Filthy whore gets two cocks

Filthy whore gets two cocks
Sitting here thinking about sex was a usual occurrence for me, and I loved cock, any cock. I enjoyed being nothing more than a whore for a man, and loved hearing him degrade me as I serviced him. It always makes me remember two men I fooled around with separately, but wanted so much to be used by both of them at the same time. So many different fantasizes running through my mind, and since they were both rough and nasty it would be heaven to have them both fuck me, taking turns on my whore holes. They also enjoyed using fat whores like me. I am five foot two, 230lbs., long brown hair and eyes, 40D tits.

One scenario would be me setting up that they both showed around the same time. I would have Tommy show up first, about twenty minutes before Andrew. Tommy was more degrading and nasty, and I knew once he got going he would be more than willing to share me. As I predicted, Tommy was grabbing my hair and forcing me to my knees the minute he walked in the door. He unzipped his pants, and his big hard cock sprang out. I thought about his size as he rammed his cock into my mouth. I figured his cock must be about nine inches, and fat and tasted oh so good. I loved sucking cock, and especially when I'm forced to gag and choke, which Tommy knew and that only made him push me more. There I was on my knees, with saliva drooling out of my mouth as he fucked my face, and then the door bell rang. I knew who it was but he had no idea, and he ordered me to get rid of whoever it was. Of course I was going to do quite the opposite, and I answered the door completely naked. As soon as Andrew saw me, he pushed me up against the wall of the foyer away from Tommy's sight, and fingered me while he shoved his tongue into my mouth. I didn't even get a chance to tell him someone else was there, because he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me into the living room. He then realized there was someone else there and let go of my hair, as we stood there in silence. Tommy broke the awkward moment, and ordered me to finish what I started. I looked at Andrew as I dropped to my knees in front of Tommy as he sat down on the sofa. I took his now limp cock into my mouth as he degraded me for letting him lose his hard on.

As he forced my head down onto his hardening cock, Andrew started to get undressed figuring that he was going to use me too, of course this is what I had planned from the beginning. Andrew raised my ass up, and spanked me a few times before he reached down and began playing with my clit. I moaned onto Tommy's cock as Andrew played with my clit, and slid his fingers deep inside my wet hole. I was going back and forth on both of them as they used me for their pleasures. Andrew decided it was his turn to use my mouth, so he sat down on the sofa next to Tommy as I sucked his cock. Tommy was watching me and stroking his cock, amazed at what a whore I was being for them, and imagined how hot it would be to tie me to my bed, so they could use me any way they wanted.

He suggested it to Andrew and he was all for it, so they took me to my bed. I was thrown onto the bed on my back, and they both tied me to my headboard and footboard. I must have looked like such a filthy slut, spread and ready for them to use. They both climbed up on the bed and stuck their cocks right on my face, forcing me to take turns sucking their cocks some more. I did as was expected, and the more turned on I got the more I spread my legs for them. They must have gotten the hint because they both rammed a finger inside my fat wet hole making me take Tommy's cock out of my mouth, screaming for more. I sucked their cocks like a good whore while they fingered my cunt, and then Andrew slid a finger into my ass, and they fingered both my holes. I was jumping like a wild animal as they violated my holes, and I begged for more. They fingered me fucked my mouth for what seemed like forever, when I heard Tommy tell Andrew he wanted me to ride his cock. Andrew was the only one that has ever fucked my ass, and I knew that's what he would be planning the minute he saw me ride Tommy. They undid the restraints, and reattached them with me on all fours, as they commented what a fat pig whore I was. Tommy slid in under me, and forced me down on his big fat cock. He pumped into me making my fat tits bounce up and down in his face, so he grabbed them and pinched my nipples hard making me scream. Andrew just stood there stroking his cock watching another man use my fat whore body, and he got more and more turned on. Andrew climbed up on the bed, and I felt his eight inch cock at my anal opening.

"No Andrew please, I can't take both!"

"Shut the fuck up whore!", was his response.

"No please, no!", I begged again.

This time Tommy smacked me across my face and told me to shut up, and I was automatically on the edge of fear and pleasure, and relaxed and let Andrew take my ass. He spit on my ass, and slid his cock into me slowly, letting me get used to being so full.

"Oh you fucking whore, you're taking my whole cock in your fat ass!"

"Please, no it hurts!"

"Good, I want you to remember you're night as a fat pig slut!"

He began pumping in and out of my ass faster and faster, as Tommy pounded into me from below. I felt like such a whore, and it was great. I was nothing more than an easy lay to both of them, and that suited me just fine. They ended the night by dropping their loads in my holes, and promised to come back soon and do me again.

I want to be nothing more than your toy, your cum dump, your fat pig slut. Can you help me?

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