Miss Chapman fucked me

 Miss Chapman fucked me
"Class dismissed. I'll see you all on Friday," said Miss Chapman, upon hearing the bell for the end of the lesson. As the whole class stood up and began leaving the room, Miss Chapman called out to me. "Steven!.... Would you please stay behind for a moment, I need to speak to you alone." I hung back and let the rest of the class leave.

"What is it Miss?" I asked curiously.

"I don't like having to do this, but I'm transferring you to another class," said Miss Chapman.

"What!..... Why?..... What have I done?" I asked astonished.

"I'm very sorry, but I've made my decision. As from the next lesson, you are to report to Mr Andrews class."

"But why?.... I've done nothing wrong. You can't just transfer me to another class without a good reason. There are other pupils in this class who misbehave all the time, and their grades are much worse than mine. Why aren't you transferring one of them?"

"It's not about your grades. I just don't feel comfortable teaching you. I'm sorry, but I can't have you in my class any longer, I've put up with it long enough."

"Miss Chapman, you aren't making any sense. I don't know what you are talking about. You've put up with what long enough?" I asked, completely dumbfounded.

"You know very well what, you're still doing it now and I don't like it," said Miss Chapman angrily. I stood before my teacher completely bewildered, genuinely having no idea of what she was referring to.

"What?..... Please Miss!..... Tell me what it is you are accusing me of, because I have no idea. If you tell me, maybe I can do something about it."

"There's nothing more to discuss," said Miss Chapman. "From next lesson you are to report to Mr Andrews, he'll be expecting you."

"Please don't do this Miss Chapman. Just tell me what it is I'm supposed to have done to upset you and maybe I can put it right. You are one of my favourite teachers, I love being in your class. I wouldn't do anything deliberately to upset you. Please Miss Chapman, I beg you."

"You just can't help yourself can you? You stand there pretending not to know and yet you are still doing it now," said Miss Chapman getting very annoyed.

"DOING WHAT?" I shouted, perplexed and angry at being accused of something. "I'm sorry Miss, I didn't mean to shout at you. Just tell me what it is I'm doing?... Please!"

"STARING AT MY BREASTS!" she shouted angrily. "NOW GET OUT OF MY CLASS," she demanded.

"WHAT!" I replied in disbelief. Suddenly I felt very dizzy and unsteady on my feet. The room started to spin and I stumbled backwards, falling to the floor. "Oh my God! Oh my God!" I repeated in disbelief.

Miss Chapman's demeanour suddenly changed from one of anger to one of genuine concern. "Steven! Are you alright?" she asked, as she knelt down beside me on the floor.

"Oh My God!.... This is so embarrassing. I can't believe it." Looking around the room, trying not to look at Miss Chapman.

"Come on, take my hand. Let me help you up," said Miss Chapman, feeling very concerned. I took Miss Chapman's hand as she helped me into a chair, all the time glancing around the room, trying not to look directly at Miss Chapman.

"I can't believe this. I feel sick," I told Miss Chapman. Now it was Miss Chapman's turn to look bewildered.

"Now I'm puzzled!.... I don't know what to say," she said.

"This is so embarrassing. You really thought I was staring at your breasts?" I asked.

"Yes I did. You come into my class every lesson and sit there very quietly, staring at my breasts the whole time, or so I thought. At first I tried to ignore it, but in the end I found it extremely rude and distracting."

"Oh My God!... I'm so sorry!... I had no idea." I sat there trembling, upset and very embarrassed.

"So are you denying staring at me in class?" she asked.

"Yes, absolutely!... Err.... I mean..... No!"

"Now I'm confused. Which is it?.... Yes absolutely, or no?" asked Miss Chapman.

"I'm really sorry Miss Chapman, this is so embarrassing. I can understand how this must seem to you. I admit I was staring at you, but I was never ever staring at your breasts. It was never my intention to make you feel uncomfortable."

"You admit you were staring, but you weren't staring at my breasts. So what were you staring at?" she asked.

"Oh God!.... This is so embarrassing," I said.

"If you really want to stay in my class, we have to sort this out now. I need to know what you were staring at."

"Please Miss, I'd rather not say. I didn't realise I was staring. I didn't mean to, I couldn't help it. It's just that....... I can't tell you Miss. I feel so silly even thinking about it, I've never told anyone."

"It's okay, you can tell me. Anything you tell me now will be in confidence, I promise you. If you insist on not telling me, I will have no choice but to transfer you to another class.

"Okay!.... So if I tell you, will you let me stay in your class?"

"I can't make that promise until I know your answer, but it seems quite clear to me now, that I may have misjudged you," said Miss Chapman.

"Okay!" I coughed to clear my throat and looked up at Miss Chapman for the first time since hearing her accusation. I considered for a moment which was worse, letting her think I was staring at her breasts or telling her the truth. I decided the truth was my best option. "I was staring at your lovely red satin blouse," I told her.

"You were staring at my blouse?..... Why?" she asked with a puzzled look.

"Yes!..... You always wear such nice pretty blouses, and most of the time they are either satin or have a nice silky sheen to them."

Are you serious?" asked Miss Chapman.

"I'm very serious," I replied nodding. "You always look so smart and elegant in your blouse. I especially like the silver satin one with the big bow around the neck, and that lovely blue one you wore on Monday with the pleats down the front. I love that red blouse you are wearing now, I especially love all the frills down the front and the way they poke out of your jacket, it looks so pretty. The thing is, you rarely wear a blouse without a jacket, so I have no idea whether your blouse has long or short sleeves. I try to imagine what you would look like without the jacket on."

"You're serious aren't you?" she replied, blushing bright red. "I don't know what to say. It's actually kind of flattering."

"Last week, when you wore that white satin blouse with the long billowing puffy sleeves, underneath a long sleeveless cardigan, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Those sleeves were to die for. You looked absolutely stunning in it. It was one of only a few times I've seen you without a jacket, but you ruined it by wearing that long cardigan." Miss Chapman blushed bright red and shook her head in disbelief. "Can I ask you something Miss?"

"Of course you can, Steven."

"That white satin blouse you wore last week, was it a back button blouse by any chance?"

Miss Chapman chuckled, slightly amused by my question. "Yes it was, I have several back button blouses," she admitted.

"The thing is, I never get to see if your blouse buttons up at the back, because you always wear a jacket."

"I really can't believe this. This is such a surprise. I've had several female pupils tell me how much they liked my blouses, but in thirty years of teaching, I've never had a male pupil tell me."

"I think you are really lucky to wear such lovely satin blouses. I wish my mum wore blouses like you do. I know this sounds strange because I'm a boy, but I would give anything to be able to wear a pretty satin blouse like yours."

"I feel a bit foolish now, for misjudging you the way I did," said Miss Chapman. "You don't have to worry about being transferred to another class, I'll sort it out. Will you accept my apology?

"On one condition," I replied.

"Which is?" asked Miss Chapman.

"Will you take your jacket off so I can see that lovely red blouse you are wearing," I replied cheekily. Miss Chapman chuckled, then removed her jacket.

"So what do you think?" she asked.

"Oh My God!... Stunning!" I replied. "You should leave your jacket off all the time when in class," I suggested, feeling rather cheeky. Miss Chapman smiled.

"I might just do that in future."


Chapter Two.

As I entered Miss Chapman's class, I immediately noticed she wasn't wearing a jacket over her blouse. She wore a plain, long sleeved, round neck, silver satin, back button blouse with satin covered buttons. The blouse was tucked into a long flowing, navy blue satin, pleated skirt.

"Wow!" I whispered, upon seeing her. I had never seen Miss Chapman wear a satin skirt before. As I took my seat, Miss Chapman looked directly at me and smiled. She raised her eyebrows and tilted her head, as if she were asking for my approval. I smiled back at her and nodded my head. At the end of class Miss Chapman asked me to stay behind again.

"What is it Miss?" I asked curiously.

"I was just wondering if you approved?" she said.

"Oh yes!..... Very much so. I nearly cum in my pants when I saw you in that satin skirt," I blurted out without thinking. "OH SHIT!" I exclaimed, turning bright red with embarrassment. I suddenly realised what I had just said to my teacher and wished for the ground to open up and swallow me. "I'm so sorry Miss Chapman, I didn't mean to be disrespectful. It's just that I've never seen you wear a satin skirt."

"It's okay!" she chuckled. "That kind of answers my next question."

"Next question?.... What question?" I asked.

"Well....... After our last encounter, I did some research on fetishes. I found it very interesting and informative, but I still have several unanswered questions."

"Miss Chapman, what's the question?" I asked growing impatient.

"Well, I was wondering if maybe you have a satin blouse fetish?.... Then I wondered if it was just blouses or satin in general. That's why I wore this skirt today. After the remark you just made about my skirt, I think you have a satin fetish, I don't think it is restricted to just blouses. Does seeing me dressed this way make you sexually aroused?"

"I think I had better go Miss, I'll be late for my next class," I replied, trying to avoid answering my teacher's question. As I turned towards the door, Miss Chapman grabbed me by my arm to stop me leaving.

"Don't worry about that, I'll sort that out so you don't get into trouble. I'll tell your teacher I asked you to stay back to help me with something."

"But Miss! Your next class will be arriving any second now, I really need to go." I desperately wanted to leave the room to avoid answering my teacher's embarrassing question.

"There's no need to worry. I don't have another class for the next two sessions. Nobody will disturb us. If it makes you feel safer, I'll lock the door." Miss Chapman walked to the classroom door and locked it from the inside, then pulled down the blind so no one who passed by could see in.

"Oh Jesus Christ!" I exclaimed, watching Miss Chapman walk across the room, as her satin skirt swayed from side to side.

"There!... No need to worry. No one will disturb us," said Miss Chapman.

"Miss Chapman.... What are you doing?.... What's going on?.... Please Miss, I need to get to my next class."

"I just want to understand more about your liking for satin. I find this subject fascinating. So tell me!.... Does what I'm wearing turn you on?.... Does satin make you sexually aroused?"

"Please Miss! I'd rather not answer that question, this is very embarrassing," I replied, looking around the room, looking anywhere except directly at my teacher.

"Well, I think I already have my answer," she said.

I payed little attention as Miss Chapman approached me. I desperately tried not to look at her in her lovely blouse and skirt. I almost jumped out of my skin when I her hand touch my groin and gently squeeze my private parts.

"MISS!" I screamed, in a high pitched girly voice. "What the fu.....?" I just managed to stop myself swearing in front of my teacher.

"I'm very flattered. I had no idea I could have such an affect on a young boy of your age. Tell me what goes through your mind when you look at me dressed this way. Do you find me attractive, or is it purely my clothes that turn you on?"

"Please Miss!" I whimpered. "Please let me go. This is too embarrassing for me. I've never told anyone about liking satin. I don't want to talk about it," I pleaded.

"Tell me the very first thought that went through your mind, when you entered my classroom and saw me today, then I'll let you go to your next class. I want you to be completely honest with me, I promise I won't be offended," said Miss Chapman.

I looked at my teacher in her lovely silver satin blouse and long pleated skirt. I took a deep breath and sighed before speaking. "If I tell you, you promise not to get angry?.... Then you will let me go?"

"Angry?.... Of course I won't get angry. I'm absolutely fascinated by your infatuation with satin clothing. I just want to understand it more. I want to know what is going on in your head when you look at me dressed this way. Anything you tell me will be in complete confidence, I promise you that."

"Okay, I'll tell you!.... To answer your first question, I find you very attractive. I think you look amazing for a woman of your age."

"My age?" queried Miss Chapman.

"A woman in her 40's," I justified.

"Really?.... Oh I love you even more now," she joked. "Please carry on."

"Well...... When I entered the classroom and saw you wearing that lovely satin blouse and a pleated satin skirt, the very first thing that went through my mind was, I wonder if she's wearing a satin slip?"

Miss Chapman stood staring at me with her mouth open, surprised by my honesty, or maybe shocked?

"Oh!" said Miss Chapman. "I don't know what to say. I wasn't expecting that answer."

Having caught Miss Chapman off-guard, I decided to push my luck. "So are you?" I asked.


"Are you wearing a satin slip?"

Now it was Miss Chapman's turn to feel uneasy. She didn't get angry, as promised. But clearly she was a little uncomfortable with my forthcoming. She coughed to clear her throat before answering. "Actually, yes I am. I always wear a nice satin slip. I've done so everyday since I was a 14 year old girl."

"Really?..... Oh wow! I would love to see," I replied excitedly, speaking before thinking. "I'm sorry Miss Chapman, I didn't mean that, it just came out."

"No, that's alright!" Miss Chapman looked towards the classroom door which was still locked. "I suppose it can't do any harm to show you."

"What!........" I said, shocked at her reply. "You're kidding, right?...... Please don't tease me Miss. It's not fair to make fun of me."

"No!.... I'm serious. I wouldn't tease you or make fun of you. I respect you for being honest with me, and if I'm completely honest with you, I actually find it kind of flattering, especially you thinking that I'm only in my 40's."

"So how old are you?.... I mean....... That is...... If you don't mind telling me."

"I'm actually 55. I have a lovely daughter who is 35, and a beautiful granddaughter the same age as you. You would really like my granddaughter, she loves satin too."

"Wow!.... You look fantastic Miss Chapman. I'd never have guessed you are in your 50's. My mother looks older than you and she is only 39. I can't believe I actually fancy a woman in her 50's," I blurted out, again without thinking. I kind of made a habit of speaking before engaging my brain first, often saying something I wish I could then take back.

"Your very sweet!" said Miss Chapman, blushing at my confession. "So would you like to see my slip?"

"Oh God, yes!.... More than anything!" I said excitedly.

I was expecting Miss Chapman to raise her skirt slightly to expose the hem of her satin slip to me. I almost fell over with shock when she turned around and asked, "Would you like to unbutton my blouse for me?"

I didn't need asking twice, or need confirmation. I wasn't going to pass up the chance to touch Miss Chapman's lovely silver satin blouse. I very slowly and awkwardly unbuttoned her blouse, struggling to keep my hands from shaking. As I slowly undid each tiny satin covered button, I admired her shiny white satin slip, which had lace running across the back.

Miss Chapman turned to face me. She slowly and seductively removed her blouse, fascinated by my intense stare as I watched her. She then unzipped her skirt and let it slide slowly down her legs over her full length satin slip. As she bent forward to step out of her skirt, I caught a wonderful glimpse of her breasts. "Wow!" I said aloud, absolutely stunned at the beauty of the woman standing in front of me in her white satin slip, with pretty scalloped lace around the hem and bust.

"So..... Will you go home tonight and masturbate, while thinking about me in my satin slip?" she asked. I didn't answer.

I was completely in awe of the whole situation, shaking nervously, speechless, as I looked my teacher up and down. Her tight white satin full-slip clung to every curve of her body. Her breasts pushed tightly against her slip, trying to burst free, her nipples visible through the flimsy fabric. The delicate lace trim around the hem and bust made the slip look all the more pretty. I stood frozen to the spot, not knowing what to say or how to respond. The excitement I felt at that moment was just way too much for me to comprehend. I felt very dizzy and the room started to spin, then suddenly I collapsed upon the classroom floor. I don't know if I actually passed out, but the next thing I remember was sitting up on the floor, with Miss Chapman crouched down beside me, her arm around me and her breasts just inches from my face.

"Steven!... Steven!... Are you okay?... Steven!... speak to me. Say something."

"What happened?" I murmured. Without thinking, I instinctively reached for Miss Chapman's breasts and started to fondle them through her slip.

"Thank God for that! You had me worried there for a moment. You were actually unconscious for a minute or two," she said, completely oblivious or not bothered by the fact I was touching her breasts.

"You know what?..... You're the sexiest woman I know, I think you're beautiful," I told her.

"And I think you're delirious, but very sweet," she replied. "Come on! Let me help you up, can you stand?" I stood up slowly, with help from Miss Chapman.

"I meant it. You are the sexiest woman I know. I think all women should dress the way you do. I think your husband is a very lucky man." I watched as Miss Chapman put her lovely satin blouse and skirt back on, feeling extremely lucky and privileged to have seen her in her slip. Miss Chapman unlocked the classroom door.

"I think you had better get to class," she said. "You've had enough excitement for one day." As I left the room and walked along the corridor, she called out to me. "Steven!...." I turned to face her. "I'm not married, never have been." She smiled sweetly and went back into her classroom.


Chapter Three.

That weekend, I never left the house once, I spent almost the entire time in my bedroom, masturbating and fantasising about Miss Chapman in her lovely white satin slip.

The following Monday, I was so excited about what might happen, I couldn't wait to get to school and see Miss Chapman again. As I entered the classroom my heart sank with disappointment. Instead of a lovely shiny satin blouse and skirt, she wore a green cotton wrap-over dress and a long woolly cardigan. Miss Chapman completely ignored me as I entered the classroom and sat down at my desk. Throughout the whole lesson she avoided eye contact with me. The bell sounded for end of class.

"Please leave quickly and quietly," said Miss Chapman. "Steven, I need to speak to you for a minute."

I hung back waiting for the rest of the class to leave. My heart began to race, excited at what might happen next. I smiled at Miss Chapman as I waited patiently.

"Steven, I'm sorry. I've given it a lot of thought and I've decided it would be best if I transfer you to another class after all." Her statement hit me like a punch to the face.

"What!... No!... You can't!... Why?" A single tear ran down my face and a lump grew in my throat. "You promised........ We had an understanding. You said you wouldn't transfer me if I told you my secret." I became more and more upset and tears started to stream down my cheeks.

"I spent the whole weekend thinking about what happened on Friday. I feel so guilty and ashamed. I was flattered and let my curiosity get the better of me. If anyone ever found out I took my clothes off to show you my slip, I would lose my job instantly. I don't know what I was thinking, but I can't allow it to happen again. It was extremely unprofessional of me."

"But, Miss Chapman..... No one will ever find out. I will never tell anyone, I promise."

"You say that now, but I know what boys of your age are like. You won't be able to stop yourself from boasting about it to your friends. People will talk and eventually the wrong person will get to hear about it."

"No Miss Chapman, that will never happen...... I promise. I will never tell anyone what you did, I have so much respect for you. Anyway..... I don't have any friends to boast to. You may not have noticed, but I'm not exactly one of the more popular kids in school, I'm pretty much a loner."

"A good looking boy like you?.... I would have thought a boy like you would have all the pretty girls chasing you, especially one so kind and sensitive." I blushed at Miss Chapman's kind remarks.

"Huh!.... Girls don't even talk to me, they think I'm weird. If they do talk to me, it's only to make fun of me and call me names...... Oh wow!" I suddenly gasped with excitement. Miss Chapman frowned as she pondered my sudden look of surprise.

"What?" she asked.

"Your slip.... Your lovely red slip is showing," I told her. Miss Chapman's wrap-over dress had parted as she sat on her chair, exposing her beautiful glossy red satin slip.

"Oh Shit!" she said, pulling her dress together to hide her slip from me.

"Please Miss!.... Please don't do that. I won't tell anyone, honestly I won't. I spent the whole weekend fantasising about you."

Miss Chapman sighed heavily feeling rather distraught. "That's the problem, that's why I have to transfer you to another class."

"Please Miss Chapman!..... Please don't transfer me. No one will ever find out."

"Oh, Steven!..... You don't understand. I spent the whole weekend fantasising about you too. Improper thoughts; thoughts someone my age shouldn't have about a boy of your age. It's just so wrong on so many levels. If I don't transfer you to another class I may end up doing something I later regret."

I may have been inexperienced when it came to the opposite sex, but I certainly wasn't stupid. When Miss Chapman told me she had been having improper thoughts about me, I knew exactly what she meant.

"Let go of your dress," I told her. Miss Chapman shook her head. "Please.... Please let go!" I pleaded. Miss Chapman reluctantly let go of her dress, letting it fall open once more. Her lovely red satin slip was exposed to me once again. My breathing grew more rapid as I became aroused at the sight of Miss Chapman's silky red slip. "Pull your slip up," I said trembling, unable to hide my excitement. Miss Chapman glanced across at the open door and shook her head. "Pull your slip up and show me your panties," I commanded.

"Some one could come in at any moment," she said.

"Then do it quick," I told her. "Before they see you with your dress hanging open." Miss Chapman quickly pulled her slip up. "Oh My God!... French knickers!" I said excitedly. "Take them off."

She gasped. "Steven!.... Nooo!"

"Take them off and spread your legs," I told her..

Miss Chapman was shaking uncontrollably. She was clearly aroused and very excited at what was happening. Her breathing was heavy and her breasts were heaving. She tried to be discreet as she raised up slightly off her chair, took off her red satin French knickers, looking towards the door the whole time, then sat back down. Miss Chapman then raised her slip and spread her legs as I had asked.

"Wider," I said.

Miss Chapman obeyed, turning away from the door and spreading her legs as wide as she could. I stood staring at her dark hairy mound of hair surrounding her vagina, as she sat shaking uncontrollably.

"Give them to me," I ordered her, holding out my hand. I took the red French knickers and put them in my school bag. "I have to go now, I'm late for my next class. Make sure you wear something nice on Wednesday."

As I left the room, her next class started to arrive; unknown to me, Miss Chapman had just experienced her first orgasm in many years.


Chapter Four.

As I entered Miss Chapman's class, I wasn't the only person to notice how nice she looked. All the girls were whispering to each other about Miss Chapman as they sat down at their desk's.

"Wow Miss, You look really nice today," said one girl.

"I love your dress Miss," said another.

Miss Chapman wore an extremely feminine and very pretty, light blue satin, back button blouse, with long billowing sleeves and lots of frills and ruffles. She also wore a knee length flared skirt, to match her blouse, which made it look like she was wearing a dress. I could hardly concentrate throughout the whole lesson. I sat watching Miss Chapman the whole time lusting after her in her gorgeous skirt and blouse. It was the last lesson of the day and I knew there was no need for me to rush off when the bell sounded for end of the lesson.

I deliberately hung back and waited for the classroom to empty so I could tell Miss Chapman how lovely she looked. As the last pupil exited the room, Miss Chapman shut the door and locked it. I took a deep breathe as she turned towards me and smiled.

"I hope you like what I'm wearing today."

"Holy shit Miss! You look stunning!" I stood there, trembling excitedly. I was unsure of what was about to happen, but the moment Miss Chapman had locked the door, I was certain she had something planned. My cock was starting to get hard.

"Take it out," said Miss Chapman.

"Take what out?" I asked.

"Take your cock out, I want to see it," she ordered.

"What?.... But Miss!"

"If you want to stay in my class, you will take your cock out and masturbate for me. Otherwise I will unlock the door and it ends right here and now. It's up to you."

My heart was pounding as I considered my options. I wanted to do as Miss Chapman had told me, but I wasn't prepared for something like this to happen.

"Erm!.... Can I..... Er!" I said, nervously.

"Take it out and masturbate for me. I want to see how much I turn you on."

"Oh My God..... Really?..... But Miss!.... Can we do this another time perhaps?" I asked.

"No we can't!..... It's now or never. Either you masturbate for me or it ends now and I transfer you to Mr Andrews class."

I had masturbated dozens of times, whilst fantasising about Miss Chapman. It's not everyday a 15 year old boy gets the chance to masturbate for his teacher. The only problem was, I had no idea how Miss Chapman would react when she saw what I was wearing. I slowly unbuckled my belt and unzipped my trousers, all the time watching Miss Chapman's reaction. As I removed my trousers, Miss Chapman grinned knowingly.

"I knew it. I suspected as much." She smiled and nodded approvingly.

"You're not angry?" I asked.

"Of course not. You just proved what I already knew. I knew the instant you took them, you would wear them today in my class. I bet the first thing you did when you got home, was rush to your bedroom and try on my silky panties. Then you stood in front of the mirror and masturbated. Am I right?" I blushed bright red and nodded. "So now do it for me," said Miss Chapman.

I took my bulging cock out of one leg of the French knickers I was wearing and began to stroke it. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't shoot my load. I beat it as hard and fast as I could but to no avail. I had never masturbated in front of someone before and I didn't feel comfortable doing it.

"I can't do it Miss, I feel very self-conscious. Maybe if you lift your skirt and show me your slip," I suggested.

Miss Chapman raised her skirt like I asked, to reveal the shiniest silver satin slip that I had ever seen.

"It's no use Miss, I'm not gonna cum, I can't do it. I've never done it with someone watching."

"Take your clothes off," ordered Miss Chapman.

"Why?" I asked.

"Just take them off, everything except my panties..... Don't worry, the door's locked. Everyone will be gone by now anyway."

I did as I was told and removed my school uniform until I was standing in front of Miss Chapman in just her red satin French knickers.

"Oh wow, you like to workout," she said approvingly. "Now help me with my blouse," she said turning round. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse as told, while Miss Chapman undid the three buttons on each cuff. She then turned around to face me and told me to remove her blouse slowly. I pulled the blouse from her shoulders and gently pulled it off as she held her arms out to the front. "Now put it on," she ordered.

"What!... Oh My God!.... You're joking?" I said in disbelief. "You really want me to put your blouse on?" I didn't need to wait for confirmation from Miss Chapman, I already had my arm inside one sleeve of the frilly satin blouse. Miss Chapman helped by pulling the blouse up over my shoulders and buttoning it up at the rear. She then removed her skirt and ordered me to put it on. As I pulled up the long flowing satin skirt and tucked in the blouse, there was a sudden bright flash of light as Miss Chapman took my picture.

"What the..... What are you doing?" I asked nervously, worrying that this was some kind of trick.

"You want to see what you look like, don't you?" she replied, taking a few more pictures with her digital camera.

"But... But...." I said nervously, as I considered the possibility of what could happen, if anyone saw those pictures of me.

"Here!" she said, offering me the camera. "Take a few of me, if you like." I couldn't believe my luck as I started snapping away, taking pictures of my teacher in her sexy lingerie as she posed for me. Miss Chapman was wearing the shiniest silver satin camisole and matching satin waist slip, I had ever seen. My cock was twitching and my balls ached so much, I thought they would explode.

"Wow Miss! You look absolutely gorgeous. I wish my mum wore nice satin lingerie like you do." It was only when Miss Chapman frowned, I realised the implication of what I had just said.

"Now come here," said Miss Chapman, sitting on the edge of her desk. "I want you to stand in front of me, lift up your skirt and masturbate. I want you to cum all over my lovely silky slip."

I'm not sure how it happened, the next few minutes are hazy, like a dream. After I discovered Miss Chapman wasn't wearing any panties, I had my cock buried deep inside my teacher and I was pounding her pussy with all my might. Miss Chapman lay on her desk, on her back, her legs in the air and her large breasts bouncing back and forth under her satin camisole. As I thrust my cock in and out of her wet pussy, I thought it strange how she would cry out, as if she were in pain, yet tell me to fuck her harder. Her own blue satin blouse that I was now wearing, clung to my sweaty body, as beads of sweat dripped from my forehead onto Miss Chapman's face. I pounded her cunt as hard as I could.

"I'm cumming,..... I'm cumming," I said in between breathes. "Shall I pull out?" I asked.

"Nooo!... Don't you dare pull out, cum inside me!" ordered Miss Chapman. Moments later I shot my load of baby making cum deep inside Miss Chapman's pussy.

As if that wasn't fantastic enough, Miss Chapman then knelt down on the floor and lifted my satin skirt over her head. She then proceeded to expertly suck my cock of every last drop of cum and pussy juice, until It was clean. I watched in amazement, as her head bobbed back and forth, under her own satin skirt, that I was now wearing. I couldn't help but wonder, when was the last time she had sucked a cock and how many cocks she had sucked in her lifetime?

When she was finished sucking my cock, Miss Chapman stood up, then ordered me down on my knees. She lifted her slip up around her waist, grabbed my head and shoved her cum leaking vagina into my face. "Eat my fucking pussy," she demanded.

My cock grew hard once again. After fucking Miss Chapman for the second time, we both just lay there, on top of her desk; both totally exhausted, hot and sweaty, holding each other and trying to cool down.

"I'm going to need my clothes back," said Miss Chapman. We both got dressed, then stood staring at each other, both waiting for the other to speak.

"That was fantastic." I said, breaking the silence.

"You can't breathe a word of this to anyone. You have to promise. I could get sent to prison for statutory rape," said Miss Chapman looking worried.

"Don't worry!.... I'm not going to tell anyone. I love you," I said.

"You're very sweet, but it isn't love you feel for me. One day you'll meet a nice girl your own age and you'll forget all about me."

"I'll never forget you Miss, I just gave you my virginity." I said with a huge grin.

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