Owning a Plumper Housewife

Owning a Plumper Housewife
As Lynn entered the crowded laundromat she felt her blood pressure immediately rise. She hated this place, it was always crowded on the weekends and she always had to deal with the regular guys that thought the place was a meet market.

Lynn was in her early 40s married with two kids. She loved the days in the past when she had a washer and dryer in the basement of the house her family rented a few years ago. But as a result of her losing her job as a manager due to downsizing, Lynn and her family had to move to an apartment with no laundry hook ups.

On this sunday morning, Lynn was annoyed more than usually because her husband, Pete, went to his friends house to watch football instead of helping with the laundry. Pete usually drove her to the laundromat, unloaded the clothes and would load the clothes back in the car when she was done. The parking situation was always a mess around this part of town. She had to park 2 blocks away today.

Lynn was loading the clothes in the washers when she realized that shididnt get change yet. She walked over to the change machine which was at the other end of the laundromat. See caught a few men checking out her voluptuous figure. Lynn was 5'4" with beautiful brown eyes, she had 38 DD breasts and a big nicely shaped ass. Her thighs were thick and calves that were defined.

By modern standards she was overweight but she was sexy and guys always hit on her. Lynn had wavy shoulder length hair and a very pretty face. Today she had her hair back in a ponytail. She wore a AC/DC tank top that barely held in her heavy breast and a pair of yoga pants that really hugged her fat ass. She didnt have underwear on as usual. Lynn hated underwear.

As she sat down and picked up a magazine, she thought of how mad she was at Pete! He could have taken her and been back in time to catch the second quarter of the game. Lynn has noticed during the past few years that Pete didnt want to have sex that much and when he did it only lasted a few minutes if she was lucky. Lynn never got a chance to cum because Pete was done and sleeping within 5 minutes! Plus he always made comments to her that she should go back to the gym. Judging by the stares and looks Lynn gets in public, public, Pete should be happy with her appearance.

Pete isnt well endowed by any means so he really has to work extra hard to satisfy Lynn, which he never does. About 15 minutes into the wash Lynn see a guy walk into the laundromat carrying a big bag of clothes while on his cell phone. He was talking very loud and looked annoyed. He looked very familiar. She knew him from somewhere, she thought. As he walked past her, Lynn could help but notice his huge cock bouncing from side to side in his gym shorts. He was very well built and in his early 20s. She had to catch herself staring before he noticed her staring at his cock. She felt herself blush and quickly made believe she was reading the magazine.

"Thats it" she thought. Lynn knew him from her old job. Roger worked for her at the store. He worked a month about three years ago when he graduated high school. He fired him for insubordination!! He told her to suck his dick when she told him to stop flirting with the staff. "Wow! He really filled out" Lynn thought to herself. She hoped Roger didnt recognize her, due to the last interaction they had. She peaked above her magazine and saw him loading his clothes in the washer.

He was about 6ft tall and very muscular. Roger was a mix of black and white and had tattoos all over his ripped arm. His was tan and had his head shaved. He sat down opposite Lynn and was on his iphone. After 10 minutes, Lynn's clothes were done washing. She had her face buried in the magazine hoping that Roger wouldn't see her. As Lynn got up to empty the washer, Roger looked up and saw her.

Their eyes locked and Roger instantly recognized Lynn. He smirked and said "Hi" as his eyes looked her over. Lynn said "hello" as she hurried over to the washing machine. Her big boobs bouncing and ass swaying from side to side as she did. Lynn loaded the clothes in the dryers and sat down, picking up her magazine.

The place was starting to empty out, with only a few other people remaining. Roger stood up and started to unload his clothes from the washer. Lynn couldn't help but notice him standing there in his gym shorts and tank top. Her mind started to imagine how he looked naked. Judging by to bulge in his shorts, he must be hung like a horse, she thought. Lynn could see the outline of Roger's cock.

It was like she was in a trance staring at it. She didn't even notice the woman sitting across from her giggle, watching Lynn. Roger heard the woman giggle and looked up and saw Lynn eyeing his crotch. As she Lynn snapped out of her trance, she saw Roger staring back at her. Her face turned beet red. Roger finished loading the dryers with his clothes and returned to his seat across from Lynn.

As the final person besides Roger and Lynn left the laundromat, Lynn heard the dryer with her last load of clothes stop. She lowered her magazine and was about to get up to start folding her clothes, when her cell phone rang. It was Pete. He was home already and complaining that he and the kids were starving.

She told him that she was still at the laundromat and she would be home as soon as she was done with the clothes. Lynn got up and started taking her clothes out off the dryers. As she bent over to empty the bottom dryers she could feel that she was being watched. She looked behind her and saw Roger looking at her big ass. He didn't turn away. He just blew her a kiss and made that mmm mmm mmm sound. She felt embarrassed but also felt heat from her pussy. She realized that she was still wet from seeing Roger's cock for the last few hours.

As she folded her clothes, Lynn heard Roger's cell ring. He said "Hi Tina." After a few seconds he said "I told you before that I'm sick and been in bed all day. I not coming in to work later." Lynn thought to herself, "what a liar!"

Roger then said "listen. Dont give me a hard time. You weren't talking so tough last night in the storage room when I was feeding you my cum! You're lucky I let you ride my big fat cock on a daily basis. That's the only time you get to cum. See how good sex is when you only have the 4 inches your husband gives you. After fucking Larry again for a week, you're going to be calling me again." Lynn couldn't believe what she was hearing. Tina was her best friend and Larry was her husband!! "I'm fired?" Roger said. "Good. I'll find another boss with a fat ass that will take my dick!" Roger then hung up the phone.

As Lynn finished her laundry, she passed Roger on the way out. She said "bye Roger " as she strutted passed him. Her face was flush red. "See ya around Lynn" Roger said. She thought to herself "why did I say bye?" as she neared the door. Roger was a cocky arrogant asshole! She was really struggling with the big laundry bag. Roger walked over to her and picked the bag up. "I got this" he said as he picked the bag up with one hand effortlessly. As they walked towards her car. Roger asked her "how come your husband don't come and carry this for you Lynn?". "Because he is busy watching the stupid football game" she answered. Roger laughed and shook his head.

Lynn opened the back of her minivan and Roger tossed the bag into the back of the van. Lynn thanked him. Roger moved closer to her and said "so did you like what you saw??" Lynn knew what he meant. Roger was referring Lynn eyeing his cock earlier. Lynn acting dumb said " like what Roger?" He laughed and looked down at his cock. Lynn followed his gaze. As she stared she involuntarily bit her lower lip. Roger walked around the passenger side of the van and got it. Lynn flustered, opened the drivers side door and said " what the fuck do you think you're doing Roger?"

It was a dark street with only a few private houses on it. Roger coolly said "get in and shut up!" Lynn still feeling violated and partially embarrassed got in and closed her door. "So are you going to answer my question??" Roger asked looking dead into Lynn's eyes. Lynn feeling a flood between her legs, unabled to lie and feelings of utter lust took over her. She hasn't had sex in three weeks and that lasted only about three minutes! Roger repeated the question but more forcefully. Lynn nodded her head a few times. The nod wasn't what Roger wanted. So he got more stern with Lynn. "Say it! Dont just nod your damn head!" Lynn said "yes I liked what I saw." She felt so ashamed but so turned on.

Her breathing became short. She felt excitement in her life. She felt alive. "How bout now" Roger said as he tugged down his gym shorts. Lynn's eyes widened as she saw Roger's young long thick cock flop on the seat between his legs. It was at least seven inches long flaccid. "Remember what I said to you that you fired me for Lynn?". Roger asked. Lynn responded "yes I do, you told me to suck your dick Roger." "That's right Lynn I did. Now get your big white ass in the backseat and get ready to suck it now!" Lynn was now powerless to Roger's commands.

She wanted his cock so bad she thought to herself. Lynn exited the front seat and got in the drivers side rear door. Roger got in the passenger side. He slid his shorts off completely and turned to face Lynn. His cock looked massive. It was completely shaved and his big perfect balls were clean shaven as well. Lynn started to lower her head towards Roger's cock. He stopped her by placing his hand around her throat. "You never suck my cock with clothes on." he demanded. Lynn feeling nervous said "Roger someone might see me naked." Roger shrugged his shoulders and said "I really don't care. Its not my problem and for now on you call me Sir! Do you understand Lynn??" Lynn feeling so degraded and cheap responded "yes sir." Her pussy was on fire now.

Being so submissive to a young stud half her age was very erotic to her. Lynn took off her tank top and undid her bra. Her heavy breast were released. She pulled down her yoga pants and let them lay on the floor of the minvan at her feet. Roger looked her over. The scent of Lynn's hot pussy filled the van.

"Damn Lynn you have a hot body. I'm going to have to work you. Does that sound good to you?" Roger said while sucking his fully erect cock. Lynn looking at Roger's massive hard on, replied without hesitation " yes sir it sounds really good". Roger grabbed Lynn by the back of her neck and moved her head down between his legs. As her face was inches away from his cock, Roger took his huge tool and ran it all over Lynn's face. The musky scent of Roger's cock excited Lynn more and more. He slapped it on her forehead and on both cheeks before releasing his grip.

Roger's cock was at least 9.5 inches and thick with a big mushroom head. Lynn wasted no time getting to work on it. She started by lick it from the base to the head. She loved the taste of Roger's manhood. She kissed the swollen head of Roger's cock before she took him deep in her mouth. Lynn was only able to get about 6 inches before it hit the back of her throat. Roger's loving every second of watching his old boss, totally naked in the back of her family minivan stuffing her mouth with his big cock. He said firmly "look at me." Lynn looking up without taking his cock out of her mouth.

Their eyes looked. "How does it feel? How does it feel sucking on a big cock. I bet your husband has a small dick?" "It feels great sir and his cock is half the size of yours." Lynn said after letting Roger's cock out of her mouth. Roger replied "lets see how good of a cocksucker you are. This is your first test. Before I start stuffing your pussy on a regular basis you have to show me how good you do sucking cock. Do you understand??" Lynn without hesitation said "yes sir" and start back on his cock. She took more of Rogers cock down her throat as she stroked the base.

Roger could see the refection of Lynn's big meaty ass in the window as she sucked him harder and faster. Lynn used both of her hands as she bobbed on Roger's cock. He could feel his load building. Lynn's cell phone started ringing. It was on the armrest between the the two front seats. Lynn grabbed it as she continued to work Roger's cock. It was Pete. She looked up at Roger as his cock fell out of her mouth. "I have to answer this sir. May I?" Roger looking down on her said yes.

Lynn answered the phone as she continued to slowly stroke Roger's cock. Pete was mad. He was asking Lynn what was taking so long. Lynn told him that the dryer wasnt working right and she had to use another one. "Pete I'll be home as soon as the clothes are dry." Lynn hung the phone up and started back down on Roger's cock. After two minutes Roger could feel that he was getting ready to cum. He told Lynn to get into the front seat and recline it back all of the way.

Lynn so worked up and turned on got out of the back door completely naked. As she opened the drivers side door she noticed a couple walking down the street, not more than twenty feet away. She quickly got in the front seat and reclined it back. Roger positioned himself on his knees and started fucking Lynn's mouth. Feeding her his cock, he noticed that the couple stopped and watched. He smiled at them as he stuffed Lynn's eager mouth. Lynn came as she played with her clit, moaning loud on Roger's cock. He felt his cock erupt. The first streams were swallowed by Lynn.

Roger took his cock out of her mouth and sprayed the next few lines of cum on her face and hair. His load was massive as he finished dousing her tits and belly with the last of it. Roger milked the last few drops of his cum on Lynn's lips. Lynn was totally unaware of the young couple staring in at the show. She saw a flash of light and looked over and saw the girl was taking pictures of her covered in Roger's cum. Totally exposed and naked Lynn had no where to run. Her clothes were in the backseat. The only thing to do was get to the backseat. "Roger can you hand me my clothes please?"

Roger looked down at her and with his cock laying on her right cheek "if you would have said sir please I would have, but now I don't think so slut! Get you clothes yourself. But first, don't even think about wiping my cum off of you. You need to work that load into your pale white skin." Lynn obeyed. She started rubbing Roger's warm cum into her face like it was lotion. Lynn then rubbed it all over her huge breast and belly. As the young Hispanic couple now videoing Lynn.

Her skin glistening from Roger's skunk. She looked up at Roger for approval. He nodded. Lynn started to reach back to find her clothes. Roger pushed her hand back towards her. "No get out if the van and go in through the back door". Lynn realized she had no choice but to get out of the van totally naked and covered in cum in front of the couple. She opened the door and stepped out of the van. Her nipples were hard as the cool fall air hit them. The young Hispanic woman snapped a few more pics of her. As Lynn turned red faced to open the back door, she felt her pussy getting hot and wet again. The humiliation was turning her on. The couple now saw Lynn's massive backside.

"Yo Julio look at that big fat white ass on her!" dat shit is unbelievable!" Her and her boyfriend laughed, took a few more pics of Lynn's ass before she slipped her yoga pants back on. They left as she finished getting decent. Lynn was disheveled totally. Still wet and horny but she knew she had to get home fast. "Sir. I have to go home now. My husband is waiting for me." Roger still naked sitting in the back seat now puffing on a Newport. Stroked his long soft cock, teasing Lynn.

"So are you asking me is it okay to leave or are you telling me slut??" Lynn feeling like a cheap whore, but the way Roger speaks to her releases the sex fiend in her. "I am asking of course Sir" she answered. "Yes you may slut. But before you do, get your fat white ass back in that laundromat and fold my clothes and put them in my car. Is that understood??" Lynn responded immediately " yes Sir".

Roger smiled and said, as he sat there spread eagle, "now kiss every inch of you master before you go". Lynn was down between Roger's legs in a flash, kiss every inch of his cock and balls too. She ended by slurping on his big fat swollen head. "That's a good whore". Roger said. "You are now my slut. You will be available to me whenever I want. Is that clear?" Lynn felt the flood between her legs as she said yes. "Now go and take care of my clothes!"

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