White bbw meets three big black cocks

White bbw meets three big black cocks
I?m a 40 year old, white, BBW who loves big black cocks ramming in and out of my hot, wet pussy.

A couple of my girlfriends and I decide to go out for a drink Friday after work. We go to Lee Jays, a popular bar just around the corner from our job. It?s a bar for the working man. On any given day you can see maintenance men coming in after work sitting next to the day traders from down the street. It?s dark, smoky and loud.

This evening after a few drinks with the girls I notice three beautiful, young, black men enter the bar. They appear to be construction workers, dressed in jeans, sleeveless shirts and caps. They are simply magnificent. They are all around six feet tall and very muscular. They sit in the booth next to us and order their beers. I can?t keep my eyes off of them. As the evening progresses they notice my stares and start to flirt. They buy me a drink and ask me to join them. Since my friends are getting tired and leaving to go home to their mates I accept the invitation.

One of them gets up and I slide in between the two of them. They introduce themselves as Randy, Jamal and Eric. I?m sitting between Eric and Jamal. I introduce myself and we begin to shoot the breeze. Every time my drink gets low they order me another. By eleven I?m really feeling the effects of all of the alcohol and getting really turned on by these gorgeous young men. Jamal invites me back to their apartment for a drink and I accept.

We grab a cab for the drive there. No sooner do we get seated than Eric starts to rub my upper thigh telling me how much he loves thick white women. Jamal and Randy both agree. I tell them how much I like big black cocks and they assure me I won?t be disappointed. By then both Eric and Jamal are caressing my thighs and kissing my neck. Randy is sitting in the front watching with a huge grin on his face.

When we get to their apartment building Randy announces he wants a taste as we ride up in the elevator. He starts to kiss me and feel up my ass while Jamal stands behind me and kisses the back of my neck while squeezing my 46DD tits. I?m in heaven. As soon as we enter their apartment they are all over me. My clothes are being removed by all of them and they are telling me how much they want to fuck me.

As soon as I?m undressed I drop to my knees in the living room and beg to suck their cocks. All three come out and I am faced with the most beautiful sight. Jamal is at least 8 inches long, thick and uncut. Eric and Randy are about 10 to 11 inches and both circumcised. I start with Jamal and begin licking his cock while I jerk off the other two. Jamal starts to moan and tells me what a great little cock sucker I am. I spend a couple of minutes on him and then move to Randy and then Eric. They are pulling and twisting my nipples in their strong, rough hands.

After several minutes Randy says he has to have a piece of that ass and tells me to get on my hands and knees. He gets behind me and starts to slide his huge cock into my pussy. I?m soaking wet and so hot. It feels so good and my pussy feels stretched around his 11 inch cock. He takes his time sliding it into the hilt. Then he starts to slide in and out. As my pussy wets his cock he picks up speed and starts to fuck me hard. The force of his fucking seems to knock the wind out of me with each thrust. I can feel the head of his cock hitting my cervix and it hurts but damn it hurts so good.

Jamal kneels in front of me and says "Suck my cock slut!" I open my mouth and have all 8 inches down my throat in a second. As Randy fucks my pussy Jamal fucks my face. I am in ecstasy. I feel an orgasm coming on and it rips through my body. My pussy spasms on Randy?s huge cock and his pounding keeps me cumming over and over again. I stop sucking Jamal and screamed my enjoyment. Randy began to fuck me harder until one final thrust and I could feel his cum shooting into my pussy. It felt so fucking amazing. He and Jamal switched places.

Jamal began to slowly fuck my pussy as I cleaned Randy?s cock. I could taste our mixed juices and I made sure to clean it thoroughly. When I was done he suggested to Jamal that we move to a bed. I was rather weak so they half led/dragged me to a king size bed in one of the bedrooms. The entire time Randy and Jamal had been using me Eric had been sitting on the couch stroking his 10 inch cock. He followed us to the bedroom.

I was laid on my back with my ass to the edge of the bed. Jamal resumed fucking my pussy. Eric moved to my face and told me to ?suck his cock.? I did. I loved it, it was thick and meaty and his balls were clean shaven. As I attempted to take his entire length down my throat I stroked his balls gently. He slapped my hand away and told me he didn?t want to cum yet. Jamal sped up and telling my how much he enjoyed my wet pussy. He began to ram in and out. I begged him to ?fuck me harder, fuck my pussy, yeah, yeah, ooooohh!!? I came again as he shot his cum into my pussy. It felt so damn good!

Jamal pulled out and Eric took his place. He didn?t take his time entering my either. He slammed in balls deep saying, ?You like it hard slut, you aint seen nothing yet!? Eric fucked me harder than the other two. He gave me no mercy. He rammed in and out of my pussy for what seemed like an eternity. Jamal and Randy were on either side of me and I took turns sucking their cocks. Both started to twist and tug on my nipples and that sent me over the edge. As I came over and over they each got rougher and rougher. Eric told me he was going to cum and did he ever! I could feel his and all of the previously dumped cum running out my pussy and down my ass while he pounded away. He filled my pussy with at least seven large spurts. I was in heaven. As soon as he pulled out I left Jamal and Randy dropping to my knees and sucked Eric clean. Jamal and Randy stood up and when I finished with Eric they both shot a load into my open mouth and on my face.

After a few minutes of rest Jamal told me to get cleaned up and go home. He gave me his number and told me if I ever wanted to have some fun to give him a call. I wiped my face clean, got dressed and came home to you.

You were asleep in bed but you woke when I crawled into your bed and straddled your face. I told you I had something for you and pushed my hot, wet, used pussy onto your mouth. I began to tell you about my night and the big, black, cocks that had fucked your wife?s pussy. I told you to clean my pussy good and if I came you might get to cum too?? tomorrow when I take off your cock cage.

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