My wife enjoys turning me into the cuckold

My wife enjoys turning me into the cuckold
This evening Patty came home from work saying she had a
surprise. As some of you know, what had been a fantasy
for many years quickly turned into a reality after I
communicated my secret desires to Patty. Being the
thoughtful and giving wife she decided it would be fun
for us if she helped me live out the fantasies that had
been playing out in my imagination since childhood.

After making her dinner and cleaning the table the door
bell rang. I ran to answer the door because Patty was
on the phone and didn't want to be disturbed. Standing
in the doorway was a short but handsome man named Dave.
Dave had an average build, a full head of hair worn
back in a ponytail.

When Patty saw Dave she waived him in without ever
breaking away from her telephone conversation. She
motioned for Dave to sit on the couch next to her.

To my shock, Dave leaned over and kissed Patty on the
lips. Though their kiss lasted several seconds I didn't
get the feeling that there was much going on between
them. Boy was I wrong.

Patty made a motion with her hand indicating I should
fetch a glass of wine for Dave. When I returned I
placed the wine on the table in front of Dave. He took
a sip of wine and lit a fat joint the size of my middle
finger. I've smoked a lot of pot in my day but this
stuff made me feel like I was tripping. When we were
all done with the joint, Patty's hand rested on the
outside of Dave's pants.

He looked at me and instead of a guilty look he just
smiled. Still talking to her friend and pretending not
to be paying attention to us Patty unbuttoned the top
of Dave's pants, undid his zipper and took out what can
only be described as a pretty penis. The skin of Dave's
penis was soft and slightly tanned as though he hadn't
worn a bathing suit while in the sun. Patty held Dave's
penis hardly moving her fingers and we all just watched
it grow. Dave's penis though average sized when soft
grew several inches and was hard and swollen when Patty
motioned for me to get closer.

Looking at Patty she rolled her tongue across her lips
and then motioned for me to lower me head. Patty wanted
me to suck Dave's penis while she chatted on the phone.
Amazing. I couldn't believe I was going to suck Dave
off while Patty just sat there talking on the phone and
watching TV. Patty was letting me live out a fantasy I
had since childhood.

I lowered my lips to Dave's penis and wrapped my mouth
around the head. With my right hand I took hold of the
base and as though my mouth and hand were attached I
began to suck and pump. I must have sucked and pumped
Dave's penis for 20 minutes. He grew gradually more
relaxed and slowly slid down on the seat of the couch.
I could hear Patty describing how I gave head to her
friend on the other end of the telephone but I didn't
care. The pot had me dazzled and sucking Dave was all I
could think of doing. His penis tasted salty and warm
and I just sucked away for all I was worth.

I could feel Dave slowly stiffen and his hands held my
head in place. I knew what was about to happen. Without
saying a word, Dave exploded in my mouth filling me
with his cream. His cum began dripping out of my mouth
but I continued to suck and pump every last drop.

When Dave was finished and spent, I realized that Patty
had removed her shorts and panties. With my mouth still
filled with Dave's cum she motioned me to place my face
in her bush. I knew what she wanted me to do. It was a
fantasy of mine to transfer another man's cum from my
mouth to her pussy. Patty is so great she listened to
me when I described my fantasy and actually made an
effort to make it come true.

I placed my cream filled mouth on her pussy and filled
her with Dave's cum while I licked and sucked her clit.
It only took a moment or two and Patty was bucking and
squeezing her thighs against my ears. I could feel her
cum and her juices covered my face.

When I was done I leaned back only to see Dave's hard
on had returned. Without saying a word he mounted Patty
and began pumping her to a second orgasm and then he
came. I could see the cum dripping out of Patty's

When Dave was done he stood, dressed and said good-bye.
As Dave walked out the door to our apartment, Patty
motioned me to do my trick, cleaning out her cunt after
another man deposited his spunk. I love Patty. Don't
you wish you had a wife like her to make all your
dreams cum true? I was finally allowed to masturbate
for Patty. Patty told me she likes watching me
masturbate and then clean up my spunk. Tonight as she
held the cheeks of her ass apart she had me shoot cum
on ass hole so that when I licked my cum I also licked
her hole. Hummmm...

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Tuesday, March 16th, 2004
6:05 am

Early Morning:

I begged for sex last night. I was made to get on my
knees while holding my dick in my hand and still I was
refused. Patty said it was better that I waited and she
wanted to save herself for her friend, Susan that
stopped by later in the evening after a long day at
work. When Susan arrived she asked why I was still in
position with dick in hand and Patty said it was time
for me to watch how two women made love and perhaps I
would learn something about licking them.

I was required to sit at the end of the bed while Patty
and Susan talked, toked and sipped wine until they
slowly began to kiss and undress each other. First,
Susan went down on Patty and the Patty turned around
and they 69'd for what seemed forever. As IO watched I
unconsciously stroked my member which couldn't be

I thought I was going to be excluded for the entire
evening when Susan said she would like me to lick her
from behind while Patty munched away at her clit. I was
only too happy to accommodate. I could taste Susan's
juices from hr vagina as I rimmed her and gradually
inserted my tongue into her hole. I love the fragrance
of a woman's behind and continued with my duties for
about 15 minutes when Patty said she wanted me to do
her. Just as I started to pull away and move toward
Patty I felt Susan's hand hold my head in place and her
body went into spasm. She has a powerful orgasm.

When the orgasm was at last over, Susan told me to suck
Patty's behind as she focused all her attention on
satisfying my lovely girl. With both of us focusing all
our attention on Patty it only took a few minutes for
hr to reach a resounding orgasm.

The two women sat back in bed reaching for their wines
glasses when Susan observed that it would be fun to
watch me pleasure myself. I was told to apply some
lotion and finish myself off but that I had to cum in
my hand. I didn't know why and thought it was a clean
thing but after I came, which didn't take very long,
Susan demanded that I lick up my own cum from my hand.
Of course I obeyed.

I was left with a hard-on in my hand.
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Friday, February 20th, 2004
8:30 pm

I've been in the service of my queen:

Well, it's been awhile since my last entry. I'm writing
because my queen has given me an assignment. I started
to grow a beard because I hate shaving. Patty thought
that was the worst idea I'd ever had. Patty said,
having a beard, even thinking about having a beard, was
too macho for me. Patty thought I needed a perspective
prescription to get my head straight.

My assignment was to accompany her friends to the
washroom and drink their urine. Patty said placing my
face in the muffs of her friends when they pee'd would
help me regain perspective and then I would act as
submissive as I am supposed to act. Patty prefers that
I wear her underwear around the house and even wear the
dresses she buys me at the thrift store.

What could I do. Whatever Patty tells me to do I simply
can't resist. The first woman that stopped by the house
after I was given my assignment was Carol. Carol was a
real beauty when she was young but in middle age she
gained more than a pound or two.

Carol and Patty were chatting for approximately 30
minutes when I heard her call me to join her in the
guest bathroom. I instantly knew that Patty had filled
Carol in on my new training regime and I put down my
work and walked to the bathroom door. Patty watched as
I crossed the room and winked when I looked her way.

Once we were both inside the bathroom, Carol dropped
her shorts and was wearing the nicest pair of lace
underwear. Sitting down she leaned against the toilet
tank and motioned for me to join her.

"I'm ready, Etiene," is all she had to say and I bent
down on my knees placing my head between her legs so as
to position my mouth near her pussy. A soft golden flow
began and I dutifully lapped my tongue along the lips
of her vagina.

Quite a bit of urine made its way into the bowl but I
enjoyed a stomach full. Holding my bushy hair with both
hands Carol manipulated my head so my mouth was
squarely on her clit. "I want you to suck my feminine
juices, Etiene. I know it will help you regain your
perspective. Patty said you had been acting too manly."

I knew that Carol was a cunnilingus hound because Patty
used to have me suck her friends every Tuesday for
practice. Patty said sucking her friends every week was
like getting a PhD in sexology. I never learned more
about sex in college and the women she had me suck said
my technique got better every week. Some of the women
came to the gatherings after their husbands or
boyfriends left a load of jism in the sloppy pussies.

Patty thought sucking a used vagina helped correct any
mistaken impressions I had about my manliness. I have
to confess the best vaginas were the ones that were
gooey and filled with cream. I could suck on a cream
filled snatch for hours.

Well, I have to run. I hear Patty calling me. She has
had several friends over this evening and I know that
after drinking wine and beer all night they probably
have to urinate. The last time a group of Patty's
friends were over they made me undress, lie on my back
in our oversized tub and one after the other they
squatted over me leaving me in a pool of yellow golden
liquid. That time Iris plugged the drain so none of
their urine would go down the drain. The urine was so
warm and soothing it was like taking a warm bath. Maybe
I'll be lucky again. Bye for now.

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Saturday, January 24th, 2004
11:31 pm

Making the best of it:

Today's assignment was to be available whenever Susan
wanted to give me a golden shower. Patty wanted me to
feel what Susan's pee felt like as opposed to hers. I
enjoy a golden shower almost every morning when we
shower. Some times I reach down and fill my cupped
hands with her golden fluid and cover myself with her
fluids. Other times I simply bend down and Patty aims
for my face so her pee can run down my entire body.

Susan had never given or received a golden shower and
wanted to share the experience. Susan also asked that I
lick her clit while she pees. Though most of her pee
just flows down the bowl, she manages to get some in my
mouth. I can tell what Susan ate during the 8 hours
before based on the smell of her urine.
Susan has also asked that I shower with her.

I'm responsible for making certain her behind is
properly washed. As Patty made clear since I was the
licking Susan's rear, it was my duty to keep it clean.
I was also put in charge of preparing a warm wash cloth
to wipe Susan after she poops. Susan prefers that I
wipe her and I don't mind. I know my job is to please
and I do whatever is required. Susan also prefers that
I shave her legs and pussy.

Patty said that since I didn't have any obvious
artistic talent she thought that I could express my
artistic side by raising being a cuckold to an art
form. I try, I really do. I know my proper place is to
serve. I try to express myself in the way I can by
serving. I feel energized whenever I suck Susan's
snatch. It is like I'm floating along and with every
lick and suck I soar higher.

Some women just lie there and spread their legs leaving
it to me to take care of them but Susan actually takes
control. Susan grinds her pelvis in a way that gets her
off. Sometimes I leave my tongue out and she makes me
lick her from stem to stern. It is so delightfully
tasty. I know her vaginal juices make for the best
facial available anywhere. If more men realized how
beneficial pussy juice is to maintaining a youthful
look, women would spend all their time on their backs,
legs spread with a man's head bobbing up and down.

Oops, I hear my mistress calling. Must be time to wipe
her sweet vagina.
I'm so lucky

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Friday, January 23rd, 2004
4:35 pm

The Sissy Page:

Susan was visiting last week. She wanted to show us her
new HP computer. Just amazing what those things can do.
Patty spends very little time searching the web even
though she is very technically minded and able to fix
most computer problems. Anyway, Susan wanted to show
off the speed of her new computer. She flipped open the
screen and clicked on Explorer.

It was surprising how much faster her computer was than
mine. Susan was also here to convince us to join her in
a sky diving lesson. Seems jumping out of an airplane
has always been her fantasy. Being uncomfortable if not
afraid of heights, I commented how dangerous it could
be. Susan tilted her head and looking at me dead in the
eye said, "Don't be such a sissy."

Patty who had been preoccupied looked up and replied,
"type 'sissy' as the Google query. Susan quickly
complied and in a moment we were all looking at a web
page for sissies. The page was run by women who liked
to make men more feminine. There were stories and
techniques describing the process of turning a man into
a sissy.

The author of one story wrote about how to gain control
of a man. Another was by a woman who secretly placed
hormones in her husband's food and manipulated what he
wore. She systematically threw away one pair of
underwear after another knowing that her husband would
not bother to buy replacements.

When asked about the underwear shortage, she blamed the
washer saying that she, too, had lost underwear and
socks. She offered to buy him several new pairs when
she went shopping. She returned with silky underwear
purchased at a store that specialized in products that
appeal to gay men. The underwear was not only silky,
they didn?t have a front opening.

Next the sneaky wife started throwing away the new
underwear until one day when her husband complained
about not having any underwear she threw him a pair of
her own saying that they were basically the same as the
ones her had been wearing. After his initial hesitation
he eventually gave in.

As encouragement for his compliance the wily wife
rubbed his penis through the silky underwear so that he
would develop positive associations with wearing her
panties. The next day the same thing happened. He
complained about not having underwear and she threw him
a pair of her own. As soon as he put them on, this time
without protest, she commented on how turned on she was
to see him in women?s panties. Then she again began to
rub his penis so he would have a positive association
with wearing her panties. When his face took on the
look of a man in ecstasy, she stopped and told him to
get dressed or he would be late for work. Of course he

Over the next couple of weeks as she continued to feed
him estrogen hormones, she purchased him a few packages
of women?s underwear and placed them in his drawer. The
next morning when he opened the drawer to get dressed,
he commented that his wife had filled his drawer with
her underwear. "No," she commented, those are yours.
You can?t keep wearing my underwear or I?ll have none
to wear myself."

She explained that he looked so sexy in silky women?s
underwear that she couldn?t purchase plain white
briefs. The woman began to insist that her husband sit
while he pee?d so as not to spray onto the area around
the toilet. Of course he complied. She began to paint
his toe nails and had his hair cut in a more feminine
style. She also insisted that he wear panty hose under
his pants. The husband didn?t mind because they felt
great and had him in a perpetual state of arousal. The
hormones made him start to grow breasts and she had him
wear a training bra.

The web page promised that if a woman subscribed they
would learn all the secrets of the other members
concerning how the turned their husbands into cuckold
sissies. To my amazement, Patty was very interested and
said as much to Susan knowing that I was sitting right
there. She talked about me as though I weren?t in the

In another story a woman described how she trained her
husband to suck other men?s cum from her snatch. She
trained them the way most women seemed to, by a
combination of hormones and positive reinforcement.
Another woman wrote about her husband becoming so
sissified he was content to suck her snatch clean and
he also liked using his tongue to clean the dicks of
the guys his wife was sleeping with.

His wife and her lovers would screw in front of him,
often while he completed a domestic chore. When they
were done, he would first suck his wife?s lover?s cock
clean and then he would suck his wife?s messy pussy. He
said he learned to love it and often sucked the cocks
of his wife?s lovers if they came to visit and she just
wasn?t in the mood.

Patty finished reading and then, almost at once, she
and Susan looked back at me. Susan commented that I
would be a good sissy and that it wouldn?t take too
much to make me a full fledged cuckold. Susan stood,
took her pants off and then took her panties off
exposing her untrimmed muff.

Looking at me she said, "take your pants off and put my
underwear on, Etiene." I was shocked and didn?t know
how to reply when Patty spoke up, "go ahead, Etiene,
it?ll be fun."

Susan handed me her panties and insisted that before I
put them on that I held them to my nose and appreciated
the fragrance. I did as I was told when out of no where
Susan walks over to Patty, places her hand behind her
head and plants an open mouth wet kiss on my wife?s
lips. Patty didn?t move even though she always said she
didn?t favor girl-girl sex. Not only didn?t she protest
she seemed to jump right in pulling Susan?s body close.

Susan and Patty had the hottest sex I?d ever seen for
the next 40 minutes. When they were finally done Patty
said, "Etiene gives such a great massage, if you ask
him I?m sure he?ll accommodate you." Of course Susan
asked and I said yes. I have been trained to give a
back rub is as follows.

The woman lay on her stomach and I plant my face in the
crack of her ass as I massage her shoulders and back.
My body is between her legs. I also massage the
buttocks which most masseurs overlook. As I rub her,
Patty likes me to rim her ass and often pushes her
crack up to meet my face. This is her subtle way of
telling me to penetrate her ass with my tongue. Tonight
she was having me suck Susan?s ass while I wore her
panties. It felt great.

At some point in time as I sucked Susan?s ass and
rubbed her back, Patty left the bed. I thought perhaps
she went to get something to eat. Instead of food Patty
walked back into the room with a strap-on dildo that
looked like the real thing. "Etiene is going to like
this," Patty whispered. Next Patty applied a dab of
lube to my ass and before I knew what was happening she
had 6" in me and it felt good. Susan never let me stop
sucking her pussy until she enjoyed two more orgasms.

The scene has been repeated a number of times since my
first introduction to wearing panties and sucking
Susan?s pussy. I also love the feel of a dildo in my
Ass. I?ve asked Patty if we could have a man to our
afternoon get-togethers so I could feel what it is like
to have a real penis inside me.

Patty agreed to invite a man she knew to make it a
foursome. He arrived at our door step two weeks later
and the rest will have to wait for the next
installment. Right now I have been instructed to
masturbate so Patty and Susan can video tape it. Susan
handed me a dildo she wanted me to use while I jerk
myself off. Life can be so wonderful.

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Sunday, January 11th, 2004
9:00 pm

Waiting for you:

After a few hours of not being online I've been
thinking about my earlier entries. Not much good to
anyone it seems. Can't wait for Patty to return to the
nest. She knows how to make me happy. I'm a simple man.
When the hour is right she simply hands me the massage
oil and I know what to do. I head for the microwave and
heat the oil for 40 seconds. When I return she has a
pipe filled with top quality pot and in a few moments
we are both ready, both in a head space right for sex.
She places the pipe and lighter on her bedside,
switches the digital cable to new age music and rolls
over on her stomach.

I lie between her legs, my chin at the top of her ass
crack and begin to massage. You know the rest if you've
read my earlier entries. I want it so bad right now I
can picture the act so clearly in my mind. We must have
done the same sex act hundreds of times to varying
degrees. You'd think it would have grown old by now, so
much else has sooner or later.

We've talked about the receptiveness of our sex play
and both decided not to fix what isn't broken.
Sometimes as I rub her mid back, the place she feels
the most pain, my face is buried in her crack and my
tongue searching for her pussy I feel so turned on I
can hardly control myself. My penis rubs against the
sheets as I lick her with my tongue and rub her body
with my hands. The last few times we had sex this way I
could barely wait for her to have an orgasm so I could
put myself inside her and explode.

In my minds eye I can see her rolling over onto her
back after I soften inside her and withdraw. As she
rolls over her hand takes hold of my thick hair and
pulls my face down to her ample bush. My goo covers the
lips of her vagina and I see the swollen lips as my
mouth is directed to her waiting pussy.

She spreads the lips of her pussy and I know what she
wants me to do. As if I abandoned all control, I am
licking my cum from her pussy. Each time I imagine this
image it takes me that much closer to the real
experience. Many times I know her fantasy is to roll me
over so another cock can enter her, a warm mouth and
tongue is the next best thing or the available thing.

I know you guys know what I'm talking about. You enjoy
sex, your woman cums or she doesn't but you do. You may
have lasted an hour or you may have shot within seconds
of being inside and you struggle against your bodies
inclination for sleep and feel compelled by your
libido's/imagination's desire for more. You want to
please her again and the only way your body will allow
you to do it: with your tongue. You imagine it is the
juice of another lover, that she has been left less
than totally satisfied and wants your tongue to do what
another cock could not.

Some men want a threesome with two women but the
reality is that a woman is far better able to take on
two men. It does take some calming to accept another
man's touch and as a young man the thought of being
with two men and a woman scared me away from at least
one hopeful encounter. A woman can easily take two men
and the feel of one dick in her vagina and another in
her rear is as exciting for the men as it is for the
woman. The feel of another man's dick rubbing your own
with just a thin membrane separating the two rods as
they pump and strain is all the pleasure I need.

When the woman demands that the men pleasure each other
as she looks on nothing could be more erotic especially
if the men consider themselves straight. Sometimes I
wish patty would bring home some of thee men that I
know want to fuck her. She has one of those
personalities that invite a sexual response from men.
Women also find her strong mindedness attractive and I
know at least two of her female friends would like to
have sex with her and it is only the small suburban
community dynamics that stop it from happening.

Patty isn't the young hot chick she once was and
despite being 40 lbs. over weight she still possesses a
sexuality that few women have. My only hope is that
when she brings home another man for fun and frolic she
brings home a man that will let me suck him. Do you
know what a fluffer is in the horse breeding process?

I'd happily be the fluffer getting the male and female
sex organs ready for the act. I enjoy the thought of
sucking her lover's cock after she is done with it as
well as cleaning his residue from her. Just my way of
joining in the fun.


Well, that's it for tonight. Time to roll it back, calm
down and sleep. Tomorrow is a work day and blogging
isn'' an excuse for showing up late. I'd love to hear
your response to my entries. What a great opportunity
to get out what would otherwise stay bottled up deep

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