Becoming a fat cam slut

Becoming a fat cam slut
Waking up the next day, I can feel the deep ache within my pussy. The ache reminding me that last night I was stretching my fat tight cunt in front of so many men.. not so tight anymore though. I got up, skipped my breakfast, and went to take a long hot shower. As I was in the shower I started to think about how some of the men in chat were mentioning anal play, telling me my tight ass needs to be ruined too.. they were right. I hopped out of the shower and grabbed my anal douche to give myself an enema, needed my ass perfectly clean for all these men to see. I got back into the shower, filled my douche and bent over, sliding it in my ass. I squeezed the douche and felt the warm water rushing into my ass, filling my stomach as I kept squeezing. Moaning as I kept filling myself til I couldn't take anymore. I pulled out the nozzle and held the warm water in my belly, loving the sensation and slight pain. I spread my ass and released the water from my ass, squirting it against the shower wall. I kept repeating this over and over, loving the sensation and pleasure of my ass being filled and the rush of warm water squirting from my ass turned me on even more. I washed myself clean and hopped out of the shower, walking to my room to play some slut dress-up. With smoky eyes, bright red lips, red satin lingerie, and some sexy high heels I was ready for all my sexy men. Laid out my toys, lube, and set up my camera.

I started my stream, wasn't even a minute before I had multiple men watching me, I slowly started to touch my body. Running my hands along my sexy curves, showing my vultupous ass to the camera, giving them a tease before I start to strip. Slipping off my Satin red bra and thong, still in my thigh highs and heels, I continue grazing my hands along my beautiful sexy frame.. my sexy slightly plump tummy, wide birth giving hips, big sexy breasts with puffy nipples to suck, my fat pussy lips ready to grip around any mans cock..

I smile at the camera and wink, I look at the viewer count and I'm already over a thousand viewers and counting.. they all came back from last night, needing more..wanting me, needing me to be their personal whore. I was ready to obey and be their slave for the night.

I see many comments saying

"fist that cunt" "open that pussy you whore" "show us you are a loose slut and punch that pussy"

My already wet pussy starts dripping knowing these men want to destroy me, they want my holes ruined forever..for them to watch and get off to, they need me to be their loose fisting bitch.

I lay back and spread my legs for the camera, rubbing my glistening wet fat pussy. I slide three, then four fingers in like its nothing, then I slide my thumb inside. Realizing how loose I really am, I slide my whole hand inside my loose fuckhole, fisting my pussy faster.. Moaning and squirting hard for the camera, I fist it harder and close my hand to make a fist, the width inside me making me moan deeply. I start pulling my hand out and pushing it back in, fist still clinched, I can't believe how loose my pussy is. I feel my lips stretching around my fist as I move it in and out faster. I look at the screen and its filled with tons of degrading comments

"filthy fisting slut" "such a loose fuckdoll, no man will even get off in that loose pussy now" "look at this stupid slut following our commands, punch fist that cunt"

I only get more turned on, I am a stupid slut ready to follow any commands, I want to be ruined. I moan and pour some lube onto my fist and pussy before forcely fisting myself hard, punch fisting my pussy for these men. I keep slamming my hand hard into my fat slutty cunt, pounding my now worthless cunt. I feel so loose, so degraded, so used, and like the best slut in the world. I keep punch fisting myself hard til I feel close to passing out from the pain and pleasure. I stop and spread open my used, loose, soaking wet, slut cunt to the world to see online. My once tight lips more wrinkled and loose now, my hole spread wide open, the lube and my creamy pussy cum dripping from my used fuckhole. Some men seem satisfied, but some that was just the foreplay.

"We need to see all your holes ruined, shove a cock in that throat" "you got two more holes slut" "fucktoy needs a gaping ass" "fist that asshole you cuntbag"

I grab my 8 inch dildo and start licking up the shaft of it while staring into the camera, before sucking it deep in my mouth. I suck it hard and deep, gagging on it, my eyes watering as it hits my throat deep. I take it even deeper, choking myself as tears run down my cheeks. I pull it out and gasp for air, breathing heavily as the drool runs from the dildo to my mouth, dripping onto my tits. I don't give myself much of a break, these men need me to choke like a good whore. Pushing the dildo back into my throat, I fuck it hard with the dildo, gagging and choking as I push my limits. I pull it out and a huge amount of drool falls over my breasts and tummy. I rub the spit all over my body, rubbing it over my used pussy and asshole..feeling it slowly as I do.

"Thats a good slut, now spread that ass" "that butthole needs attention missy" "not satisfied until all those holes are ruined"

I turn around for the camera, showing my big fat ass for the camera, spreading it as I rub and show off my tight little asshole. I use my spit as lube, rubbing my asshole for the camera, making circles around my tight little star. I slide one finger inside slowly, looking back at the camera and biting my lip, I slowly finger my asshole..stretching wider as I move it back and forth. Slipping a second finger inside, I finger myself deeper, moaning for the camera. As I slowly slip a third finger inside, I feel my ass stretching more, feeling more open and turned on. I finger my tight asshole for a bit, all the men loving me stretching my hole for them. I reach for my butt plug and cover it lube, pushing it against my tight hole before it finally pops inside, opening me up for the next part. I grab my anal beads, their size bigger than my plug, I pull the plug out and slide the first bead in..feeling it pop inside was so satisfying. I slide the second bead in, moaning in pleasure, and then the third. The third one is as far as I had ever taken the beads, but I had more to go. I slide the fourth bead in and moan deeply, loving feeling the beads sliding further in my ass. The fifth bead making me gasp, feeling so full now..I push myself without mercy and slide the last bead inside. I moan deeply, feeling the beads in my stomach, never have had my ass so full before. I open my ass to show the camera, my tight ring red, now swollen and pucked as the beads string is poking out. I watch in the camera as I slowly pull the beads out, one by one, my asshole gripping around each bead as they pop out. Each bead stretching just that much more, as the final bead pops out I show off my puckered ass for the camera.

"Ruin that ass" "pound that slut hole" "gape for us you bitch"

I grab more lube and spread it on my puckered asshole and 8 inch dildo, I line it up with my asshole and easily slide it in deep and completely with one motion. I give myself no mercy as I'm a worthless whore for these men, I pound my asshole hard and deep with the thick long dildo. Keeping up a fast pace, hammering it into me, feeling my hole loosen more and more as I keep up the pace. As I'm destroying my asshole, I feel my pussy squirting hard, the pounding too much for me to take as I lose control. I cum hard for the camera, screaming out as my ass grips to the dildo. I feel my body trembling and quivering as the cock slides out of my used asshole. I look back smile for the camera, showing off my now gaping hole, so many men telling me how sexy it looks..and some telling me they need it wider.. and honestly, I wanted my dirty hole to be wider and gaped beyond my belief too.

I rubbed lube over my hand and dildo, sliding it back into my ass easily, but this time I start adding my fingers one by one. I slide the first one in, feeling the resistance of my tight hole relaxing more, the I slide a second finger..this time it taking longer to stretch but my hole finally relaxes. I keep doing this with my next two fingers until my asshole feels stretched and relaxed around my fingers. Finally I slip the dildo from my ass and slide my fingers back inside, fingering my ass with four fingers before sliding my thumb in as well. I keep fingering my ass this way, feeling it loosen more and more, but there's still resistance.

"Fist that ass you cunt" "need that whole hand inside" "gape it slut"

I grab more lube and spread it on my whole hand before sliding it back inside. I finger myself harder with my five fingers, pushing harder into my ass, feeling it stretching more. Then suddenly POP! My knuckles slip past my ring and my whole hand enters my ass. I scream out and gasp in pleasure and pain, never have felt something so huge inside my ass or could I ever imagine it would be possible to stretch this much. I start sliding my hand in and out of my ass, gaping it even more as my asshole ring grips around my hand with every intrusion. Fisting my ass faster and faster, I feel it stretching even more, my once puckered asshole now gaping and loose. As my hand is inside my ass, I decide to give my ass the same treatment as my pussy had. I clench my fist inside my asshole, feeling my insides, before quickly pulling my fist out of my ass. Screaming out, I add more lube to my fist and push it back against my gaping hole. It meets resistance at first, pushing against my anal walls, before popping into my ass again. I let out a sharp breathe, breathing heavily as I ruin my body forever. I quickly pull my fist out again and push it back in again harder this time, forcing it in, I keep doing this until my fist is easily taken. I clench my fist tight and pound my asshole fast and hard, breaking myself, ruining my hole, making me a loose slut. I keep doing this as my pussy leaks and runs down my thighs. Thats when I look at the screen again..

"Both at once" "fisting dp you slut" "degrade those holes and fist both"

I turn to my side so I'm showing off both of my holes to the camera. I dump lube all over my holes and hands, showing off my used gaping now lube covered holes to the camera. I take both my fists and position them in front of my cunthole and asshole, rubbing them against them a bit. Suddenly I quickly shove both of my clenched fists in both my both, gasping for air before screaming out, the fullness and sudden pressure inside me overwhelming me. I pull them both out quickly, feeling so empty, before punching both fists back in. I fist myself in both holes hard and deep, both of them stretching, my pussy lips and gaping asshole ring pulling against my fists. I feel myself being more and more loose, knowing how ruined I've become only turns me on even more. I can't take it anymore, I need to cum hard. I fist myself faster and harder than I ever have, before finally feeling a full body orgasm run through me. My whole body shaking and trembling as I scream out in pleasure. My holes both gripping tight around my fist and wrists, I keep panting as they finally start to loosen grip. I quickly pull both fists out of my holes and lay back, spreading my legs to show off my gaping wide holes. I was in shock myself how loose I had made myself, I didn't recognize my own body anymore.. it belonged to these men now. I kept playing with my holes for awhile, spreading them, and showing how loose and useless they were now.

"Good job, we own you" "your masters slut now" "better be on here everyday you cunt" "only going to ruin you more" "gaped and loose like you always should have been" "stupid slut getting what she deserves, worthless holes" "you are only an object to serve men" "ruined for any man so you'll need many to get off now, works for such a slut" "stupid bitch did all this for free" "slut will get raped and they won't get off in your holes because your ruined" "holes will always be gaped now"

All these words only turned me on more, I loved being degraded, I wanted this life. I wanted many men to take me, to be free use, to be raped, to be taken whenever and always by anyone. I wanted men to shove as many cocks in my holes as possible, to punch fist me, to ruin me even more. I needed it. I had to figure out how to have it. I smiled again and showed off my body one last time before blowing a kiss and ending the stream.

I cleaned up a bit before laying down on my bed, completely spent and ruined, thinking about all the ways I could become even more of a slut. I smiled and closed my eyes, quickly drifting off to sleep, ready another day to be a good dirty slut.

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