Dreams of Veronica


Dreams of Veronica
The three of us sat together one night, as the best of friends do, drinking, smoking, discussing our lives and eventually turning to my favorite subject, sex. More drinks arrived and Bill told us how he has lived in a sexless marriage for a lot of years and that he envied Carlos? and my sexually satisfying relationship. It was too early to break up the party, so the three of us decided to keep things going and drove to our house.

Lust and my secret fantasy of having two men at the same time crept into my brain on the drive home, making me hot and wet. Did I dare do this thing with my boyfriend and his best friend since childhood? Good sense was not going to prevail that night as the decision was made by my cunt which was eagerly looking forward to having two cocks satisfy its hunger.

We arrived at home, had a few more drinks and I looked over at Bill asking if he would like a blowjob. Carlos went out of the room for a few minutes and Bill lifed my skirt and blew hot air between my legs. This was the answer I had been waiting for. I knelt in front of Bill, unzipped his pants, and took out his throbbing cock which was aching to be licked and sucked. I teased him, running my tongue up and down his hard shaft, feeling his male desires swell up in my mouth. Behind me, Carlos had reappeared and was now massaging my breasts through my shirt. His hands removed my blouse and he massaged my breast with one hand, rubbing my crotch with the other. I kept sucking and licking Bill, making him want to shoot his cum into my mouth. But I had other ideas. After all, this was my fantasy coming true.

We went into the bedroom and got out of our clothes. I watched as Bill and Carlos stepped out of their jeans, two cocks proudly at attention, both wanting me. I laid on the bed and motioned for Carlos to eat my pussy which was now slippery and wet. I motioned for Bill to poise that hard member above my head so that I could once again wrap my lips around it. I was calling the shots that night and they were my sex slaves.
Carlos? tongue was making little flicking motions on my clit and my hips raised for more. I wanted to feel his tongue deep inside of me, so he burrowed his head even further between my legs, licking and sucking and tonguing me until I couldn?t hold back any longer. Bill?s cock was deep down my throat and I was sucking and licking it like crazy. But I wanted more.

I ordered Bill to lie down on the bed, and I poised my now dripping cunt above his face. I ordered Carlos to stand in front of me so that I could lick his beautiful cock and squeeze it between my breasts. Carlos? cock grew in my mouth as I sucked on the tip and ran my tongue up and down. Bill lapped up my juices and made me come again. I needed a cock deep inside of me so I removed my cunt from Bill?s face and trailed my tongue across his stomach, down to his erect and throbbing member. I knelt over him and Carlos came up behind, teasing my pussy lips with his hardness. I felt him enter me, slowly at first, teasing me. He inserted that beautiful cock a little at a time, pumping and then almost completely withdrawing, then knowing I wanted more, entered slowly again, teasing me to the point of frenzy. My mouth worked on Bill?s cock, giving it the best tongue job he ever had, wrapping my lips around its stiffness, going up and down, then withdrawing it , teasing him as I was being teased. Carlos started pumping harder and faster, giving me everything he had and Bill?s cock was ready to explode in my mouth. I couldn?t take it any longer....two cocks in my body at the same time, one engulfed in my cunt lips and the other in my mouth. Carlos pounded harder and harder from behind, I could feel he was ready to explode and so was I. Bill shot his load into my mouth as Carlos shot his deep inside of me. I had orgasm after orgasm, until my body collapsed on top of Bill with Carlos buried deep inside of me.

My sexual fantasy had finally come true and I couldn?t wait for round two. After all, what are best friends for?

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