Mall Sex Goddess

Mall Sex Goddess
She was sitting on a bench near the center of the mall
and when our eyes met and lingered, there was a charge
of electricity that ran through me, down my spine and
out my cock. Her eyes captivate me and as they moved
from my face, down my body and then stopped at the
rising bulge in my running shorts, I could feel my
heart pumping through my swelling rod.

She was small, petite, beautiful, she had a smile that
spoke of things to come.

She looked up into my eyes again and slowly swirled her
fingers through her long blonde hair and spread her
legs a bit, forcing my eyes between her legs where I
saw her pussy, sparkling and blonde, beckoning me.

She stood up and walked to me, her breasts swaying,
telling me there was no plastic surgery to make them
look that good. Taking me by the hand, she drew me away
from the crowds that mindlessly milled around us,
missing what had just transpired. As we walked through
the side section of the mall, toward the doors, she
pressed tight against me, and they feel of her body was
a sweetness I had missed over the last year or so since
my wife left me. My heart was pounding inside me, so
loud that I was afraid she would hear it.

We walked in silence as we made our way to my car and
once in, she slipped the bottom of her short summer
dress up over her hips so that I could see her pussy,
her nakedness underneath. "Baby, I need to be really
fucked today," she moaned quietly.

As I frantically pulled out of the garage onto the
street, she leaned over and worked my hard cock out
from under the bottom of my shorts and moaned as she
grasped its thickness and stroked it. Her breasts were
pressed against my thigh and electricity went through
me again as she leaned toward my raging hard on.

Pre-cum was already oozing out and her lips engulfed
the bright red head as she sucked out cum from within
my soul. I reached over and worked my fingers into her
wet cunt, and she moved, spreading her legs wide to
accommodate my frantic fingers as they worked deeper
into her slit, until only my thumb was outside her fire
heated, juicy, wet box, working her hard clit.

I was on the freeway now heading for my condo just a
few miles away, but her sucking was now a full throated
explosion of high velocity sucking. Her head was
bobbing up and down at a furious pace, her chin hitting
my groin as she swallowed my fat 8 inches to the balls.

She cried out as she came, my fingers slipping into her
cunt more deeply. As she thrashed around my hand, I
tucked my thumb in against the palm of my hand and she
cried out loudly, pulling off my cock and sitting
upright as my hand slipped into her pussy and I felt
her cunt lips gripping my wrist. She pushed down
against my hand, grabbing the back of the seat and
fucked my hand, screaming as she came again and again.

I somehow managed to press the garage door opener and
slammed my car into the garage and pushed the button
again to get the door down and stop the car.

I pulled her face to mine and we ground our lips
together as we deep throated, our tongues racing
inside, deep and searching. Now with my other hand not
on the wheel of the car, I reached out and pulled her
dress over her head and slipped her sports bra off her
heaving breasts. She arched her back and moaned loudly
as she came again, writhing on my deeply buried fuck
hand and chewing away at my lips as she whimpered and
cried with her orgasmic bliss.

Finally, she slowed down and lay her arms and head
across the back of the passenger seat, my hand still
impaling her sweet love hole, buried to the bend of my

We rested for a good 5 minutes until she could finally
lift herself off my fuck-fist. She took my hand and
licked at the cum juices that she had given to it and I
pulled it away and licked them, too, looking into her
burning eyes with a passion that came from still
retaining a load of cum, in awe of this fuck crazy,
beautiful slut girl I had just found at the Mall.

I stepped out of the car and stripped nude. She had
opened the door to her side and I quickly went over and
pulled her from the car, lifting her out and carried
her into the house, through the living room and up the
stairs to my bedroom. Her arms were wrapped around my e
neck, and her breasts pressed against my chest.

As we reached the bed, I dropped her gently on the top,
and removed her bra and stood over her, my cock at
attention, rigid hard and full of my juices. Do me
baby, do me good, she purred. I needed little

I spread her legs and she opened up willingly to my
touch as I laid between her thighs and pressed my mouth
to her wet and fist fucked, swollen cunt. She rolled
back and forth and moaned, her legs now over my
shoulders, spread wide, opening up for my sucking as I
buried my tongue in her wet pussy and sucked her clit,
tasting the sweetness of her cum. She pushed down on my
head forcing me deeper and then arched against me as
she came, letting bubbles of cum flow in waves against
my tongue.

I pulled off her, reluctant to let go of her fountain
of juices knowing her cunt needed deep fucking, deeper
than a tongue.

She looked up at me with a smile as I mounted her, my
upper body leaning over her, shadowing her breasts, her
pink nipples erect and hard. Her legs lay over my upper
thighs and my cockhead was now half buried in the lips
of her bubbling cunt. I moved forward and let my cock
slowly slip into her wetness.

She whispered, "Fuck me, please fuck me," and with that
prompt I shoved my thick cock into her belly with one
lunge, all the way to the balls as she cried out with a
joy I had never heard. I pulled back and shoved it home
again and again and with each frantic lunge home, she
grunted from the power of its thrust and cried out,
"Deeper, fuck me deeper, fuck me baby!"

I was in to the balls and ground it around, rotating my
cock into the deepest parts of her belly and she was
grinding wildly against me, panting and gasping and
sobbing as we coupled.

I felt the juices she had been sucking out of my cock
in the car resurface now, fighting me to get out. I
tried to hold it back but began to fast fuck her,
moaning and crying and gasping myself as the energy of
these last dry months took over and with a final full
body lunge into her depths, as she grunted loudly from
the impact, I shot deep ropes of cum into her belly.

Over and over again, I rammed into her again and again
as she gasped for breath, screaming that she was coming
and as I filled her pussy with my hot burning cum, she
pushed back against my thrusting, crying out and
shaking from her violent orgasm... her breasts were
flattened out and flew from side to side and up and
down her body as I pounded into her with a force that
was beyond my own self..

Finally, I fell on top of her body and we lay there, my
engorged cock still buried within her tight sleeve,
pulsating with each pump of my heart... Her eyes were
glazed and they had a far away look to them.

I wrapped my arms around her and rolled over onto my
back, letting her small body rest on mine. We lay that
way for some time, my hands caressing her back and ass
and when I pulled her up a bit and brought my lips to
hers, she finally stirred and gave me her tongue and
crushed her lips against my mouth.

She lifted up her body to free her beautiful breasts
and then was arching against me, my hands holding her
tight by her titties, squeezing the bright pink nipples
that were hard and erect like little cocks.

Now she was pushing down against my buried cock and
moaning as she rolled back and forth, rocking her cunt
against my groin, holding me by the hips and then she
pulled up until my cock head was at the outer entry of
her cuntlips. She smiled at me then and told me to hang
on and quickly rammed down onto my cock, burying it to
the balls again.

I lay there watching her fuck my cock, holding on to
her tits as best I could as she went up and down like a
pile driver, screaming out words I barely understood as
she brutalized her pussy with some wild cock fight that
had her swinging from side to side and back and forward
as she slammed up and down my rigid cock. Her head flew
from side to side as she fucked me, unaware of anything
except her cunt and my cock.

Then as suddenly as she started, she fell back onto my
chest and then shuddered all over her body as she
squeezed my buried cock and gasped out, OH GOD! OH
GOD!" as she came again and again, digging trenches
with her nails into my side.

She finally stopped convulsing and lay there for just a
minute. Every few seconds, her whole body would spasm.
She was in her own world, and I knew that I was there
to give her what she wanted.

She finally looked up at me and whispered that she was
so happy and began to slide up and down my still
hardened fuck pole... my balls were aching to unload
and I was about to roll her over and give her another
hard fuck when she slid up my body and slowly pulled
off my cock, leaving it sit at her pussy lips. She
reached down and got a hand full of cum and began
lubing her ass. I smiled as it dawned on me that more
was about to, er cum.

Baby, she whispered, "Fuck my ass, please baby fuck my
ass for me," and then she reached back and positioned
my cock head at that sweet back door and began to push
back hard against it. "Push it in baby, give my ass
your big cock, fuck me baby, shove it hard, push that
fat cock into my ass, do it baby, give me a good ass
fucking baby."

I grabbed her by the ass cheeks, spreading her little
puckered hole open and arched into her. She ground down
powerfully into my thrusts and my cock slipped in past
the tightness of her opening with a loud pop and she
cried out, "Yes baby! Yes! Fuck my ass, oh fuck my ass,
fuck my ass baby, do it, hurt me with your cock," and
she sat up on my pole, arching against it and shoved
down with all her might.

I grabbed her by the shoulders, pushing her down and
arched my body, pushing up with all my might and my
cock shot up her ass, cock head to balls and the
slapping wet sound as our bodies came together was
drowned out by her scream as my cock went deep inside
her belly.

Now she was a wild woman again, using me as a fuck
machine as she slammed it home again and again, with a
burst of uncontrolled energy. "Yes, fuck my ass, yes,
baby give me cock, oh yes, oh yes." This went on for
five minutes of nonstop frantic fucking.

She stopped the pole vaulting for a moment, gasping for
breath and rested, her ass on my body, my cock fully
buried up her ass, rocking back and forth, moaning to
herself in some other language, some other place, some
world only she went to... her legs straddling my body,
her knees up and keeping all her weight centered on my
cock, rocking and sliding back and forth in a steady
cadence. I knew it was time for me to move on to
something else.

I lifted her right leg over my body so she was sitting
on me sideways and rolled with her so she was on her
back and I lay on my left side, with my cock imprisoned
deep into her ass. She lay there quietly and let me do
whatever it was I was doing...I then lifted her legs
over mine and spread them wide, so that her pussy was
open and available to my fingers.

I began to massage her clit and she moaned and pushed
against my cock in a slow rhythmic motion, and I began
to hump my hips into her... letting my cock stay deep
but just enough movement to feel my cock head working
against the deep walls of her back door love chute.

Now I had several fingers in her cunt and my thumb was
working her clit and she was groaning and grabbing at
my hand, fingering her pussy with me.. soon all four
fingers were in with her fingers and she was going
crazy again, rolling back and forth as I finger fucked
her cunt and began to slam fuck her ass..

She was crying for more and had a death grip on my
wrist, trying to jam my hand in and I smiled as I
tucked my thumb against my palm and my hand slid into
her gaping cunthole, She screamed as it sucked in my
hand and she grabbed my wrist by both hands, leaning up
as she fucked her cunt with my fist... screaming out
unknown words. Her body shuddered again as she came, an
unending set of rapid convulsions. Her breasts were
swaying so violently, it seemed they would swing off
her body.

I could feel my cock in her ass from inside her cunt
and let my fingers make a chute of their own to let my
cock slid against. It felt like nothing I had felt
before and I just fucked faster and deeper, feeling the
thickness of my prick through the walls of her cunt.

By now I was over the edge and holding her by my
anchored hand inside her cunt, I bent her over on her
side and pulled her ass up and plowed into her, all the
sexual rage in my system took over and I slammed my
cock in and out and then did my own shuddering as my
belly let loose its juices and I poured my man juices
into her gaping, broken ass.

Even as I was coming, I pulled out of her, leaving her
ass hole open, a two inch wide hole unable to close
because I had ruined all its muscle control, covered in
white cum-juice, and flipped her over and shot my cum
on her pussy and breasts, lifting her ass off the bed
by the power of my buried fist.

I pulled her head to my cock and with my fist still
buried in her cunt, managed to get her mouth on my
cock, slurping up the last few ropes of cum... Then,
when the last of my cum was slurped off my meat, I let
go an she fell back onto her back, letting out a deep

I worked my hand slowly out of her puffed out pussy and
held it to her mouth and let her lick the juices from
it. I couldn?t help but look at the wide open cunt lips
and feel my cock throb. My cock was throbbing, half
from the pain of what it had just gone through and half
from lust building quickly. I flipped her over on her
stomach and lifted her up into a doggie position and
mounted her cunt from behind, shoving my semi-hard cock
in to the balls in the first wet shot. Her cunt was
loose and gurgled from its juices as I shoved cock into
her, my hips smacking against her ass.

I reached around and grabbed her by the tits and pulled
her up and back so that she s was impaled my cock and
held there by her breasts. I couldn?t have done this
with a bigger woman, but she barely weighed a hundred
pounds. It was like fucking a teeny bopper..

She moaned and mewed and gasped and cried as I beat my
cock into her swollen and sore pussyhole. I wanted to
ravage her cunt, to bury my balls in it, to knot her
like a dog...soon I had her down, her face buried in
the sheets as I rode her ass and slammed into her again
and again, knowing that she wanted it hard and deep and
hurting. Her rhythmic grunts, "Uh, more! Uh, more! More
uh fuck me! Hurt me uh! Hard! Yes! Yes fuuuuckme!!" She
made me wild and dropping two loads of cum already made
me last forever.

I pulled out of her cunt and shoved it back into her
broken asshole and she screamed as I hit bottom,
fucking like a madman, in one hole and out, back into
the other hole, over and over, fucking both holes,
slurping juices all over her ass, letting it run down
her legs and then she went limp on me, her body loose
and silent, her arms flapping wide.

I stopped my craziness and flipped her onto her back.
She was out cold. Still breathing, gasping for air, her
whole body a dead weight.

I pulled her to my chest, my cock still in her cock
greedy cunt and carried her to the bathroom and turned
on the shower. Stepping in, I was still holding her
limp body to my breast.

The water cascaded over our bodies and in a minute she
began to come around and in five minutes she was
finally aware of where she was.

I kept her against me, her breasts against my chest,
her arms now wrapped around my neck, her legs around my
waist, her body seated on my cock and I washed her as
much as I could, but there was cum in her hair and I
slowly lifted her off my cock and helped her stand as
she cleaned up. Nothing was said. We showered in
silence, shaken by what had happened.

Finally she noticed that my cock was still hard from
the last go around and smiled up at me. I said I wanted
it in every opening, baby. I need to suck some cum out
of that big boy to finish out my day, and with that
bent over and took my cock and balls in hand and
started to suck.

It drove me batty.. She had just passed out fucking and
was at it again. I couldn?t argue.. My cock and balls
ached for release and I gently brought my hands to the
back of her head and pushed into her eager, sucking

Within moments she had half of my cock down her throat
and her one hand was pumping cock and the other
massaging balls. I was moaning and humping, fucking her
face, letting everything go as I gave in to this
exquisite feeling of being engulfed by her very
being... If she was already so eager to suck cock, I
was ready to give her cock.

I was picking p speed and knew I was ready to blow. I
held her head now in a brutal grip and began to face
fuck her, pumping her head up and down my shaft and
finally, with a powerful surge, rammed it down her
throat to the balls, stabbing her with my cock and
exploding into her with an energy that blew my cum into
her belly as she fought against my full invasion,
struggling for air as my cum and cock filled her fully,
until she went limp again and fell onto the shower
floor, gasping as she came off my cock, cum pouring out
of her mouth, mingling with the water beating down on
her from the shower head.

I let her lay there until I was able to bundle her up
and carry her to the bed... She was sleeping peacefully
now and I went in and brewed some coffee and sat naked
on my towel, sipping a cup, wondering what had happened
to me, what brought this insatiable, sex driven woman
into my life and what had turned me from a guy who
hadn?t had sex in 18 months into a primal, sexual
animal. I wondered what was next.

About an hour passed before she peeked out the bedroom
door and said, "Hi." Now she was shy and quiet, no
longer the tigress who pulled me out of the mall. Her
naked body looked frail and small.

She sat on my lap, her nakedness seeming very normal
and hugged me. "Best day of fucking in my whole life,
you are incredible!" she laughed.

"I never had such a woman as you, ever," I answered.

"I gotta get home, baby, right away, before I get in
bad, bad trouble," she said as she stood.

"No goodbye fuck?" I asked, knowing I probably couldn?t
get a hard on if my life depended on it.

"Not Today, sweet baby, but there are a lot of days to
cum. Now that I found you, no one else will ever fuck
me like you fucked me today.

"I?m married to a big shot guy who either has me suck
him off or fucks me for 5 minutes once a month and you
know what I really need, what I am, what it takes to
fill my needs, you are the answer to my dreams and

"I gotta get home before he gets there or all hell will
break loose... but you are my man, aren?t you, baby,
please say you are my man?"

"Yes, I am your man for sure," I answered. "Come and
live with me. We can fuck ten times a day of you
want... just pack up and move in here."

"No Baby, there are other things involved, things I
can?t give up," she smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

Twenty minutes later we were in the car, dressed and
looking as normal as possible.

When I dropped her off at the far end of the mall, she
gave me a peck on the check and the number for her
?special? cell phone. She l already had mine and we
scheduled another time the end of the week for a repeat

I sat there in the car after she left and wondered...
again... what was next...

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