Jessica realizes she is hot

Jessica realizes she is hot
Hey babe, what do you wanna do for dinner tonight? Lets check out that new microbrew, Pizza & Pilsners, Robby asked his wife.

I dont know, Im kinda tired. Can we just pick up some takeout? Jessi replied.

Robby nodded but inside, he knew he needed to get her out and about. He sensed she was starting to fall back on her old ways.

Jessica was thick and juicy in Roberts eyes. They had dated when they were in high school, when she had been overweight. Robert had played football from junior high through high school, and his heaviness had been a good thing playing the defensive line. Seven years of football practice and games had melted his baby fat away. While still stocky, he was hard and strong, and definitely considered a big guy. He was a human wall of muscle.

For Jessica, her transformation had come from being bullied. A popular girl had pranked her, and she had vowed never to be in that position again. During high school, the upcoming rivalry game meant both schools were having a spirit week leading up to the game. The rival high school had a razorback as the mascot, the nickname was Boss Hogg, stolen from the Dukes of Hazzard show. All week, the ASB kids had made a Papier-mâché pig they would destroy ala a pinata. The popular girl, Maryanne, had given an ASB nerd the impression he could get to several bases if she could pull the prank. He snuck her in and she painted Jessica on the pig. It didnt help that the faux pig looked more like a sow than a boar.

During lunch, as the pig was revealed for its celebratory bashing, the crowd both laughed and let out a collective oh! as they saw her name. She had been there and saw the whole thing, her friends had immediately hugged her. But the hoots and howls couldnt be avoided. Principal Skinner had shut the rest of the show down, and began an investigation. Jessica was told she could have the rest of the day off, and her parents were summoned.

No! she said. I am not going to hide! I am going to fight this! she said with resignation.

What do you want to do? Mr. Skinner asked her. Jessicas mom held her head up high.

You find out who did this, but I want a coach to train me every day. Im going to lose these pounds she then broke down and sobbed. She was exhausted from holding it together since lunch.

In the days, weeks and months that followed. The P.E. department arranged different coaches to meet her at school at 6am. Robert joined them in training her, and was there for emotional support. Seven months of running laps, light weight training, calisthenics and even wrestling workouts. The Dance instructor joined the cause and worked with her on Saturdays at Jessicas house and taught her some routines that were challenging yet fun for Jessica.

It was the dance routines that saved her.

She had been ready to quit, even with her family and Robby pulling for her. The dance teacher had given her something she enjoyed and made her love her body while also being a strenuous workout. Slowly but surely, her pounds had disappeared. While still a big boned girl, she was at her peak fitness when she crossed the stage with her gown open and a short white sleeveless mini dress. Her large breasts were lifted by her long hours of effort, her tummy flat from hundreds of crunches. Her legs tight from miles of running.

When she crossed the stage, she got a standing ovation from the crowd, while Maryanne was booed. Maryanne had been found out and suspended for her prank. Small punishment as far as Jessica was concerned. For Jessica, the cheers at graduation had been her victory. That prom, Robert had wine and dined her, and dressed in a kilt with tuxedo jacket top as a tip of the hat to Jessicas Scottish heritage. She had worn a long satin dress that shimmered as it wrapped her body tightly. Her tone body was at its peak fit form for a big beautiful woman.

Jessica lost her virginity that night.

No more making out for her, she had jumped on Robby as soon as they had got to the hotel room. Then and there, Robby had proposed.

Robby looked at Jessica, the curve of her breasts were hidden under another sweatshirt. Her work clothes were replaced with loose pants. She had kept working out after high school, and maintained her figure as best she could. But years of being the fat girl had left its mark. Married now, Robby was careful about how he worded what he said to her. Always positive, and always aware of her trauma.

Okay, yeah we can get some takeout. as he wondered how to say what he wanted to say.

They had called in an order of Chinese, and he ran out to pick it up. Once he was back, they put on HBO and watched a horror movie.

Oh, next week the guys are coming over on Saturday to watch some college football. Notre Dame is looking good this year.

Okay, are you going to barbecue? Want me to make some side dishes?

Please, can you? Can you make some of that artichoke dip too?

Of course, anything else? She asked.

He bit the bullet, and said Can you please not wear those sweats?

She looked at him, then nodded. Okay, jeans and a t-shirt?

He nodded, and smiled at her. He took her hand in his and kissed it. I love you!

Hi yall! Come on in! Jessica was in good spirits, the guys came in carrying six or twelve packs of beers. They gave her polite hugs and high fived Robby. The TV was on and the pregame diatribe of talking heads jawing at each other.

Jessica, youre looking good! Mike said.

The compliment caught her off guard and she blushed. Robby noticed and smiled.

Awe, thank you Mike, giving him a sisterly hug. Jake, hows Sissy? Youve been dating her for how long now?

Shes great, picking up some college classes like I suggested. Weve been together about 2 years? Never hurts to know about money. Thanks for asking.

Tony, how about you? she asked.

Oh, about that! Marsha and I are getting serious. She doesnt know, but when her parents return from vacation and we pick them up from the airport... he paused.

Yeah? Jessica leaned in.

...Im going to propose in front of her mom and dad. My parents know and will walk out of the crowd.

Jessica squealed with delight and jumped into a hug with him. Tony blushed, he hadnt expected that. He was pleasantly smashed into Jessicas large bosom and secretly delighted in it.

The guys chatted back and forth before the game, and Jessica continued peppering them with questions about their lives. She knew Robby, like most guys, didnt keep tabs on their lives. So in the 30 minutes before the game, she had uncovered all their gossip.

The group was nice and relaxed when the game began. As the game went on, Jessica watched with the guys and took part in the shouting and cheering. She had made sure she was wearing her jean cut offs and her Notre Dame t-shirt. It was snug on her, not realizing it had shrunk a little. From time to time one of the guys would take in a look, enjoying the view. If she noticed, she did not let on.

As the game went on, Jessica noticed the guys didnt cat call when they showed the cheerleaders, rather from time to time the camera showed girls in the stands. They did wolf whistle at a few of those girls. Girls that looked to be about Jessis size and weight.

Halftime hit, and they muted the TV, hating how the commercials were noticeably louder. They ignored the halftime report and instead served themselves more food and of course, more beer. Jessica didnt try to keep up with them, but she wasnt exactly shy about having some more wine.

As the game progressed, she again noticed the comments regarding the fuller women in the crowd. During an extended timeout, she brought it up.

Can I ask you guys, why are you hooting over those girls, and not the skinny cheerleaders? she asked unabashedly.

The guys looked at her, and paused.

Go ahead, be honest, Robby said.

They were still silent, a pause that drew out several seconds.

Tony, who still had her boob hug on his mind, broke the silence.

Do you remember when Baby got Back came out? Sir Mix-a-lot talked about thick girls?

Yeah, that was the party song for the longest time, she confirmed.

Well, I dont know about the rest of you, but it felt like he was shouting what I had been thinking for years. When he says you aint it miss thing it really woke me up to why I didnt ever jerk off to Victoria Secrets catalogs.

Jessica guffawed and began a deep down belly laugh.

Mike was next, to come clean.

Ive always preferred BBW myself. My first time was with Susie Hawthorne, and I loved how she fucked my brains out. I got the impression she was out to prove BBW do it better, honestly.

BBW? Wait, what is that? Jessica asked. Ive never heard that expression before?

Big Beautiful Women, Robby answered. I first heard the expression watching porn.

Speaking of porn, Jake jumped in, Sissy is the first thin girl Ive been with. I have a collection of Natasha Nice porn. I mean she has it all!

Jessica was silent, and her mind was reeling. For the first time, she started to realize men had a thing for her type. She never would have imagined it. Her mind was processing everything when the second half started.

As the guys started cheering and shouting at the TV, her mind was elsewhere. Notre Dame was spanking, hated u$c, and the guys loved it. Meanwhile, her mind kept playing back what they said from time to time. She couldnt focus. She got up and went into the kitchen with her cell phone. She semi noticed several of them looking at her walking out of the room.

Robby noticed his friends checking out his wife. He didnt get jealous, rather his chest figuratively swelled with pride.

In the kitchen she googled BBW and hit the image tab. Hundreds of pictures of thicc girls popped up in various states of undress. She did a search for pornhub and typed in Natasha Nice. And there she was! She had Jessicas body, but not her hair or eyes. She grabbed her earbuds from the dining table and selected a video.

She watched with increasing excitement as Natasha got down and dirty with two men. Her mind was aroused as were her loins. Not knowing what to do, she called Robby into the kitchen.

Jessica had gone to the back of the house, to their bedroom. The game was over, and Robby asked them a favor.

I know this is going to sound very odd, he started. Ahem, I guess I should just say it. Jessica would like me to get you guys to fulfill a fantasy of hers.

The guys were silent. They had an idea of what was coming next, but werent 100% sure.

She wants to have groups sex, and wants to fuck each of you, then me last as her finisher. Robby finally spit it out.

A gangbang? asked Tony, wanting those DD tits in his face.

No, she wants to fuck each of you one by one. Ill be the last. Oh, and no cumming in her. Robby produced a red solo cup from the kitchen.

He placed a dinner chair in the middle of the room. Ro, sham, bo for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Robby said. The guys quickly played rock/paper/scissors. Jake, then Mike and finally Tony would sit in the chair. Last would be Robby. Just as they squared away the details, Jessica walked back in.

She was wearing tight girl athletic shorts and they rode high up her ass. Her top was a painfully thin t-shirt that had been cut down to a tiny strip of cotton.

Jake sat in the dinner chair, while all the rest were on the couch, ready to watch.

You guys are so lucky, you have no idea. But this is the first and last time this will happen. You will never tell anyone, nor will you ever bring it up to me or Robby. Everyone understand? Her face was serious, and they knew she meant business.

They all nodded. Jake pulled down his pants and his woody was up and ready. She squirted some KY onto her palm and stroked his lingam. It was hot to the touch, and she loved how rigid it was.

Here we go, she smiled and climbed on top of him. His cock slid easily into her waiting pussy. Her arms draped over his shoulders as Jake kissed and sucked on her DD sized breasts. She was clearly in control and wanted it that way.

Up and down she rocked, her legs pistoning her body against Jakes. Robby was watching with his eyes wide. He had agreed, but only after she had swore some stipulations. He watched as she rode Jake with wanton abandon. Her long dark hair whipped around her as she crashed her body on Jake over and over. Her green eyes were devilish to behold, her libido worked up to a fever pitch.

You like my big body Jake? How do you like my tits? Is my pussy nice and wet for you? she teased him.

Jake swallowed, looking into her eyes. Yes, I love your big body, your tits are fantastic. I love how wet you are, and how hot you are right now! He went back to suckling her tits as they bounced around his face. Jake wanted to grab her hips and smash her down on his cock, but he instinctively knew she was doing the fucking, and that was not what she wanted.

Im going to cum soon, Jake let her know. She started crashing her body onto him even faster, making his face contort with a sensual pleasure. He planned on taking out his lack of control on Sissy later, when he got home. He was going to make her pay.

Ugnh, he moaned. Jessica quickly got up and Jake took the red solo cup from Robby as several shots of cum shot into the cup. He jerked his rod off and got every last bit of spunk in there.

Mike sat down, his pants already removed. His cock twitching to get fucked. Jakes was bigger, but Mike had a wart close to the tip on the left side. Jessica repeated the KY on his cock and gave him a quick handy, enjoying the little nub on his root. She was about to climb on when Mike asked her to turn away from him.

Sure, she accepted his request. It soon became obvious why.

As she mounted him and started pumping her body on his shaft, his hands reached forward and massaged her large bosoms. She enjoyed it, and gyrated her hips on his cock as he cupped her breast and gently rolled her nipples between his fingers. Her hips were clapping down on his lap, her juices flowing and further making her pussy slippery. His cock was in pure heaven as her wet velvety pocket wrapped and embraced his heated rod. Their bodies worked together, his wart was rubbing her g-spot and she was cumming as he hit her spot and rubbed it repeatedly.

His hands were lifting her breasts and toying with them, his fingers now pinching her nipples and she came, leaving his cock soaked.

Im gonna cum soon, he let her know. She leaned forward and started clapping her hips down on his lap, their flesh slapping against each other. He nudged her, and grabbed the solo cup and shot wad after wad of creamy jizzum into it. His balls were spewing so much, she gasped.

Guess this has been one hot fantasy, he said.

Tony replaced Mike in the chair, and had a wicked smile. He couldnt believe his good fortune. He had been thinking dirty thoughts about her since she had hugged him. He had the KY and had lubed his decent sized cock for her already. When she approached him, she reminded him,

Remember, no cuming inside me! before pushing her wet and used vagina down on his pole.

Mike looked in her eyes the whole time, even as her tits slapped his face from fucking him. His hands were gently laid on her hips and alternated with pushing her large breasts into his face. Her body was well into it now, having orgasmed several times, she seemed insatiable as she rocked her body against his. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat and pumped her pussy over his cock.

Gawd you feel so good! he said. She smiled at him, enjoying all the attention. She had never felt so self confident as she did now. Finding out about men who loved big women had changed something in her.

Tell me when youre close to cumming, okay, she reminded him. He smiled back at her. She was pumping his body and was nearing yet another orgasm when she felt his hands become more firm on her hips.

Tony! No!

Robert, who was standing nearby, lifted her off him with ease. Just as his cock shot cum up and onto his stomach. Several more blasts of sticky white liquid shot up onto his chest and abs. Jessica got the solo cup and used it to clean off as much cum as she could get.

Tony, we are going to have words! Robert gave him a death stare.

The guys started cleaning themselves up and getting dressed. Jessica reminded them no one could know and swore them to secrecy.

This is never happening again, both Jessica and Robby said firmly.

Robby took her on the couch as soon as they walked out. He hammered her wet pussy, not needing any KY. He was breathing hard and fast as he fucked her brains out. She was spread eagle on the couch, her legs up and knees next to her huge tits.

Thank you for letting me have my fantasy fulfilled, her eyes mooned at him.

He grunted a response. He was making sure she felt his cock as he pounded her hard and fast.

Oh gawd, you are so worked up. Thats it baby, beat up my naughty pussy. Fuck me like this forever, okay?

He grunted again. He was having a hard time building up the pressure with how loose she was and how wet. His cock rained down heavy blows on her cunt, she just smiled serenely as he took her back and reclaimed her.

Shoot your cum on my face and tits, okay? she begged. He grunted.

He pulled out and shot his sticky ropes onto her. She smiled and opened her mouth. Most of it landed on her tits, but some landed in her mouth. Getting on her knees, she poured the solo cup of cum on her face and tits and had Robby take pictures with her phone. She wanted to be the only one to have these pictures.

You want to do what? Robert asked incredulously.

She explained again about her fantasy, and felt if she didnt do it now, she would never do it. Telling him how she had never heard of BBW or guys liking thick women had turned her on so much. Also, she told him how she had watched a Natasha Nice porno when they were finishing the game, and it had really opened her eyes.

Robby had thought about it, and he had wanted to get her out more. This was way beyond that, but he had to admit, she was glowing with excitement. He knew this was a turning point and did not want to let it pass. He was about to say no, when she had kissed him and said,

This is a one time deal, Ill never do this again! she swore to him.

She thought back to high school, a rumor had circulated that Maryanne had tried to get some guys to do some group sex with her. She later learned the truth, that she had chickened out. The guys had avoided her and called her a dick tease after that. Maryannes cousin from another school had taken her to prom because no guy wanted to be let down on prom night. She knew she was being irrational, but she felt like she could one up her hated rival by doing what she couldnt. Her fantasy of being covered in cum had been based on how some of the boys had wanted to leave Maryanne.

After she had fucked her husbands friends, she had taken a shower. Unknown to Robby, she had licked and swallowed as much of their cum as she could. She did that for herself, that was her own little secret.

The weeks that followed, the sex with Robby had been hotter than ever. They had even gone to a lingerie store and bought some sexy outfits for her. She had picked three, as had he. She had picked a silky short/halter top, fishnet body suit, and a French maid set. He had chosen a leather bodice, a corset with matching stockings and finally, a rope to tie her up in. They had bought some toys to use with each other as well.

Their sex life had definitely been turned up several notches. And Robby was happy they were going out more. No more getting take out, or cooking dinner together on Friday nights. They were also watching less TV, because now sex was on the menu almost as soon as they got home from work.

One night, Robby had come home and was uncharacteristically quiet. When they had fucked each other good and hard, he had told her he had a surprise for her. She asked what it was, but he had deflected it.

I gotta show you, I cant tell you. Youll understand when you see it.

Well, when can I see it then? she pouted.

This weekend, he smiled roguishly.

She waited on pins and needles, then Saturday arrived. When she woke up, he had already made her breakfast, and she saw a small gym bag on her dinner chair.

Whats this? she begged.

Part of your surprise. he smiled wickedly.

Why cant you just tell me?! she demanded.

All too soon, he kissed her deeply.

They left after breakfast and he drove her to a secluded industrial park. It was off the exit from the local highway. There was a print shop, a BMW auto shop, and several other small businesses. In the corner, where he parked, she saw a shop with mirrored windows. You couldnt see anything inside. The single non-descript sign read Smoke and Mirrors. He rang the doorbell, and waited. Jessica looked at him, waiting patiently for him to tell her something. But he was silent with that lopsided smile on his face.

The door opened and a woman in her mid-forties looked at the pair. She looked like she was in pretty good shape and took care of her looks.

You must be Jessica. Ive been waiting to meet you. Robert, you can come in but you know our rules.

They followed her in, and Jessicas quizzical look turned into a broad smile.

It was a dance studio.

It was a pole dancing studio.

Several women ranging from mid-twenties to early 40s were twirling on the poles. They wore exercise clothing, and were not dressed like strippers. Jessica looked at Robert. His smile was from ear to ear.

I knew you would love it! Robert had found a way to get her excited and passionate again.

She took to it like a duck to water. She worked out a few times the first week, but it soon became her passion. Soon, she was going every chance she got.

Miriam, who owned and operated the gym, had been a former stripper. When she had been injured, she rehabbed and when the doctor cleared her to return to work, she hadnt. She took her savings, and recruited some strippers to help her out and invest in the studio. The rest was history. Soon, it wasnt just strippers improving their skills, it was house wives looking to shake things up while also spicing up their sex lives.

Jessica became a star at the studio. Her infectious spirit had other girls constantly looking to her for advice and friendship. As she continued to advance her pole dancing skills, Robert built her a small stage with a pole in the bedroom. She only danced for him, and used it for quick workouts at home; but she needed her gym time.

Months later, as their dating life had exploded, they finally went to the microbrew Robert had been itching to check out. Jessica was dressed in tight jeans that fit tight around her thicc thighs (she would never call them thunder thighs again). Capping it off with a tight fitting cheerleader sweater, her body was every bit as hot as she felt.

They bumped into Tony and Mike there. Neither said anything but did offer her some compliments.

As she wandered onto the dance floor, having told some of her girls from Smoke and Mirrors, the guys talked.

So why did you agree? Mike asked. Tony was itching to know, but he was still in the dog house.

Because I love Jessica. Because I love my wife, and she needed it.

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