Meeting the Master

Meeting the Master
Coming down from her shower Penny read the note again, Seven O'clock
she had nearly nine hours before she was to meet the shadowy figure
that had recently controlled her life, but just thinking about the way
he had manipulated her and had gained such a hold over her body made
her feel randy and she decided that she would go and have a real
relaxing bath before having her hair done. She was going to face the
man at her best.
Soaking in the bath, the aromatic oils she had sprinkled into the hot
water relaxing her body she remembered the last few days, the good
times and the bad, and as she thought about it she realised that each
day had been a step further down the slope towards total sluttishness.
She thought of some of the things she had done in her life, the people
that abused her by covering her in shit and piss, and realised that
this man was different, although she had been through a lot, the one
time she had been forced to do something she didn't really want to the
man had been punished, and Penny remembered the way she had taken her
revenge on the screaming police constable as he writhed on the cross.
But the Master had only made her do things she really wanted to, not
once had she been severely hurt or felt as though she had been used
purely for someone else's gratification. The thought fixed in her
mind. He had taught her a valuable lesson. To be a slut was OK, to
be used as a shag happy whore was great, but to be fucked around just
to make someone else happy was not only stupid it was really
degrading, and lying there in the hot water Penny gained something all
her years of fucking around had never given her. a feeling that she,
and she alone should decide what she should do, with whom and when.
She knew she would still be a slut, fucking multiple men and women
whenever she could, but now it would be because she wanted to not
because some bastard told her she had to.

Rising from the bath and with new purpose to her sex life Penny went
downstairs and opened the package from her new mentor. Looking at the
clothes inside she knew he had realised what would happen. There
nestled in the box was the most gorgeous two piece. Nothing slutty
about it at all, the underwear and blouse were all of silk, and the
accompanying accessories were an understatement of svelte. It screamed
sexuality in a well tailored understated way, and trying it on Penny
knew that when she had her hair done it would be forget the bleach, a
nice auburn maybe, cut quite severe, possibly a page boy bob, and in
the suit she would pull any man she wanted to.

Moving in front of the large Mirror upstairs Penny couldn't believe
just how exciting she looked. The silver grey suit, screamed class,
and the feel of the supplied nylons and underwear was like an oil
slick moving over her skin. In disbelief Penny pirouetted and twirled
until checking her make up she realised she had nothing suitable for
this outfit. This didn't call for bright reds and garish colours it
wanted a much more subtle treatment. Taking of the lovely clothes
Penny dressed herself in everyday clothes and after making phone calls
to a hairdressers, a beauty parlour, and a health studio she left the
house. It was now just twelve O'clock she had six hours to get herself
ready and she intended to use every one of them.

At the hairdressers the girl looked at her hair decided that she could
overcome the bleaching, and began work, attempting to create the style
Penny had asked for. Two hours later when she left Penny's hair glowed
like autumn leaves, a deep copper gold, suffused in sunlight and as
she walked down the street she knew men were looking twice, not at a
common slut but, at a beautiful woman.
In the beauty parlour she watched as attendants toned her muscles with
massage, and removed every piece of hair from her legs, until they
felt like silk themselves, finally before handing her over to the
make-up artists they trimmed her bush to a quaint little heart and
manicured her nails, both her fingers and toes were treated, and as
she moved to face the beautician Penny felt like a million dollars.
Eyeing her up and down the beautician summed up her complexion and
suggested coral pink to offset her hair and then began to work on her.
for nearly an hour the woman rubbed, tugged inked and moulded her
features until finally satisfied that she could do no more she allowed
Penny to sit up and look in a mirror. Penny couldn't believe it
looking back at her was a beautiful upper class, polished sex bomb. It
couldn't be her, but the beautician explained the tricks she had used
to highlight her best points, and suggested that to complete the
transformation Penny should have nail extensions fitted. Unable to
believe the change that had occurred Penny mutely accepted the offer
and sat completely still as another assistant carefully measured her
fingers and glued on, sanded and finally coloured her new nails. Penny
reached for her credit card to pay, but the smiling proprietor
explained that she had been expected and that the Master had already
covered the cost. Even here his influence was obvious and Penny
wondered if this transformation had been filmed too.

Returning home she found Sandra sitting in the kitchen. As she entered
the young girl gave a cheeky wolf-whistle and asked who she was.
Laughing and giggling the two chatted about Penny's transformation and
Sandra made a great pretend show of being upset because the Master
never let her spend his money at the beauty shop.
Sitting there giggling and laughing the two girls lost track of time
until Sandra asked what time Penny had to go to see the Master. "Oh
seven O'clock" Penny replied and looked up at the kitchen clock. With
a shout of alarm she shot to her feet. It was six thirty and she
hadn't even got dressed yet. Rushing upstairs Penny and Sandra dressed
her in the beautiful clothes and just as they adjusted the last
flounce on the skirt the doorbell rang. Sandra ran down to answer the
door, and as her friend stalled for time with the taxi waiting there
Penny took a few deep breaths to steady her nerves then collecting the
evening bag that had come as part of the ensemble she walked sedately
down the stairs.
Stood at the bottom the taxi driver, dressed in full chauffeurs
regalia, watched her as she descended and Penny loved the way his
manner changed, expecting to see one of the Masters usual, beautiful
but tarty women he was flabbergasted to see a vision of upper class
womanhood gliding towards him. his jaw dropped and Penny smiled
sweetly at him and gave him the instructions she had received with the
letter. "La Fontaine de Mer" she instructed him. Hearing the name of
the single most expensive restaurant in the town the taxi driver had
no intention of making cheeky comments and bolted to open the rear
door of his gleaming limousine. Penny settled herself sedately into
the leather seat and waited politely for the machine to move off. It
was so quiet that until Sandra started to wave she didn't even realise
that he had started the engine, and as they wafted sedately down the
roads towards the town centre she had time to consider what might be
going to occur. Pulling up directly outside the large portico of the
imposing building the Chauffeur opened the door and watched as Penny
made her imperious way to the main entrance. The sight of a woman
attending the restaurant alone turned a few heads and they all stayed
turned as she approached the Maitre d'h?te. The august gentleman
looked at her walking past the waiting line of people and his face
hardened into a sneer. Penny her heart thumping like a hammer in her
chest looked up at him and said the two words that had been written on
her instructions "Table Ten". Immediately with a snap of his fingers
the Maitre dropped the entrance rope and Penny found herself being
escorted towards a small table set in the centre of the room close to
the dance floor and lit by one solitary lamp. As she sat in the
proffered chair Penny suddenly realised that her instructions had not
gone past this point and sat amongst so many people sporting diamonds
and pearls she felt very inadequate. If this was a cruel joke, it was
perfect she had no idea how to act in this company, and what's more
she knew that a meal here would overwhelm her credit card in a flash.
Trying to look unconcerned she watched as the waiter arrived and
offered her a menu with the frightening words "Le Maitre demander
votre pardon pas que i'll arrive dans une heure" Penny gulped, her
french not up to the rapidly spoken words as the waiter leant forward
and whispered "The Master is sorry he'll be late, but enjoy the meal
he'll be here in about an hour" Penny relieved that he had understood
her confusion smiled at the young man and responded with the one word
of french she did know "Merci". The waiter left her perusing the menu,
and Penny was relieved to see that the items were described in both
French and English so she had no trouble choosing a light salad,
following a starter of melon in port. She didn't know what would
happen tonight and had no intention of eating a large meal. The waiter
brought her melon and as he placed it on the table whispered
conspiratorially "The wine waiter is a snob, he likes making people
look small. Tell him you want the Frascati de'Florence. That'll floor
him it's the best light wine we've got" Hastening away the nice young
man appeared to completely forget Penny as he worked on other tables.
Penny inspected her melon, not the usual few grubby balls of honeydew
with a splattering of cheap port. here she could see at least four
different types, Galia, Ogen, honeydew and one she didn't recognise,
each tastefully trimmed to expose the beautiful flesh was dimpled with
tiny holes and in these she could see and smell the port, a rich ruby
red it oozed from the succulent flesh.
With enjoyment Penny began to savour each piece. Like melted honey
they dissolved in her mouth and she could discern the subtle
differences in taste and texture between them. just as she was
beginning her second round of the bowl of glistening fruit the wine
waiter glided in by her elbow and glowering down at her as if to
intimidate her asked "And would Modom like some wine with that?"
Penny was intimidated alright she felt her knees lock together as his
eyes looked haughtily down his nose at her, but with an effort of will
she kept her voice steady and guessing like mad that no one would ruin
the taste of the port with wine turned to look a the hawkish man. "I
think I'll leave my wine until I am eating my salad thank you" with an
imperceptibly shrug of his shoulders he started to turn away, grasping
the moment Penny clearly asked "what would you suggest with my
Etruscan Salad" He turned back and she sensed the veiled threat as his
sickly voice suggested "Modom would do very well to sample the
Piersporter" In the silence that followed Penny struggled to remember
the name the nice waiter had suggested, keeping the imperious waiter
standing there she suddenly realised he was intentionally trying to
make her look small, and as anger filled her chest she remembered the
"NO! Thank you!" Taken aback the wine waiter took a half step away
from the table. "I think I would prefer something lighter, do you
perchance have a bottle of Frascati d'Florence"
The wine waiter's face burst into a glorious smile, the snob had been
outmanoeuvred but didn't realise it he thought he had an aficionado in
the restaurant instead of the usual plebs, and with alacrity he
congratulated Penny on her choice and suggested that she might like it
only slightly chilled as otherwise the bouquet would strangle. Penny
left it to him and returned as if unconcerned to her melon. The wine
waiter hurried back to his pantry and fussed over the preparations,
carefully chilling the wine to its perfect temperature then polishing
the bucket himself he did something no one in his charge had ever seen
happen before, he checked through twenty or so crystal glasses,
discarding one after the other until he found one he felt perfect
enough for this classic to sit in and washed and polished it himself.
with awe his staff watched, as Penny sat silently, he removed all
other glasses from the table and placing her glass on a silver tray,
opened the bottle with a flourish and carefully poured the first few
drops of the crystal clear, slightly fizzy liquid into the carefully
prepared glass. Penny lifted the glass to her nose took one quick
sniff, then tasted the wine. It was exquisite, and she thought I must
reward that nice waiter later if I can.
Looking at the wine she seemed to consider her answer as the now
cringing wine waiter waited for her verdict.
"Beautiful, quite beautiful" she exclaimed and the wine
waiter beaming all over his face ushered his troops away, back to
their duties and moved around the room quietly telling everyone that
whoever she was she knew a great wine when she saw one.
More than one head turned and studied Penny more closely now. her
original appearance had been memorable, but they had assumed she was
just another of their friends lady friends, but now the wine waiter
was extolling her viniary skills and all around the room people
wandered if perhaps she was more than she seemed.

Penny unconcerned now continued with her meal, sipping at the nectar
in her glass and enjoying the delicate flavours of the assembled herbs
and salad vegetables that graced her plate. Lost in the enjoyment she
didn't notice him enter, until a hush settled over the room and in the
silence she looked up to see why everyone had gone quiet. moving
through the tables a very ordinary looking man, in his mid-forties,
not particularly good looking, but not ugly either moved steadily
through the crowd. At every table the dinners greeted him with
deference and Penny just knew this was the Master. He was nothing like
she had expected, in fact the looked almost commonplace, but around
him there appeared to be an aura of power as he moved effortlessly,
nodding to people as they stood to greet him, a word here a word there
he moved steadily towards the table where Penny sat.
As she watched him move closer she noticed he was a little overweight,
his face looked a little drawn, but something about the way he moved
was making
her legs turn to jelly, her heart was thudding in her chest, and she
knew her cheeks were beginning to flush as she watched the man that
had been controlling her life for the last few days. Finally reaching
her table he beckoned her to stay seated as he greeted her. "Good
evening Miss Truman. I do apologise for my delayed entrance,
unavoidable business I'm afraid". His voice rolled over her and Penny
felt her eyes shine as he extended the compliment of appreciating her
looks and especially her new hair style. Sitting he noticed the wine.
"Ah good, Justin managed to get to you before old pompous Felipe. I
hope the old fart had a heart attack" Penny nearly guffawed out loud
as she imagined him setting up the prank on the wine waiter and
thanked him for choosing such a glorious wine. Leaning over he said
something that made Penny nearly pee herself with joy. "I've had that
bottle in stock for ten years, and you are the first woman I have felt
deserved it"

Flushing again from the compliment Penny felt like an angel, and his
next words sent her spiralling upwards towards a personal cloud, where
she hoped she would stay, at least for tonight. "I ate whilst I was
out, but you must finish your meal. I see you have completed your main
course. Have you ordered dessert?" Penny tried to explain that she
hadn't ordered anything else on purpose but smiling at her he clicked
his fingers and as the Maitre d'h?te appeared like magic at his elbow
enquired who was the Head Chef this evening. The Maitre explained that
Maurice was in charge this evening, was there anything that he could
get for either of them. The Master whispered in his ear, and the
Maitre hurried away. To Penny he explained he had just ordered this
particular Chef's speciality sweet and that since it would take about
twenty minutes to prepare perhaps they should enjoy another bottle of
wine. signalling the wine waiter he ordered a chilled bottle of Elder
flower and the startled man shot away to prepare the exquisite
beverage. As they waited the five minutes or so for it to arrive Penny
was entertained by the history of this particular drink and how
refreshing it was. She would marvel at its subtlety, and since it was
only very mildly alcoholic she need have no fear that she would become
intoxicated, Penny already felt intoxicated from his presence it was
like waves of power emanated from this unassuming man, and she knew
that if he told her too she would strip in the middle of the floor
right now and do anything he asked her too. Just as she thought she
might explode and do something silly the wine arrived. Smoky grey,
it's bouquet reminded her of summer meadows and the taste slightly
sweet but at the same time slightly astringent cleared her tongue of
every taste that had passed across it this evening, in wonder she
tasted the ambrosia of the gods and knew she would never taste
anything as nice ever again. finishing her glass she saw him watching
her, his face a subtle smile as he took in her new look, and obviously
approved, and Penny felt her cunt constrict at the thought that he
might after all be intending to ravish her in front of all these
snobs. She hoped it wasn't so and as he looked about to speak she held
her breath, fearing the worst but hoping he would take her away before
the debauchery began so that she would be able to treasure this night
for ever.
Instead he suggested she might like to close her eyes as the Chef had
signalled his creation was ready and before she saw it she had to
taste. Hardly daring to breath for fear the bubble would pop Penny
closed her eyes tight and opened her mouth letting her tongue just
poke between her coral covered lips. suddenly she felt something
light, sweet, and sensual slip into her mouth. The taste was divine
and her eyes flew open to see a great hulking giant of a man a
teaspoon in his bear like hand watching her with rapt attention. "Does
Madam like Maurice's creation?"
Penny couldn't get the words out, the flavours drifting around her
mouth were so sublime she wanted to savour every last drop. The Chef
stood and waited his great body tensed like a prize-fighter as he
waited for her verdict. Finally Penny could maintain the tension no
longer. "It's gorgeous" she blurted out. With a shout of pleasure the
great Chef turned to the room and bellowed "Madam likes the Angels
Pillows of Maurice" and with a great flourish he placed a bowl in
front of her containing six little round balls of fluff and proffered
her a fresh silver spoon. "Enjoy, enjoy" he crooned as his minions
distributed the same concoction to every table in the room.
The room fell silent as every customer tried the speciality, and not a
sound was heard as the roomful of people tasted the masterpiece of
culinary work. Penny popped another pillow into her mouth and as the
flavours dissolved and rotated she tried to recognise them. Meringue,
Vanilla, Lemon, something she couldn't decipher but slightly tangy
assailed her senses, and as the great Chef watched her with rapt
attention she slowly ate every pillow. as she ate she felt a warmth
grow inside her, like sex the food was causing her senses to heighten
and as she ate each pillow the feeling grew until with a shudder the
last little ball of fluff made its gentle way towards her stomach.
Pushing the dish away she thanked the Chef for this most exquisite
memory. She would never forget the day Maurice created Angel's Pillows
just for her. Clapping his hands the chef ushered his crew away from
the table, and as he marched back towards the kitchen, his great voice
boomed across the room "The beautiful lady was my inspiration, Never
again will I make this dish for anyone else".

Penny sat there blushing modestly as all around people smiled and
nodded in her direction. Then at a loss as to what to do next she
looked at The Master. He seemed to find it all very amusing, and
looking straight into Penny's eyes he calmly asked "Do you think they
would react like this if they saw your films?"
Penny felt herself go bright red as he watched her. She was sure that
now he was going to destroy her, a screen would appear from somewhere
and all these people would see her cavorting with men, women and dogs.
She hung her head and waited for the lights to dim, but he hadn't
moved. instead when she finally lifted her eyes she saw that he was
looking quite disturbed. "Penny, Oh Penny my little slut. did you
really think I would destroy your night, have you learnt so little?"
Penny stared at him and realised it would have been out of character
for him to humiliate her in such a way. There was no way she could
ever have wanted to be exposed here, where everyone seemed to think
she was someone of importance and not just a cock sucking harlot, who
loved to be thrown to the floor by greasy, beer swilling, fat gutted
Canadians to have her brains fucked out.
Rising he held out his hand to Penny and taking her arm he escorted
her from the room. Waiting in the bar for his car to be brought round
he explained that now it was time for him to have his personal fun
with her, and whilst they were exploring just how much her body could
take she must remember that in his house no one ever had to do
anything they didn't want to. that in fact he would give her a
'safety' word, which if she uttered it would stop anything and
everything that was happening to her. From now on it was up to Penny
what she did with whom, and how often. He hoped she would allow him to
test her but if she declined the only punishment would be that she
would receive a first class ticket back to London, and a suitcase to
carry all the clothes she had worn since arriving in Blackpool. Penny
stared at him and muttered "Even these."
"Of course, when I make a promise I keep it my dear. Here's the car,
lets go"
The chauffeur from earlier had appeared and the Master directed him to
take them straight to his 'small' house. As they sat in the car
trundling along towards the suburbs the Master explained that from now
on Penny was to observe the role of a submissive. She would be treated
kindly but if she didn't react as expected she would be chastised.
Penny bit her lip and thought of the train home, but agreed to his
offer, and then he told her, her 'safety' word was to be
Penny looked at him and asked why such a strange word. his explanation
was simple and direct, any word she might normally be expected to use
would bring up the possibility of her uttering it by accident, and
since she would only ever utter the word once, before being placed on
a train to London then she better have a word that if she used it both
would know it was intentional.
Penny sat back on the seat and waited. she didn't have long to wait
the car rounded a corner into a street of small semi-detached houses
and pulled up before a pair that stood slightly apart from the rest.
Dismounting he led her to the front door and taking a key from his
pocket he let them in. Penny immediately noticed how warm it was, and
sensing her curiosity had been aroused he explained that in this house
most people were totally naked and it saved a lot of colds keeping it
at a temperature that suited his naked guests.
Closing the door he held out his arms to her and Penny's heart skipped
a beat as he pulled her gently to him. She melted into the waiting
grip and he gently kissed her on the mouth, like a pair of lovers they
stood in the hall and held each other gently. Then he stepped back and
suggested she go upstairs and dress in something more comfortable as
he had something he wanted to show her.

Penny almost ran up the stairs and looking into the largest bedroom
she found a very ordinary looking bed, but lay on it was a sheer
negligee, made of white it was interwoven with gold and silver
Literally throwing off her suit she donned the flimsy garment over her
underwear and looking at herself in the full length mirror she
marvelled at how different she looked to her usual sluttish self and
hoped that the Master would not decide to reject her as being too
Tripping back downstairs she followed the sound of soft music as it
wafted through the small house, and found him siting eyes closed
listening to the refrain as it echoed around the room. He sat there
eyes closed his hands moving gently in time to the music and Penny
moved quietly across the room, unnoticed she stood before him and
waited patiently for him to notice her. for five minutes she stood
still as he continued to listen, her body becoming more and more
agitated as he continued to be oblivious to her present. Eventually
overcome by the wish to touch him she reached out and laid her hand on
his knee.
Immediately Penny realised she had breached the etiquette of this
place his hand short our and gripping her wrist forced her to the
floor, on her knees tears in her eyes from the sudden pain in her
wrist she gasped as his eyes opened and she saw real anger lying
there. "How dare you disturb me" he snarled. "Sit quietly whilst I
listen to my music" He released her hand and Penny slumped to the
floor holding her wrist and wondered if this was such a good idea
after all. despite her love of sex, hard and dirty with whoever took
her fancy she had never enjoyed pain and this man had just hurt her,
not a lot but it was enough to make it clear that his statement
earlier in the evening was for real. She had to be submissive, or pick
up her ticket back to London. Sitting there she practised the word
under her breath and convinced herself that as soon as he started to
hurt her again she would scream it in his face.

Like a statue he sat there once again lost in his own world as the
music ebbed and flowed around the room and Penny watching him
realised that this was a real passion with him and slowly she
convinced herself that it was because she had interrupted his
enjoyment that he had hurt her, and probably didn't really mean it.
Softly the music dwindled and as the last refrains echoed around the
room he opened his eyes and looked at Penny, with a firmness she
couldn't resist he told her that she had been informed of her position
and that unless she was submissive then punishment would follow until
she called time. Penny hung her head and listened as he outlined her
'crime', to interrupt his music was to show disrespect and that could
not be tolerated. He would have to spank her before they could
continue with her education. was she willing to receive her
Penny bit her lip and thinking to herself that it couldn't be that bad
nodded her agreement.

"Very well you disobedient girl, over my knee"
Penny unsure of what was expected positioned herself to one side of
him and gingerly lowered herself across his knees. She felt one hand
pin her to his thighs and as her hands fell to the floor to support
herself she felt his hand running softly over her bottom. She squirmed
a little as his hand slipped down her leg and lifted the negligee to
expose her silk clad ass. Now his hands were testing the flesh of her
buttocks and underneath her belly she felt the first stirrings of his
cock as he rubbed her cheeks with a circular motion.
Penny felt his hand leave and gritting her teeth waited for the first
slap. Suddenly she heard the swoosh and a stinging slap planted itself
firmly onto her left buttock. She jerked and immediately another slap
descended this time on her right. With a steady rhythm he pounded her
cheeks until she was sobbing, not so much from the pain, but from the
humiliation. After about twenty solid slaps he stopped and as she
gasped and sobbed beneath him he asked if she was penitent. Penny
sobbed her apologies for displeasing him, and felt his hand once more
circling her now warm bottom. Just as she thought he was going to let
her rise his hand gripped the waistband of her panties and they were
torn downwards at the same time as he pushed her forward so that her
face was driven towards the floor. Hanging there across his knees she
knew that now her ass was sticking high into the air and once again
the blows rained down this time on her unprotected bottom, screaming
with the shock of this second assault she felt his cock poking upwards
into her lower stomach and then he was gripping her cheeks and
stretching them sideways, both hands pulling them apart so that he
could look at her puckered little ass hole.
Penny begged him not to hurt her as she felt one of his fingers
sliding into the opening of her ass, and as she quivered beneath his
assault her puckered hole was breached and she felt his finger driven
up the second knuckle. the fire in her ass, exploded through her as
she felt the finger flex in her ass, the red hot spears from her
unprepared anus sent small arrows of pain, and pleasure deep into her
body and Penny realised that his ass fucking finger was making her
horny. The heat in her cheeks from the punishment permeated to her
cunt and she felt it start to leak as his free hand came underneath to
grip her breasts through the cloth of the brassiere. Moaning now
with lust Penny begged him to fuck her but he just laughed and said
"No my little slut, you are going to fuck me" and his assault
continued. Penny felt her nipples harden as his hand groped under the
cup of her bra and tweaked them into full arousal.
Then letting her chest alone he centred his flexing fingers on her
cunt and ass. still suspended over his knee Penny squirmed and
squealed as he probed deep into her now sodden cunt and then with one
final resounding slap sent her tumbling to the floor.
Penny lay there stifling her sobs and looked up at him with hatred in
her eyes. He had said no one had to do anything they didn't want but
now he had spanked her Ass and she didn't think she liked it. But then
staring up at him she sensed this was just the beginning and as he
stared down at her his eyes laughed as he watched her find a new
feeling drifting over her, slowly very slowly a feeling of euphoria
settled over her as the feeling in her ass cheeks became an all
suffusing warm glow, and Penny realised that perhaps she hadn't wanted
to do it before but if he asked her to lie over his knee again she
would have an orgasm at the first or second slap. She had been naughty
and deserved his punishment, as the realisation came over her that she
would willingly submit to this man's decisions she felt her burning
ass retreat into a glowing warmth and in between her legs her cunt
yearned for this man to fuck her, helpless in her feelings she licked
her lips and stared up at him, her eyes begging his forgiveness and
His next word sent tremors of desire rushing through her body. "Stand
up and remove your panties" with indecent haste she tore them of and
stood her cunt dripping its juices her breasts heaving waiting for his
next command " Now lift your tits from the bra cups and pinch your
nipples to make them puff up" Penny did as she was told reaching
through the flimsy negligee she lifted her breasts one by one from
their restraints and running her fingers over her nipples she felt
them grow taut and throb under her squeezing fingers.
"Penny you are a little fuck slut, aren't you"
"Yes" she replied
"Yes what?" the question caught her unawares and she stared blankly at
him. for nearly a minute they stared at each other but slowly Penny's
gaze wavered and her eyes dropped. "you will always address me as
Master, or I shall punish you. Is That clear?"
"Yes ... Ma.. ster"
"Good now keeping the clothes on you are wearing you must fuck me by
straddling my cock, but with your face towards my feet. Do you
understand? "
Penny nodded but a stinging slap reminded her of her new status and
she quickly blurted "Yes Master"
She couldn't believe it in a few short minutes he had reduced her to a
virtual slave, yet she was enjoying the feeling of being totally
controlled by him and as he lay back and unzipped his trousers to
release his cock she lifted her one leg high and placed herself across
his thighs.
Moving backwards she felt for his cock and slowly positioned it in the
entrance to her cunt. then as his hand held her hips she lowered
herself slowly onto the rigid pole, feeling her cunt fasten around the
purple helmet and her juices run around the swollen shaft. With a moan
of pleasure she let herself descend until her cunt lips pressed
against his hairy crotch.
Then feeling his hands lift her she rose again until his cock was just
lodged inside her cunt. Now his hands left her and for five minutes
there was only the sound of her heavy breathing as she shafted him,
with each slow and deliberate stroke she felt his cock sliding up
inside her and wished it was a little longer so that she could swallow
it into her womb.
As she rose and sank onto his shaft her body began to tingle, she had
never felt like this before, it was like electricity was running over
her entire body, coursing through her skin to set the very nerve
endings of her body on fire. What was causing the effect, suddenly she
understood, as a lot of power made every muscle in her being tense.
She felt he cunt muscles grab hold of his cock so tightly that she
couldn't move in either direction, and through the haze of her
thoughts she heard his voice "Like my little toy Penny. The threads in
the negligee are excellent conductors."
Looking down she saw that he had fastened wires to the hem of the
negligee and craning her head around she could see that he held a
small controller, as he turned it the tension subsided and she
collapsed downwards across his legs, only to be sent shooting upright
by a hefty slap on her rump. She turned to tell him to stop it, but
another surge of electrical energy froze her in her tracks and once
again her lips sealed themselves around his rod and she wailed in the
throes of an orgasm as strong as any she had ever felt. He kept her
there as her cunt exploded, the waves of pure tension making her grab
at her tits, the throbbing in her body was so intense she thought she
might feint, but just as she screamed her release for the second time
he let the power surge diminish and as Penny tried to stay upright he
informed her that this was only the beginning after he had turned her
into a sex crazy, orgasm begging slut, he was going to introduce her
to instruments that would turn her into a total sex maniac, they would
make her come so constantly that she would be unable to walk without
her cunt creaming and sending her juices flying, but before she got to
see these wonderful toys she would beg him to let her have just one
more orgasm.
Straddling his still firm cock Penny thought she would never beg for
that, he had already forced her to have two orgasms and her cunt was
becoming sore from the constant tension.
Then he lifted her from his cock and standing her at the side of his
chair he stood and pushing her forward so that her torso was forced to
rest over the arms he penetrated her again from behind but each time
he drove forward into her he sent electricity crashing through her
body. She felt his cock forcing her tensed muscles apart and she was
sure he was tearing her tube to bits from the friction, but the
feeling of his cock was divine. at the end of each stroke he released
the electric field and withdrew with a slurping sound as she orgasmed
again and again. He was laughing now as Penny writhed beneath him and
she realised that her body was going into overdrive, the fluids
spilling from her cut were soaking into the negligee making every
charge increase in strength as it found the easiest way to earth.
Slowly she felt the electricity begin to funnel directly into her cunt
and as the surges flooded into her tube she felt her womb explode, it
seemed to be pulsing with a life of its own and there deep inside her
she felt a tiny glow begin to surface, it spread and grew with each
and every thrust until it swallowed all of her and lost in the first
total body orgasm she had ever encountered she sobbed for him to make
her cum again. withdrawing from her he moved away, but Penny crawled
after him and clinging to his leg begged him to give her one more
orgasm. Looking down at her he said softly "Told you, you would beg
didn't I" now I want to fuck your Ass, but I'm going to make you piss
whist I do it. Pulling Penny to her feet her led her unresisting body
to one side and there in the wall she saw two leather wrist bands.
Strapping her into them, she found that she had to bend from the waist
and as she stood there he moved her feet apart and fastened a spreader
to her ankles, the padded leather cuffs didn't hurt but Penny could no
longer move. He stood behind her and reached around to cradle her
distended breasts, still on fire from the electricity so recently
coursing through her body his touch was like flames as he softly
squeezed each nipple and tugged on her breasts. Just the touch of his
fingers was making her cream herself again and she felt the honey
juice of her womanhood trickling down her leg. He scooped it up and
let her lick it from his fingers then almost casually he used some to
lubricate her ass. Penny realised that her normally tight hole was now
gaping open, the effect of multiple orgasms had been to relax the
sphincter muscle to the state where his cock easily penetrated her
shit tube and he grunted with joy as his cock embedded itself to the
hilt in her anal orifice. The feel of his cock rippling up and down
her chute sent Penny once more into paroxysms as her body climaxed
again. If she hadn't been fastened to the wall she would have fallen
but just as she reached the zenith of this cycle she felt his hand
pushing into her cunt.
"My God!" she thought "he is going to fist me whilst shagging my ass.
something will give way, he will damage me"
But it was too late his hand was inside her and as his fingers reached
for the tiny opening of her piss tube she felt his cock rammed so deep
inside her that it pushed on her bladder. With a moan she tried to
pee, but his fingers were blocking the exit and as the pain of the
enforced enclosure flooded her she screamed again, as she felt his
cock jerk and flood her ass with spunk then letting his cock slip free
he released the fingers and allowed her piss to course down her cunt
to gush into the open air. Placing his now shit covered cock in the
stream of golden piss he let the coursing gold liquid wash it clean
and as Penny hung drained from the two wrist straps, unable to fall
because of the bar keeping her legs apart and straight he moved to her
head and ducking under her arm stood in front of her and let his cock
dangle in front of her face.
Penny stared at the still dripping cock, but as another mini orgasm
shook her body she couldn't resist the shiny cock dangling in front of
her. Her tongue reached out and licked the tip of his soft cock,
immediately it jerked and she was able to reach more of the wet shaft
licking up and down it she watched as it grew back to full size, and
with a moan of total surrender she sucked the piss sodden cock into
her mouth and sucked it deep towards her throat.
Holding her head he began to shaft her face his cock burying itself
into her now willing mouth. The coral lipstick left streaks up his
shaft, but as Penny's lust soaked body drove her to greater and
greater heights Penny knew she wanted whatever he was willing to
deliver and let her throat muscles work on his distended piece of
hardware. Holding her face close against his lower stomach he stood
with his cock jerking in her throat and Penny gasping for breath her
throat nearly closed by the invading cock prayed that he would cum,
sending his spunk into her belly, but he stood there and let his cock
twitch and jerk in her throat until yet another climax built inside
her now over-sensitised body and as she shook and trembled in the grip
of yet another orgasm her throat muscles coaxed his cock into action.
With a groan of release he emptied his second load of spunk into her
throat but this time it was not only spunk that flooded her throat he
was pissing into her mouth, and unable to do anything else she
swallowed the acrid water and felt it slide down to join his spunk
swilling around in her belly. He never seemed to stop jet after jet of
his liquid spilled into her and Penny found herself waiting for each
stream, anticipating its arrival, and every stream sent another
shudder throughout her body and as his final few drops dribbled into
her throat she felt her own bladder constrict again and she felt the
gush of her own urine as it cascaded out between her aching thighs and
splashed down onto the expensive carpet covering the floor.

Finished he stepped back under her arm and released her wrists, unable
to stand she collapsed onto the sodden floor and looked up expecting
words of comfort, just in time to see him walking towards a door in
the wall. turning to look a the slut he had just debauched he spoke a
sentence that sent waves of joy, and tremors of fear coursing through
her battered body. "Penny in about five minutes you will remove the
spreader from your feet. When you do I will be downstairs. If you
enter my domain I will give you pain and pleasure to remember for the
rest of your life. BUT, and I repeat BUT down here there is no safe
word, no release, unless I will it. You must come of your own accord.
If you do not come within half an hour, I shall return and you will be
sent back to London. Do you understand?"
Penny unable to talk nodded her understanding as he turned and left
the room. She could hear him moving down some steps, and realised that
this 'little' semi was not all it seemed. Sitting there she undid the
straps that held her legs spread and felt the battered lips of her
poor cunt, but every touch sent waves of sexual energy racing through
her body, her breasts still throbbed on her chest, and Penny's throat
craved more cock. In a dilemma she sat and stared first from the door
then over to the clock and watched the hands as they slowly ticked
away her choices. Terrified but excited at what lay down the stairs ,
twice she moved towards the open door only to turn and stare at where
she had been bound to the wall, imagining her uncomplicated life of
just fucking and being fucked. could she take the next step and
surrender herself completely to him, or should she just wait for his
return and take herself of home?

Penny doesn't know what to do - What would you DO?

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