Blind Date

Blind Date
Not for the first time, Susana wondered what she was letting herself in
for. All that Neil would tell her was that he had a special surprise
lined up for her, and it went without saying that the surprise was a new
sexual experience. The question was: What?

He had been very mysterious all evening, giving nothing away, and her
mind had roamed through all the erotic possibilities she could imagine,
to the point that by now she was wet with anticipation.

As they stopped at the door to the hotel room he reached in his pocket
and took out a small bundle of black fabric. He unrolled it, revealed it
to be a padded sleeping mask. "Come here," he said, and slipped the
encircling elastic over her head, then adjusted the pads over her eyes.
"No peeking," he said. "This stays on until I say you can take it off.
OK?" She giggled, a little nervously, and nodded. "Yes, master," she
said, pretending meekness.

"OK," he said again, and she heard him fit the key in the lock, open the
door. The mask was a perfect fit. She could see absolutely nothing.

Her ears had nothing much to offer, either. There was hotel music, not
loud, and some muted muttering from what she took to be a turned-down
television set. Apart from that, nothing.

Neil took her by the elbow, ushered her inside, then stopped. She heard
him close and chain the door. He took her arm again, led her further
into the room, turned her gently and settled her into an armchair, then
pulled off her shoes.

"Here," he said, and pressed a glass into her hand. She was surprised
for a moment, then remembered that he had left the bar for a few minutes
just before they came up here. Obviously he had been in the room then
and poured the drink (drinks?) in advance.

Ice chinked in the glass as she raised it to her lips. Vermouth. Susana
had been drinking it all evening, and was what she liked to describe as
"just a little bit pissed". She took a good swallow, licked her lips.
"Now what?" she asked.

Neil didn't answer. Instead, she felt his hands on her thighs as he
leaned over her and kissed her on the forehead, then knelt on the floor
in front of her and urged her legs apart. She did not resist, in fact
raised her hips slightly to meet him as he ran a hand up the inside of
her thigh and began to finger her pussy. Her knickers were already damp,
and became wetter as he smoothed the fabric into her slit, rubbed and

"What's the blindfold for?" she asked suddenly. "Just to give your
imagination a chance," he said, working a finger under the
loosely-elasticated leg of her knickers and probing into her cunt. "For
instance, what if we're not alone in here? For all you know, there might
be half a dozen people watching us."

The thought sent a new shiver of excitement through her. "You're joking,
aren't you?" she said. "I'm not saying," he replied. "But just suppose
it's true. How would that make you feel?" He put both hands behind her
knees, urged her forward so she was reclining against the chair back and
her buttocks were right on the edge of the seat cushion.

"Suppose there are two other guys in here," he said, folding her skirt
right back and spreading her legs further apart, then working two
fingers into her pussy. "What do you think they're doing right now?"

Susana squirmed, took another long sip of her drink. "Watching," she
whispered. Then: "Is it true?" He didn't answer. Instead, he hooked the
leg of her knickers to one side, and she squirmed again as he ducked his
head between her legs and lapped at her slit.

"Is it true?" she asked again. He withdrew his tongue, resumed rubbing
and probing with his fingers. "I'm not saying," he repeated. "But what
if it is? Use your imagination. Let's say there is one guy sitting by
the table in the corner, and another one lying on the bed. Do you think
they're turned on?"

Susana conjured up the image of two guys watching as Neil worked a
finger in and out of her cunt and stroked at her clitoris with the tip
of his thumb. "Yes," she said. "Yes, they're turned on." She thought
again, refined the image. "The one on the bed is playing with himself,"
she said. "He's got a big cock."

Neil continued to toy with her dripping pussy. "What else?" he said.
"Are they naked?" She fine-tuned the fantasy further. "One of them is,"
she said. "The one on the bed still has his socks on. And a cowboy hat."

The image played like a movie on the inside of her blindfold, and she
began to add more detail to the fantasy as she gave herself up to the
sensations produced by Neil's caressing fingers. The guy on the bed was
a big fellow, and he really did have a big cock. He was licking his lips
at her, stroking his balls with one hand and tugging slowly at his huge
shaft with the other. The fellow in the corner was staring at Neil's
hand busying itself in her cunt. He was holding his erect cock in his
left hand and massaging the tip with the palm of his right.

Susana's excitement mounted as the image intensified, and she felt her
juices flooding out of her over Neil's probing fingers.

Abruptly, he took his hand away. "Stand up," he said. He took the glass
from her hand, helped her to her feet, drew her one pace forward of the

"They're still watching," he said, and she felt his hands at her waist,
unbuttoning her skirt. He let it fall, then pulled down her half-slip
and helped her to step free of both garments. The movie in her mind
wavered, then steadied again and she imagined the guy on the bed sitting
up to see better.

Neil pulled her top over her head, carefully so as not to disturb the
blindfold, and unhooked her bra. Her nipples hardened as his lips and
tongue caressed her right breast, then her left. "They want you," he
said. "So do I."

He took her hand, pressed it palm first against the front of his
trousers. She traced the outline of his erection with her fingers. "I
want you, too," she said. "All three of you."

Neil released her hand. "Show us," he said. "Show us how much you want
us. Touch yourself. Show us."

Susana thrust her pelvis towards the imagined figure on the bed, ran the
fingers of her right hand over her breasts, and worked her left hand
inside her knickers and down between her legs. "Go on," said Neil. "We
want to see you do it."

She spread her knees slightly, arched her back and worked away at her
sopping slit with her fingers, as in her mind's-eye the guy with the big
cock moved down to sit on the end of the bed in front of her, his tool
jutting enormously from between his legs, and the one in the chair stood
up and moved closer, rhythmically milking his dick.

"Get down," Neil said. He took her arm, turned her to the left and
pressed down on her shoulders. She sank to her knees and he grasped both
her hands, placed them on the bare flesh of his hips. Susana ran her
hands up and down his body and discovered that he had undressed
completely. She groped for his cock, grasped it lightly and drew it into
her mouth.

"They're still watching," he said again, recalling her to the fantasy
and encouraging her to play to her imagined audience. He was burning hot
and trembling with lust, and his cock twitched and jerked as she nibbled
and licked at the shaft, covering it with saliva, then teased at the tip
with her tongue and finally pulled him deep into her throat.

She imagined the guy on the bed leaning forward to watch more closely as
Neil's prick slipped in and out of her mouth, imagined his big cock
growing even bigger and harder, and found she really was performing for
his imagined benefit.

She dug her fingers into Neil's buttocks, pulled him closer and dived
slowly on to him until there was no more of him to swallow. Then she
pulled back, raised her head and said: "More cocks. I need more. More

She bobbed her head again, hunting for Neil's tool, found it and resumed
sucking. Neil laughed, said: "Do you think it's true, then? Do you think
I'd get two other guys in here to help me fuck you nicely?"

Mouth still crammed with cock, Susana nodded. Her head swam with the
thought of Big Cock's hands on her hips, gripping her tightly as he
worked his huge prick into her cunt from behind, and she felt a new
flood of wetness drenching her knickers.

She slurped and sucked at Neil's dick, reached out with her right hand
towards where she pictured the bed to be, and imagined taking hold of
the pole between Big Cock's legs. Her fingers encircled nothing, but she
persisted with the fantasy, pumping at thin air. Then she remembered the
other fellow, imagined him stepping around to the other side of her,
began tugging at his imagined tool with her left hand.

"That's right," said Neil. "Three cocks. All for you." He tangled his
hands in her hair, steadying her head as he worked his cock in and out
of her mouth. Susana whimpered, barely able to separate fantasy from
reality as she pumped away at the imaginary dicks on either side of her.

Suddenly there was a hand on her left wrist, an unfamiliar voice said,
"Here," and thin air was replaced by a real, warm, pulsating prick.
Susana froze, but only for an instant. So it WAS true. Her heart skipped
a beat, settled into a faster rhythm, and she felt the blood pounding in
her temples.

Her hand closed around the new, anonymous cock and she whimpered again
as Neil pressed deep into her mouth, then pulled all the way out of her
and took his hands away from her head. "Give it back," she said.

She groped blindly for him with her right hand, discovered that he had
stepped around to that side. She ran her hand up his leg, grasped his
spit-slippery dick and tried to pull him back to her mouth. "Wait," he

She turned to her left, tugged at the new prick in an effort to bring it
within reach of her lips. "Wait," said the unfamiliar voice.

"Pump it," said Neil. "Pump that prick. Pump us both. Pump us. Pump us
good." Susana pumped, her arms extended to either side of her and her
hands at shoulder height, beating a steady rhythm . . . Pump it . . .
pump it good . . . pump it . . . pump it r-r-real good . . . pump it,
pump it, pump it.

Then there was a hand under her chin, and another voice. "Eat this," it
said, and she gasped as her lips were brushed with the hot, velvety tip
of a third cock.

She parted her lips, gasped again at the size of the newcomer as it
invaded her mouth. Big Cock. She had seen pricks like this in blue
movies, had wondered how the girls managed to get them in, even
"deep-throat" them. It seemed she was about to find out.

"Eat it," Big Cock said again. "Eat it all." Susana was more than
willing to try, but doubted that it was possible. As near as she could
tell, only the head of it was in her mouth so far, and already she felt
crammed to capacity.

She rolled her tongue around the tip, opened her mouth as wide as she
could, and inched her lips down the warm, silky-smooth shaft.

Big Cock placed a hand on either side of her head, pulled her steadily
forward until she gagged on the tip of his prick, jammed tight in her
windpipe, then began to rock her backwards and forwards, each time
managing somehow to cram another few millimetres of meat into her mouth.

"Hey," said Neil, reminding her of the tasks in hand, "what about us?"
Since the arrival of Big Cock she had been neglecting her efforts in
that direction, but now she resumed pumping at the pricks on either side
of her, matching the rhythm to the regular bobbing of her head as Big
Cock worked it back and forth, back and forth, over his incredible
shaft. Susana's jaws ached, her arms ached, but she was aroused as never
before and didn't want to stop.

Finally, Big Cock pulled his dick from her mouth. "Time to fuck," he
said. His strong hands slipped beneath her arms, lifted her to her feet.
Neil and whoever the other guy was made no protest as she let go of
their pricks. Apparently, Big Cock had taken charge of the proceedings.

He pulled her towards him, his enormous tool digging into her stomach,
and pressed her head against his massively muscled, hairless chest. Her
mouth went hunting, found a tiny, erect nipple. She flicked it with her
tongue, hunted for the other one and gave it the same treatment. She
pushed a hand between them, grasped his cock and explored it with her
fingers. There was no way she could swallow all of that; for all her
efforts, and his, she can't have had more than about two-thirds of it in
her mouth.

Big Cock pried her hand from his dick, spun her around and held her
tightly from behind, his fingers teasing at her nipples. Somebody's
hands ran up the outside of her thighs to her waist, took hold of the
waistband of her knickers, and peeled them down her legs. She stepped
out of them.

A hand slipped between her thighs, urged them apart and slid up to her
crotch. She spread her knees and arched her back, pressing her shoulders
into Big Cock's chest and thrusting her pelvis forward as questing
fingers rummaged in her juice-slick crack. "That's enough," said Big
Cock after a few moments. "Lay her across the bed." The teasing fingers
withdrew, two strong hands gripped her behind the knees, and she was
lifted into the air, carried a short distance and deposited face-up on
the bed.

A hand brushed her lips. Then there were hands all over her, caressing
her throat, her breasts, her belly, her legs. Someone urged her knees up
and apart, and a tongue darted into her cunt. Someone else kissed her on
the mouth, slithering his tongue deep inside as her lips parted. A mouth
closed over her right breast, sucked at her swollen nipple. Another
tongue lapped at her navel, licked its way up to her left nipple.

Another tongue? That made four! Susana's mind reeled. Just how many of
these guys were there? She reached to pull off the blindfold, but
somebody grabbed her hand. "Naughty," said another unfamiliar voice.
"That stays on until Neil says it can come off."

Susana relaxed, gave herself up to the sensations produced by caressing
hands and probing tongues. The mouth at her cunt withdrew, the bed shook
as somebody clambered up between her legs, and two arms hooked
themselves behind her knees, lifted her legs high and apart. She felt
the tip of a cock pressing between her legs, raised her hips to position
the target, and moaned as it penetrated and she realised who it was. Big

Three mouths and three pairs of hands continued to suck, tickle and
tease around the rest of her erogenous zones, but she was barely aware
of them. Almost all of her attention was centred between her legs, as
her cunt stretched to its limit and the huge tool bored into her.

Susana slipped her hand under whoever was ministering to her left
breast, reached between her upflung legs and groped for the pole that
was threatening so nicely to split her in two. It was so big she could
barely close her hand around it, and although she felt it could go no
deeper there was still a good hands-breadth of it outside.

Big Cock had no intention of stopping, either. He pulled out of her,
worked the tip of his cock up and down her slit to lubricate it, then
fitted himself once more into her cunt and thrust in slowly but
relentlessly until she cried out.

Again, Susana tested his progress with her fingers. Still about five
centimetres to go. She wanted it all, took a deep breath, and whispered
furiously: "Do it. Fuck me, fuck you." Big Cock wrapped his arms around
her thighs, pulled back halfway and then rammed into her.

Susana felt she was being torn apart, but it didn't matter. "Go on," she
said. "Fuck me. Split me. Fuck me." She began a muttered chant, "Fuck
me, fuck me, split me, fuck me," and Big Cock settled into a steady
rhythm, in, out, in, out, in, out, in time with it.

Susana groped for the bodies on either side of her, found they were
crouched on their knees on the bed, and worked her hands between their
legs to find their pricks. They rose up on their knees, and she began
pumping their cocks to the same beat, still chanting. "Fuck me, FUCK me,
FUCK me."

The fourth guy (were there still only four?) put a hand under her neck,
raised her shoulders high off the bed and jammed a couple of pillows
under them. Her head flopped back, and she felt the bed give as he
clambered up on to it. "FUCK me, FUCK me, FUCK me," she chanted, until
she was stopped by the fourth cock working its way into her mouth.

This was the fuck to end all fucks, she thought. Big Cock was pounding
away at her over-stretched pussy, her busy hands tugged, pumped and
pulled at pricks two and three, and number four was trying to tamp her
tonsils down her throat. She sucked, slurped, pumped, bucked her hips,
and suddenly she was coming.

Big Cock changed his rhythm, stroking longer, faster, harder, and Susana
thrashed her captive legs as the tide of orgasm swept over her. It was a
giant of a climax, wave after wave of it, and there was no rest when it
was over. Number four was making short, stabbing movements with his
cock, just the tip of it inside her mouth. Number two had his hand
wrapped around hers and was fucking her fist. Number three leaned
forward until the tip of his tool was directly above her right breast.
He was growing noticeably harder as she pumped him, and she sensed he
was close to coming. Meanwhile, the big cock in her cunt seemed to be
drilling deeper into her with every thrust.

Susana raised her head, sucked number four further into her mouth,
followed as he drew away and was gratified when he altered pace to a
steady, deep stroking. She allowed her head to drop back, sucked avidly
at his tool as it churned away in her mouth.

Number three was coming. His cock jerked in her hand, and she heard him
making choking noises. She gripped tighter, stroked faster. He
stiffened, groaned, and she felt warm sperm splashing on to her breast.
She eased her grip, slid her hand over the tip of his cock in time to
catch the next surge of sperm, then used it as lubricant, spreading it
down and around the shaft then squeezing tighter and pumping faster to
milk the last drops from his balls. He softened rapidly, and she laughed
to herself with satisfaction as he slipped from her grasp and apparently
rolled off the bed.

Now she had a free hand, she could devote some extra attention to number
four. She reached over her head, dug her fingers into his backside and
showed him how to match the pace of his mouth-fucking to the efforts of
Big Cock at the other end. In moments she had them stroking in unison,
in and out together, both of them digging so deep that she wondered
stupidly whether they would meet somewhere in the middle.

Number two was coming. He stopped fist-fucking, took his hand away from
hers and half-turned towards her head as he shuffled nearer on his
knees. Susana squeezed his balls, then resumed milking his dick. It
hardened and lengthened in her hand, poked closer to her throat. She
pressed hard with her thumb on the soft underside as it spasmed, counted
ten more strokes and then released the pressure. Warm semen jetted
against her upturned chin, trickled past her cock-filled lips and down
her cheek, and soaked into the blindfold.

She re-directed the hose in her hand, pumped again, and more juice
spurted over her throat, from where it dribbled slowly into her ear and
on into her hair. It tickled, and the air reeked of sperm. Susana gave
the softening dick in her hand a final tug for good measure, let go and
wiped her spermy hand on her hip. Number two flopped back on the bed and
lay there, breathing noisily. Two down, two to go.

Big Cock hauled his dick from her cunt, leaving a yawning, aching void
between her legs. "Turn over," he said. Number four pulled out of her
mouth, and Big Cock rolled her over on to her stomach, put his hands
under her hips and heaved her into a hands and knees position. He laid
his enormous prick in the cleft between her buttocks, and she realised
suddenly that he was going to try the other entrance.

The prospect of all that cock forcing its way into her tiny, virgin
bottom hole filled her with dread but, before she could protest, number
four had her by the ears and was worming his dick back into her mouth,
cutting off any attempt at speech.

Then number two and number three were swarming all over her again, their
hands roaming from breast to thigh, to back, to freshly vacated cunt,
and she became almost delirious with fresh arousal.

"Poop-ip-pimm," she burbled around the cock in her mouth. "Peev.
Poop-ip-pimm." Number four lifted her head off his tool. "What?" he
said. She turned her head, spoke over her shoulder to Big Cock.
"Please," she pleaded. "Put it in."

Big Cock spread her cheeks with his thumbs, sawed his prick up and down
the cleft from belly to spine to belly and back to spine, placed the tip
squarely against her back door and pushed. Susana hunted again for
number four's cock, crammed her mouth with it to prevent herself from
crying out as the gigantic tool tried to wedge its way into her arse.

Then the pressure stopped. She heard Big Cock muttering, "Maybe next
time," and she gulped with relief as he changed his aim and bored back
into her cunt. She pressed back against him, urging his pole to its
greatest depth yet, and sucked wildly at number four's cock.

Number three wormed his head beneath her and chewed at her left nipple,
number two squeezed and kneaded her right breast, and Big Cock grabbed
her by the hips and fucked her furiously.

She was coming again, and she shuddered out of control as the climax hit
her. Dimly, through the black haze and silver sparks of orgasm, she felt
Big Cock tense, felt his tool jerk as he emptied his load deep inside
her, felt the warm fluid gushing out of her cunt and trickling down the
inside of her thighs.

Number four was coming, too. He made as if to lift her head from his
cock, but she dived deeper onto him, worrying her lips right down to the
base of his tool and taking the first powerful jet of sperm deep in her
throat. She gagged, salty juice filling her mouth and flooding out past
her lips, sucked eagerly and swallowed the next spurt.

Big Cock continued to churn away at her cunt, and she came again, still
sucking and pulling at number four with her lips and tongue until he had
nothing left to give and dropped away from her. Big Cock pulled his
softening tool from her cunt, wiped it on her buttocks, and she felt him
slide off the bed.

Number two and number three slipped away from her and she heard the four
of them laughing softly. Exhausted, fucked to perfection, aching all
over, she stretched out face-down on the bed and fell instantly asleep.

When she woke, the blindfold was off, and Neil was snoring softly
alongside her. There was no sign of the others, and she never found out
who they were.

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