The Gangbang Girls At The Club

The Gangbang Girls At The Club
It's Monday and Bernadette "Bernie" has been hard at work at her job in the Aministrative office. She has already improved productivity making lab tests results more cost effective with the purchases of new testing equipment for the medical laboratory.

Bernie has another passion besides her job. She loves her "Big brown teddy bear." His name is Churchhill. She is 5'2" petite with large breasts,long brunette hair and 26 years old. She has a masters degree in science.

Churchhill a 6'7" 60 year old muscular brown man is a multimillionaire. He owns buildings and leases office spaces. He also owns a 5 Star restaurant, a disco club, a private Gentlemen's Club. A member must be a millionaire. He also owns car washes and fast oil change garages. He is Bernie's main lover. He provides her with a playground for her love of cocks at his clubs. At the end of the day she loves him. He loves her. She goes home with him. She will do anything anytime for him.

Monday evening Bernie's phone rings in her bedroom. Susan the girl who just got married called her. Susan asked Bernie about the tattoo she has on her right thigh? Bernie said it's the Queen of Spades. Susan asked was there something special about it? Bernie said it is a symbol to men of color that she is open to love relationships with them. Susan said she noticed the brown men were always with her at the gangbang room. Bernie says she loves all men. Susan said she wants to expand her love relationships. She wants the same tattoo. Bernie said she would go with her to the shop where she went. The girls agreed on Saturday morning. Bernie told her to make the appointment.

It's been 3 days on a Tuesday that Susan had her tattoo Queen of Spades done.
She called Bernie Tuesday evening. She said Steve thinks the tattoo is cool. He doesn't know what it symbolizes. She is not telling him. She said she is going to the Gentlemen's Club Wednesday evening. Bernie said she and Churchhill will be there also. She said great. Bernie said The Gangbang Girls will be together. Susan and Bernie laughed.

Wednesday evening Churchhill and Bernie arrived at the Gentlemen's Club. Bernie met Susan there and the girls went upstairs. There were some guys waiting for them. The girls put their clothing and personal items in a locker. They picked up available extra pillows and paper towels. There were about 10 men in line for each girl. When the girls called, the first five men came forward. There was a mix of ethnicities. The brown guys noticed both girls had a Queen of Spades tattoo on their thighs. They were extra loving to the girls. The girls were happy. Some of the guys waited until the line was finished. They wanted extra love with the girls.The girls showered, then the girls went to the couches with the brown guys.

Susan was young and inexperienced at banging multiple cocks at the same time. She learned how to be double stuffed. One of the guys layed on the couch. He had her sit on his cock with her back facing him. He had her lay back on him. The second man forced his cock next to the other cock in her pussy with her help. They fucked her pussy together and she was so stimulated she was orgasming. They squirted her together with copious amounts of their essence. They kissed her. They hugged and held their little Queen of Spades.

Bernie was with 3 beautiful brown men. As she stood by the couch, the guys held her, hugged her and kissed her. They kissed her lips, licked, sucked, her breasts and nipples as she stood by the couch. They finger fucked her pussy. One of the guys layed on the couch and Bernie straddled his hips facing him she put his cock in her pussy. He licked,sucked her breasts and nipples. The second man lubricated her ass and his cock. He shoved his cock into her ass. The third man stood at her side, he held his cock and she sucked it as her ass and pussy were fucked. She was orgasming and humming with sounds of glee as she sucked the man's cock. The squirting started in her pussy. The feeling stimulated her orgasming. Her ass was squirted escalating her stimulations to orgasm more. She did deep throat and caught the man's cum in her mouth. She opened her mouth to show him and swallowed it. When finished she licked,sucked their cocks and balls clean. She ask them to spoon feed her their cum from her pussy and thighs. They did and she ate all of it telling them how sweet their essence is.

The three of them loved her so much they had her lay down and kissed her,French kissed her, licked,sucked her breast and nipples. They took turns licking sucking her clit and pussy. They finger fucked her ass and pussy. They massaged her while she was being stimulated. She had constant orgasms as they stimulated every erotic spot on her body.

This is their way of showing their love for their Queen. She stood with them as they hugged and kissed her as they left. She cried as they left. She never had a group of men show her their love as they did.

Susan came and comforted her. They sat down. Susan said when she was finished with her men she watched Bernie loving and being loved by those men. She said it was beautiful. Bernie said she gives her body to them and shares her love. Susan kissed Bernie on the lips. They hugged and French kissed. They went to the showers. They washed each other. They licked, sucked, each other's breasts and nipples. They licked, sucked each other's clit and pussy. They finger fucked each other as they French kissed. They orgasmed together. They layed in the shower orgasming. They finished showers. They are now best friends. They are now The Gangbang Girls.

The girls checked under their pillows. The guys left Love offerings of over a thousand dollars each girl.

They kiss as they leave. Bernie meets up with Churchhill at the bar downstairs. He said how did it go? Bernie smiled and said,"Nice, really nice." He said he went upstairs to see if she was alright. He said when he saw them on the floor in the shower how beautiful they are together. Bernie said thank you. He asked her if she was satisfied? She said she is horny for him. He said let's have dinner and she would be dessert. She kissed him and she was ready.

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