A lonely lady has an encounter in a hotel

A lonely lady has an encounter in a hotel
I?ve always had a love of being alone in hotel rooms. It?s a time to be away from partners and loved ones and a time to relax with no-one to interrupt your thought patterns or your lustful needs. But then sometimes an interruption, whether planned or otherwise can lead to even more exciting encounters.

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Emma had planned a quiet night in her hotel room until she discovered an even better way to relax.

Room Service for One

Emma was tired! She was getting too old for this, even at 37. All she wanted to do was check into her Mayfair hotel, go to her room for a hot shower and then unwind with a drink. A full day of meetings with ?so called? important people had drained her totally. Yes she might have been dealing with contracts worth in excess of ?1.6 million but now she was exhausted and knew that she faced the same tomorrow before flying back north to Scotland.

Emma always hated coming to London. It just seemed like a city of noise. With endless traffic jams and even more people jams she felt she couldn?t move most of time, let alone think! London seemed so fast in every way, in comparison to her nice ?quiet? life in her house on the outskirts of Glasgow. Just far enough out of the city and with stunning views of Loch Lomond on her doorstep.

Having checked into the Millennium in Mayfair she took her small suitcase and headed to the lift. Pressing the button for the 7th floor it rose and let her out onto a carpeted hallway. Checking her key number she proceeded to her room and let herself in with a sigh of relief.

Placing her case down on the stand she lifted the receiver of the phone and dialed the restaurant downstairs. Immediately a foreign sounding gentleman replied and took her order for room service advising it would take around 15 minutes. Smiling she replaced the phone on the hook and loosened her business suit jacket feeling more relaxed already. With 15 minutes Emma knew she would have time for a quick shower and that would really help the way she was feeling. Walking into the spotless bathroom she flicked on the shower before sliding the zip on her skirt until it fell to the floor. Her stockings and panties followed and finally her oversized bra. Reaching into the cubicle she felt the water and feeling it was at the right temperature she stepped in under the water. The warmth of the water immediately felt good and took the winter chill of her skin. Leaning forward against the bathroom wall she felt the needle like jets massage her aching back muscles.

Emma was almost feeling drowsy as she enjoyed the brief moment of just her and the water before turning to allow the water to cascade down over her curvy body at the front. The combination of drowsiness and the hot water beating down onto her 36E breasts first made her nipples enlarge and as she brushed her soft skin with her soapy hands, her pussy started to tingle. She eased a hand down between her legs and enjoyed the luxury of the moment to simply caress herself, intimately. Her mind wandered to her boyfriend, or ex in his case. She and he had split up a month ago. Or to put it more factual, she had kicked him out of her house having caught him with her best friend! Emma hadn?t had sex since. In all honesty she had been too busy to do anything. Or at least kept herself busy. Hence the reason she was now in London instead of being at home. She closed her eyes and felt her wet soapy fingers sliding softly over her vagina lips. It felt good. It felt very good!

As the water continued to cascade over her voluptuous form, her fingers finally found her hard clit that was waiting impatiently for some kind attention. She was just about to begin to masturbate when her self-indulgent thoughts were interrupted as she heard a knock at the door. A young man?s voice followed. ?Room service!? This was followed by another louder knock.

Emma reluctantly turned off the shower. ?Just a minute!? She called out before pulling on a toweling bathrobe. Then she went to answer the door. Opening the door she saw a young male waiter with a silver tray and her food covered. ?Oh thanks!? She smiled. ?Can you put it on the table please?? Emma turned to her side to allow the waiter past and walked to the dressing table reaching for her purse to find some change as a tip. The waiter stood patiently looking at the female guest. He noticed her blonde hair now wet and pulled back from her pretty face. He also noticed her bare, wet legs, the robe only coming to half way down her thigh. And, much to his interest he also noticed that since she was fumbling with her purse, the bathrobe had slipped open exposing a full and soft breast for him to see in all its glory. He looked at the large brown nipple still slightly puffy from Emma?s earlier exploits in the shower and he felt his cock start to harden. He was just about to excuse himself, knowing that he would be sacked if he was caught doing anything with any guests when Emma, now clasping some pound coins turned to look at him.

And she could see that he was staring directly at her breasts that were now both exposed to his hungry eyes. ?Oh, um, I?m sorry!? Emma said feeling her cheeks flush as she pulled her roe around herself, consciously. The waiter simply smiled and pocketed the money that she had offered him before he returned his gaze to her oversized but now covered chest. He knew he was taking a real chance but he also knew he would be walking with a limp for the rest of his shift if he didn?t do something about his semi erect cock. He looked at Emma?s face and smiled.
?I liked what I saw, please don?t worry!? He said firmly and watched as Emma?s cheeks flushed again. ?In fact!? Continued the waiter, ?I?d love to see them both and see more of you!? He grinned at her, his eyes looking deep into hers.

Emma was totally taken aback. Not just by his directness but she could feel her pussy becoming drenched with juice again, as it had a few moments ago under her own expert fingers. ?Um, don?t you have work to do?? She stammered almost pathetically thinking of something to say. The waiter glanced at his watch and grinned. ?I finish in 4 hours, but I am due a break now!? He smiled as he suddenly moved towards her, his hands reaching out to take hold of the fluffy toweling material. Without thinking or moving Emma simply watched as his hand snapped out and pulled the robe open exposing her plump curvy body. She looked and saw his eyes, now hungry for what she had to offer him. She felt her pussy start to tingle again. ?Oh fuck, baby!? He exclaimed. ?You are fucking gorgeous!?

Momentarily stunned, Emma didn?t even react as she watched in what seemed like slow motion, as the waiter pushed the robe from her bare shoulders to the floor expose her full naked body. Seconds later he had cupped her big soft breasts caressing her large nipples with his thumbs. His eyes were glued to her chest and she felt her nipples tingling sending electric pulses around her body. The waiter wasted no time in lifting a heavy breast up to his hungry mouth before sucking on the thickening nipple greedily! Emma couldn?t hold back and let out a long moan from deep within her body. This was the only invitation the waiter needed to press his advantage as he pushed the older woman gently down onto the bed. Without waiting she felt as he spread her thighs wide apart.

Her trimmed blonde curly bush couldn?t hide the fact that her pussy was in a state of agitation and needed some immediate relief! All Emma wanted was to have an orgasm. A big and beautiful orgasm and hard cum! And if this young man could give it to her, well, that was just fine with her! She was past caring how it happened, she just wanted it to happen. She saw the hunger in the waiter?s eyes as he started to undress in front of her. It was the same hunger that was in her boyfriend?s eyes the first time they had met all those years ago. It was a hunger for her, for her plump body and big breasts. A lust to have her in any and every way. Emma shivered with excitement as she watched the young man reach down to the final item, his boxers, and slide them down. She almost purred excitedly as a thick hard cock bounced out in front of him, at least 7 inches long and cut exposing the bulbous mushroom head. Emma just wanted it now! She wanted it inside her, fucking her cunt, like she hadn?t had for so long.

She pushed her hips out towards him as an open invitation for him to take her there and then! But he clearly had other ideas, having not taken his eyes from her breasts as he had undressed. She watched as he walked around to the side of the bed and let his hard cock throb just above her open mouth. Seconds later he was slapping it against her face, first her cheeks and then her lips and she could feel it leaking precum on her soft skin.

But he didn?t need to ask, as Emma opened her lips and lifted her head as she took, first the wet cock head, then part of the shaft into her hungry mouth. Probably quite naturally for him, he reached down with both hands and clasped her big soft and now very tender breasts, squeezing them as he did. Emma was in a hard sucking motion now as he held the cock tight between her lips and swirled her tongue all over the smooth mushroom head. He clearly liked what she was doing and started to rock his hips as he started to fuck her mouth. This inevitably led to him jerking his hips faster before pausing as Emma felt his cock expand even further in her mouth. Then with a loud moan from the waiter, who was towering above her, his hands on her breasts, his cock jerked and flooded her mouth with spurt after spurt of hot cum! He groaned again as his cock throbbed in her mouth. Finally she felt it start to wilt slightly having emptied its contents down her throat and pulled out of her. His cock was semi erect and covered with saliva and cum. Emma?s eyes were shining with lust as she reached out and caressed his cock and balls grinning as she felt him start to harden again in her soft hands.

He grinned. ?You wanna fuck now, don?t you, you dirty bitch!? She simply nodded, her eyes never leaving his. He climbed between Emma?s thighs and smiled up at her. ?Well, you asked for it!? Seconds later he was drilling his hard cock between her sopping pussy lips all the way in, then out and back in quickly.
Emma gasped letting out little moans of pleasure as she did. ?Yes!? She gasped again. ?Fuck me, yes harder!?

Hearing the older plump lady begging for more was driving the waiter into a frenzy as he slammed his thick hard cock in and out of her. And within minutes the weeks and months of frustration that Emma had experienced since her breakup suddenly bubbling to the surface as she felt the familiar tingling of an orgasm on its way. Her cunt muscles gripped tightly to the hard cock until she finally gave in and felt her body start to shake and convulse in a long awaited orgasm. She trembled and moaned as she felt her cunt squirt as she came over and over again. But the waiter was withdrawing???.She tried to pull him back in but he was stronger and within minutes he was out. And she quickly guessed his intentions as he straddled her chest and reaching down lifted her big heavy breasts around his rock hard cock shaft. He started to fuck her breasts in long slow motions as she reached around him sliding her fingers against his tight arsehole, just tickling the star with her fingernail. This was clearly too much for him as he moaned again and shuddered in a second mind blowing orgasm as his cock head exploded spewing a huge load of cum deep into her breast flesh, some hitting her chin.

He rolled off her and glanced at his watch. ?My break is over!? He grinned and Emma, with his cum still dribbling down her neck and chest smiled. ?I guess you gotta go then!? She said almost sadly as she watched him rise from the bed and start to dress. He turned to look at her before he walked out of the door. ?Um, thanks!? He said before looking at his watch again. ?But I do finish in just under 4 hours?????I could come back if you wanted??

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