The red hot wife

The red hot wife
"Go ahead, Jocelyn. Fuck him," I said, giggling ridiculously.
"Jesus, Carol, is that all you ever think about?"
We all giggled at that. I guess we were a little drunk. Actually, we were more than a little drunk; we were very drunk.
And I wanted to see Jim fuck Jocelyn. My cunt was tingling just at the thought of watching his big cock slamming in and out of her sweet pussy, and I could feel my own wetness spreading to my panties.
"You're strange, Carol," Jim said.
"Thank you. Now fuck her," I replied, waving my glass emphatically and stifling another laugh. I really wanted to see it, and despite what he said it was obvious that Jim thought the idea of making it with Jocelyn right here in front of two other people turned him on.
"What do you think, Jocelyn?"
She looked uneasy, but it was simple enough to tell that she wanted to do it as much as he did. Taking a long pull off her drink, she finally stood up.
Suddenly the motel room was very quiet. The only sounds were those of four people breathing as Jocelyn silently placed her drink on a table and began to undress.
I loved it.
Of course I'd seen her naked before, but Jim and Raymond hadn't. After all, they'd only met us tonight.
"Do it, baby," Jim whispered.
Jocelyn began to unbutton her blouse. Almost immediately the soft, fleshy mounds that were her tits began to become visible, pressed together by the restrict jug force of her bra.
She let the blouse drop to the floor. Then her [missing text].
After a few moments she was standing there in only bra and panties. Taking another sip from her drink, she pawed, then licked her lips. It wags obvious that she was quickly forgetting any inhibitions she might have had a few minutes ago.
"Don't stop now, baby," Jim urged, nibbling his hand across his crotch. Raymond, next to me on the bed, wasn't saying anything, but it didn't matter. I could feel his excitement. The entire room was positively alive with sexual electricity.
I laid a hand on Raymond's thigh, caressing him through his pants, letting him know that Jim and Jocelyn weren't going to be the only show tonight. Just the first.
"What do you want to see?" Jocelyn whispered.
"Your tits, baby. Your big, sweet tit."
She smiled. Then quickly she reached up behind her back and released the clasp that held her bra in place. It fell to the floor and immediately her tits jumped free, white and soft in the dim light, nipples erect and pink.
"Jesus," Jim moaned. His hand on his crotch was moving faster now, and beneath the tight material of his trousers I could see his cock swelling.
This was going to be good.
"What else?" Jocelyn whispered, looking Jim in the eye while she let bath her hands run lightly over her tits.
"Your cunt, baby. Your cunt."
She nodded, then slipped two fingers beneath the elastic waistband of her panties. For a moment she looked like she was going to pull them down, but then she hesitated. I could tell what was on her mind, and I had to smile. She was a tease; she'd been one for as long as I'd known her. This was obviously too good an opportunity to pass up.
Without taking the panties down, she pushed her two fingers down until they were deep in her crotch. It was impossible to see exactly what she was doing, but when she groaned a little I knew that she had slipped them inside her pussy.
A moment later she pulled both of them out.
They glistened brightly with the juice that covered them.
My own cunt was positively overflowing as I watched her take both fingers, one at a time, into her mouth and suck them until all the honey was gone. She did it slowly, letting her wet tongue curl around each digit, never once taking her eyes from Jim.
Then finally she pulled her panties off.
For a frozen moment nothing happened. We wen, all looking at the soft, furry triangle that had finally been revealed to us. That she was dripping wet was clearly evident, and I knew that Jim wouldn't be able to wait much longer.
I was right.
Before anything else could happen he stood up and gestured sharply for her to lie down on the other bed.
Jocelyn did as she was told.
A moment later he was towering over her while she lay on her back, her legs spread wide enough to reveal the rich, pink moistness of her pussy. Just to tease him a little more she reached down with her fingers and spread her cunt lips wider apart, revealing the inner richness of her slit. Jim didn't waste any time.
The first thing he did was take his shirt off, and I was surprised to see how powerful his upper body was. The muscles rolled smoothly beneath his skin, and there wasn't any fat anywhere.
Then he dropped his trousers and underpants in one motion, revealing a thick, hard cock that was fully erect and ready for action.
Almost involuntarily my own free hand went to my cunt, stroking the sensitive region through my slacks. This was too much; his cock was enormous. I could see that Jocelyn was impressed, and she'd seen plenty of big cocks before.
Jim dropped to the bed, straddling her so that his heavy meat was dangling above her body. I was surprised that he didn't slam into her right away, but then I realized that since she had made him wait this long now he wanted to tease her just a little bit as well.
Jim began to stroke his prick, making it grow even larger just a few inches above Jocelyn's face. Her eyes were wide, staring at his cock.
"Think you can handle it?" Jim asked softly, watching her eyes on his cock.
"Try me."
"Not yet, baby. Not yet. I want something else first."
"I want you to suck me off."
Jocelyn didn't say anything. Her breath was coming in quick, short gasps, and judging from the way her tits were heaving up and down on her chest, it was pretty evident that she was turned on by the idea.
Silently she reached up and let the fingers of both her hands encircle his meat. If it had looked large before, it looked positively monstrous now in the grasp of Jocelyn a smaller, slimmer fingers.
She raised up her head until it was just a few inches away from the dark, purple akin of his cock. Then she kissed it, first placing her wet lips on the bulbous head of his meat, then working her way down the shaft until finally she was kissing his balls.
"I said suck it, baby." Jim's voice was powerful, but not menacing. He knew he we going to get his way.
Jocelyn returned to the top of his cock, parted her lips, and began to force her way down. I almost gasped out loud when I saw how wide she had to open just to get his cockhead into her mouth. But she did it.
Slowly, the muscles of her mouth and throat working fluidly, she began to descend. The three of us watched, mesmerized, until finally she had taken him all the way into her.
It looked like his prick must reach ail the way to her stomach, so long was it. But she didn't wait; it was evident that she was getting into what she was doing. With Jocelyn, once that happened nothing else mattered.
She began to slide up and down, slowly at first, but faster and faster as she gained confidence. Jim watched without moving for a while, but as her movements became more frenzied he started to pump into her, fucking her in the mouth with his big, thick cock.
"God, Jocelyn. Do it," I groaned, unable to contain myself. I had never seen anything like this, and the sight of his thick meat disappearing again and again into her smooth, soft throat was too much for me. My right hand was all over Raymond's cock, rubbing it tough the material of his trousers, while my left hand was moving quickly and firmly over my cunt-mound.
Suddenly Jocelyn lurched upward, pulling her mouth off his cock.
"Now fuck me, Goddamnit, fuck my cunt. Now!" Jim needed no more urging. With a single powerful motion he spread her legs wide and slammed into her. I could see her cunt lips part madly as they sought to accommodate his monstrous weapon.
Then he was inside her, thrusting wildly while she fought to wrap her legs around his back. Finally she succeeded, and a moment later she was pulling herself up to meet him, grinding her sweet cunt against his cock, gasping and moaning with her eyes closed.
"Oh yeah, that's good. Harder, Jim, fuck me hard? make me hurt? ohhhh? yeah? harder? make me hurt!"
Jim did his best.
The muscles in his back and ass flexed wildly with each thrust, and his long slimy cock continued to slide in and out of Jocelyn's match.
After a few moments Jocelyn reached up with her own hands and began to massage her tits, feeling their softness, pinching the nipples that were already larger and harder than I'd ever seen them.
It couldn't last much longer.
"Oh, God, I'm gonna me? gonna come? ohhhh Aaaggghhhh!"
Her back arched and every muscle in her body stiffened convulsively.
At almost the same moment Jim lunged backward, jerking his cock out of her cunt. Then he was over her, his prick in his hand, as suddenly he exploded.
It was incredible.
The lint wad of cum that shot out of his prick was so big it practically covered her left tit when it landed on her. But it was just the beginning. For thirty seconds he milked himself onto her, squirting his sticky jism all over her body, bathing her in the wet, slimy liquid.
Then finally he was finished.
Nobody said anything. Jocelyn, smiling spread his cum all over her body while the three of us looked on.
My head was swirling. I couldn't remember ever being this turned on; I wanted to get fucked so badly I could taste it.
I turned to Raymond.
He was looking at me, his eyes as wild as mine.
"Now," I whispered.
He nodded.
Thirty seconds later we were both naked. His body was different from Jim's, but attractive in its own way. He was long and slim; in fact everything about him was long and slim, including his cock.
I reached out and touched his balls, letting my fingers run lightly over the wrinkled skin. Almost immediately I could feel the muscles inside him tighten, drawing up his balls as he responded to my touch.
Then I started running my fingers up and down his cock. In the background I could hear Jocelyn and Jim breathing heavily, and I knew that they were watching.
"Now fuck me."
I turned over on all fours, presenting my white ass to him. I could feel my tits dangling down beneath me, almost brushing the bedspread. The feeling turned me on so much that I dropped lower, keeping my ass up high, so that I could let my nipples rub against the bed beneath me.
Raymond grabbed my ass and spread it wide. I could feel the honey pouring from my cunt, and I knew that he must be getting a tremendous view of my hungry slit.
Then his cockhead was touching my pussy, gently parting the lips as he pushed it slowly forward.
"Go ahead, Raymond. Fuck me. Hard."
But he wouldn't do it hard. Not at first, anyway. Instead, with agonizing slowness, he slid his long meat into my muff. I was so turned on that it seemed like I could feel every tiny ridge, every vein in his cock.
Finally he was all the way in me.
Then he began to thrust in and out. Reaching back with two fingers I could feel his slippery meat as it moved through the soft hair that guarded my cunt. At the same time I let one of the fingers run lightly over my clit, flicking the sensitive bud as it grew larger and larger.
"Come on, Raymond, fuck me hard. Please? Fuck me harder!"
He gave in to my will. Grabbing both my ass cheeks, he began to pump savagely into me, spreading me wide so that his cock sank into my cunt to the hilt.
"Yes! Ohhhh yesss? that's it, now keep it up, Ray, keep coming at me?"
I really needn't have said anything; he was fully into it now. His cock was slamming in and out of me viciously, smashing my cunt so hard that all I could do was gasp for breath and keep going.
It was fantastic.
In and out he plunged, knifing into me so violently that all I could do was hang on and let it happen.
And believe me, inside my cunt it was really happening. I could feel the familiar flashes that would lead ultimately to the release I craved. Hot juices were beginning to seep from my cunt, and with each successive thrust that juice was oozing more copiously.
"Make me come, Ray, God, make me come. I can't stand it."
I began to thrash back wildly against him, grinding my cunt against his cock with all the force my body could produce.
"Yeah, baby, that's good," he said, reaching around and grabbing both my tits, squeezing them so hard that I thought I would die from delight.
Inside my cunt, the juices were boiling. It wouldn't be long now ? nothing could keep me from making it over the top.
"Come on Ray, harder. Do it harder? fuck me, baby, fuck me good."
Like wild animals we thrashed and heaved, grinding and thumping into each other until finally something had to give.
My cunt exploded.
The first wave swept through me, hot cream shooting out of the depths of my cunt onto his cock. I could feel violent contractions shooting through my body, and I knew that each of them was being transferred through my cunt to Raymond's cock.
He couldn't last much longer; not with what was happening to my cunt. Again and again I was racked with explosions that reduced me to a quivering, simpering mass of flesh.
But still he didn't come.
He kept pumping into me, slashing into my trembling cunt until I thought I was going to die.
Then finally it happened.
"Hold on, baby," he groaned. Then his cock seemed to jump inside my cunt, and a moment later my entire pussy was flooded with wave after wave of his hot cum. His cock seemed to expand wildly with each thrust, and I could feel the sizzling cum splashing against the deepest walls of my pussy.
A minute later it was over. Exhausted, we both sank to the bed.

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