Hot tub adventures with a kinky couple

Hot tub adventures with a kinky couple
It s fair to say i was pretty excited about catching up with Pete and Colette again. They had recently bought a hot tub and my mind was racing about the possibilities when he invited us round for dinner. "Dont forget to bring your bathers" he said, surprising me a bit after what we'd all done and seen already but I didn't think a lot of it.

We arrived drinks in hand and Pete met us at the door, shaking my hand then giving Sylvi a very long hug. Walking through the house I was surprised to hear voices coming from the back when Pete said "Melinda and Roy are gunna join us as well". I must admit I was a little disappointed, Melinda and Roy were their neighbours who we'd met before and while they were very nice, I'd hoped for some fun times in the hot tub which now wouldn't happen.

I quickly accepted the fact it was now just a dinner as they seemed really happy to see us. Melinda giving both Sylvi and I a huge hug. She was very friendly but physically not really my type. Quite thin with curly red hair was almost the complete opposite of my larger, black haired wife. Roy was a fair bit older than all of us and didn't really say much but was certainly a nice guy.

We all downed a few drinks before the hot tub beckoned. Sylvi and I already had our swim suits underneath so we hopped straight in while the others went to get changed. I wasn't disappointed when Colette walked out wearing bathers that I'm sure were 2 sizes too small and I was convinced that her massive tits were gunna fall out at any second. "Business as usual" Pete said before explaining "Colettes tits are about to pop out and Sylvis nipples are poking through". Laughing, I looked at Sylvi to see that her nipples were semi erect and quite visible through her yellow swim suit.

Not long after Melinda and Roy walked out and I was taken back at the sight of Melinda in a tiny pink bikini. While she was certainly quite thin, her tits were bigger than I realised and as she lowered herself in to the water I could plainly see her nipples poking through as well.

She took up position right next to me which unfortunately meant I couldn't really look much without it being really obvious. A few drinks later we were all having a great time and the laughs continued. I caught Pete looking at Sylvis tits a few times which was to be expected but I also noticed old Roy was staring as well and as the drinks went down he wasn't even really trying to hide it.

Almost on cue, Pete laughingly observed the physical difference in the 3 girls breasts. "Its small, medium and large" he said causing us all to laugh, then naturally look to compare. Fortunately this gave me a great excuse to have a good look at Melinda. Pete then continued "I can confirm that Colette and Sylvis are also very different uncovered. Colettes got much bigger areolas while Sylvi has beautiful long nipples". Pausing to let it sink in to Melinda and Roy that he'd seen Sylvi naked he then observed, while staring directly at Melinda "Sylvi may have some competition there though". Every pair of eyes then went to Melindas bikini top to reveal that her nipples were, in fact rock hard and looked huge.

Roy then shocked us all by announcing "only 1 way to check". Laughing, Colette stood up first and said "I'm not in the race but I am sick of this thing anyway" and lowered her bathers, her juicy tits fell out revealing how magnificent they were along with those round areolas, they swung free as she didn't stop there and pulled her suit all the way off standing there for a second while we looked at her body taking in the full dripping bush as well.

Sylvi needed no encouragement and stood up as well and pulling her top half down her tits popped out with Pete letting out a little "mmmmmm". Obviously turned on, her nipples were very hard and stuck straight out. She then followed Colettes lead and kept pulling her suit down, and off displaying her completely bald pussy. This time it was Roys turn to groan in approval and I noticed his hands had disappeared under the water and couldn't help but smile, while also getting turned on myself.

Knowing it was her turn Melinda then stood and looking at me smile asked if I could undo her top, I obliged and she removed it quickly. It became apparent we had a real competition on our hands as her nipples were rock hard and looked massive. Not hesitating she pulled her bottoms off and we were greeted to the magnificent sight of a perfectly manicured pussy with a thin red haired stripe.

"Too close to call" I said looking between Sylvi and Melinda. "Got to be a winner" Pete replied "I reckon you need to feel them to compare properly" he added with a grin. The girls, really in to it now and loving the attention turned to face me and I grabbed Sylvis right, and Melindas left breast in my hand. Cupping them gently I slowly tweaked their nipples before Melinda groaned slightly before apologising and saying "sorry, it just feels reeeally good". "I agree" Sylvi added and I almost forgot where I was as I just kept rubbing. After a while I begrudgingly let go and said "nope, they are both so good I have to call it a tie". Both girls sat back down and as I reached to grab for my drink Sylvi stopped me and said "I think you need to stand up and show Melinda what you think of her". Figuring it was only fair, I stood up turning to face Melinda revealing my erection which was creating a tent in my swim suit.

Thinking it was a little strange to be standing over a naked woman who I barely knew while showing her how she'd gotten me hard I was about to sit back down when Sylvi, clearly enjoying herself now made it even more awkward when she not only stopped me from sitting but said "no, show her properly" and from behind reached around to undo my suit before pulling them down. It all happened so suddenly I took a small step forward meaning when my rock hard cock popped out it was only inches from Melindas face. I was about to back off when I realised that she was transfixed causing my 3/4 erect cock becoming fully hard.

"Cmon Roy, all in" Pete announced, standing up to take his own suit off, his hard cock showing he was also having a good time. Roy then stood and pulled his trunks off excitedly and it became obvious he didn't know where to look. At his wife who was naked with another man's hard cock in her face, at my wife and her big tits with rock hard nipples and a bald pussy that he could now see under the water as Pete had turned the bubbles off, or at Colette and her massive melons and full bush.

He settled on Sylvi, and fuelled by a few drinks and increasing confidence he even asked if she could stand so he could have another look. Loving the attention she decided to give him a bit of a show and stood slowly before rubbing her tits. He couldn't help himself any longer and started rubbing his cock. Inspired that she was turning him on so much she then started playing with her pussy.

Old age had caught up with Roy and his cock wasn't overly hard it became apparent that he wasn't going to last much longer. Sensing this Sylvi walked over to him and as if feeling a bit sorry for him took 1 of his hands and placed it on her breast and took the other letting him rub her pussy. She grabbed his cock but unfortunately this was all he could take and he soon came, apologising for making a mess.

Turning back to Melinda I realised Colette was now sitting next to her and looking directly into my eyes she started rubbing her pussy. Melinda noticed too and as if she'd been waiting for a sign she rubbed her own pussy with her right hand before exclaiming "I have to do this" and grabbing my cock and rubbing.

Pete, seeing Colette was enjoying what she was doing seemed a little lost before he looked to Sylvi and saw that she, perhaps a bit unfulfilled with Roys early exit had sat back down and was watching Melinda jerk me off while rubbing herself. He swam over and wasted no time before embracing and kissing her passionately. She then layed back and said, perhaps more loudly than she intended "just fuck me". He didn't need a 2nd invitation and slid his cock into her waiting pussy and started thrusting slowly.

Melinda brought me back to her by taking my cock in her mouth and expertly sucking its full length. Possibly feeling a bit left out Colette stood and walked to me, kissing me hard. I went to grab her back and pull her in to kiss me but unexpectedly grabbed her ass instead. She seemed to love this and the kissing intensified so I squeezed her big ass and slid my fingers between the cheeks. All I wanted to do at this point was fuck, the problem was I didn't know who. Sylvi and Pete were still going at it and I was kissing Colette while Melinda sucked me off. Almost as if reading my mind Colette pulled away and whispered "I wanna watch you fuck Melinda". Hearing this, Melinda stopped sucking and stood up so we were face to face. I kissed her and held her tight. Deciding to give Colette the best show possible I turned Melinda around and bent her over the side of the tub. She spread her legs and I slowly entered her from behind. As she groaned loudly it occurred to me that with Roys age she probably hadn't been fucked in a while. Her pussy was unbelievably tight and I knew I wasn't going to last long. Fortunately Pete and Sylvi screamed in ecstacy as they both came and the way Colette was masturbating while watching us I knew she was nearly done as well. Fucking Melinda harder and harder she got louder and louder with her moans. "Oh God" I said, unable to hold it any longer and came for what felt like an eternity. Fortunately, Melinda also came letting out the loudest scream I'd heard before. As we slumped back in the tub she sat on my lap and whispered to me "thank you so much, its been so long".

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