My young BBW and I take a vacation

My young BBW and I take a vacation
My wife and I married when she was 24, and at the time
we were too broke to afford a nice honeymoon. So after
about a year, we were able to scrimp and save enough to
go on a vacation. We decided on going to an all
inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic for about a
week and a half.

We were both quite excited as we pulled into the resort
after a very long plane trip. We quickly got acquainted
with where everything in the resort was, and dropped
our bags in the room to have a look around, especially
the beach and pool. This being our first trip out of
the US, I do have to say that some things were rather
eye opening.

As the Dominican Republic caters mostly to Europeans
during the time of year we were there, the first thing
we noticed was how many women were going topless. As
someone who rarely goes to strip clubs, seeing lots of
women of various shapes and sizes walking around
casually with nothing above the waist was probably
making me grin. Of course, the part that really got me
excited was wondering if I could get my wife to do the

"Forget it," I heard her say, almost as if on cue.


"I know what you are thinking. I'm not gonna do it,"
she replied.

As I've stated in past chapters, my wife is a bigger
girl and has never really been the showoff type. Still,
I could tell by her town that she wasn't dead set
against the idea. Of course, in the back of my mind, I
wondered if I could get her to do the one thing I'd
wanted her to do for years-sleep with another man. It
had been a fantasy of mine for a long time, but as of
yet I'd never been able to get her to do it, outside of
just role-playing the idea. But maybe now being here
miles away from anyone we knew and no chance of every
seeing any of the people around us ever again, would
she finally do it?

That night we ate at the resort and followed that with
a walk on the beach. One of the perks of an all
inclusive resort is that all the alcohol was free and
we planned on taking full advantage of the offer. That
being said, my wife had easily finished 3 or 4 mixed
drinks at dinner, so our walk on the beach was mostly
her stumbling some and giggling from time to time.

The beach was fairly empty with only the occasional
couple or person walking nearby. And aside from the
resort lights, the beach was pretty dark. At one point,
we walked over to a nearby walkway and my wife leaned
against one of the supports. I can tell the mix of the
atmosphere and the alcohol were having quite the effect
on her. She smiled playfully at me and pulled me
closer. I looked into her big brown eyes and leaned in,
kissing her deep my hands around her back. She in turn
ran her hands over my shoulders as we kissed.

Soon I started to run my hands through her long dark
brown hair and feeling adventurous, I let my hands
drift down to her breasts. At first she playfully
batted my hands away, but after a couple more attempts
she let my hands explore. I could tell her nipples were
hard even under the fabric.

That night she had worn a light cotton dress with just
a couple of spaghetti straps on her shoulders. I pushed
the straps down, and as I did her ample breasts came
into view. Wasting no time I leaned down planting
kisses all over them. I could tell she was looking
around nervously but after a moment I saw her eyes
close. He pouty lips puffed out as I sucked and licked
on her breasts. I knew she was getting excited.

As I continued to work on her breasts I let a hand go
up her dress and soon found the front of her panties to
be quite damp. This caused me to moan and my cock
started to get hard. I moved her panties aside and soon
began to glide my finger over he swollen clit.
Surprisingly instead of stopping me I felt her open her
legs a little more. A few minutes more of this
attention to her body and I could feel her starting to
convulse a little. Suddenly I heard her moan loud as
she held onto the walkway support for stability and
came hard on my finger, her pussy gushing as she came

After a few seconds she pushed me away and straightened
up her dress, sliding the straps back up. I wasn't sure
what was going to happen next, but I didn't have to
wait long. She looked along both ends of the beach and
saw only a few people on either side, far in the
distance. With that she pulled me around till I was
leaning on the walkway support.

She quickly dropped to her knees, and I knew what was
coming next. She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them
down fast, and without a word slipped my cock into her
warm wet mouth.

She started to bob her head back and forth quickly as I
watched her mouth work on my swollen cock. Every once
in a while a person would walk by farther down on the
beach, but I couldn't tell if anyone could see us or
not. Not that I cared of would even have told her if
they did. I placed my hands on her head and started to
fuck her mouth.

I knew I wouldn't last long at this rate as I watched
her suck me out here for anyone who walked by to see.
Her hands were on my balls and soon I felt my cock
throb. I knew I was close as I started to breathe
heavier. The sight of her sucking my dick, kneeling on
the sand after I just fingered her was more than my
mind could handle and I started to groan.

Usually when she is giving me a blowjob and I get ready
to come she takes it out of her mouth and uses her hand
to finish me. She is not big on the taste after all.
But for some reason, between the alcohol, the scenery,
and her recent orgasm, she continued to suck my cock
even after I told her I was going to come. In fact she
moaned and started going faster.

I didn't need any more encouragement. I grabbed her
head and started to pump my cock in her mouth for all
it was worth. After a couple more strokes I pushed
forward deep into her mouth as one of the strongest
orgasms of my life racked my body. I looked down as I
started to pump shot after shot of come into her mouth.
Her eyes looked up into mine as I filled her mouth with
hot spicy come. It took every ounce of control to keep
from screaming with pleasure. And best of all, I could
tell she was swallowing it all.

I continued to pump her mouth as my orgasm subsided.
Since I rarely get this kind of opportunity, I was
going to make sure she got every drop in her mouth. I
panted as I squeezed the last of my salty come onto her
lips, which she licked off hungrily. She gave the head
a couple more kisses before starting to stand up. I
grabbed her hands and helped her off the sand, the
alcohol still causing her to be off balance. We
stumbled back to our room, where we collapsed into bed,
exhausted and buzzed.

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