to using a bong. He'll get used to it." Finally the coughing spasms disappeared and I felt as if I could breath
again. "You okay?" She asked me, smiling gently, her left hand rubbing her
belly button. "Yeah." I nodded, finding myself looking at her fingers and her bare,
bulging belly. For some reason it struck me as erotic, the fact that she was
rubbing herself there. "Good." She said, smiling in a motherly way. "Maybe we'll give you a
little smaller hit next time." "Right." I replied hoarsely. She loaded up the bong for Kevin, who expertly took almost as a big a
hit as his half-sister and than she loaded up another large hit for herself.
Finally it was my turn again. She removed a pinch that was about two-thirds
the size of the first one she'd given me. She leaned forward again to help
me, again giving me an exciting view down the front of her halter. This time
I could make out what appeared to be the beginnings of her left nipple but
surely, I thought, I must be mistaken. If my eyes were seeing correctly, the
total diameter of the exposed nipple would have to have been the size of a
dime at least. That was impossible, I thought. All of the nipples I'd seen
in porno mags had conditioned me to believe that they were roughly the size
and shape of a pencil eraser. Once again, Lizzie noted where I was looking and smiled knowingly,
making no effort to conceal the view. This was confusing to me. Surely she
wasn't deliberately letting me see down her shirt. After all, she was six
years older than I was. I was just a kid. Why would she let me look down her
shirt? This hit went better than the last one. I inhaled slower and managed
to hold the hit for nearly ten seconds before coughing it out in a violent
spasm. Already I was looking forward to the next one, not for the therapeutic
effect of the marijuana, but for the view of Lizzie's tits. I found that she
was becoming more attractive to me by the minute. We took four more hits, my technique improving with each one. By the
last I was able to hold it in until no smoke emerged when I exhaled. Lizzie
proclaimed me an expert. Each time I looked down her shirt. Each time she
didn't seem to mind. Finally Lizzie declared that she was "obliterated" and called a halt to
the bonghits. Kevin, who was actually giggling at things, wholeheartedly
agreed with her. I was slightly disappointed. Not only did I not feel like I
was "stoned", but I would have no further opportunities to look down Lizzie's
shirt. "How do you feel Cutie?" Lizzie asked me in a voice that was thick and
slow. I noticed that her eyes were very red and only half-lidded. "Fine." I replied, honestly believing myself unstoned. "Isn't this some good-ass shit?" Kevin enquired, staring at an issue
of TV Guide. "Yeah," I agreed, thinking anything but. "It sure is." As we sat there, watching a Bugs Bunny marathon on Channel 13, I found
myself staring intently at the television. I'd seen these Bugs Bunny cartoons
a thousand times, I'd grown up with them, but suddenly they were taking on a
new light. I still remember the one I was watching. It was titled, "The
Rabbit of Seville". In it, Bugs is chased into an opera house by Elmer Fudd
and takes on the character of the Barber in the famous opera. It had never
been one of my favorite cartoons but suddenly I was riveted by it, finding it
hilarious. The music struck me as particularly amusing. "DO DO DO DOO IT."
started giggling, hardly realizing I was doing so. When Bugs began putting
hair cream on Elmer and flowers sprung up from his pink scalp, I went into
hysterics. I looked up to see that Kevin and Lizzie were looking at me with
amused expressions on their faces. "You're fucked up, aren't you?" Kevin asked, giggling. "No," I replied slowly. "I'm just..." I trailed off, not even
realizing I'd done so. Suddenly I really took account of the sensations that
were assaulting me. The first thing I noticed was that time seemed to have
slowed down to a snail's crawl. Hadn't the "Rabbit of Seville" been playing
for about an hour now? The next thing I noticed was that I could concentrate
with severe intensity on any one thing in particular, but that I couldn't
concentrate at all on more than one thing at a time. While I'd been perusing
Bugs Bunny, for instance, I'd completely forgotten about seeing Lizzie's
breasts, something that ordinarily would have preyed on my mind for days. I
remembered seeing Mrs. Lear, dressed in short shorts, bend over in her front
yard one time, allowing me a two second glimpse of the bottom of her pink
panties. This had happened about two months ago and for two weeks
afterwards, the bottom of those panties had been all I could think of. I'd
masturbated an average of three times a day during that period and I'd been
unable to fantasize of nothing but Mrs. Lear and what would possibly be under
her pink panties. The image of what her butt and her pubic hair (brown, like
her hair, I imagined) looked like, what her vagina would feel like wrapped
around my five inch penis, dominated my every thought. Wasn't it strange
that, having witnesses something less than---an hour, two hours, five
minutes---ago, something that had been much more revealing than what Mrs.
Lear had allowed that it shouldn't dominate my thoughts? I tried to picture Lizzie's breasts in my mind, as I had seen them
and was surprised to find that I could see them perfectly. They were
beautiful, undoubtedly jiggly, soft and warm. Was there milk in them? I
wondered, realizing that she was pregnant. If you placed your hands on those
warm globes and caressed them softly, would milk express from them? Would it
run warmly over your hands, down your forearms, and drip softly to the floor?
Would it squirt through the air? Would... I suddenly realized that I'd been focussing intently on Lizzie's breast
for an indeterminate amount of time and that my dick was as hard as a rail
spike. Guiltily, as if she'd been reading my mind, I looked over at her. She
had lit another cigarette at some point and was smoking it thoughtfully while
staring at me. I offered her a weak smile and then looked over at Kevin, who
was completely lost in the Bugs Bunny cartoon which, I now saw, had finally
changed. "You ever smoke cigarettes?" Lizzie asked me quietly, taking another
drag. I looked at her for a moment, processed what she had said, and finally
was able to come up with a reply. "Uh, no." I answered. "Let me teach you." She said, with a twinkle in her eye. "The best
way to start is to have someone else do it for you." "Huh?" I said dumbly, not at all getting what she said. "Here." She said gently. "Let me show you." She took a drag off of
her smoke and then set the cigarette down in an ashtray. She gently placed
her hands on either side of my face and then brought her face forward until
her lips were touching mine. It was the most sensuous thing I'd ever felt
and it took me completely by surprise. Her lips were warm and wet and
incredibly soft, the essence of femininity. She blew softly into my mouth,
filling my lungs up with bitter smoke. I suppressed a cough while feeling my
hard penis take a tremendous lurch in my pants. She pulled slowly away, a
queer smile on her face, and removed her hands. I exhaled and a slight plume
of smoke issued from my mouth. "How was that?" She asked, leaning back slightly on the couch. "It was... uh... good." I squeaked, trying not to look down at my
crotch and the bulge I knew had to be there. "Here," She said, picking up the cigarette. "Let's do it again." "Okay," I said, taking a sideways glance at Kevin, who glanced back
at me for a moment, gave me a mysterious smile, and then went back to
watching the TV. She inhaled a hit off of the cigarette and then grasped my face again.
Pulling me forward, looking deeply into my eyes the whole time, she placed her
lips on mine and gently blew. I felt the tip of her tongue, wet and exciting,
briefly flick across my upper lip before withdrawing back into her mouth. She
withdrew, looking me in the eye. "Nice?" She enquired. "Yeah." I said dreamily. "Good." She said stiffly, and then leaned back on the couch, taking
her cigarette with her, leaving me to wonder if I'd really felt her tongue
briefly enter my mouth or if I'd imagined it. All I knew for sure was that my
dick was hard as a rock and all I could think about was Kevin's half-sister
Lizzie. For an indeterminate time we sat on the couch and watched cartoons.
Kevin and Lizzie talked to each other, the subjects varied and fast changing.
I felt myself on unsteady ground, I had never been stoned before and I wasn't
sure how long the sensation would last, but I laughed along with the two of
them without contributing much to the conversation. Every now and then
Lizzie, in a fit of laughter would slap her hand down on my leg and then
quickly withdraw it back to her own lap. It seemed to me that she was
feeling my leg each time she did this but I dismissed this notion as the pot
talking. Kevin seemed to take no notice of this. Presently she lit another cigarette, after passing one to Kevin, who
also sparked up. She asked me if I wanted another hit off it. "Sure." I answered with what I hoped was nonchalance. "Okay Cutie." She said, taking a deep drag and leaning forward. This
time there was no mistaking what happened. Her lips touched mine and as she
gently blew the smoke down my lungs the tip of her tongue slid slowly and
sensuously across my upper lip. As it returned to her mouth she softly sucked
my upper lip between her two lips and let it go. "Mmmm." She sighed, pulling back with a saucy smile on her face.
"You're getting good at this." "It looks like it." Kevin said, shaking his head in amusement. He
suddenly stood up. "I'm thirsty as a motherfucker." He proclaimed. "Anybody
want a coke?" "Bring me a beer." Lizzie said, leaning back into the couch. As she
did so she opened her legs a little. Unable to help myself, I looked down and
saw that I could see under the crotch of her shorts. She was wearing white
cotton panties. A few stray hairs, light brown in color, poked out from under
the elastic band over her vaginal area. Her pussy is under there, I thought with a shiver, unable to drag my
eyes away from those pubic hairs that were revealed. "Hey dipshit." Kevin barked from the doorway to the kitchen. I realized he was talking to me and jerked my gaze away from Lizzie.
"Huh?" I said guiltily. "I said, 'do you want anything to drink?' A coke or something?" He
was shaking his head sadly at me. "Oh yeah, sure." I said, my face turning red. "A coke is fine." "Got a little dry mouth?" Lizzie asked knowingly. I nodded, wondering if she knew I'd been looking at her crotch. If she
did, she wasn't saying anything about it, nor did she seem disgusted by it,
which was how I assumed a woman would feel upon catching a thirteen year-old
doing such a thing. She sat up again, leaning towards me, taking my face in her hands
again. "Let's see." She said, placing her lips once more against mine. Her
tongue slid against my lips, licking them softly until they opened of their
own accord. It then slid into my mouth, sliding softly against my own
tongue, which was dry as the Sahara, up over the roof of my mouth, along my
teeth, returning to my own tongue. She twirled our tongues together, letting
me feel the rough upper surface and the silky smooth under surface. My
penis, which had never gone much below semi-hard, sprang back to life again. "You're right." She murmured, breaking the kiss and withdrawing, a
teasing look in her eyes. "You do have dry mouth." Her hands pulled away from my face. As they did so the right one
trailed softly down my neck, across my chest and abdomen, and finally across
the rock hard protusion of my dick. I had never been touched there by another
person before and I jumped as if an electrical shock had been applied. "Jumpy, aren't we?" She teased, sitting back against the couch again
just as Kevin returned, his hands full of cold drinks and a bag of Doritos. He tossed the chips on the table and distributed the drinks. While
he tore open the bag of Doritos, I cracked my red and white can of coke and
took a huge drink, trying to quell the severe thirst I was experiencing.
Lizzie took a single sip out of her beer and then stood up. "God I hate being knocked up." She proclaimed. "It makes me horny as
a fuck and I have to pee all the time." She sauntered out of the room towards
the restroom and I looked at her wide ass until it was out of sight,
fantasizing what it would look like unclothed. When she was gone, Kevin nudged me with his elbow. "Lizzie been
flirtin' with you?" He asked slyly. "What do ya mean?" I asked guiltily, assuming that he would be angry
about this. "You know," He said, grinning. "Kissin' on you and showin' you her
tits. Lettin' you look between her legs. Did you see her pussy?" "No." I shot back immediately. "Too bad." He said, shaking his head sadly. "She's got a big old
hairy one. She shows it to me all the time. You could prob'ly fuck her you
know?" "Fuck her?" I said, shocked at this conversation I was having. I
couldn't imagine having such a discussion about my own sister. "Yeah." He nodded. "She ain't shittin' when she says she's horny.
She'll fuck anyone when she gets like this. She even tried to get me to fuck
her one night." "You?" I asked, appalled. "Yeah." He said. "But I wouldn't do it. She is my half sister after
all." "Of course." I replied. My mind was spinning. Was Kevin being
serious, or was he screwing with me. My stoned mind simply could not decide. "If you wanna fuck her," He offered. "Go ahead and do it. I ain't
gonna get in the way." "Well I don't know." I said doubtfully. "I don't think...." "Aww, ain't nothin' to think about." He assured me. "I'll help you.
Wait'll she comes back." "But..." I started, feeling things were moving a little fast. "Don't worry." He said, winking at me. When Lizzie returned and assumed her seat next to me, Kevin suddenly
stood up. "These Doritos bite the big one." He said. "I'm gonna run over to
the store and get some cupcakes." "Yeah." Lizzie said, her eyes lighting up. "And get some of those
little Vienna sausage things too." "All right." He said, turning to me. "I'll be back in a little bit." I was suddenly scared. He was going to leave me alone with her! "I'll
go with you." I barked. "No no." He shook his head firmly. "Why don't you stay here and keep
Lizzie company. I'll be right back." "Yeah." Lizzie smiled at me. "I hate being alone. He'll be right
back." My heart pounding with fear and arousal, I finally squeaked, "Well,
okay." "Cool," Kevin said, tipping me another wink as he trotted out the door. Once the door shut behind him, Lizzie wasted little time. I felt her
chubby hand caressing the back of my neck. "You wanna kiss me some more?"
She asked, pulling me towards her. "Okay." I said weakly, allowing myself to be drawn into her embrace.
I applied my lips to hers and our tongues began their duel. Her arms went
around my back as she slumped down into the couch, pulling my body atop her.
I felt the press of her breasts against my chest and the bulge of her belly
against mine. Her hand slid down along my back and into the waistband of my
shorts. I felt her cool fingers caressing the cheeks of my ass. "Ooh, you have a nice ass." She said, her breathing quickening, as was
mine. We kissed for a few more minutes and then she abruptly withdrew,
pushing me off of her. Before I had a chance to wonder what this new
development was, she grasped her halter-top from the bottom and pulled it off.
Her large breasts bounced free in my face. I saw that my earlier impression
had in fact been correct, her aureole, the color of coffee with heavy cream in
it, were the size of silver dollars and her nipples were the diameter of a
dime. They were very erect, standing out nearly a half an inch. "Suck my boobies." She told me, putting her hand on the back of my
neck and pulling me towards her right breast. I obeyed, fastening my lips on the large nipple. I had never
experienced anything like this before. It was warm and pliant within my
mouth and I suckled like a baby. There was no milk expressed from it, much
to my relief. After a moment, I switched to the other one, taking a few
experimental licks with my tongue in addition to the suckling. Lizzie moaned
softly as I did this. Her hands were caressing the back of my neck and my
lower back. My dick, which was so hard it was painful, was rubbing against
her leg and I started to involuntarily hump against it. "Eager aren't you?" She whispered, trailing her left hand down to feel
my thrusting buttocks. I mumbled something in reply, not removing my mouth from her breast. She grasped my shoulders and pushed me slightly away, her nipple
popping from my mouth. I looked up at her, staring into her eyes. "I want you to fuck me." She said matter-of-factly. "Okay." I said, my voice trembling, as was my body. "But I think you might shoot off too quickly." She said, "Before I
have a chance to come." I was speechless, figuring she was probably right but knowing of no
counter-argument that was likely to work. Was I about to lose my first fuck
because of inexperience? "But I know a way to help that." She said softly, pushing me off of
her. "You do?" I asked, since some reply seemed needed. "Yeah." She nodded. "I'll give you a blow job. How does that sound?" "Uh... okay, I guess." A blow job! My wildest dreams come true. But
how was that supposed to help me from shooting off too soon. It seemed to me
that I would just shoot off quicker. "Okay, you guess?" She said sternly. "You don't sound very sure about
it. Maybe we should just forget the whole thing." "No!" I protested quickly. "I want one." She smiled again. "That's better." She told me. "But if I blow you
and let you come in my mouth, you have to do something for me while you're
recharging." "What's that?" I asked, willing to agree to pretty much anything. I
probably would have killed her mother if she'd asked. "Eat me." She said. "Eat you?" I said doubtfully, having only the vaguest idea of what she
was talking about. "My pussy." She said. "After you come, I want you to lick my pussy
and my clit until I come in your mouth. By then, your dick will be hard again
and you can fuck me. How does that sound?" "Okay." I said, sounding surer of myself than I really was. What in
the hell was a clit? I'd never heard that particular term before. Was it
near her pussy? Was it on some other part of her body? I wondered if it
some term that I wasn't aware of for asshole and this gave me a start. While
the idea of licking her pussy was kind of exciting, the thought of putting my
tongue on her asshole was far from appealing. "Good." She said, smiling again. "Take off your pants." "Okay." I agreed, sitting back on the couch. Slowly I began to undo
the buttons on my Levi's. "Hurry up." She said impatiently. "Kevin's not gonna be gone forever." "Right." I replied, ripping my jeans open. I pushed them down,
allowing my rock-hard, five-inch penis to spring free. I was acutely
embarrassed to be exposing myself in this way. Nobody besides me had ever
seen my dick before and, since I had never really seen the dicks of others
before, I was under the assumption that mine was very small. After all, I'd
read for two years in Penthouse and Hustler that the average dick size was
between nine and twelve inches. Mine was only five inches (and would only
grow another inch when I achieved adulthood). But Lizzie didn't seem the
least bit put off by my size. "Very nice." She said, licking her lips in a nasty way. "Sit down
right there." She pointed to the center of the couch. Breathing rapidly in anticipation, I sat where told. She slid over a
few inches towards me and then leaned over my lap. I felt her heavy breasts
against my leg. I felt her warm breath suddenly blowing against my cock. She
licked slowly up the outside of the shaft, twirling her tongue around the head
when she reached the top. I groaned, very nearly shooting off right there. I
had never felt anything like that before. Next her rough hand grasped me
around the base and I felt myself engulfed in her warm mouth. "Ohhh." I exclaimed softly, paralyzed by the sensation. I looked down
and saw her mop of blonde hair in my lap. She hummed slightly around my cock and then went to work in earnest,
moving her head and her hand up and down and sucking gently. This action made
short work of me. Within a minute my hips began to thrust up and down and I
felt a tingle running up my spine. "Ohh God." I cried, my thrusting increasing, as did her pace. The
tingling expanded to a full-blown crescendo of sensation that emanated from my
groin and spread throughout my body. With the effects of the marijuana still
upon me, it seemed to take forever. Finally, after an eternity, I reached the
peak and felt myself shooting gob after gob of cum into her still-sucking
mouth. Her mouth worked, simultaneously sucking and swallowing. She didn't
spill a drop. Once I was finished, she lifted her head from my lap, leaving my
slightly deflated dick to flop against my thigh. She licked her lips again.
"I love the taste of cum." She said, sighing. I was, for the moment, speechless, savoring the experience, but
Lizzie turned quickly to the next order of business. She stood up and, in
one quick motion, pushed off her shorts and panties, offering me my first
view of a human female vagina. Though the bulge of her belly cast a shadow
over it, I could plainly see that Kevin was right, it was very hairy. I'd
never imagined that women had so much pubic hair, again drawing my
comparisons from porno mag pictures which I didn't realize were mostly of
trimmed women. She had a veritable rug there, made up of a nest of light
brown hair, several shades darker than that on her head, which stretched from
the top of her pubis well into her perennial area. I could vaguely made out
the outline of her slit peeking from the center of this. And then there was the smell. It hit me several seconds after she'd
shucked her clothes, a strong, musty smell that made my nostrils flare. Once
again my only previous source of information on this matter had led me
astray. Based on the stories in the pornos, I'd been led to believe that a
vagina smelled exquisitely sweet, like a combination of fresh ground coffee
and vanilla extract, with perhaps a hint of honey. Instead, it was nearly a
gutter smell, almost overpowering in character. It was a smell that should
have been classified as noxious but which instead caused my deflated dick to
give a lurch. Despite the negative connotations of the odor, I found myself
eager to bury my face into the source. Lizzie lay down on the couch, propping her head against the arm,
putting one leg over the back, the other on the floor. This opened her entire
crotch area to me. The odor increased with this action, making me slightly
dizzy. She took her left hand and spread herself open, showing me the moist
pink lips and the opening between them. "Get to work Lover." She told me
softly. Obediently I twisted my body around on the couch and laid down
between her widely spread legs, my face now only inches from her pussy.
Tentatively I leaned forward and licked slowly between her spread fingers.
The taste was tart and strongly so, but far from unpleasant. She sighed
softly, removing her fingers and allowing me to continue my ministrations. I
thrust my tongue experimentally inside of her, noting that she seemed to like
this. I licked up and down her slit a few times, getting some of her pubic
hair in my mouth until I figured out how to spread her open with my hands. "Very nice." She told me, a smile in her voice. I tried to look up
and see her face but the bulge of her belly prevented this view. After licking her up and down and thrusting my tongue in and out for
a few minutes, she told me, "Now start licking my clit a little, just a
little at first." I felt lost, having no idea what a clit was. I still semi-suspected
that it was another name for her anus and I wasn't about to stick my tongue
there, even if the penalty was a sudden cessation of our activities. I
continued to lick her up and down, trying to figure out a tactful way to ask
her what her clit was when she solved the problem for me. "C'mon, quit teasing." She admonished breathlessly. "Lick my clit."
With her left hand she reached down between my face and her slit and spread
herself open again. "Right here." She commanded, rubbing a small protusion
at the top of her vagina. So that was a clit, I marveled, touching it tentatively with my
tongue. The reaction of Lizzie when I licked it was dramatic. I felt her
body give a lurch on the couch. "Yes." She sighed. "Lick it some more,
gently at first." Abandoning the rest of her vagina, I began to concentrate wholly on
this protusion, licking it gently and swirling my tongue slowly around its
perimeter. I could tell Lizzie was enjoying this immensely. Her pelvis began
to gently thrust and her breathing audibly quickened, it's ebb and flow
punctuated frequently with pleasurable moans. "Suck on it now," She moaned. "Gently." Taking it between my lips, instinctively knowing not to touch it with
my teeth, I began suckling it as if it were a nipple. The effect was
startling. She began to moan constantly now, her pelvis thrusting up and
down rhythmically, making it difficult to keep my mouth on target. Quickly I
learned it's location by feel and each time her thrusts threw my mouth off, I
was able to rapidly re-acquire my target by running my tongue up to the top
of her slit until it encountered the very erect clit. As her thrusts became
more violent I locked on and began to suck harder, at first just to help me
maintain my grip, but I quickly realized that the increased pressure was a
good thing for Lizzie. "Ohh yess, Ohhh yess." She began to continuously moan. Her legs came
up and wrapped around my back. Her hands came down and grasped the back of my
head. Her pelvis began mashing faster and harder into my face, making it
difficult to breathe at times. "Ohh yess, Ohhhhh yessss! Suck harder." She cried. I did so, sucking now with a frenzy, taking gasping breaths through my
nostrils whenever they were not pressed against her pubis. Her thrusts became
frantic. My hands, which were holding on to her chunky upper thighs felt a
sheen of sweat developing, making it hard to maintain my grip. "Ohhh God, take it!" She suddenly cried and her entire body began to
tremble and gyrate as if she were having a seizure. She pulled me harder into
her crotch, completely cutting off my air. Her legs tightened around me,
squeezing almost painfully around my neck. At last, she let out one last sigh
and her entire body relaxed. Her hands dropped off of me, as did her legs. "Oh God you eat pussy so good." She cried, inserting her hands into my
armpits and pulling me upwards. I came willingly enough, shortly finding myself lying atop her, my
outer thighs resting against her sweaty and larger inner thighs, my stomach
pushed upwards by her pregnancy, my chest mashed against her large tits. I
was worried about putting my weight on her stomach because of the baby but
Lizzie apparently had no such concerns. She pulled me tight against her,
mashing her lips against mine and thrusting her tongue deeply into my mouth.
I was amazed that she was willing to kiss me after I'd just put my mouth on
her pussy but if anything she seemed to enjoy the kiss more. She sucked on
my tongue and lips, she licked across the outside of my lips. My dick, which
was indeed hard as a rock once again, was touching her wet pubic hair. I
could feel it tickling the head and moistening it. She slid her hands down to my ass and grabbed a cheek in each one.
Using this handhold, still kissing me madly, she guided my pelvis until I
felt the head of my cock resting against the smooth, wet, warmness of her
slit. With a tug on my ass, Lizzie pulled me sharply into her body. My dick
slid into her wetness, all the way to the hilt, in one quick motion. I
cannot begin to describe to you what that felt like, sinking into a hot, wet,
pussy for the first time. Though I'd imagined many times in my fantasies
what such a thing might feel like, I found that the fantasies didn't come
close to doing justice to the sensation. It was undoubtedly the finest thing
in the world, even the blowjob I'd received earlier didn't compare. She broke our kiss long enough to shout, "Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Right
now!" I began to thrust in and out within her, feeling the sheath of her
caressing every inch of my cock. With each thrust she would squeeze her
vagina around me, adding to the sensation. My balls, which were quickly
dripping with moisture, began slapping against her. Her hands began
squeezing my ass. The smell of us, the thick, wet smell of sex, rose thickly
into the air, turning me on further, making me thrust faster. I heard the
springs of the couch crying in protest at our movements upon it, I heard the
moist squish of our union emanating from between us. Sweat formed on my
forehead and began to drip onto Lizzie's forehead. She broke our kiss and
began sucking on my neck and my ears and encouraging me to do the same to
her. Her pelvis suddenly began to thrust against me with greater urgency,
her mouth against my neck began to moan again. When she cried out I felt her
pussy contract tightly around my thrusting cock, doubling the sensations I
was feeling. This was quite enough to send me over the edge. I felt the
tingling begin once again in my nether regions, quickly spreading throughout
my body, my thrusts began to pick up speed until they were a practically a
blur. Lizzie felt the increase of my thrusts and cried. "Yes, yes, come in
me! Come in my pussy! Let me feel it!" I groaned and began to spurt my seed deep within her, sending wave
after wave of hot sperm splashing against her insides. My thrusts slowed down
gradually, finally coming to a stop and I lay against Lizzie, my first lover,
catching my breath, my face tucked into the hollow of her naked shoulder, her
breasts mashed against my chest, which was still covered by my T-shirt, my
wilting, soaked dick still inside of her. Presently she gave my ass a little slap, indicating that I should climb
off of her. I did, pulling my now deflated dick out her pussy. It was
followed by a small flood of sperm and juice from our copulation. She offered
me a warm smile as she picked up her clothes from the floor, her bong and her
pot from the table. "Better get dressed." She told me. "Kevin'll be back
pretty soon. I'm gonna go take a shower." With that, she strolled naked out of the room, heading for her
bedroom. It was a somewhat anti-climatic end to my first sexual experience. It was another fifteen minutes before Kevin returned from the store.
During that time I sat silently, staring at the TV but not seeing it,
recalling what had just happened. I had actually been laid. I couldn't
believe it. Already I was looking forward to my next encounter. Unfortunately my next encounter would not be for another two years
and it would not be with Lizzie. On the few occasions that I saw her again
over at Kevin's house, she would treat me as she always had, with kind,
quiet, indifference. She never mentioned what had happened between us
although Kevin took great delight in describing it to all of our friends in
such detail that I knew he'd been watching us, perhaps through the front room
window. By the time I entered high school, Kevin and I had gone our separate
ways and I was to never see his sister Lizzie again. Except of course, in my
masturbation fantasies, where even to this day, she still makes frequent

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