Girls on girls

Girls on girls
With a glass of wine in hand, Kathy, Trish and I went into the den.
There was a large couch that folded out into a bed. As we moved the
cushions off and extended the bed, I said, "Kathy, you might think
about washing this sheet once in a while."

"Yeah," Trish added, "Do you realize how many times we've come on it.

Kathy leaned over and smelled the sheet. "Oh my God, I smell pussy.
Somebody's been having sex on my parents couch!"

Trish pushed Kathy onto the mattress and I dove on top of them both.
"Three guesses who it was," I said as we wrestled around. Our
wrestling quickly turned into groping, kissing and fondling. What a
turn-on having my girlfriend's soft bodies, probing fingers and hot
mouths all over me.

"Wait, wait, wait," Kathy said, finally holding up her hands. "Will
you two calm those cunts down for a minute. Remember, we've got all
fucking night."

"You're right," I said, pretending to act very prim and proper.
"Besides, I can stop anytime I want, you know."

"Bull shit," Trish said and ran her hand down between my legs.

"You two are worse than dogs in heat," Kathy said.

Trish took her finger out of me and sniffed it. "This bitch is in
heat, I'd know that smell anywhere."

"You should, you've eaten down there enough," I said. I took her
finger and licked my juice off, and then I put it in my mouth and
sucked it like a penis. I knew I was turning her on as I watched her
close her eyes and lick her lips.

"God, I wanna fuck you so bad," Trish said and we started French
kissing again.

Kathy pulled us apart. "I said stop. Do you realize it's only seven
o'clock? If you guys get tired and give out on me early, I'm going
to be royally pissed. I want my share of orgasms tonight and I don't
want to have to do all the work myself."

Trish and I reluctantly separated but when Kathy turned her back, I
started sucking Trish's finger again.

Kathy walked over to the VCR. "Before we get crazy," she said, "I
want to see some porn first." She shoved the cassette in and turned
on the TV. Then she hit play on the remote and returned to the
foldout bed.

Kathy and I lay side-by-side on our stomachs while Trish sat behind
us and played with my feet. She knew how much it turned me on as she
put her finger in her mouth, got it wet, and seductively ran it
slowly between each of my toes.

I sipped my wine and tried to watch the movie, knowing if she started
sucking my toes, I wouldn't be able to resist her. The first scene
was a woman sunbathing beside a pool. A hunk of a guy was cleaning
the pool and the woman decided to seduce him. She took her bikini
top off and rubbed lotion all over her tits. He came over and asked
if she needed help and a few minutes later, she was up on all fours
and he was screwing her from behind. When his dick went in, I felt
Trish's hand on my ass. I turned around to see she was doing the
same thing to Kathy. Her talented fingers worked their way down my
crack to my pussy. I smiled over at Kathy and she smiled back. Of
the three of us, Kathy and I were definitely bisexual, but we knew
that Trish only liked girls. Whenever we watched a porn flick and it
was a boy-girl scene, Trish was always more interested in playing
with us. But if it was a girl-girl scene, she was glued to the
screen. Either way, we didn't care; we just loved doing each other.

After the guy screwed the woman for a while, he pulled his dick out
and she turned around and put it in her mouth, her juice all over it.

"The perfect penis," Kathy said. "It's long and hard, and tastes like

"Pardon the pun," I said, "but they should all come that way."

Trish had her fingers in me now, and I was getting very wet. I took
a long drink of wine and put the glass down. Then I leaned over and
started French kissing Kathy, letting her taste the wine in my mouth.
I could tell from the quickness of her breathing that Trish had
found her clitoris.

We lost interest in the movie as Trish fingered us. Our kisses got
more passionate as our climaxes built.

"She's so fucking good," Kathy managed to say, her hips moving in
sync with Trish's fingers.

I reached back and spread my cheeks so Trish could get in me better.
Kathy did the same and we watched each other's faces as we came. "Oh,
fuck," I said. "Here it comes" My body stiffened and waves of orgasm
swept through me. I felt a flood of girl-cum flow out.

Kathy came at almost the same instant and she closed her eyes tight
and cried out, "Oh God, Trish, go deeper."

She did. With her fingers in Kathy's pussy, she found her ass hole
with her thumb. Using Kathy's cum to lubricate it, soon she had her
thumb in Kathy's rectum while her two fingers continued to work her
pussy. I could tell her second climax was on the way as I planted
kisses all over Kathy's face. When it hit her, she cried out, "Oh,
fuck me!"

We lay there for a few moments trying to catch our breaths. Then
Trish said, "Congratulations, ladies, the first dual, and for Kathy,
multiple orgasm of the night." Then she slipped her fingers out of us
and licked them clean.

Kathy turned over on her back and held her arms and legs open. "Come
here, lover," she said. Trish lay down on top of her and they French
kissed as Kathy wrapped her long legs around Trish's waist.

I moved behind them and got down between their legs, wiping their
juice all over my face and relishing the smell of their warm, wet
girl scents. I don't know what I loved more, the smell or the taste
of an aroused pussy, especially one that had already come. They were
both soaked and I licked them like a girl dying of thirst. My
girlfriends tasted so different and yet so delicious. Trish was on
the salty side and had a strong musky aroma. Just a whiff of her
made me want to fuck. Kathy had a sweet flavor, almost like honey,
and she smelled like, well, like sex; nasty wet girl sex. One of my
favorite things was to finger Kathy and Trish on our way to school in
the mornings. Then for the rest of the day, I could smell their
pussies on my fingers anytime I wanted. If the boys only knew.

"Oh, Nikki, I love when you do that," Kathy said, when I took her
clitoris between my lips and sucked it. She tried to say something
else but it was lost in Trish's kisses.

Kathy brought her knees up and Trish wrapped her arms in back of them
pushing them almost to Kathy's chest. This opened her up wide and
let me easily get to her anus and pussy. I moved my mouth down to
her tight ass hole while I slipped two fingers into her cunt. She
was so wet, and as I played with her anus with the tip of my tongue,
her juice flowed down and ran into my mouth.

Not wanting to ignore Trish, I used my other hand to stroke her pussy.
She was also very wet I loved bathing in their girl-cum and knew
that after I ate them, they would lick my face clean like two little

I was probing Kathy's anus trying to get my tongue to go in. She
knew what I wanted and reached back pulling her ass cheeks apart.
That made the difference, and as her little hole opened and her
muscles relaxed, I worked the tip of my tongue in and loved the tangy
taste. There were two reasons we had cleaned each other so good in
the shower. First, sliding a finger inside a girl's warm ass was
such an incredibly nasty turn-on. And second, all three of us loved
to have our asses licked and sucked. Kathy's pussy juices flowing
down and mixed with the flavor of her anus; it was so erotic, it made
me dizzy.

"Oh, my God," Kathy said, "I'm gonna fucking come again." She kept
pulling her hole open so my tongue could stroke her. Trish was
grinding her pussy into Kathy's mound as I pushed hard to get some of
my tongue inside her. Suddenly, she cried out something I couldn't
understand, but I knew exactly what it meant. When she came, a flood
of girl-cum flowed out. What I couldn't lap up soaked the sheet. We
were all covered with sweat at this point, so we slowly separated and
lay on our backs trying to catch our breaths. Kathy reached over and
gently stroked my hair. "You know just what I like," she said.

I took her hand and kissed the palm before sliding my tongue between
each finger. She rolled over and brought her mouth to mine. We
kissed softly and lovingly for a few moments. Then we heard Trish
moan. I looked up and saw her sitting on the edge of the bed, her
hand between her legs. Glancing at the TV, I saw why. Two beautiful
girls were in each other's arms. One had her head back as the other
took a nipple into her mouth. Gently, they lay down and caressed
each other. When one moved her leg over the other, I saw her
gorgeous shaved pussy.

"God, what's a beautiful cunt," I said.

"Girl love is such a trip," Trish added.

Kathy moved over and sat behind Trish, her legs wrapped around her,
her tits pressing into Trish's back. She reached around and played
with Trish's nipples as she kissed her neck. I slipped off the bed
and knelt in front of Trish. Gently taking her hands away and
licking her fingers clean, I spread her legs and moved my face up to
her crotch. "I've got some girl love for my sweet baby."

I took a moment to just enjoy the smell of her hot sweaty sex before
I stuck out my tongue and played with her clitoris. She squealed as
she ran her fingers through my hair. I could hear the moans from the
two girls in the movie mix with Trish's soft cries of pleasure.
While I ate her, I reached one hand down between my legs and
masturbated. Looking up, I saw Kathy's fingers squeezing Trish's
nipples, her lips on Trish's ear. She was whispering sexy things to
Trish, things that only a girl can do to another girl. I tried to
time it perfectly, and as the two lesbians climaxed in the movie,
Kathy and I made Trish gush her girl-cum all over my face.

Trish leaned back against Kathy, glowing in sexual bliss while Kathy
continued to kiss her neck and ears. I spent a few moments cleaning
Trish up with my tongue. Then I let her rest her legs on my
shoulders as I kissed my way down her inner thighs. Placing one of
her feet on my breasts, I took the other in my mouth and made love to
each toe. Her nails were painted bright red and I slowly sucked them
like little pieces of candy.

Then Kathy said, "I think it's daisy time."

"Mmmm, my favorite flower," Trish said, coming back to life. She
tweaked my nipples with her wet toes one last time and then as an
invitation, she spread her legs and showed me her pussy. Her lips
were flared wide open and swollen with sex, ready to be fucked again.

I got up on the bed with my girlfriends and lay on our sides in a
triangle. Then we each propped a leg up and buried our faces between
the next girl's legs forming our "daisy chain". This was one of our
favorite ways to fuck because we could take our time smelling and
licking each other. Our longest chain lasted forty minutes before we
made each other cum. It was so sensual to lay there sniffing, softly
kissing and loving the beautiful pussy in front of my face. The
whole idea was to have a slow build and make the chain last as long
as possible. That night, we went for almost an hour before the
screaming ended. It was incredible.
After catching our breaths, we put on a CD. Kathy and I slow danced
while Trish watched, her hands between her legs masturbating.
Holding my naked girlfriend in my arms; feeling her leg work its way
in between mine; pushing my damp crotch into her thigh; having our
hot, sweaty breasts press together; breathing the air filled with the
smell of aroused pussy; reaching around and holding her ass tight;
and feeling her warm breath on my ear as she whispered she wanted me
to fuck her again-it was as hot as girl love could get.

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