The Goddess Ramona

The Goddess Ramona
"Tell me I'm beautiful," she whispered as the doorman at the restaurant held
the door open for her.

"You're more than beautiful," I said. "You're stupendous."

It was amazing what a $600 red dress right on the border between elegant and
slutty, and a long afternoon of makeup, hairdressing and skin care could do for
my hot dog girl. Her bountiful self was no longer the jiggling sack of
polecats under her sloppy sweats; now it was all supported in exactly the right
way, so that her curvaceous breasts stood up and out, a plane of pink flesh and
cleavage rippling with each step. And her vast butt swayed from side to side
as her high heels propped each side up in turn, while the dress clung enough to
give hints, stayed loose enough to keep plenty hidden. Fat she still was, but
no longer in an ashamed, embarassed way; she looked like a woman who knew how
to keep all her appetites amply satisfied.

I saw the men in the restaurant checking her out as we went in. Some were just
taking in the spectacle, probably to make fat jokes to their friends a moment
later, but I spotted at least two or three giving her respectful, almost
stricken looks, as if their horizons had just been broadened and they suddenly
knew that Ramona represented a whole world outside their experience.

As we reached the table my friend Pamela stood up and took Ramona's hand. "So
this is the divine creature you've been telling me about," Pamela said, in her
oh-so-proper English accent.

Ramona blushed. "It's only because he had them work me over all afternoon,"
she said.

"You'll have to tell me all about it," Pamela said, smiling. "I must say,
you're certainly drawing attention."

"I feel so--" Ramona started, then couldn't decide what she felt so. "They're
just lookin' at me 'cuz I'm so fat."

"Darling, men are far more open to differences in the vast variety of the
female form than they admit," Pamela said. "I promise you at least half the
men in the restaurant are jealously wondering what it would be like to be him
right now."

"You really think so?" she asked.

Pamela put her hand on Ramona's-- she wasn't wasting any time. "My dear,
you're a goddess," she said, and in her accent it was a pronouncement not to be
argued with. "You're an amazon, a beautiful, powerful female who is mistress
over her desires. Who do those pathetic creatures, those men, think that they
are to even dream that they might be allowed to worship beneath you?"

Ramona blushed bright red, from her face to her jiggling mound of cleavage, and
she gulped. "Yeah, who are they?" she asked. "Tell me more," she said.

Pamela smiled, and moved her leg next to Ramona's. "Gladly," she said.

* * *

No one I've ever seen can seduce a member of either sex as quickly as Pamela.
A few minutes of her educated-sounding flattery, and then she was bold enough
to suddenly lean across and surprise Ramona with a feathery kiss on the lips.
Ramona's eyes bulged, and then she turned to look at me. I shrugged my
approval and/or indifference-- as if my swelling cock could be indifferent to
what I was sure was about to unfold.

Ramona looked back at Pamela, and then she moved forward toward her, and their
tongues met in mid-air, and Ramona whimpered with delight as she sucked
eagerly. I noticed some of the men at the other tables agog at the sight. I
also noticed our waiter looking at us disapprovingly, as I saw Pamela's hand
slide up Ramona's red dress along the top of her thigh. Ramona reached over to
pinch one of Pamela's nipples through her dress, as if it were something she'd
never seen before. I motioned for the check as Pamela's hand disappeared in
the direction of Ramona's pussy and a glazed look came over Ramona's eyes.

As I paid the bill and summoned the car, I just managed to prevent them going
off into the restroom together as the valet pulled it up. They climbed
together into the back, and I adjusted the rear view mirror for a proper view
as I started driving them around the park.

They were an interesting contrast in styles. Pamela gave long, slow kisses,
while Ramona panted in teenage heat like she did with me. I saw Pamela's hand
dive in between Ramona's thighs and come up shiny, and Ramona hungrily sucked
her juice off Pamela's fingers. Then Ramona stuck her fingers inside Pamela in
return, only instead of allowing Pamela to suck her fingers clean, she lapped
them up herself, suddenly turning to look at me in the mirror, in amazement at
the thing she had just done, licking up another woman's cum.

Pamela leaned back, staring straight into Ramona's eyes soulfully, and took her
top off. Pamela is slender and her breasts have never been much more than
buds, but Ramona dove onto them, moaning softly as she tugged at the nipples
with her teeth.

Next Pamela pulled her skirt up and tied it behind her, revealing a wet spot on
her white panties. In a moment she slipped them off and Ramona stared at the
pussy before her. Then suddenly she turned to me. "This car's too small.
Let's go home," she said.

"All of us?" I said, not sure what she meant.

"Yeah, of course," she said, and kissed Pamela again, cupping her exposed pussy
with her hand.

"My place?" I asked.

"No, wait," Ramona said. "My place."

* * *

She opened the door. Ramona's sister Alicia was sitting on the couch, and she
scowled at me as I came in, Pamela behind me. Ramona must have seen the look
on her face, because suddenly she grabbed Pamela's ass with both hands and
stuck her tongue halfway down her throat. Alicia stared at us, amazed and
horrified. As Ramona pulled Pamela to her bedroom, I shrugged at her. She
slammed her textbook shut and stormed off to the other end of the house.

Ramona and Pamela were already rolling on the bed, tits out, by the time I
followed them to the bedroom and shut the door. "No, leave it open!" Ramona
shouted, and sitting on Pamela's face she split Pamela's legs apart, again
staring into her first sopping pink pussy. She took the sight in for a minute,
and then she dove in, smashing Pamela beneath her and moaning hungrily as she
slurped away, as if it was a favorite meal she'd been deprived of for too long.

I wasn't sure exactly where I was supposed to fit into all this, if at all, so
I started tugging Ramona's dress down to undress her completely. That didn't
draw a protest, so I took off my own clothes and then found a spot behind her
creamy ass, licking my way from her hot, puffed-up pussy lips to her tight
little asshole, her mammoth cheeks bouncing onto the sides of my face as I
plunged into the funky hole. Pamela was making clipped little British orgasm
sounds now, her thin legs wrapped entirely around Ramona's head.

Suddenly they started rolling, and Ramona wound up on her back, Pamela sitting
on her face. Ramona spread her legs and started rubbing her own rosebud, and
Pamela and I nearly collided heads racing to take that job over. We exchanged
a quick tongue kiss and then, ever the gentleman, I let her go first. I
watched the action for a while, and a moment later, I felt Ramona grab for my
cock and point it in the general direction of her pussy. I moved over there
and indicated to Pamela that I was planning to fuck Ramona, if she didn't mind;
she shrugged and I plunged my cock deep into Ramona's inflamed, nearly boiling
crotch. With each stroke, I felt the feather touch of Pamela's tongue as she
bobbed up and down on Ramona's clit.

Ramona let out a yell, and I felt her pussy grip my cock in orgasm. As she
did, I saw Alicia staring from around the corner. Who knows, maybe she wasn't
so much different from her sister after all? I motioned to her, offering her
the opportunity to join us. Indignantly she turned away and a moment later her
door slammed. Oh well, some people get enough out of a two-minute screwing
from the boyfriend, I guess. And some people don't, I thought, as I saw Pamela
look up, startled, as Ramona stuck a finger in her ass.

* * *

A few days later, I was in bed at Pamela's. One of her less pleasing
characteristics is that she tends to talk during blowjobs. "Did you notice the
way she left the bedroom door open? That girl is a born exhibitionist."

"How could I not notice it," I said, trying to keep my mind on the sucking
being performed on me at that very moment. "I kept watching Alicia sneaking
back to take another look."

"That one is way too uptight," Alicia said. "What she needs is a good
pussy-licking. Give me a few hours between her legs and I'll have her sleeping
with the entire high school girl's rugby team."

"I don't know," I said, as I felt the pressure building in my loins. "Some
people just don't have the imagination."

"Ramona does, though," she said. "She was ready to try anything. I had to
explain to her that I really isn't possible to ass-fuck with your titties, even
when they're as big as her glorious pair. Not enough rigidity in the--"

"Do you miiiiiiind," I said as I came, a few short spurts of cum filling the
mouth on my cock. Pamela's husband Ted swallowed them, then wiped his mouth
with the napkin and sat back in the chair, beginning the process of jerking
himself off.

"Yes, you really do talk entirely too much at the most inopportune times," Ted

"Oh, here, let me," she said as she took his cock in her hand. "So do you
think she'll be willing?"

"I think you could convince her," I said as Ted moaned and a glob of his cum
splattered on my knee. "Let me get that," he said, and he bent over to lick it

* * *

The wine was flowing freely, the odor of pot wafted in from one bathroom or
another, and our guests awaited anxiously for the stroke of midnight. Now and
then I saw a couple of them go off into a corner for some foreplay-- okay, so
Pamela seemed to have tongue-kissed half the women in the room by midnight, and
once I saw Ted in the corner just finishing licking a ribbon of cum off the
cock of a minor Pakistani diplomat-- but on the whole people seemed to want to
save their energies for the big festivities.

Finally, midnight came-- and so we would we, very soon. I went to the podium
and asked for attention-- two Japanese women climbed off of each other,
hurriedly pulling panties up under their tight silk dresses. The dj switched
to my requested music, Scriabin's "Extase."

"Brothers and sisters of the earth," I began. "It is the solstice, the sacred
time of year when we abandon the artifice of civilization, the moralizing of
religion, the admiration of the unnaturally starved female form, and embrace
the one great power that Mother Earth gave us. To sow and receive seed, to
celebrate the carnal and regenerative splendors of the body. It is my pleasure
to present to you a new recruit to our ceremonies, a female who carries within
her mighty size and her bountiful self all the chthonian powers of the ripe
harvest goddess herself. My brothers and sisters, bow down in worship to...
the goddess Ramona!"

A door opened, and Ramona was backlit by a blue light, which outlined the
abundant breasts and meaty thighs under her gossamer gown, as her hair-- curled
specially by Pamela, who had to interrupt twice to get Ramona to stop trying to
stick her hand up her dress-- flowed over her shoulders, a garland of
wildflowers intertwined like a tiara. I heard several gasps of delight, and
then the room erupted in applause at her bounty. She gulped, almost ready to
cry, but I gave her a stern look-- she was a goddess and needed to remember the
fact. She did; she stepped regally into the room, surveying which of the
assembled guests would be her first.

Ever the stage manager, I had suggested that she start with a lesbian pairing,
since both men and women enjoy watching that more than most women enjoy
watching a man piston away. By now a devout eater of Pamela's pussy, she had
no objection to taking my advice, and the carnal energy in the room was
palpable as she walked from one woman to the next. A wealthy older woman
rubbed herself beneath her Nancy Reagan-like cocktail dress, but Ramona passed
her by; a chubby librarian named Anna looked at her expectantly, shivering with
anticipation, then let out an audible sigh of disappointment; Pamela smiled,
but urged her generously to move on. Finally Ramona made her selection: the
two Japanese girls at the end of the room.

The two slender girls tittered with delight, and quickly let the straps of
their dresses down, exposing their tiny pointed teen-like breasts. Ramona
pulled Mia to her, her fat arms nearly as thick as the Asian girl's body, and
licked at her nipples, while Suni began to pull Ramona's gown up, revealing her
vast creamy ass cheeks sans panties. She swatted the cheeks a few times as
Ramona moaned with delight, and then she spread them apart to begin licking.
Meanwhile Mia had taken her dress off to reveal a slimy gray-red shaved pussy,
which Ramona licked at hungrily.

The rest of us stood around expectantly (and erectly), well aware of the
cardinal rule of our rites. There was impatience at Suni's progress, and so it
was with some relief that Ramona flopped herself over and Mia pulled her gown
off to reveal those massive white globes and that vast jiggly stomach. Suni
dove in and Ramona grabbed Mia's tiny thighs and pulled her pussy down onto her
face; and thankfully a moment later our goddess came noisily, her vast fat
tummy and balloon-like tits vibrating like Mother Earth herself.

The goddess's first orgasm was the signal, and now the room stripped itself
quickly bare and separated itself into different parties. A tall black man,
Roland, attempted to lure the wealthy older woman into a corner, but she had
her eye on a buzzcut young dyke in flannel shirt-- and soon they were on the
floor together, exchanging heated passionate kisses as their respective jewelry
and piercings mingled incongruously. The Pakistani diplomat put his arms on
the shoulders of a professional couple, and they went off together for what I
knew to be his favorite combination. Anna, the librarian, sat opposite Ramona
and the Japanese girls and unzipped her pants as her shirt went up to reveal
one of her massive, floppy tits; a hand went into her voluminous crotch, trying
to find her pearl inside her folds of flab. And Pamela and Ted-- well, I was
shocked by what I saw them doing, which was, making out on the couch. A
husband and wife, having sex alone with each other? What in the Goddess's name
were they thinking?

Ramona seemed insatiable as she held Mia vigorously onto her face, seemingly
trying to suck her dry. Suni, however, was taking a break, just rubbing a
slimy pool of pussy-juice on Ramona's broad jiggly stomach and leaving her
steaming cunt unattended. Well, Mother Nature abhors a vacuum, and soon Roland
was kneeling before her, licking his way up the side of her jiggly thighs,
mixing his spit with Suni's and with Ramona's own sopping fish juice.

Suddenly Ramona pushed Mia off her face and looked up. When she saw Roland's
chiseled black chest at her pussy and below that his eight-inch brown cock, she
moaned in amazement and then bucked her thighs up to indicate what she wanted.
He obliged her, driving his hard black log deep into her porcelain flesh and
pink pussy. Her eyes rolled in ecstasy and she motioned to me. I came over
and she grabbed at my cock, hungrily stuffing it into her mouth.

Another black man came over and-- having discovered something new-- she
immediately dropped my cock for his. So I began rubbing mine in the wetness on
her tits, massaging those big wet balloons that I knew and loved so. Roland
came shudderingly, and as he pulled out Anna jumped up from her seat with
surprising agility and hungrily dove her fat face into Ramona's pussy, coming
up with a grin full of Roland's steaming cream. Anna took her shirt off now,
her pendulous breasts stretching nearly to her crotch, and Pamela, apparently
having tired of fidelity after giving it a try for five minutes, came over and
kissed Anna, smearing the cum across her chubby cheeks.

I wasn't having much luck rubbing my cock against Ramona's tits, so with her
pussy momentarily unoccupied I decided to take advantage of it. I positioned
my cock in front of her as she sucked the other black man, and plunged my rod
into her well-buttered pussy. I wasn't at all prepared for what happened next,
though. Ramona's meaty legs locked around me and she motioned to Pamela, who
in turn signaled to the black man with his cock in Ramona's mouth, who suddenly
pinned my arms against her vast, bouncy flesh. What was going on?

Soon I knew. Even as my cock was buried deep in Ramona, my legs were being
spread apart and a hand began to rub someone's goo in the crack of my ass. I
saw the Pakistani diplomat come toward me-- I had rejected him many times,
insisting that I was straight (well except for the occasional exception), and
now, apparently, he was going to have me after all.

I just saw a glimpse of his erect cock as it went behind me, and then I felt it
burn its way deep into my ass as I, in turn, plowed deep into Ramona, cushioned
by her abundant tummy. She exchanged a glance with the black man whose cock
she had been sucking and before I knew it I was staring his twitching snake in
the face. Well, I needed something to distract me from the painful ramming
going on in my ass, and so I let his head slip past my wet lips, and began
running my tongue up and down the length of his stiff black boner.

A moment later the Pakistani let out an oath in his native tongue, and not a
moment too soon I felt his cock twitch inside my bowels and he pulled out.
That allowed me to concentrate on the black cock in my mouth, and in a moment
he began spraying. I caught the first glob in my mouth but let the rest
splatter across Ramona's huge tits. A moment later I too began to come, and I
added to the mess dripping from her pussy as well as to the one puddling on her
stomach. Gratefully I pulled out, and as I went to search for some ointment
for my sore ass, I watched several others take our places, to worship with
their spraying cocks and their dripping pussies our massive, seed-spattered,
bountiful goddess.

* * *

At last the orgy was ended; not even Ted could find another cock to suck that
he hadn't sucked already that evening; and Ramona lay there, nude and enormous,
striped with white cum like a danish. Her pussy was so enflamed I could warm
my hands over it; her curls were matted with dried goo; there was a stain of
urine beneath her where a local orthodontist had begged his goddess to relieve
herself on him (I suppose she was glad to have the chance to go without having
to get up). But the best part of seeing her that way was the look on her face,
the dazed, thrilled look of a woman who has discovered her own power. Now it
was time for the final ritual of the evening.

I walked over to the wooden cabinet with the narrow slit in it. From inside I
heard a muffled whimper. I unlocked the door and the nude figure, mouth taped
shut, hands and feet tied together, tumbled out onto the carpet. "Are you
ready to worship at the feet of the goddess Ramona?" I asked. "Or do you need
another few hours in the cabinet, watching her exercise her powers?"

The figure, terrified, nodded her agreement-- anything to end it. "Do you know
what you have to do?" She looked confused. "The goddess Ramona is covered
with the sacred seed of her followers," I said as I pulled the tape off her
mouth. "And you, as a skinny-ass little bitch who doesn't know what it's like
to have the power and size of a goddess, are going to lick it all up." And
before she had the chance to object, I grabbed Alicia by her bony little
shoulders and pushed her, face first, into the slimy cunt of her fat bountiful
sister, as Ramona looked at me in gratitude for the things I had taught her
about the power of a large, beautiful woman.

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