My dream bbw


My dream bbw
The lady that I dream about doesn?t even know that I dream of her . I won?t mention her name so lets call her Ms. X . The first time I saw her many years ago I thought to myself Wow that is what I want . She works in a store that I shop in and has always been friendly but I never seem to get near her unless there are a lot of people around . She is a big beautiful woman . She has long blonde hair and bright sexy eyes .She is taller than me, but most people are taller than I am . She has a nice big tits and an amazingly small ass for a girl her size . When she has her bright red lipstick on and smiles it is all I can do to not get a hard on . I would love to suck on her nipples and cunt but I need to chat with her alone . My favorite dream of her goes something like this .
I?m checking out and she says looks like your going to make lasagna . Yes I say I would love to have you over for dinner . Really she says and smiles , my cock is starting to get hard at this point , what time ? Say tomorrow at 6 ? Fine she says . I give her my phone number and directions to my place . I?ll call before I come over she says and smiles as she hands me my change . Awesome I say and take my stuff and leave . She calls at about five the next day . Hello Rick she says . Hello I say are you still coming tonight I ask . Yes she says is there anything I can bring ? No I think I have everything I need I say . Do you need some wine or anything ? No I say I have some nice red wine that will go well with the lasagna . Great she says I?ll be there shortly . Wonderful I say I can hardly wait .
She arrives at 5:30 and I let her in . I take her coat and hang it up . She is wearing a red dress that shows quite a bit of cleavage . Her red lipstick matches perfectly with the dress. She is wearing to much jewelry which she tends to do . I offer a drink and she asks for vodka and soda . I fix the drink for her and say that the lasagna will be ready at a little after six along with the home made bread . You made bread she asks . Yes it?s sourdough I say I hope you like it . Yes I do she says .Good I want to please you tonight . She smiles and says I think it could be an interesting evening .There is a good movie on tonight if you get HBO she says . I have HBO on my satellite system I say afraid it will be a chick flick but that could be good if it and the vodka and wine help get her in the mood . What movie is it I ask ? The new James Bond she says I love Bond movies ! So do I as a matter of fact I have a walther PPK . You do ? Can I see it ? Sure I say I go to my gun safe and unlock it and remove the Walther make sure it is unloaded and hand it to her . She gingerly takes it and her face lights up . Can we take it someplace and fire it ? Tomorrow we can go the shooting range , technically I?m not supposed let anyone else fire it but if we go before noon there probably won?t be anyone there so you can fire it . Cool she says I have never fired a gun before . That won?t be a problem I say . She finishes her drink and asked for a refill . I get one for her . I?m still sipping on mine to stay as sober as I can. I say it?s about time to get the table set . I take out the salad and slice the bread . Then I take the lasagna out of the oven . I?ll cut it after we have the salad it will be stay together better I say . She enjoys several glasses of the wine with the dinner , which she loves . Can we finish the wine while we watch the movie ? Sure I say I have another bottle if you would like it . Well I would rather have some more vodka after we finish the wine . That?s ok I say .She lights a cigarette and sits down in front of the TV. I find an ashtray for her . I pour her the rest of the wine and turn on the TV . The movie doesn?t start for half an hour I say is there anything else you want to watch ? Do you get any adult channels ? She asks slurring her words a bit . Sure I say and go to the spice channel . Awesome she says wine and vodka make me horny . Good I say that do that for me to. She puts her cigarette out . You know I have something better than a cigarette for you to suck on I say . I?ll bet I know what that is she says . I grin and give her a kiss slipping my tongue in her mouth . She responds by slipping her tongue in my mouth . I move my right hand to her left nipple she doesn?t complain and after a few seconds she pushes her top down so I can suck on her nipples . She moans and says yes that feels great . I slip my hand down and start to finger her pussy . She moans a bit louder and pushes her hips up as I finger her harder . I help her take her dress and underwear off . Then she pulls at my pants and helps me take my shorts off . Then I take my shirt off . I kneel down and lick her clit as I finger her cunt .She pushes her hips out and presses my head as hard as she can into her crotch . Then she suddenly cums and squeezes my head with her thighs so hard that it feels like my head will crack. She releases her thighs as suddenly as she tightened them .Damn she says That was good . I put my tongue deep in her cunt and tongue fuck her as I finger her clit. She screams and cums again. Don?t stop she says almost out of breath . I grin and keep on tongue fucking her . She cums over and over again . Please stop she says and curls up in a ball and shakes . Shit that was great she says after she calms down a bit . I put some maintain on my cock and put on a condom and stick my cock in her cunt . I slowly stroke my cock in and out of her cunt . She moans and groans her tits bounce with every stroke and she plays with her own nipples . She comes several times as I slowly stroke my cock in and out . Finally I cum and go limp . I pull my cock out and take the condom off . She says lets watch what?s left of the movie now and we can fuck again later.
That is my favorite dream.

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