Aunt Donna, do me!

Aunt Donna, do me!
Donna Meadows knelt in front of her husband and sucked on his throbbing cock. As she chewed on his meaty cockhead, she pumped the long shaft of his prick with one hand. With the other hand, she cupped his balls and felt their power begin to build. They became tighter and tighter, and she knew that he was close to filling her mouth with his jism.
"That feels good. Donna!" Walt said. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head closer to his crotch. "Suck my prick. Let me fill your face with my cum!"
He took her head in both his hands and pumped her face on his prick. She opened her mouth wider and took the entire length of his massive cockshaft into her throat. She felt the first spurts of pre-cum trickle down her tongue. It felt smooth and comforting as it glided down her throat. She made a soft, purring sound and settled herself on her knees, ready to enjoy swallowing his load.
Suddenly he began to shoot his spunk into her mouth. The thick cum splashed against the back of her mouth, and she was afraid that she could not swallow it fast enough. She put both hands under her chin to catch any jism that she could not swallow.
"That's right, Donna!" he cried. "Gobble my cock! Eat my cum! Swallow my heavy load! Let me pump my cock into your cock-crazy face! Suck me dry!"
He began to pant as she gobbled wad after wad of thick, hot jism. Although she concentrated on swallowing as much of his spunk as she could, some bubbled out of her mouth. It filled her hands and some dripped through her fingers to the floor. She rocked forward onto his cock faster and faster, eager to take his entire load into her hungry mouth.
With one last, shuddering, explosive spurt, he shot his last wad against the back of her mouth. She swallowed it and then licked his cock dry. Then she slurped up the jism that she had caught in her hands. It was thick and sweet.
She buried her face in her hands as she sucked up the last of his spunk.
He pulled her to her feet and sucked her heavy tits. He thrust a finger into her cunt and felt her boiling hot pussy-juices leaking out of her fuckhole.
"Fuck me, honey!" Donna said. "Fuck me with that giant cock! Fill me with your prick. Fuck me! Fuck me!"
She clung to him and pushed his hand into her eager pussy. He pushed her back and turned away from her.
"I've got to get dressed," he said. "Lew is coming to pick me up soon. We've got to get to the office and then run to the airport. You know I have those meetings out of town."
Donna's pussy begged to be filled as she watched him get dressed. She plunged a finger up her pussy and rapidly slid it in and out of her steaming fuckhole.
"Do you have to go out of town again?" she asked. "Why can't someone else go this time? I want you to stay here with me. I want to suck your cock and I want you to fuck me."
Walt paused as he pulled on his pants. "You know I have to go, I'm doing this for you, Donna. I want to make a lot of money so I can get you all the nice things you want."
"But I want you to fuck me!" she screamed. "Fuck me in the mouth and fuck my pussy! I need your cock in my pussy!"
He finished dressing in silence and then ran out the front door when a car pulled up in the driveway and honked its horn. Donna stood in the bedroom for a while, quietly finger-fucking her pussy. Then she shrugged her shoulders and walked into the bathroom.
She turned on the water for the shower. As she waited for the hot water to come, she cupped her heavy tits. Immediately her nipples stood up. She rubbed them softly as she got into the shower.
As she stood under the stinging spray of the shower, Donna plunged two fingers into her hungry cunt. She rocked her hips forward with each thrust, pushing her fingers as far as possible into her fuckhole. She arched her head back as she pumped her fingers into her gaping pussy. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, she rammed her fingers into her pussy. As she fingerfucked her pussy, she imagined that her husband, Walt, was here with her, sticking his big cock into her hungry cunt, instead of at another business convention.
When she felt the familiar warmth begin to spread from her pussy, she pushed a third finger past her cunt-lips and into her fuckhole. She brought the other hand up to her tits and began to rub them in slow, circular motions. Her tits were large and firm and full, and they stood out straight and proud. Men loved them, she knew, and she could always count on them responding to her own touch in the shower as she played with herself.
She pulled on each nipple in turn and massaged the weighty tit mounds until the nipples stood out straight and hard. She felt the rosy glow begin to spread out from her chest, and she rubbed her tits harder. Her breath was coming in short gasps now.
She continued to ram one hand into her pussy. She dropped the other hand from her tit globes down behind her asscheeks and slipped a finger onto the tight rim of her asshole. She had to bend over to get a comfortable position. The water from the pulsating shower beat down on her head and shoulders with a sensuous, pounding rhythm.
She slowly pushed against the tight muscle of her asshole. With a sudden, forceful motion, she plunged the finger far into her shit-chute. She gasped at the intense feeling as the muscle resisted and then suddenly relaxed, swallowing her finger and gripping it tightly. She stood quietly for a moment, one hand in her cunt and the other plugging her asshole. Slowly, she began to pump the three fingers in and out of her cunt, feeling the delicious pressure as her cunt-lips were stretched each time she drove her hand up her fuckhole.
As she pumped her cunt, she pushed in a fourth finger, filling her pussy until she felt that it would tear her cunt-lips. But the pain stopped when she had all four fingers inside and she could imagine that her cunt was being filled by a giant cock. That thought excited her more, so she doubled up her fist and rammed it into her pussy.
She cried out in pain and pleasure as she began to fist-fuck herself as hard as she could, driving her hand far up into her fuck canal. Her hips began thrusting harder, forcing themselves against the push of her demanding, loving fist. She felt the pussy-juices begin to flow now. She took her hand out of her pussy and tasted her own juices. They were strong and sweet. The taste of her own fuck-juices excited her even more, so she rammed her fist back into her cunt and began to pump her cunt with long, slow strokes.
With her other hand, she pushed two fingers far up into her asshole and began sliding them in and out rapidly. Completely ignoring the water from the shower head, she doubled over and pumped both her holes. As she forced her fist deep into her cunt on each stroke, she rammed her fingers into her asshole, sliding them past the rubbery tightness of the assrim and plunging them into the velvety smoothness of her ass canal.
As the first orgasm rocked her body, she made a low, animal noise that echoed loudly in the bathroom. Pulling her fingers out of her asshole, she spread her cunt-lips apart and tickled her clit and she rammed the other hand deep into her gaping fuckhole. The pussyjuices flowed freely now. She brought her fingers to her mouth and tasted her juices again. They were warm and sweet, but the water from the shower washed most of them off before she could get a good taste. Just as she was about to reach up and turn off the water in the shower so she could taste herself, the doorbell rang.
"Shit!" she said aloud as she pulled her hands out of her fuckhole and her asshole. She reached and angrily turned off the water.
The doorbell! She had become so involved with her own finger-fucking that she had forgotten that she had agreed to watch her sister's kid for a couple of days. The bell rang again. Her sisters Carol, and the kid were here already. She wanted to ignore the doorbell and go back to fucking herself. But she knew that she had to let them in. Besides, the interruption had cooled her fuck lust, and she was horny and frustrated, and she knew that she would have to work herself up again. She climbed out of the shower and grabbed a towel as she headed for the front door.
Donna was not in a very, good mood when she reached the front door. She pulled the large bath towel tightly around her and looked through the peephole in the door. She gasped in surprise when she saw Brian standing in front of her door. As Donna watched the teenaged boy stand on the steps to her house, she felt her pussy begin to drip. He was tall, muscular, and handsome, just the thing she needed to cool her fuck lust. She imagined what his hard cock would feel like as it rammed into her cunt, filling her pussy with his jism. Donna shook her head to stop the images.
Through the peephole, she saw Carol reach over and push the doorbell button. Donna quickly opened the door.
"Hi, Aunt Donna," the boy said.
He walked past her, and flopped down on the sofa in the living room and turned on the television with the remote control. His mother walked in behind him and hugged Donna.
"Hi, Sis," she said.
She looked at the towel and glanced quickly at Brian. The kid seemed to take no notice at all of Donna standing in front of him, her massive tits only barely concealed by the towel.
"It's really nice of you to stay with Brian," Carol said. "It'll only be for a couple days. Kevin has to make a quick business trip out of town. I'm going to drive up with him and do some shopping. I'll probably come home before he does."
Donna let her eyes drift back to the boy who was watching television on her sofa. He absently rubbed his crotch and then suddenly stopped when he realized that she was watching.
"No problem, Carol," Donna said. "You and Kevin have a good time. I'll take good care of Brian."
Carol looked across the room at Brian. Then she looked back at her sister. Donna was pulling modestly on the towel. Donna did not want to be too obvious about the fact that she wanted to fuck her sister's kid. She took the suitcase that Carol held and walked back to the door with her. Donna closed the door and waited until she heard Carol's car drive away. Then she put the suitcase down and joined her nephew on the sofa.
She had never been very close to Brian. But most intriguing of all, she thought, was the way he filled out the crotch of his jeans. His cock bulge was definitely interesting, she thought, as she began to think how to put the move on him and get him to stuff her pussy with his stiff prick.
As she sat on the sofa next to him, Donna saw that Brian began to glance at her every so often. He was very interested in her tits, she noticed. She shrugged her shoulders and let the towel fall a little down the front of her chest, exposing more of her tit mounds.
"It's nice to see you again, Brian," she said as she moved closer to him on the sofa, "You really have grown up a lot since the last time I saw you."
Donna looked down at his crotch and saw that his cock bulge was straining hard against the front of his jeans. She had to get his cock into her burning pussy soon.
"Gee, Aunt Donna, we never get to see you too much anymore. I always liked to visit you." His eyes wandered down to her tits again. Then he looked at her long, smooth legs. Donna spread her legs apart. The towel rode up her legs, almost to her pussy.
"Since we are going to be together for a while," Donna said, "why don't we try to become very good friends."
She reached over and took his hand in hers. She felt him jump.
"Don't be nervous," she said. "I just want to be friendly."
He was looking at her thighs. Donna casually brushed against the bottom of the towel, pushing it slightly open. Brian moved slightly on the sofa so he could get a better view of her legs.
Finally, Donna said, "Well, first I'd better get dressed. Why don't you go into the spare bedroom and unpack? Maybe you want to change clothes or something."
She rubbed his hand against her legs. She saw his cock bulge push up harder.
"Okay, Aunt Donna," he said, never taking his eyes off her tit mounds that overflowed the top of the bath towel. He picked up his suitcase and followed her to the back of the house.
"Here is your room," she told him as she opened the door to the guest bedroom.
She stood in the doorway and made him squeeze past her as he walked into the room. His face turned bright red as his chest rubbed past her tits. Donna leaned forward, trapping him against the wall.
"Do you like this?" she asked, pushing her chest against his.
When the boy nodded, Donna reached up and pulled at the towel. She leaned back and the towel dropped to the floor. The boy gasped in surprise. Donna took a deep breath for his benefit, letting him get a good view of her swelling tits.
Donna reached out and took one of his hands and guided it to her tit mounds.
"Pull on my nipples. I want you to play with my tits. Then you can touch me anywhere else you want." She smiled at him. "Do you want to touch me somewhere else?"
The boy nodded again. He looked up at her, then leaned over to take one of her nipples in his mouth.
"Ohhhh, that's so good!" Donna cried out. "Suck my tits! Suck them and squeeze them and pull them. It feels wonderful, honey. Keep it up!"
He began to suck hard on Donna's heavy tit mounds. He brought up his other hand and soon was kneading both of her tits under his eager hands and mouth.
Donna could not believe the way that this teenaged boy was grinding away on her tits. She pushed her chest into his hands and mouth. She felt her nipples being pulled and her huge tit globes squeezed and compressed by the kid's hot, eager hands. She spread her legs apart and leaned forward, thrusting her hungry pussy against his cock bulge.
"That's right, baby!" she moaned. "Pull those tits! Pull those nipples right off my chest! Squeeze those tits, honey! Ohhhh, it feels so good when you do that! Keep at it, baby!" She pulled her cunt back and then slammed it against the front of his jeans. She saw his eyes widen in amazement.
Donna rubbed her dripping cunt against his jeans as he continued to pull on her tits. She reached up and took one of his hands in hers. She guided it down to her pussy.
"You said you wanted to touch me, baby," she said. "Here is your chance. Touch me anyway you want to."
She guided his hand over her hungry fuckhole, letting him feel her hairy bush and the eager cunt-lips beneath it. She felt his cock throb beneath his jeans. She could feel him begin to sweat.
"Are you going to come?" she asked gently. She pulled away from him slightly. He still held one hand on the outside of her cunthole.
He nodded. "I can't stop it."
Donna smiled and patted him on the cheek. Then before he could say anything, she dropped to her knees and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down over his hips. She slipped her hands into his shorts and slid them down. His cock sprang free. It was hard, and a few drops of pre-cum dripped out of his piss-slit.
"That looks so delicious," she said as she held his prick in both hands.
With one hand, she began to massage his balls. With the other, she began to stroke his giant cock up and down, from the base of his ball sac to the tip of his prick. The boy moaned softly.
"Let me help you," she said. "I know you are going to come soon. Shoot off in my mouth. Then I'll make you hard again and you can fuck me later. Is that okay?" She looked up at his half-closed eyes.
"Just one thing," she said. "While I'm sucking you off, I want you to talk to me. Tell me what you want me to do."
"Yes," he hissed. "Suck my cock! I'm going to come now!"
Donna leaned forward and prepared to swallow his load. She got her mouth over the tip of his cock just as the first spurt of cum jetted out from his prick. The first shot of jism splattered against the back of her mouth and trickled down her throat. She made a low whimpering sound as she slowly pushed her head fore ward, taking every inch of his exploding cock into her receptive mouth. Wave after powerful wave of hot jism shot into her mouth. She had to swallow rapidly to catch it all.
"Suck me!" Brian whispered.
As Brian shot his loud into her mouth, Donna played with his balls. They were big and heavy and tight as they fired cum-juice into her face. She supported his balls with one hand as she reached up between his legs with her other hand and slipped a finger onto his assrim. He jumped and thrust his crotch farther into her face.
"That's nice!" he panted. "Suck my cock and eat my load, Aunt Donna! I like it when you stick your finger up my ass like that?"
Donna found it surprisingly exciting to have the kid call her Aunt Donna while she was on her knees gobbling his cum. She wiggled her finger around his assrim. She felt his asscheeks tighten and resist.
The powerful shots of cum finally decreased. Donna could feel his cock begin to grow limp in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on his cockhead, pumping it for every last drop of jism as she fluttered her fingers across his ball sac. She was rewarded with a final, short spurt of cum.
Donna sucked his cock one last time. Then she licked the last trace of spunk from his limp cock and got to her feet. Brian licked his lips nervously and looked down at her hairy pussy.
Donna smiled at him. "Don't be nervous. That was only the beginning. Sort of like saying hello. I had to suck you off before you exploded in your pants. Now we can really get to know each other better."
"Aunt Donna, I never expected you to do these things. Even my girlfriend doesn't let me touch her down there." He looked quickly down to her pussy.
Donna laughed. "You can touch me there or anywhere you want to," she said. "That was only the beginning. We're going to have a good time together, Brian."
She stood up and took his hands in hers.
"But first," she said, "we need to make sure that you are going to be comfortable on that bed."
She glanced over at the bed. He followed her glance and his face turned bright red. Donna led him to the bed and set him down on the edge of it. She stood in front of him and leaned over slightly so that her tit globes hung down, heavy and full, in front of him.
"Do you like my tits?" she asked.
With one hand, she cupped one of her tits and pushed it upward. With the other hand, she reached down and stroked his limp cock. She was surprised to feel it begin to stiffen under her touch.
"Are you getting hard again, young man?" she asked playfully.
She backed away from him and took his cock in both hands. Stroking his prick with both hands, she let him watch her pendulous tits sway in front of his eyes as she worked on his cock. As he watched her massive tits hang in front of his face, his cock continued to stiffen. Soon it was fully hard.
"That's my horny stud," she said. She stroked his prick again and then pushed him back onto the bed. She climbed up on top of him and brushed her tits across his face. "Aunt Donna is going to teach you a few things. I'll teach you how to fuck a real woman and how to eat pussy. Then I'll show you how to fill all of a woman's holes and make her scream with pleasure."
She pushed her tits against his chest and rubbed her cunt mound across his cock.
"Would you like to learn these things?" she asked. "It's much more fun than school."
"Aunt Donna," he said, "I didn't know you would be like this."
She reached down and took hold of his stiff cock. Sitting upright now, she guided his cockhead into her hungry pussy so that she was sitting on his prick. She bounced up and down a couple times to settle his cock deep in her cunt. "You just happened to visit me when I was very horny," she told him. "Now you can satisfy me."
Still sitting on his prick, and feeling her cunt being stuffed by his giant cock, she leaned over so that her tits swayed across his chest. Almost automatically, he reached up and began to pull on one of her tits.
"Ahhhhh, that feels so good, honey," she cried, throwing her head back and feeling his strong fingers pull at her tits. "Pull those tits harder. Ram that giant cock of yours into my pussy. Harder! Harder! Ram it into me, baby. Stick it in me!"
"Here, baby, you try some." She put her fingers on Brian's lips. Automatically, he opened his mouth and tasted her fingertips.
"Isn't that good, honey?" she asked. "There's nothing better than pussy-juice. Except, of course, a mouthful of hot cum."
She began to slain her ass down hard on his bucking cock and balls. With each stroke, she slammed harder against him, always careful not to let his hard cock slip out of her fuckhole. She could feel him tense and knew that he was going to come again.
"Quick!" she said. "I want you to climb between my legs and stick that cock deep inside me." She pulled away from him and rolled over onto her back on the bed. She stretched out her arms and pulled him on top of her. She felt his cock slip into her pussy.
"Hurry!" she said. "Ram that cock into me!"
She pulled him close and felt him begin to thrust deep into her cuntal canal. Her pussy-lips were stretched tight and his cock slammed in and out of her cunt, pushing at her cunt-lips with every stroke.
"That feels so good, honey!" she cried. "Fuck me harder. Harder! Fill my cunt with your giant cock! Ram that cock into me. Harder! Harder! Slam it into me! Make me feel your monster cock! Ohhhh!"
She began to thrash beneath him as he pumped faster and faster. With a sudden cry, he began to shoot his wad into her hungry pussy. Wave after wave of jism pounded into her cunt as he kept slamming his cock into her like a battering rum. She felt the spunk splash against her cuntal walls and leak out of her pussy. She reached down and stretched her cunt lips farther with her fingers. She felt his cock slice into her and felt the cum boil out of her hungry cunt and down the sides of her legs. She pushed her hand under her ass and rammed two fingers into her asshole as far as she could reach. Each time he slammed his cock into her cunt, she rammed her fingers farther into her asshole.
"Fuck me!" she cried. "That feels so good! Fuck me harder, baby! Fill my pussy with your cock! Slam it in there! That's right, honey! Show me your power! Ram that cock in there and let those balls fire their load! Fuck me!"
Donna felt the cum shoot hard against her cunt wails. She felt his plunging, throbbing cock force her cunt-lips apart and ram deep into her pussy. Her pussy hair was sopping wet with his leaking cum and her own gushing pussy-juices.
His shooting jism began to subside. Donna reached up and rammed a finger into his asshole. The puckered assrim pushed back hard against her finger, but she finally slipped it inside his ass-guts. As soon as she slipped her finger inside, she felt him shoot two more powerful wads of jism deep into her cunt.
He relaxed and Donna felt his cock begin to grow limp. She locked her legs, trapping his cock inside her, and smiled up at him.
"That feels wonderful, honey," she said.
She released him and let him roll off her. She lay beside him and stroked his limp dick with one hand. Rubbing his cock lightly, she felt the sticky mixture of cum and pussy-juice that covered it. She brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked the sweet juices.
"Ummmm," she moaned. "Just the thing after a tremendous fucking! You taste as good as you fuck, honey!"
Brian was looking at her with wide eyes. His eyes kept jumping from her tits to her pussy and then down to her full hips and slender legs.
"Don't worry, honey," she told him, stroking his cheek lightly. "This is only the beginning. We have a couple days together. You'll get all the fucking you ever dreamed about. And I'll have a hot stud to service me."
The boy grinned and reached up to pull on one of her nipples. Donna pushed her chest into his hand and pulled one of his hands don to her pussy. She could see that he was getting sleepy. Without breaking the hold that he had on her pussy and her tits, she wiggled the sheet and a blanket up over them. They fell asleep together.

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