My best friends big wife


My best friends big wife
It all started in high school, there were a group of us that ran around together, and with me being the youngest. That doesn?t sound too bad except when all of your friends are 16 and driving and you just have to watch, it can be hard on you. After my 16th birthday I dated Laura, taking her to the Drive Inn Theater and necking, but never getting past 1st base. Laura was a big girl, about 6? tall and probably 230 lbs. Now Laura wasn?t real fat, just big, and big in all of the right places (I mean she had the biggest tits in school).

We had a friend, who even though he knew Laura and I were dating, decided to take her out. They went to the Hot Pool (the same hot pool and friend I mention in another story) and apparently got lucky with her, so I quit dating her.

I had another friend I will call Robert, and a father who sold cars, so I always had wheels. One night Robert and I went to the Drive Inn, and to our surprise Laura and another girl Linda (not the same from other story) pulled up next to us. Robert and I were in a pick up and Laura owned a station wagon. Robert told me I wish I could get a date with Laura, and being the gentleman I was (being horny and just wanting anything I could fuck, even Linda didn?t have anything to do with it) I got out and asked Linda if she would like to switch seats with Robert and with that, she and I went to the snack bar and Robert joined Laura in her car.

Linda and I returned and she scooted into the middle of the truck and I followed, and shut the door. I looked over and saw Robert and Laura necking and so did Linda. I will describe Linda, she was plain looking about 5?4? with 34c breasts she was not too skinny, but not fat also. She wasn?t a good looker, and didn?t have much of a social life, so I didn?t know if she was sexually active, but I was going to try to find out, and I had 3 hours of movie to find out. She made a comment about what was going on or coming off next-door, so I put my arm around her and asked if she would have our own fun. She looked puzzled, so I kissed her and waited to get her response. When I stopped the kiss, she was putty in my hands. She liked it, and was more than eager for more. After awhile of necking, I got her blouse unbuttoned and slipped my hand inside her bra, she gasped and then reality hit her, it was not her hand that was there so she pulled my hand out and buttoned her blouse up again.

She didn?t hit me, or even pull away, so I continued my pursuit of pussy and tits by kissing her again, and nibbling on her neck, but this time I put my hand on her thy, and squeezed. She let out a soft sigh and slightly parted her legs a bit to allow my hand to slip farther between her legs. After a bit of this, I continued to go between her crotch and her tits, slowly unbuttoning her blouse again. I broke our kiss and glanced next door to see Laura?s bra up above her giant tits and Robert sucking on them. I turned my attention back to Linda and gently pulled her toward me, as I moved toward the center of the truck, laying her down on the bench seat. She was mesmerized, and thoroughly enjoying what was going on. I continued to rub her crotch and her breathing got choppy at first I wasn?t sure if she was all right, but then I realized, I had given her an orgasm, and she was lost in it. I kept up the crotch assault, slowly unbuttoning her blouse again and gaining access to her tits. This time she didn?t resist when I placed my hand inside her bra, instead she lifted up so I could unclasp it and gain full access to them.

I now had my target in hand and in my mouth, and she quickly started grabbing at my crotch, while I sucked on her coveted nipples, nipples that grew hard as erasers in my mouth and very sensitive when sucked and nibbled on. She had managed to unbuckle my belt and undone my top button on my 501?s, so I took some time to help her out. I sat up a little to unbutton the rest of the buttons, and got a rubber out of my wallet. I also looked over at Robert and Laura, they had moved to the back of the station wagon, and all I could see was Robert on top of Laura in the missionary position and I knew he was getting what he wanted.

I kicked my Levis off and unwrapped the rubber, and just as I was getting in position Linda looked at me and said, ?you don?t need that, I am on the pill?, so I threw it aside and found my mark. She was wet, and ready to go, I got in position and started to insert my 61/2? steel cock into her, but I met resistance and she pulled back a bit. Puzzled I asked if she was ok. She told me her mom put her on birth control a couple years earlier because of her bad periods, but she had never had sex before. I asked if she wanted to continue and to that, she just pulled me closer and guided me home again. I eased in and felt the resistance, but this time, she pushed forward she was determined to get fucked. When she pushed, I felt the resistance give way and a flood of something warm on my cock. She shrieked and I held still for what seemed like an eternity, but probably only a few seconds until she started to push against me again until I was all the way in.

I was buried in her pussy, and we just lay there for a bit as I paid attention to her tits, slowly she started to move indicating her desire to continue. We started a rhythm slow at first, but the pace picked up after a few minutes. We were humping and pumping when I heard the car doors next to us open I looked up as Robert walked past the window to get into the front seat, he and Laura were done, and Linda and I wouldn?t be too far behind. Linda didn?t see him, but I picked up the pace a bit and as I did, I noticed Linda?s breathing getting quicker and soon she was thrashing around under me. Her pussy was tight anyway but as she came, she almost clamped my cock off, it was so tight I couldn?t hold back and filled her pussy with my cum. I slumped down and lay on top of her sucking on her tits, while we caught our breath.

As we lay there we could tell the movie was about over, so we got dressed and sat up. Robert and Laura were chatting and after we got ourselves together, I went to check with them. The first movie was over, and none of had seen it. I asked them if they wanted to stay, or go into town and have some breakfast. We decided to stay and neck, this time that is all any of us had the energy to do, then we went and had breakfast, then Robert and I went to my place and Laura and Linda left.

From that night Robert and Laura were a couple, they got engaged and Robert went to tech school. He asked me (YES ME) to take care of Laura while he was gone. He told me we could go to the Drive In, or go have a coke, but don?t let her get bored while he was gone during the week. How could I refuse my best friend?

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