Have Massage Table, Will Trave

Have Massage Table, Will Trave
I'm in my late forties. Healthy and interested in staying that way. So I'm in good shape and like to ride my bike, walk, hike, workout at my home with weights, stretching and Martial Arts. I learned massage from the local community college to try something different after 25 years in the computer industry. Unmarried but happy, I had retired early and was enjoying finding fun and interesting things to do.

Purchased a nice second hand table with all the attachments. Assembled a collection of lotions and oils in a little black bag, and placed an add in the local papers and magazines to try massage work. The add simply read, "Have Massage Table, Will Travel" and included my number.

After a couple days I received my first call. The man on the other end of the line introduced himself as Rob. We chatted about my massage styles and availability. Near the end of the conversation he asked me a question I hadn't thought about.
"Do you come by yourself?"

I wasn't sure how to answer but thought he might be embarrassed to have someone else watching him getting massaged. Some people are like that. Not usually men though.
"Sure. I drive, and my equipment is lite."

"Do you need any special arrangements?"

Again, I thought it was an odd question but didn't want to turn down my first contact from the new ad.
"No, I'm good to go. Really."

"You sound like a nice guy. I hope you can help me. When can we meet?"

He gave me his address and contact info. We made an appointment and I planned my usual lotions based on the type of massage he wanted. But I will take my spare bag as I wanted to impress a new customer with my knowledge and variety. I thanked him for the opportunity and we hung up.

This was exciting. My first call and I've landed a customer. At least a first massage.

Three days later I was pulling my gear out of the car and into a nice home in the suburbs. High class neighborhood with a park nearby and quiet streets. When the door opened I was impressed by the shape of this guy. I'm 6 foot tall and a little thin. He was slightly shorter. Maybe 5'-10" but he was more muscular and cut. He was wearing a blue muscle shirt and black basketball shorts with sandals.

He looked me over and smiled. So, I smiled back, introduced myself and handed him my card.

"I'm Rob. Please, bring your things and follow me."

We walked down a darkened entryway into the main part of the house. The curtains were closed and the room was dimly lit but pleasant. There was plenty of room so I set up the table and asked to use the bathroom to give him time to undress and lay on the table.
?Cover yourself with the sheet and relax.?

He pulled up his shirt a little to show his abs.
"I'm not shy if you're not."

I shrugged my shoulders.
"That's fine. Any way you like it."

"I like you already."

I pointed to the table.
"Go ahead and start face down please."

He smiled and started to strip as I turned and followed his directions to the bathroom. The room was well decorated as was the rest of the house. I cleaned up and did my two minute countdown before heading back. I tried to clear my mind of Rod's peculiarities. He's a nice guy. He's just a little friendly. Don't worry. Stay centered.

He was nude and laying face down without a cover sheet, quietly waiting for my healing hands.
"Are you ready to begin?"

"If you are."

I was warming the lotions when he spoke suddenly.

"Can you open that shade?"
He pointed to the big window above the couch.

I walked over and pulled the curtains open and the bright light really lit up the space. Hmm, I was thinking he was a little shy, but it's not starting out that way. I turned around to head back to the table and caught him watching me. Some people are nervous with new people in their homes. So I thought nothing of it.

The start of the massage went normally working across the main muscles and joints. I was noticing his skin was tanned and firm. He must have been in his late thirties or early forties. He moaned on occasion and I accepted it as a compliment to my strong skillful hands. He squirmed a little as I worked the top of his legs, lower back and buttocks.

Then we were ready to flip him over to work on the neck, arms and shoulders. I told him to flip over whenever he was ready. He started by turning his head to look at me and smile. Then he turned away and rolled over.

What I saw was shocking. His dick was big. Big and stiff. I must have gotten him excited. He had an erection. This happens often but what I didn't expect was the size. I just stared at it.

He was watching me and after a couple seconds of me not moving he spoke.
"Nice huh?"

I was transfixed for some reason. I searched for something to say to cover my lack or professionalism.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stare. But, damn that thing is huge. The girls must love you."

"Everybody loves it. The guys and the girls."

I must have looked like a fool standing there with my eyes fixed on his dick. But he sounded used to it and I can see why. If my dick was that big I would want to show it to everyone.

"Go ahead you can touch it if you want."

I couldn't stop myself and reached out and grabbed the shaft about half way up with my oily hand. His dick pulsed and he smiled.

"This thing is heavy."

It pulsed again sliding in my slippery hand and I felt flush in the face, but I couldn't seem to let go or move. This was the oddest feeling. I felt impressed by it and ashamed for holding it.

"Girls always want to suck it."

?I'll bet.? I thought to myself. Still, I couldn't get myself to let go. Feeling the pulse in his dick seemed fascinating. The way it felt in my oiled hand. I tried to think about what he was talking about and ignore the feeling of the huge chunk of meat in my gripping hand.

"How do they get it in there mouth?"
I again felt flush because now my mouth was watering. I swallowed hard trying to ignore that sensation as well.

He must have noticed my reaction.
"Give it a try. I'm not embarrassed."

The thought ran through my head, "What am I doing? This is crazy." Then I found myself thinking of how I could position my head to even try to test my jaw against this monster.

As if he was hearing my thoughts he said.
"Try laying your head on my chest and just see if you can open your jaw far enough to start."

My first thought was, ?What did he say?? Then I found myself thinking if that would work. I did as he suggested and could smell his skin and the lotion and something musky. I opened my mouth pretty far and moved my mouth towards his knob. I got close enough to realize it was going to take a little more stretching. I paused, moved my jaw around a little and started again. This time I could just get to the widest part of the head but my teeth caught on the ridge. His dick responded immediately and brushed my teeth and lips.

Suddenly I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing me past the head of his dick until it reached my gag reflex. I panicked and pulled back.

"Sorry. Just teasing. Start again."

I licked my lips and tasted the flavor of his skin on them. Not unlike the flavor of nipples when you suck on them. So I thought what the heck, we're not having sex or anything. I cautiously put my head back on his chest and opened as wide as I could. This time the head passed between my teeth easier. His dick pulsed again and something salty hit my tongue. Saliva started to pool in my mouth from my glands. My reflex was to swallow and I flicked my tongue onto his dick as I did and he jumped. I backed off and couldn't hide a smile and said.
"OK. It fit."

"That wasn't such a big deal. Was it? Most can get at least half of it down on their first try."

I was still holding it in my hand and couldn't imagine something that big making it that far down someone's throat. This thought stuck in my head. I needed to respond to his response somehow.
"I would gag with less than that."

"You're right. It's really big. It's probably bigger then you could handle anyway."

He was looking at me with that daring kind of stare. Was he pulling some kind of Alpha male psychology on me? Reverse psychology or something like that? Still, the thought was stuck in my mind. I looked at it again and started thinking of how that would even work. An involuntary connection between my brain and my hand caused me to squeeze and try to bend his dick. Again it was like he could hear me think.

"Move your ass towards the head of the table and put your chin on my chest facing it this time. That gives the best angle to the throat.?

I was embarrassed and shocked but fascinated. The thought was stuck in my mind. He persisted.

?Go ahead. It helps with the gag reflex. It really does. I won't tell anyone."

I saw him look around and put his hands up as if to say, "No one will see and no one will know." I could feel my mouth go dry and I swallowed hard. This whole time I hadn't let go of his pulsing dick and my oily hand was unconsciously moving on his shaft like I was jerking myself off. A fantasy version of myself. I found myself following his directions and again opened my mouth as far as I could. This time I noticed my tongue was in the way as I tried to move his dick into my mouth. The skin was smooth and warm against my tongue and the roof of my mouth. It was so big.

The head moved towards the back of my mouth and I could feel the gag reflex again and backed off a little. I can't believe I'm doing this. I'm going to gag myself on someone's huge dick. That's enough. But before I could pull out any further he instructed me again.

"Just try this. Try sticking out your tongue as far as you can and just let the dick rub against the roof of your mouth."

Taking a deep breath I regained my composure. OK. Maybe one more try. Just to see. Again following his instruction I tried slowly. It reached the back of my mouth without a gag. I looked down to see how much was in but it was less than a third of his length. I pulled back and took another deep breath.

Suddenly he goosed me and the head popped passed my tongue and into my throat. I immediately swallowed, an involuntary action that caused me to close my mouth and slide my tongue along his shaft. He moaned and put his other hand on the back of my head again holding me in place. I tried to slide my tongue out, swallowed again and he pushed me further down. I shivered all over.

I still hadn't gagged on that huge thing. Then I thought to myself. So this is what it feels like to a woman when they suck dick. In this case a monster.

"Of yeah, that's good. See, you can do it."

He pulled me off his dick and let go of my ass. I let go of his dick finally. I could feel where he had been squeezing my butt crack. I stood up and cleared my throat. Feeling a little overwhelmed I instinctively reached for my water and took a sip.

My heart was racing and I felt flush. I couldn't get the feeling off my mind. Taking a deep breath I moved back to the table unsure about how to proceed. Should I stop? Should I finish the massage? What is he expecting now? What will I do if he wants to go farther? His uncanny ability to read my thoughts brought me back and answered one question.

"Try again. This time drop your pants."

Even after drinking some water I could taste his skin and that slightly salty aftertaste. My body was sweaty and I could tell my dick was staying hard. I hadn't been this excited in a while.

OK. What the hell. This hasn't been one of my goals in life. But now I'm getting turned on by a guy and he's telling me to drop my pants and suck his huge dick. I love deep throat from the women I've had sex with and always wondered how they could do it, how it felt and if they are excited by it. Curiosity killed the cat?

I dropped my pants exposing my comparatively small dick. Turned my bare ass towards the head of the table again and placed my chin back in position. He rubbed my ass kindly and gave it a small spank. Then as I opened my mouth to take in this huge tool he slid his fingers between my cheeks and brushed my anus. My button puckered. I paused for a moment and I felt him push my ass encouraging me toward his still hard dick. Then he calmly said.

"Let me guide you.?

I started to doubt what I was doing. I couldn't think or answer. I got weak in the knees and I closed my eyes just as he gently pushed the back of my head down towards his dick. I automatically grabbed the shaft and opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and involuntarily drooled onto his chest. I licked the head and then closed my mouth just on the head and pulled it out making a popping sound just like the way the women did it when they did it to me.

He moaned.
"That's nice."

I licked it again and popped it in and out of my mouth a couple times.

"Now you're getting it."

He was still rubbing my ass crack and flicking my button making me shutter. I started licking the shaft then the head trying to remember how women do it to me. Then I put his dick in my mouth again as far as I could. He grabbed my butt cheek and I jerked my head, but he was again holding my head down, keeping his dick right at the edge.

His dick pulsed and he eased up a little then persisted both at my ass and head. I relaxed my mouth and tongue to allow the monster to slip past the point where it enters my throat. He started a rhythm that pushed against my head and ass forcing me further down his long thick shaft. The feeling of it sliding with the rhythm made me forget my concerns. He moaned and I felt proud that I had accomplished something he liked.

Then he pulled back out a little and back in a few times letting me get used to the depth. In and out like that for a few more times, I couldn't count. My head was reeling and my legs were weak. I hadn't even noticed my hands were now rubbing his chest and I was jerking off his shaft. He was gentle but firm slowly fucking his dick in and out of my throat.

He must have noticed I was relaxing and getting into it because every so often he would stick his finger in my ass a little and push me further down his dick until I was past halfway. I couldn't stop as I was getting very excited and could feel my own dick hard and bumping in to the table with the rhythm.

He stopped pushing with his hand and I pulled off to lick and slobber his shaft with my spit before trying again on my own accord to get it back in as far as it was. He directed and encouraged me.

"That's nice.?
?Keep going.?
?See how much you can get in there.?
?Your a natural.?

He moved his hand from my ass then it was back and slicked up my crack with his own spit. I kept sliding his dick in and out of my throat, rubbing my tongue around the head from time to time tasting his pre-cum. He was playing with my ass and sticking his finger further up to the rhythm.

Then pulling on my head hair trying to extricate his dick from my labors, testing my resolving in sucking his huge dick. It was exciting and challenging as I tried to pull away from his grasp and further down his slick shaft. I was lost in the experience. His hips started to twitch and fuck my mouth on his own while he finger fucked my poor asshole. Wondering what would happen next he surprised me by providing instructions again.

"Maybe we should change positions."

I was swimming in a mix of strong emotions by now and could only follow directions.

"Take off your clothes and move to the couch by the front window."

Like his dutiful dog, I dropped the rest of my clothes and wobbled weak legged for the couch. On the way I grabbed a towel from my bag and a couple lotion bottles that might be useful from my extra bag. I didn't think this would be the reason I needed these, but opportunity is where you find it. I wiped my face with the towel and then my ass, covered the place on the couch I was going to sit and placed the bottles close by.

I sat and watched him walking over. His dick was bobbing as he walked. It wasn't as stiff and I could see a little glistening at the tip. The shaft was shinny from my slobber. He walked right up to me. Even sitting back on the couch the tip of his tool was less than a foot from my face. He saw I was staring at his dick. He grabbed it and pointed it at my mouth. His ability to read my thoughts hadn't diminished.

"Go ahead. Lick it off."

I could see the drop on the tip was getting bigger and almost ready to drip on the floor. Taking a deep breath I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and leaned forward. His per-cum was not as salty as it was earlier. It was warm and the flavor was intriguing.

He pumped his hand up the shaft squeezing any pre-cum from his dick and the flavor filled my mouth.

"I'm going to teach you a special technique."

He pulled his dick out of my mouth then grabbed the hair on the top of my head.

"Stick your tongue out when I slide in."

Obediently I responded as he slowly slid in till he bottomed out at the back of my mouth. My gag reflex was numb and I just waited for his next instructions.

"Now, press your tongue up towards the roof of your mouth.?

There wasn't much room in there but I tried my best to comply.

?Then pull your tongue in as far as you can and swallow as I slide out."

Again I followed his instruction to the letter as he slowly slid out until his head was at my teeth. Then we repeated the practice a couple times to get the timing right. His dick was starting to stiffen again as I kept up the exercise. Suddenly he pulled my head back and off his thick dick.

"That's the way. Now let's trade places."

I stood up and he sat down. Sitting on the edge of the couch, he could reach my average sized hard on with his mouth, he licked my head and reached around with one hand to my ass. He started to rub my puckered hole, which was still a little tender. My legs were shaking a little as he pushed against my ass.

Picking up one of the bottles I had gathered, I handed it to him. He must have recognized the label and applied some to his fingers then returned to massaging my tender ass. All the time slowly playing with my dick in his mouth.

When he slid his finger in to my ass this time, it went much smoother. He was wiggling his finger around when he hit a spot or two that nearly caused my knees to collapse. I went flush in the face again. Luckily the couch braced my legs and I just hovered there being sucked and finger fucked. My eyes closed as I got lost in the intense feelings.

He pushed his finger in deeper and I pushed back this time. His finger was going in and out easily and I could feel when he made the slightest move. I was rocking my hips fucking his finger back now. Again and again until my involuntary movement wrested my dick from his mouth.

He smiled up at me and I think he could tell I wasn't sure what to do next.
"Lay down in my lap."

I looked down at his dick staring up at me from between his legs. He pulled his finger from my ass letting me dropping to my knees, I leaned forward to suck his dick into my mouth as I tried lifting my weak legs onto the couch. But, before I could get arranged he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me across his legs so my ass was just at his legs.

He pinned my face in the couch cushion and spanked my butt a couple times. I felt like a bad boy being scolded.

"This is going to hurt a little."

I tried to respond but before I could move he stabbed two fingers deep in my ass. Thank heavens for the bottle of lube. It still startled me and hurt. I cried out but couldn't be heard, it was muffled by the cushion. He held me there, face in the couch, fingers nearly to his fist up my ass. My body shook. I started to wonder what I had let myself get into when he pulled out sharply and thrust back in the full depth of his fingers and held them firm. Again I cried out but lower this time. More like a groan.

Now I was really wondering. Is he preparing my ass to handle his monster? The thought made me panic. I wiggled a little in fright of the thought but he only thrust in again and then again and holding my face to the cushion. I tensed up for a few seconds thinking what now? The feeling and the excitement got the best of me as he slowed his thrusting rhythm. He was gentler now and created a rocking motion in my whole body which became a slow two finger fuck.

Every so often he would wiggle his fingers deep in my ass and I'd twitch involuntarily. After a few minutes of slow thrusting I could feel my dick getting hard. My ass was tingling and I was getting very excited. The fear of being fucked slipped out of my thoughts as I began to get into the rhythm. I had never thought about being gay or bi but was beginning to see how people could learn to enjoy it.

Suddenly I realized he wasn't holding my head down anymore. This is crazy. Now I was thrusting my hips to the rhythm. Moaning more often now, I started to quiver and I could feel ass spasms like an orgasm but I didn't cum. My whole body stiffened and my groin was hot. I was lightheaded and my whole body went flush in a light sweat.

As if that's what he was expecting he stopped and waited for me stop shaking then slowly pulled his fingers free. I was breathing heavy and my head was again swimming. I just laid there catching my breath lost in the pulse rushing through my body. He must have planned this somehow. I didn't know what to do but his instructions were right on queue.

"Get down on all fours in front of me."

Hearing this my head snapped up with my eyes wide. Is this it? He's going to do me doggy style right here, right now? He's going to stick that monster in my ass? I just froze.

"Get moving."

I slowly started to move and turned to look him in the face as I lifted my head off the couch. He must have sensed my trepidation.

"Turn towards me and place your chin on the cushion between my legs. Let's see how much of my dick you can get in your throat now?"

It sighed relief at the time and I thought, "better in the mouth then the ass." When I got down on the floor, I walked like a dog towards his master knowing he had a chew toy. He had noticed the flavored lube bottle and was placing a liberal amount on the head of his partly limp tool. I placed my chin on the edge of the couch like he said and looked up at him then down at his lubed knob. Even with Rob sitting back on the couch the tip of his dick was barely inches from my mouth.

"Move forward a little more."

As I complied he slid forward to meet me and placed his monster's head in my open and drooling mouth. The Cherry flavored lube caused me to lick and swallow. This time his dick didn't respond. Then he proceeded to rock his hips back and forth. The movement was comfortable and the position made for easy access. I was starting to feel his dick get longer as he became more aroused. Soon he was stiff and had reached past my mouth to move in and out of my throat with each stroke.

I closed my eyes and just felt his head pushing in and out of the top of my throat. It felt like it was running over a speed bump in there. He was wiggling around and it felt like his was working it a little deeper.

"Yeah. Just like that. You really like this don't you??

All I could do to answer him was moan between strokes. My eyes still shut. He must have liked my response as he started speeding up his strokes. I was lost in his rhythm. I wasn't noticing how deep he was getting.

He made sure to pull out far enough to let me breath every few strokes. It seemed to take longer to pull out to that point were I could breath each time he did it. I felt him shift again.

?Let's make a little adjustment.?

He reached under my throat at my jaw with his hand and pulled me forward until my shoulders just reached the edge of the couch. He was shifting around but all I could tell was his dick was stimulating something of the animal in me.

?You're doing great.?

My eyes were still closed. From the feeling he was pretty deep and I could tell he was really working my throat but was almost afraid to look. He kept fucking that monster in and out while I just laid there. The head of his dick was really swollen now and I could feel it rubbing down my throat nearly to my chest. Now it was a long pull out to catch a breath.

"Just a little more."

This brought me back to reality. That's when I opened my eyes and realized he had nearly his whole length in. I pulled back slightly but found he had his legs wrapped under my armpits holding me to the edge of the couch. It wasn't hurting or uncomfortable but I was shocked and amazed that the monster was so far down my neck.

I watched now in amazement as he reached his other hand to the back of the couch and lifted his weight from the couch. Fucking my throat with longer strokes, he pushed harder into my face. I was caught between his legs holding me against the couch and his thrusting hips.

?Here we go.?

Now he was pounding his full length in and out. His pubic hair just touching my nose. The smell was thick and I was finding myself getting excited, my dick getting hard. The pounding rhythm, smell and the idea of that monster choking me was too much.

"You're almost there. Start using that technique I taught you."

I was lost in watching his hips and dick pumping against my face.

?You can do it. Stay with me.?

First I had to remember what he had told me and then tried to do it with his dick so far down my throat. When I started working with the rhythm I noticed his head was getting bigger and the smell and taste were changing. Getting muskier and saltier.

He started thrusting slower but more forceful. He gripped my throat again and I could feel the increase in his excitement. He stroked my throat like he was jerking off his huge dick and my throat was his masturbation tool.

"Here.." thrust, "it.." thrust, "comes!" thrust.

He froze and shook, a feeling I'm quite familiar with. His monster swelled in pulses and I tried to match them like he instructed. Doing my best to move my tongue and swallowing with each thrust. Seven, eight, nine or more thrusts, I lost count. I just tried to keep going. This continued until he slowed and started to relax. He slumped back to the couch and loosened his grip on my neck. His softening dick slid out all at once and I coughed out of reflex gasping for air.

"Yeah! Best massage ever."

He handed me the towel so I could wipe the drool and other fluids from my face and the lube from my ass. That's when my brain returned from it's short break. I didn't know what to say. I didn't expect this. I kind of instigated it. His dick was huge. It disrupted my plans and I couldn't continue the massage. We just got sidetracked, right? Or did he take advantage of me and the situation?

Getting dressed I collected my things and got ready to leave. I felt embarrassed but affectionate. I did just join in an intimate act but was very confused on what it really was.
?Well, I don't know what to say. Or how to say it.?

He just patted me on the shoulder and smiled.
"Don't take it so hard. Get it? Here's your fee and a little tip. Can I call you again?"
He waved my card in the air.

I was so weak and groggy from the ordeal that I just smiled. He helped me to my car in silence and waved goodbye as I drove off.

On my way home I started thinking what just happened. Did I just have a sexual encounter? Was I just paid for sex? An offer for a massage that's disguising a sexual act. What was I to think of this now and what if he calls again. This kind of flies in my moral windshield. I rubbed my throat and swallowed hard. My ass was still twitching in the car seat. Every bump was met with mixed emotions.

I made it home and found another message on the answering machine. A man's voice was heard to say.

"Hi. Just saw your add in the magazine. Are you available in the next couple days? Do you take directions well? Call me back."

Absentmindedly I rubbed my throat. What next?

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