Tied bbw auntie 2.

Tied bbw auntie 2.
For a long time Martin stood there on his knees behind his aunt's
upturned buttocks. Sweat dripped into his eyes, stinging them with
salt. He gazed with satisfaction at the sweetly rounded asscheeks
pressed against his crotch, with his mammoth cock thrust between them.
As the last throbs of his climax ebbed away, he watched jism trickle
from Jacqui's overflowing asshole. It ran in white streams down the
insides of her thighs.
The woman let out a luxurious sigh and rubbed her cheeks dreamily
on the carpet. "That was nice," she purred. She wagged her butt
slightly around the still-rigid spar of her nephew's cock. "When do we
do it again?"
"Right away." Martin put his palms on the pale ass cheeks and
pushed away. Inch by inch his giant prick came out of his aunt's ass,
dripping with his come.
"Ahhhhhh," Jacqui said in satisfaction. "That feels good. It's
been so long since I've had a cock in my ass."
With a little grunt of exertion, Martin pulled the rest of his
prick out of her butt. It dangled between his hairy, muscular thighs,
drooling jism. Spend leaked out of Jacqui's still-slackened asshole.
He bent down and kissed it.
The taste of his own come was tart in his mouth as he pressed his
lips to the woman's butthole. She moved her hips from side to side and
pushed her trim ass back against his face.
"Oh -- ahhhhhhhh," she murmured as her nephew slipped his tongue up
her butt. "That feels strange -- different. But nice, very nice."
Martin didn't hear her. He'd never eaten a woman's ass before.
The sensation was unusual and delightful. Different, as his aunt had
said. The small pucker of Jacqui's asshole was dry and rubbery. Her
asshole itself, when he slid his tongue inside it, was tight and hot and
slick with his come.
As he tongued her anus, he brought up a hand to cup her cunt bun,
teasing a finger between her pendulous pussy lips. He was rewarded by a
moan of pleasure and a cascade of hot sauce from his aunt's snatch that
filled his hand.
Martin's tongue felt good up Jacqui's butt. It was as new an
experience for her as for her randy nephew. Her sex life with her ex-
husband had been rich and varied, before Jacqui had finally gotten fed
up with his infidelity. He had enjoyed fucking his long-legged wife up
the ass, but had never tried licking her butthole.
The blond youth eagerly swirled his tongue around inside his aunt's
asshole till it was clean of his come. Then he sat up, licking his
lips. From his knees he surveyed the naked exposure of Jacqui's back
and butt.
"Hmmm," he said. Then he hauled back and gave the woman a stinging
slap across her ass.
"Yipe!" Jacqui yelped. Her body straightened as she shot forward
on the carpet. She lay on her stomach, panting. The tips of her tits
burned from their rapid slide over the rough carpet.
"What's the big idea?" the nude woman demanded. She felt gingerly
at her butt. Her skin was warm to the touch where her nephew's hand had
The camera clicked again. "Just a new game I've thought up,"
Martin told her. "How long has it been since you've been spanked?"
It took Jacqui a few moments to catch what her nephew was getting
at. Then she exploded in a fury of movement, pulling her legs and arms
beneath her and trying to scuttle away from the muscular young man.
That swat on the ass hurt, and while her nephew was a helluva good fuck,
she had a feeling she wasn't going to care much for this new game of
Martin let his aunt get halfway to the stairs. Then in a few easy
bounds he was on her. His strong arms wrapped around her wrist, he
picked her up and hauled her kicking and struggling back into the room.
"Let me go!" Jacqui demanded. She was flushing hotly all over her
naked body. Her toothsome tits were a fetching rosy hue. "Put me down
this instant!"
Her nephew obeyed by dumping her unceremoniously on all fours
beside the pool table. She tried to get up again, but then he was on
top of her, straddling her, pinning her face down on the floor with his
weight. She flailed and kicked and cried out indignantly. To her fury,
all her exertions seemed to do was amuse her nephew. Laughing
uproariously, he trapped both his aunt's slender wrists in one large
hand. Then he picked up a nylon rope lying on the floor nearby and tied
her wrists together with one end. The other he lashed to a stout leg of
the pool table, leaving about a foot of play in the rope.
The weight came off of Jacqui's back. She rolled over. Her nephew
was standing looking down at her with a look of satisfaction on his
handsome face. His prick stuck out almost straight from the tawny
tangle of his bush, she noted. "Wh-what are you going to do with me?"
the naked, bound librarian asked her nephew quiveringly.
Martin's smile broadened. A wicked glitter came into his green
eyes. "Why, I'm going to spank you," he said. "You've been a bad, bad
At the look on Martin's face, Jacqui's pulse quickened with fear.
Or was it more than that? Her dilated nostrils seemed to detect a fresh
tang of pussy sauce in the air.
A sudden, strange feeling of coldness came over Jacqui. Was she
getting turned on at the idea that her powerful, masculine nephew was
about to spank her bare, defenseless buttocks? At the feel of having
her wrists helplessly bound together by a nylon rope?
She didn't have much time to think about it. Martin plopped down
beside her on the floor and hauled her effortlessly across his knee.
"Wait, hold it," she pleaded. "Can't we reason this ou-OOOOOUUUUCH!"
Martin raised his hands from a white buttcheek blazing with the
scarlet imprint of his palm. His hand stung from the force of the blow.
He could feel his aunt quivering in his lap.
What was this feeling he had? His pulse pounded in his ears. He
was extremely horny, all of a sudden, despite coming off spectacularly
in his aunt's asshole not five minutes ago. He could feel the tip of
his cock poking into Jacqui's soft belly. But it was more than mere
lust he was feeling now. It was ... power.
The camera clicked. He swung again, a looping overhand swat.
"Yiiiiii!" Jacqui squealed. She jackknifed violently. Her long legs
flashed in the air.
Again Martin hit her, and again. Then he was raining blows
furiously on his aunt's upturned buttocks. With a sound like wet sails
snapping in the wind, he spanked those luscious bare asscheeks for all
he was worth.
Jacqui was crying and pleading with him to stop. The tears ran
freely down her face. The rope was rubbing her wrists raw, but showed
no signs of giving way. She was trapped, despite her struggles.
Heat radiated from the upturned ass. The once-snowy hills of ass
flesh glowed a deep cherry red. It seemed to the aroused youth that he
could feel the smarting in his aunt's abused ass.
Sweat streamed down his face. His muscles were getting sore from
his relentless onslaught on Jacqui's ass. She bounced around in his
lap, flopping and squirming with the pain.
Sweat-covered flesh slid over sweat-covered flesh. Martin became
aware of something else. From somewhere cool wetness was running down
onto one bare thigh.
His nostrils, spread wide to drink huge breaths of air into his
hungry lungs, gave him the answer. She was getting turned on! Her
pussy was watering with renewed desire, and the fragrant juices were
spilling out of her cunt mouth and leaking onto his leg.
So he wasn't the only one getting horny from spanking his librarian
aunt! But his victim wasn't the only one hurting either. The palm of
his right hand throbbed with pain from hitting her ass.
The tempo of his blows slowed as he looked about the room. Jacqui
wagged her glowing butt, as though demanding him to get back to the
serious business of spanking her. He saw that his jeans were lying
within easy reach, so he leaned over and snagged them by the belt loops.
Unaware of what her nephew was up to, Jacqui lay limply across his
knees. She was breathing heavily, and not only from the brisk exercise
she'd been getting. "You like it?" the young man asked her, pulling the
thick brown belt out of its loops. "You dig being spanked?"
Jacqui shook her head. A stinging swat landed on her already sore
butt. "Aiii!" she cried. "Yes! Yes, damn you -- I like it! Why are
you stopping?"
Martin wrapped his fingers around the belt buckle. He wound the
leather strap several turns around his hand till about a foot dangled
from his fist. "I'm not," he said, drawing a bead on that ripe, beet-
red ass. "Just taking a breather."
With that he swung the belt and brought it down right between the
cheeks of his aunt's ass.
It was as though an electric shock had blasted though her shiny
nude body. She jerked so hard she bounced clear off her nephew's lap.
"Yeeeeee! OOOOOOWWWWWW!" she wailed. When she landed it knocked the
breath out of the boy.
He drew back his arm and struck again. Once more the leather
cracked on Jacqui's butt. She squealed, and her calves thrashed in the
Martin's aim wasn't to inflict any permanent damage. It was just
what he'd told Jacqui -- to try something new. And something was
telling him he'd struck paydirt. His aunt screamed and fought
convincingly enough when the blows landed, and sobbed in between, but
the sobs weren't sobs of pain -- they were sobs of passion!
He had a lap full of incredibly aroused, naked woman!
"How do you like this?" he asked. Jacqui shook her head. He
slapped her ass lightly with the belt, making her jump more with
surprise than pain. "Well?"
"Nuh -- nooo!" the woman wailed. "Stop it!"
Martin leered down at her. "You don't want me to do this any
more?" Leather slapped loudly on bare flesh.
"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Jacqui screeched. "No -- yes! I don't know -- just
don't hurt me anymore!"
"Then what do you want me to do?"
"Leave me alone!"
Crack! The naked body bucked. The camera clicked.
"What do you want?" Crack! "Tell the truth!" Crack!
"Stop -- oooowwww! I just want you to stop spanking me!
"Is that all?" Martin planted three stiff blows smack on the narrow
crevice of his aunt's tightly-clenched butt. "Is that all you want?"
Crack! "Yes!" Click-crack! "Yeeaiii! Yes -- no! No, it's not!"
Martin let the belt rest like a tail across the heaving pink
buttocks. "Then what do you want?"
Jacqui opened her mouth to answer and found she couldn't!
The naked librarian wanted to scream out to her nephew, "Fuck me --
fuck me hard!" But she was somehow inhibited. In the heat of passion,
when his incredibly huge cock was pistoning in and out of her sopping
cunt, she had found it easy enough to vocalize her lust and need and joy
-- in terms the prim and proper Ms. Jacqueline Hyde of Memorial Library
would have found shockingly graphic!
But this was different. Somehow she couldn't say the words her
slavering pussy demanded that she say. This was her nephew, after all!
Martin seemed to sense his aunt's discomfort. He was getting
incredibly turned on by the cat and mouse game he was playing with her.
He was dominating his naked, lovely, wanton aunt completely and he was
loving every minute of it!
"What is it you want?" he asked again. He lifted his arm.
"I can't -- aiiiiieeeee!" She had relaxed her ass unconsciously.
The belt came down hard right on the pucker of her asshole! The pain
was exquisite.
Yes, it was exquisite! She was actually enjoying the pain! "Can't
tell you!"
Martin snapped the tip of the belt like a whip at his aunt's left
butt cheek. "What is it you want?"
"I want you to fuck me," Jacqui said in a small voice.
Bang! "AIIIYITCH!" Jacqui shrilled. "I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME,
Martin threw the belt away. "You should have told me before!" he
said, spilling the naked woman off onto the floor. She fell heavily on
her side.
"Oof!" she said. Strong fingers grasped her thigh. Martin was
kneeling behind her ass, lifting her leg into the air. One hand held
his cock. He bent the throbbing prick down to aim its wedge-shaped head
right at his aunt's oozing pussy.
Jacqui looked down. Her amber eyes opened wide as she saw that
magnificent prick approaching her cunt. "Oh yes!" she cried in delight,
and reached down to spread her pussy lips to receive that gorgeous cock.
Only she couldn't. Her hands were still tied! She flushed with
embarrassment, and then the head of Martin's cock touched her wide-open
Electric pleasure thrilled along her nerves. "Hurry up," she
cried. All her inhibitions were forgotten in the sudden surge of need
that filled her body. "Fuck that great big cock into my hungry pussy!"
But Martin wasn't through toying with his lusty aunt. He inserted
the tip of his prick between the juicy twat lips and stood, reveling in
the feel of the woman's ravenous pussy kissing his prick.
"Hurry up!" Jacqui cried again. Her ass came off the carpet in an
attempt to impale her pussy on that maddening shaft of prick. It did no
good. Her arms were stretched out above her head, and the rope that
bound them was taut between her wrists and the leg of the pool table.
"Fuck me, dammit -- fuck me hard!"
Martin grinned lewdly. His hips inched forward. The cock-head
moved ahead to be swallowed by the pink-lipped pussy. "Like it?"
"You know it!" his aunt gritted. Every muscle in her lithe, lean
body was taut with lust.
The blond-haired youngster eased another inch of turgid prick into
the morass of his aunt's pussy. Then his own self control broke. With
a grunt he drove every inch of his cock into Jacqui's needy snatch!
"Aaaaaaaaah!" Two voices gave one protracted moan of sheer carnal
joy. For a moment they poised, Martin's cock buried full-length in
Jacqui's cunt. The sensitive walls of her pussy sheath soaked up every
gentle tremor of his pulse, through that cunt swallowed, gigantic cock.
Pointing her toes like a dancer, Jacqui bent her leg and ran it
between her nephew's thighs, so that one tapering white leg was pointing
in the air, leaning against one of her nephew's shoulders, and he was
straddling the other. The movement made Martin's fat prick twist her
pussy walls deliciously. "Mmmmmmmmmm," she sighed.
"Likewise, I'm sure," her nephew said. In the stillness of the
room, the action of the camera's automatic shutter was shockingly loud.
As though stirred by the reminder that every erotic action was
being recorded on film, Martin rotated his hips experimentally, stirring
his cock around inside Jacqui's greasy, sweet-smelling pussy.
Again they shared a moan of near-ecstasy, Martin bit his lip. He
was getting close to coming, and that wouldn't do at all. He wanted to
wring every ounce of pleasure from fucking his lovely, tied-up aunt
sideways before he pumped his jism into her clinging snatch!
Holding a pale thigh with both hands, he pulled back his enormous
prick. It came out of Jacqui's cunt with a loud sucking noise.
Jacqui's cunt clung lovingly to the pole of her nephew's cock. As he
had the day before, he wondered at the almost virgin tightness of his
aunt's pussy. The same exercise with which she kept her figure
girlishly slim must have kept her cunt in excellent shape as well!
The naked woman was still awestruck at the size of her nephew's
cock. It seemed to fill her whole body! Lying on her side with the
carpet rubbing roughly against her bare flank at every shuddering impact
of that cock thundering into her pussy, she reveled in the most complete
feeling of sexual completion she'd ever known. Even the slick nylon
cord biting her wrists, and the warm glow from her well paddled butt,
added to her enjoyment of being fucked by her well-hung nephew.
Did that mean she was a masochist? Part of her wondered, as
Martin's cock came out of her slobbering pussy. Then the youth slammed
his big prick home again in a welter of cunt honey, and all thought was
driven from his aunt's mind.
"Ahhhhhhh!" she cried. Martin's cock was in her snatch so far that
her pussy lips were wrapped partway around his taut, goose-fleshed ball
sac. "Gahhh -- God! I'm about to -!"
A violent contraction of every muscle in her body choked her words
off abruptly. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut. Her nipples seemed
to vibrate like little tuning forks, suddenly sensitive to every wafting
air current in the basement.
She was vividly alive, more alive than she'd ever been! She heard
the soft gurgle of Martin's cock marinating in her cunt sauces, smelled
their sweat mingling, the rankness of her greedy twat. Above all, she
felt that cock, that glorious, gorgeous, enormous cock, filling her
pussy, her belly, her body and soul, pulsing with masculine life,
seeming to swell, stretching her pussy walls beyond the point of no
Then the universe dissolved in a glare of lights that made the
floodlights seem dim. Her pussy slid half off Martin's prick as her
body suddenly doubled up, then squelched back hard down the length of
cock, swallowing it, devouring it, demanding more as Jacqui came and
came again!
"Ngahhh! Arggghhh!" Martin cried. His prick was being strangled
to death! It was as if a giant boa constrictor had somehow invaded his
aunt's slimy pussy and wrapped itself crushingly around his cock! His
blond head was thrown back and saliva ran from his lips as he fought to
survive the unbearable pressure on his deeply buried prick.
Jacqui's cunt was opening and shutting like clockwork now. It felt
to her nephew as if that hot, oily pussy was chewing on his pinioned
prick! His jaw worked silently as he struggled to catch his breath.
Then his prick shuddered and spat like a fire hose, creaming
Jacqui's whole pussy sheath with a mighty blast of come. Jacqui
screamed in wordless exultation. Her firm tits jiggled as she ground
her pussy harder onto her nephew's fountaining cock.
Strong fingers dug deeply into the naked librarian's calf. Her
nephew's sweat dripped onto her other thigh, just as his sperm and her
aromatic pussy oil was dripping from her furiously working pussy. The
youth just knelt there by his aunt's rounded butt, with his cock driven
all the way up her snatch, and pumped load after load of his boiling
jism into her shuddering, lust possessed body.
Jacqui felt her body fill up with Martin's jism. Her mind exploded
in a million colors of ecstasy. She and her nephew groaned together
till their strength was gone, and then the youth collapsed full-length
atop her nude body. They lay there as the last fury of their mutual
orgasm slowly ebbed away.

Chapter 5

"Martin," Jacqui said, her pretty forehead creased with lines of
concern, "we just can't go on."
The tall youth plopped down on a chair and looked at his aunt,
sitting with her legs primly crossed on the living room sofa. Her
auburn hair was drawn back into an orange scarf bound around her head,
making her face look austere as well as lovely. "That's not what you
were saying yesterday."
He grinned at the way she flushed. Jacqui dropped her eyes. "I
know," she said softly. "But that was yesterday. What I say in the
heat of passion is one thing. But in the cold light of day ... Martin,
I'm afraid of you. The way you acted yesterday -- tying me up, spanking
me. I'm afraid you might want to go farther."
She looked up. His green eyes met her amber ones challengingly.
"Is it me you're scared of?" he asked quietly. "Or yourself?"
A muscle worked in Jacqui's satin cheek. "I don't know what you're
talking about," she said hollowly.
"You got off on being tied up and spanked yesterday. Don't try to
deny it -- I know. You resisted at first, but once you got into it, you
couldn't get enough!"
"That's not true!"
Martin laughed at her. She turned her face away. Her cheeks were
burning. "Still," she said, "I want to break it off right here and now.
I don't want to have an affair with you, Martin. I'm afraid of you,
regardless of how I may have acted yesterday. And you -- you're my
nephew! It's incest."
"Was it any less incest yesterday? Or the night before? I sure
didn't ask you to come waltzing in while I was taking a bath, stark
naked and one hundred percent hot to trot!"
"Stop it! Stop it!" Jacqui buried her face in her hands.
For a long moment she sat like that. Then she drew a shuddering
breath. "You probably wouldn't understand," she told her nephew, "but,
when I was married to your uncle, I got used to having sex all the time
-- as much as I wanted. After the divorce, all that was over. I hadn't
had a man in months. I couldn't take it any more. I was like a
starving person with a platter of roast beef sitting right in front of
my nose, that I knew I wasn't supposed to touch. After a long enough
time, the temptation got to be too much!"
Martin's lips quirked around a crooked smile. "So, once you got
your belly or your pussy full -- "
"Don't say that!" There was a pause, and then something landed on
the coffee table in front of the librarian. She looked up to see her
nephew standing over her, his mouth set in a grim line.
A yellow packet lay on the table. "Pick it up," Martin told her.
With trembling fingers she obeyed. "Open it."
Her slender fingers pulled out a stack of slick paper squares. She
stared at them for a minute without comprehending. Then she realized
what they were. With a little gasp she dropped them onto the table.
Martin bent to scoop them smoothly up. "Don't you want to look at
them, Aunt Jacqui?" he asked. "I got home early from school so I could
develop them before you got through at the library."
With his thumb he shuffled through the stack of photographs.
"Pretty good, I think, for a camera working off an automatic trip
device. Good resolution, sharp focus and how they show the action!" He
dealt them onto the table as though they were playing cards. "Look at
this one. Touching, isn't it, you cradling my head against those
luscious tits of yours like a newborn babe." He shook his head and
clicked his tongue. "And here, you bent over to take it in from behind.
Look close -- you can see about an inch and a half of my prick, poling
into that juicy ecstasy as you feel my big old pecker fucking into your
ass. See what I mean about the quality of these pictures? You can see
how hard your nipples are!"
Jacqui shook her head from side to side. "What are you doing this
for?" she asked, her voice edged with the beginning hysteria. "Why are
you showing me these pictures?"
The tip of Martin's tongue protruded from between his lips, as
though he were deep in concentration. "And this," he said
unconcernedly, laying down another photo. "You rolling around under my
belt, with my cock poking into your belly. And here -- dig this one,
with my come dribbling out your asshole! And here I am, lapping it up
while you wag your ass and moan -- mmmmm! It was all I could do this
afternoon not to stop and whack off every couple of minutes, these
pictures are so hot!"
He dropped the packet of photos on the table and looked up at his
aunt. "Why am I doing this?" he asked, as if only just hearing her
question. "Because I had an idea you might not want to continue fucking
me. And I just wanted you to see, auntie dear, that you don't have any
Jacqui sat back stunned. "What do you mean?" she asked in a hoarse
Her nephew eyed her languidly. She couldn't help noticing the
telltale bulge in his crotch -- he was getting horny, both from looking
at his collection of snapshots and his aunt's discomfort. "Do you need
to ask? What do you think would happen if people got a look at some of
these shots?" He held one up, between thumb and forefinger. "Like this
little beauty, with you waving your leg in the air and fucking yourself
like there's no tomorrow. What would people say, I wonder?"
Jacqui glared at him, anger mingling with the panic that gripped
her. She opened her mouth to tell him to go to hell with his blackmail.
Then she stopped.
What would people say? How long would she keep her job at the
library, if her superiors got an envelope in the morning mail of her
wantonly fucking her seventeen-year old nephew? With that bastard Vic
Edwards, her ex, already several months behind on the alimony payments,
what would she do for money if she lost that job?
But that wasn't the worst. What would her sister say, if she saw
that Jacqui had seduced her son? The very idea made her belly turn
"Damn you," was all she could say. "Damn you!"
Martin grinned and patted her shoulder. "It's not as bad as you
think," he said. "Come on down to the basement and I'll show you."
"What?" she asked bitterly. "Another surprise like the one
yesterday?" But she had no choice but to follow her nephew down the
stairs. Her thoughts were confused and her pulse was thumping in her
ears. What was in store for her? Where would it end?
"All right," she said as the came out of the stairwell. Her spirit
was coming back. She planted her feet and stood with her hands
defiantly on her hips. Her breasts rose and fell unsteadily beneath the
pale-green blouse of her pants suit. "What is it you have to show me?"
Martin turned in the doorway to his darkroom and waved past her.
"Hello, Ms. Hyde," a voice came from behind. "I really liked your
Jacqui spun with her heart in her mouth. A tall gangly youth in
security guard's uniform stood in the rec area twisting his uniform cap
in his hands. Jacqui took a step backwards. She bumped hard against
her nephew's broad chest.
"I think you know my friend, Charles Farley," Martin said, taking
hold of her upper arms. "I though you might like a little variety in
your love life -- what with you being sex-starved and all."
"Wait!" Jacqui tried to twist free, but his hands were like steel
clamps. "You can't be serious!"
"Oh, but I am!" He gave her a hearty push. There was a loud
tearing noise as she staggered and fell against the other young man's
skinny chest. Her light green blouse was torn open, baring a shoulder
and a tit in its white bra cup. Farley laughed and yanked the garment
the rest of the way from her cringing body.
"That's the way, Chuck," Martin said. "Hold her arms while I get
her out of those pants!"
Jacqui fought with desperate strength, but Chuck had her arms
pinned securely behind her back. Martin closed in, turning his body
aside to block the knee his aunt aimed at his groin, and reached out to
grab the waist of her pants behind her back. He pulled pants and
panties over her churning buttocks, lifting her legs as he stripped her.
"No! Help -- somebody help me!" Jacqui screamed in full-throated
terror. "They're going to rape me!"
White legs thrashed at the air. The furry brown triangle of her
cunt winked between her flashing thighs. "Wow!" Chuck whistled
appreciatively. "She looks better in real life, don't she?"
Whistling, Martin nodded. He had his belt off. He'd run the
leather strap through the buckle till he had a small noose. "Turn her
around," he said. Chuck did. Martin eyed her bare back, the inward
curves of her waist, the full, firm buttcheeks, now taut with fear.
Naked but for her brassiere, Jacqui felt Martin slip the noose over
her wrists and pull it tight, then wrap his belt around and around her
arms, binding them tightly behind her back. "Yi!" she yelped as he
goosed her. Then she tore from Chuck's grip and spun to face her
"You'll pay for this!" she gritted. "No matter what it takes, I'll
get you back for this -- you, and this grinning idiot friend of yours!"
Martin winked over her shoulder at his friend. Then they hoisted
her naked, squirming body up and carried her into the rec room. There
was a low bench Martin used for his weight lifting, and they laid her
across that on her back. Her tits jutted at the ceiling. The bra had
slipped so it barely concealed her nipples from her captor's lusting
Chuck was already unzipping his pants. His holstered pistol
thumped onto the floor as he pulled his trousers down his legs and
stepped out of them, kicking off his heavy black shoes. Jacqui looked
down between her jugs to see Martin pulling his shirt off over his head.
He had his pants off too, and his hard cock stuck out.
"You're getting a pig in a poke," he leered at his friend as he ran
his fingers lightly over her belly, to pet the forested bulge of her
pussy. "I've fucked the lady's ass and cunt and eaten her hot little
box, but I don't know how well she sucks cock." He took his prick in one
hand and ran its head down the bone-dry lips of his aunt's cunt.
"Probably pretty good!"
Jacqui lay her head back to look at her other tormentor. Chuck's
prick stuck out over her upturned face. She stared at it despite
herself. It was nowhere near the fat log Martin's prick was, but it was
a good inch longer. It was the longest, skinniest prick she'd ever
She felt her nephew thumbing open her pussy slit. "Ooooooooooh!"
she moaned, as he planted the head of his cock between her twat lips and
began to shove his prick up her ungreased cunt.
Chuck pulled the scarf off her head, letting her auburn hair hang
free. He wrapped one hand in it. With the other he took hold of his
prick and expertly bent it toward the captive's open mouth.
Fascinated, Jacqui watched the stiff prick approach her face. It
bent in the middle like no cock she'd ever seen. Then the smirking
youth, his uniform shirttails hanging down to his crotch, popped the
head of his prick right between her lips.
Jacqui moaned. The upper side of Chuck's cockhead was pressing
against her teeth. He gasped happily at the way her hot breath washed
over his cock.
"Ahhh-mmmmmmmm!" Jacqui exclaimed. What began as a moan at the
tearing pain of Martin forcing his giant prick relentlessly into her
unprepared pussy was muffled by Chuck running his cockhead all the way
into her mouth. It filled her head. Her tongue recoiled from the
familiar, but unknown taste of meaty male cock.
The skinny, sandy-haired kid pulled her head back farther.
Jacqui's neck creaked under the strain, "Nnnnnice!" whistled Chuck, and
began fucking his prick into her mouth.
Her bound body tensed as the flaring cockhead passed the rear of
her mouth. He was going to stick his prick down her throat! In panic
she rolled from side to side, crushing her hands beneath her.
With half his tremendous prick laboriously driven into the
ungreased, uncooperative snatch, Martin was practically floored by the
sensation in his cock invading her face. Chuck's long cock started down
her throat. Her back arched. The motion drove her pussy down all the
way to Martin's balls!
The youth gasped and grabbed her bare thighs. He wiggled his hips
from side to side. His rampant cock pulsated with pleasure. "Mmmmmmm!
Oommmrrrgggghhh!" Jacqui groaned. Her stomach turned at the thought of
the nasty cock approaching it. She had learned how to deep-throat a
man's prick when she was married to Vic Edwards, and learned to like it
-- but not under circumstances like this! She gagged.
"Jeeeeee-zus!" Chuck yelled. The top of his cockhead seemed to
come off. It felt as if something was milking his three-quarters
swallowed cock!
He glanced down at his crotch. Like some kind of pale girder, his
prick arched from his groin and disappeared between Jacqui's blood-
drained, compressed lips. Again the sensation hit him like a
sledgehammer in the balls. Then he saw the cause of it all.
The muscles in his victim's throat were working up and down in a
swallowing motion. She was gagging on his long staff of prick, and the
involuntary reflex was jacking his cock off! He let go of her hair and
began to stroke her cheeks, crooning mindlessly to himself. Sweat ran
into the collar of his shirt. He was feverish with lust.
Across the bench, Martin fucked out of his aunt's cunt. With no
film of oily cunt sauce between the delicate membrane of her pussy walls
and the skin of his prick, his outsized cock felt like a piece of
splintered wood. It seemed to tear Jacqui's pussy. Still gagging on
Chuck's prick, she shrieked with pain.
"Waaaaaah!" Chuck cried. He grabbed her head with both hands. His
hips drove forward hard. His cock plunged the rest of the way into her
mouth, so hard that his nuts bounced off the bridge of her nose.
He stood that way, soaking up the feeling of her throat trying to
reject his cock, plus the agonizing writhing of her nude body as Martin
pulled his cock from her twat. Her breath tickled his tangly bush. The
breath came out of him in a quivering sign and then he pulled his cock
Conflicting feelings were in Jacqui's body. Pain from her nephew's
cock ripping out of her snatch, and sweet relief at having Chuck's
repulsive prick leaving her throat. Her jaw muscles were creaking and
she was on the verge of throwing up. The respite couldn't have come too
But Jacqui's relief was short lived. Chuck stopped withdrawing his
prick when its conical head was still filling her mouth. Then as if at
a signal he and his friend began to fuck the captive librarian at both
ends simultaneously!
With her hands in the small of her back, Jacqui's hips were cocked
at just the right angle for Martin to fuck her unwilling pussy. The
sensation was unbelievable. Being tied up and raped, in both her cunt
and her mouth, by her nephew and a virtual stranger -- it was almost as
bad as the physical pain in her pussy and her aching neck!
It was the cool of an autumn afternoon in the basement, and Martin
was buck-naked, but in spite of this his whole body was sheathed in
sweat. Part of it was from exertion but most of it was caused by
raging, uncontrollable lust! God, what a trip! His aunt's pussy felt
far snugger dry than wet, and every sensation of fucking was magnified a
hundred times.
But more than that, Martin felt a wild sense of power. He was
dominating his aunt completely. He was using her for his own pleasure,
forcibly fucking her, while a friend made her suck on and swallow every
inch of his elongated prick! And even if the nude woman's wrists hadn't
been tied, there was nothing she could do about it. He owned her
Then something trickled over his thrusting prick. The realization
of what it was made him lose his stride and his prick popped clean out
of Jacqui's slack-lipped cunt. It was unmistakably the juices of a
sexually aroused cunt!
His aunt was getting turned on!
The knowledge that her pussy was responding to Martin's cock hit
Jacqui almost as hard as it had her nephew. Her body was betraying her!
She wanted to cry out in anguish and despair -- only Chuck Farley's cock
was plugging her mouth!
But there was no denying it. By subtle degrees the pain of
Martin's cock pumping in and out of her dry pussy had turned to
pleasure. Jacqui could never have believed it was possible. Despite
the pain and humiliation, her pussy was watering around the hefty bar of
her nephew's cock!
She moaned. Vibrations rippled up Chuck's cock as he fucked it
into her face. The gag reflex had quit in her throat, and he felt a
twang of disappointment. Her involuntary efforts to eject his prick
from her face was as delightful as most girl's voluntary cock sucking!
But the security guard was in for a surprise. As his prick left
Jacqui Hyde's face, she suddenly coiled her tongue around it like a wet
snake! He gasped and fucked his prick full length into her mouth.
Like her pussy, Jacqui's mouth was watering hungrily. Once she got
turned on, she got turned on all the way and she was! Even as her hips
began to roll her pussy eagerly around her nephew's pistoning prick, she
began giving Chuck the best head she knew how!
From three individuals, Martin, Jacqui and Chuck became one single
organism. An animal, an animal with one aim -- to experience the
ultimate of sexual pleasure!
Straining and grunting, Chuck and Martin fucked the bound
librarian's mouth and pussy so fast their hips were blurred. Their
breath came like bellows. And if before their luscious captive's pussy
and mouth had tried to resist the intrusion of their cocks, now they
were consuming the pricks greedily and begging for more!
An oily vacuum hose seemed to have fastened itself on Martin's
cock. With every forward lunge he felt his cock being drawn deeper into
the seething cauldron of his aunt's cunt! Her pussy hair was lathered
with foam of cunt sauce. He put his thumbs in the folds between her
groin and her flawless slim thighs, dug his fingers into her flesh, and
fucked her with all his might.
And, no matter how much they wished it could -- even the formerly
unwilling woman -- this wild three-way fuck couldn't go on forever!
Something had to give.
Something did. Chuck Farley had never had a horny, hot-bodied
woman like Martin's girlfriend, Anne work his cock over with educated
mouth, lips, tongue and teeth. He'd never felt anything remotely
resembling what it was like to have his friend's beautiful aunt sucking
greedily on his hard, almost painfully bent prick. The closest thing he
could have compared it to was having his cock stuck down a disposal, if
he could have imagined such a thing. He couldn't -- but he couldn't
have imagined anything like this either!
He came. One minute he was thrusting away merrily with his prick
while Jacqui's tongue slithered around it. The next his belly was
sucked flat and his prick was spurting wad after wad of jism down that
gracefully arching throat. He didn't even have time to cry out.
Jacqui felt the security guard's jism sizzling down her throat with
a thrill of passion. The backwash filled her mouth with the stuff. It
coated her tongue, her throat, and the inside of her mouth. It was
salty but sweet, with a tang reminiscent of the smell of laundry bleach,
and she loved it! It was altogether too long since she'd drunk male
sperm. "Mmmmmmm!" she moaned around Chuck's spewing cock.
He lowered his head and saw the white come bubbling out around the
shaft of his prick. He shook his head. His cock kept coming madly.
A thousand muscles rippled under Jacqui's satin skin as she drank
down Chuck's jism. Her pussy was a flood of hot, urgent sensation
surging around her nephew's prick. As her belly seemed to fill with his
friend's jism, she pulled it in and tensed the muscles of her twat
around Martin's cock, as if to say, "Come in me please -- come now!"
"Sacred shit!" Martin exclaimed, and did just what the brimming
pussy was asking. With one surge of come he filled it to the lips, and
the next pulse of his prick made the white cum slop out and run down
over his balls like lava.
His come felt like lave shooting into his aunt's cunt, too.
"Whhhnnnnnnhhhh!" she cried bubblingly! The sudden expulsion of air
forced one final spurt of jism from Chuck's almost -- spent prick, which
instantly began going limp. Jacqui scarcely noticed. With her face and
pussy stuffed full of the most incredible, enormous cocks she'd ever
seen, and with boiling, tasty come slobbering out the lips of her mouth
and her pussy, she came. Oh, how she came!
Her butt came clear off the bench as she ground her snatch into her
nephew's crotch, feeling his cock vibrating deep within her. She
undulated like a swimming fish, her tits throbbing inside her bra as if
yearning to be free, while she fucked and sucked and tasted the most
come she'd ever had pumped into her mouth and needy cunt.
Three souls melted into one in a pulsating glow of orgasm. At last
Chuck pulled his cock from Jacqui's still sucking mouth. She choked and
sputtered as come ran into her nose. Droplets of jism flew as she shook
her head to clear her nose. With white come dewing her hair, she ran
her tongue around her lips, scooping up the final remnants of the gooey,
delicious sperm.
Martin popped his cock out. Come and cunt juice poured freely from
the gaping snatch, onto the carpet. Totally loose and relaxed in every
muscle, Martin stalked around to the other side of the bench. Jacqui's
eyes were closed blissfully.
They opened as he lay his sopping prick on her lips. Without
thinking she opened her mouth. She began licking it like a meaty
popsicle. Still filled with the radiance of afterglow, she didn't mind
that the taste of his come was spiced with the savory gravy of her
pussy. She enjoyed the taste of her own cunt as well as her nephew's
Martin half-closed his eyes. God, it felt nice having his aunt eat
his cock.
"So that's what's going on around here!" an angry female voice
exclaimed from behind him.

Chapter 6

Martin froze in place. Lying with her head back and the jism and
cunt oil, thinned by her saliva, trickling into her mouth, Jacqui
wondered what was going on. The sweet fog of afterglow had abruptly
vanished. She was left acutely conscious of her nakedness.
"Hi ... Anne," Chuck said feebly. He gulped.
Anne! Jacqui's heart bounced around her ribcage like a small
animal trying to get out. It was bad enough that one of Martin's
friends was in on her degradation, but to have his girlfriend see his
aunt like this, naked, tied, and violated, with come running out her
twat and her nephew's gooey prick in her mouth, was unbearable. And the
girl sounded mad!
"I was wondering why you pulled that disappearing act after school
yesterday and today," the girl said dangerously, taking a step forward.
"Let me give some advice, lover-boy, when you cheat on me, don't leave
your front door unlocked."
Martin took a step back. His prick grazed Jacqui's cheek as it
slid from her lips. Upside down in her vision, the black-haired
cheerleader stood a few feet away, hands on her hips, her pretty face
pale and twisted with rage. She was dressed the way she had been two
days ago when Jacqui had come upon the girl sucking her nephew's
outsized cock, in a white letter sweater with a huge scarlet "W"
stretched to bursting across her swelling jugs, and a brief red skirt
barely covering her trim butt.
"Take it easy, baby," Martin muttered, holding his hands up in
front of him. Anne got her first look at the inverted face of the naked
woman, and her blue eyes went round. "That's your aunt!" she exclaimed.
"Why, you incestuous son-of-a-bitch!"
The youth took a step toward the furious brunette. She suddenly
swooped down at the carpet, and when she came up, she was holding
Chuck's revolver in both small, white hands. "Get away from me!" she
hissed, aiming the gun at Martin's bare midriff. He stopped dead. His
face was drained of all color.
"Hey, you've got her tied up!" Anne exclaimed. "So, the man-
stealing slut is into bondage! Well, baby, you'll have your chance to
be tied up for real, now." Her brow furrowed as she studied the now-limp
prick dangling down between her boyfriend's legs.
"I see," she said, "you were just tidying up your precious nephew's
cock. Well, don't let me stop you, Ms. Hyde. Get back to work." With
the gun she gestured for Martin to go back to the side of the bench
where his aunt lay tied.
"But, baby, you don't understa-" Martin began. Anne cocked the
With a shrug, Martin walked back over and stood by his aunt's head.
He took his cock between his fingers and placed it on her mouth. "I'm
sorry, Aunt Jacqui," he said, and there was nervousness in his voice.
"I don't have a choice."
Pursing her lips, Jacqui turned her head away. She was no longer
perversely excited by the game. The sense of outrage and humiliation
she'd felt when Martin and Chuck first stripped had poured back into her
body full force. And there was something else added, fear.
Anne Roxbury was a jealous and passionate girl. And, with her
waving that fat black .38 around, it was clear she was none too stable
mentally. What had started as a boyish prank -- a cruel one, but still
a prank -- had turned into something deadly serious.
And Jacqui had a terrible feeling it might be just that -- deadly.
"Wait -- Annie." Chuck stepped forward. His lanky prick swung like
a tail between his thighs. Anne swung the gun to point at him. He
raised his hands higher. "I'm not part of this, really I'm not. Martin
just invited me over to share in the fun, that's all. It's not my
Anne's eyes narrowed to slits glowing with a blast furnace blue
glare. Her knuckle whitened as her finger tensed on the trigger.
Chuck's Adam's apple bobbed slowly up and down.
The girl relaxed. "You mean you're on my side?"
Chuck nodded eagerly. "Anything you say -- anything!"
"Prove it then." She jerked her head at the bound, nude librarian,
with her face averted so that her nephew's limp prick lay across her
cheek. "The skinny bitch doesn't want to cooperate. Get that jump-rope
over there and liven her up a bit."
A blue and white rope a yard long lay on the carpet beside the
rowing machine. Chuck looked at it without comprehension. "Well?" Anne
snapped. "Get with it. Whip that perverted slut till she obeys and
sucks cock like she's been told!"
Fearfully, Chuck obeyed. He walked over and picked up the rope,
absently twisting one end around a skinny hand. Then, shirt tails
slapping against his bare ass, he walked till he stood across the bench
from Martin.
Jacqui had her head raised to stare at him in horror. Martin's
cock had fallen off her face again. Chuck looked down at her with
frightened yellow eyes. "You can't do this!" Jacqui forced out. "You
Chuck raised his arm and swung. The knotted end of the rope
whistled down and landed on Jacqui's straining white belly.
"Yiiiiiaaaaaiiiiieeeeee!" shrieked Jacqui. Her back arched and her
body flew into the air. She fell back to the unyielding surface of the
bench so hard the breath was knocked out of her and she lay gasping.
Martin stepped back. Chuck stood gazing down at his victim. An
angry red line crawled across her stomach. He licked his lips and
raised his hand again.
This time his blow was more cunningly aimed. Jacqui's scream
rattled the windows as searing pain cut into her left jug. Even through
her thin bra, the nylon rope cut like a knife.
She lay biting her lip. Her jug throbbed with pain so intense it
made it hard to catch her breath. "Well?" Anne asked sweetly. "Do you
suck cock? Or do you suffer?"
Jacqui hung her head back and looked at her. The pretty adolescent
face was twisted with sick exultation. So fascinated was the captive
librarian with the look of utter evil on Anne's face that she didn't
hear Chuck's next blow on its way.
Agony exploded in Jacqui's right tit. Her ass bucked off the bench
once more, and her cry was sweet music to Anne's ears. Jacqui's ass
thudded into the bench. She lifted her head to stare at her tormentor
through a stinging curtain of tears.
There was an odd new glow in Chuck's pale eyes. Gone completely
was the craven terror Jacqui had seen there before.
In its place was unholy, sadistic delight!
A scream ripped from Jacqui's throat as Chuck leaned down at her.
He reached out and tore the brassiere from her pain-filled boobs. He
looked at it with a strange little laugh, then threw it away.
"Now, how about it?" Anne asked, stepping forward. Martin stood
like a statue by his aunt's head. The girl picked up his prick with her
fingertips and put it back on Jacqui's face. "You going to finish
licking nephew's prick clean? I hope you say no. I don't want to
disappoint old Chuck here. Seems like he's got a mean streak in him."
Jacqui's eyes flicked to the security guard, who was grinning
lopsidedly at her and fondling his makeshift whip. She shuddered. Then
she opened her mouth. Martin sighed as the warm wetness of her mouth
enfolded his prick once more.
It wasn't as pleasant as it had been before. The mixture of his
come and the grease from her cunt had started to dry into a sticky,
lumpy mess. Now that she was no longer turned on -- far from it! -- the
taste of her own pussy that lingered on the limber staff of prick
nauseated her. But she thought of the pain in her abused tits, and the
look on Chuck's face, and she fell to licking Martin's prick.
In short order Martin's prick was clean and shiny with her spit.
She pushed it out of her mouth with the tip of her tongue and looked
expectantly at the cheerleader.
Anne nodded. The jump-rope cracked right on the gaping gash of
Jacqui's cunt.
The captive almost bit through her nephew's half-hardened prick.
Her thighs smacked together around an agony so great she couldn't even
cry out. Her pussy blazed with pain. "You filthy bitch," Martin said.
Anne ignored him. "I didn't say you could stop sucking prick,
slut. Now, get back to work till Martin's dork is as hard and stiff as
that bench you're lying on, or I'll let Chuckie cut you to shreds!"
Noisily, Jacqui began sucking Martin's cock. It didn't take very
long for his prick to become a rigid pole of lust. With the threat of
further whipping hanging over her, Jacqui sucked cock even more avidly
and expertly than she had a few minutes ago!
"Aw, this shit's nothin' new for her." Chuck told Anne. "Look in
the pocket of Martin's pants. Should be some pictures there."
The cheerleader cocked her head at her new accomplice, then did as
he suggested. She cried out in surprise as she saw what the pictures
were. "Martin took 'em yesterday himself. Set up an automatic camera
and had at it. Pretty hot stuff, huh?"
The slurping sounds of Jacqui devouring her nephew's prick filled
the room. Martin had his eyes closed and his lips were moving. Anne
pursed her lips appreciatively, nodding.
"This gives me an idea," she said. She looked at her boyfriend's
prick. It arched from his crotch into Jacqui's mouth. Her lips were an
O around the girth of the cock. "Okay, lover boy, that's enough mouth
She put a hand on Martin's chest and pushed him so that he stumbled
back. Jacqui looked terrified as his cock leapt out of her mouth. Anne
lifted the gun and pointed at Martin's chest. "Just stand still," she
commanded. "Chuck, pick the bitch up and untie her hands."
"Untie her?" Chuck sounded baffled.
"Do what I say!" Anne snarled. Shaken, Chuck bent down and pulled
Jacqui to her feet. Her naked body sagged against his. His cock, hard
as Martin's, prodded into her side above the hipbone. He dropped the
rope and undid the belt that held her wrists. Anne nodded approvingly.
"All right," she said. "Now you, Marty boy. Go plunk your buns on
the seat of that rowing contraption. Step it up!" Puzzled, the youth
obeyed. His cock waved proudly from side to side as he walked to the
device. The prick stuck out like a flagpole when he sat down.
"Now," Anne went on, "Take our pet librarian and stick her on that
big fat dick of his." She licked her lips in anticipation.
A light of understanding dawned on Chuck. He nodded and propelled
Jacqui towards the machine and her nephew with a rough shove. "Hey, you
can't-" Martin growled, starting off the seat.
Anne pointed the gun at him. He froze. Jacqui fell heavily across
one of the rails that ran parallel to either side of the chair. Anne
laughed, and stopped to fumble at the belt of Chuck's discarded uniform
She came up with a pair of silvery handcuffs dangling from her
hand. Chuck was just helping Jacqui regain her feet. Her legs were
rubbery. When she was upright he grasped her around the middle and
hoisted her in the air.
Pale legs thrashed. Chuck sat the writhing woman right down on his
friend's lap. Martin cursed as his cock was bent double under his
aunt's weight.
"Oh, sorry." The head of Martin's prick burned against the outer
lip of Jacqui's cunt. She felt herself being lifted, and then the prick
head was pressing right between her pussy lips.
Martin groaned as his aunt's cunt kissed the head of his prick.
Chuck let her weight down. She slid onto her nephew's spit-slick cock
like a fireman going down a greased pole.
Once again, a giant cock filled Jacqui Hyde's cunt. In spite of
herself she groaned aloud with pleasure. God, her nephew had a
wonderful prick. It stretched her pussy walls so deliciously, and the
friction of his cock on her clit was an irresistible delight. She fell
forward against him, her bare boobs flattening on his chest. Her
nipples were very hard.
Her arms slid around his waist. Suddenly she felt something cold
encircle on with a click. She tried to draw back, but Chuck snapped the
cuffs around her other wrist before she could get away.
She was trapped, with her arms cuffed behind her nephew's broad
back. He stirred slightly, and the enormous cock shifted in her cunt.
Steaming pussy sauces flooded her twat. They soaked the huge prick
filling her pussy, oozing out her blood-gorged cunt lips and flowing
over Martin's balls. There were worse fates, after all, she thought.
"That's right," Anne approved. "Now, Martin, take hold of those
He looked over Jacqui's bare shoulder at her. When he didn't
instantly do as she said she lashed his aunt's bare ass with the jump-
rope, which she'd retrieved from the floor. Jacqui jumped and cried out
with pain.
"Look, I shred the skin off your auntie's pretty ass if you give me
any shit. Now take hold of those oars and row!"
Martin did so. The rubber grips were cold. He looked at his
girlfriend. "You're really one sick bitch, you know?" he said.
"Sick?" Anne laughed. "What makes you say that? I just saw those
pictures, remember -- you were tying the bitch up and whipping her
"But that was different!"
"Was it?" Anne cocked her hips coquettishly. "Maybe it was. You
were just playing around -- this is for real!" She swung the rope so
that its end cracked the nude woman's asshole.
"Ghaaaaaaaa!" Jacqui squealed. The stab of pain made her pussy
clench on Martin's cock. He moaned in involuntary lust.
Now row!" Anne raised the rope as if to strike again. Martin took
a deep breath and hauled back on the oars for all he was worth.
And practically fell out of the chair! The backwards -- straining
motion, with his bare feet braces against the carpeted floor, had had
the effect of ramming his already buried prick deeper into his aunt's
hot cunt!
"Wow," breathed Jacqui, "that makes me feel a whole lot better!"
Martin set his jaw and pushed against the oars. He leaned forward,
feeling Jacqui's delectable tits compress against his chest. He heard
her gasp. His cock was surrounded by supple wetness. It seemed to
throb with desire.
Once more he pulled back. His cock went farther than ever up
Jacqui's snatch. "Oh!" she cried as she felt his prick fill her,
impossibly, even fuller than she had been. "Ooooooooh!"
The wet plunging sounds of his cock levering in and out of Jacqui's
sopping cunt mingled with the creak of the rowing machine. Martin made
long, deliberate strokes at first, that had them both moaning and
gasping for breath as the big prick stirred lazily in the fragrant
pussy. "God, God, God," Jacqui chanted mindlessly.
Aware of her situation, her predicament, the pain and humiliation
she'd just undergone slipped away. Perhaps it was her own passionate
nature, or perhaps it was merely that she was still feeling the effects
of months of sexual starvation. It didn't matter to Jacqui, all she
wanted to do now was fuck!
Martin was eager enough to oblige. He'd never felt anything like
this before! The powerful motion of his working the oar machine was
vigorously but slowly screwing his luscious aunt. The leverage he
exerted crammed his cock ever deeper with every luxurious stroke.
Gradually, the tempo of his fucking picked up. He worked the oars
faster and faster, piling his prick in and out of his aunt's pussy
harder and faster. "Give it to me," Jacqui moaned ecstatically. "Fill
me with that giant rod of yours. God, I've never felt a cock so big.
I've never been fucked so good!"
Martin grunted and pulled harder still. His cock pistoned in and
out in a short, powerful strokes and a loud sucking sound. Jacqui's
buttocks splayed apart and came back together as her nephew's big cock
fucked between.
Chuck, his cock standing up straight from his crotch, hovered by
Anne's elbow. "Hey, they're really getting into it," he commented
agitatedly. He reached for the rope. "Let me put some nice tiger
stripes on the bitch's ass!"
Anne held the jump-rope out of reach. "What a change!" she
laughed. "You're showing a different stripe yourself, tiger. What's
gotten into you?"
Chuck shook his sandy hair out of his eyes. "I dunno," he said.
"I just never had people where I could ... do anything. I wanted to 'em
before. Here, let me whip that fine ass a little bit!"
Giggling girlishly, Anne draped the rope around her neck. "Later,
there'll be time for that," she said, her eyes travelling to his
impressively long cock. She brought her shoulders back so that her
heavy boobs jutted at Chuck's lusting eyes. He saw that she wasn't
wearing any bra. The nipples were swollen like ripe cherries. "Can't
you think of anything you'd rather do?"
She turned and twitched away toward the pool table. Panting like a
dog, Chuck followed her. She walked to the far side. Unconcernedly,
she stripped off her panties. Then she bent over, leaning on her elbows
and resting her chin on her palms, avidly watching Martin row and fuck
his cock in and out of his captive aunt.
Chuck trotted up behind her. His hand trembled as he lifted her
skirt up over her hips. Her ass was gloriously nude beneath. Her buns
were ripe but firm, and a pearly white color that set his mouth to
"Ahhhhhhhh," Anne said, with the tip of her tongue pressed to the
roof of her mouth. Chuck's prick was long and cool slipping into her
slavering twat from behind.
The cold steel of the handcuffs rode up and down Martin's back.
The feel of the cuffs, the weight of his aunt's lithe body in his lap,
her tits squashed against his chest, her cunt hungrily sucking in his
cock, the smell and sound of her wet, greedy pussy as his rowing pumped
his prick in and out of it -- all blended into one erotic totality that
threatened to overwhelm him.
"Can't ... hold out," he gritted, into the fragrant hair lying
against her slender neck. "Gotta come ... soon!"
He hauled back more fiercely than before. His cock head prodded
into his aunt's womb. "Yes," she gasped. "Yes! Come in me! Fill my
pussy with your delicious jism! Oh, hurry!"
"Getting pretty racy, isn't she?" Anne asked. She was on tiptoe,
enjoying the feel of Chuck sliding his ten-inch cock into her pussy.
"It's amazing how depraved some people are, turning out so rotten --
getting knocked up. Ahh! Aim your prick a little to the right --
there! Hot fuck, that feels fine!"
Jacqui threw here head back. Martin's cock was so far up her cunt
her pussy lips were draped around his fisted balls. "Come now, baby!"
she cried. "Nooooow!"
Her pussy squeezed Martin's prick. "Jesus," he sobbed, and blew
his wad.
His butt came clear off the seat. His cock injected another fiery
load of come in Jacqui's brimming cunt. She squealed and clenched her
cunt so hard, come and cunt juice squirted out over his lap.
Then she was coming, hard and fast, with stars spinning before her

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