Rough and Tumble

Rough and Tumble
When I saw the ad I just thought it was a joke or a
scam but two days later I had a reply in my e mail box.
'BBW looking for large cock to show passive hubby how
to fuck' is how it read and the reply asked for a photo
of my cock to prove myself. I sent one without my face
and once again thought I'd see my cock on some web site
or other but to my delight I got another reply.

This time Wendy had sent me a photo of herself, fully
dressed unfortunately but very nice all the same. She
looked much older than I had hoped for maybe 50 but she
was fat the way I like my women, in my mind a woman can
be as fat as she wants so long as its in proportion to
her body, for example a massive flabby ass and no tits
is just fat, a hanging belly and no ass is just fat.
However big heavy tits and swollen hips and ass can be
as big as they come and Wendy looked like her tits
where busting to get out.

Her message was short asking me to phone her if I
thought she fit what I was looking for. I rang her ten
minutes later on a cell number, she was very pleased to
hear from me saying she loved my photo and asking me to
describe myself to her. The whole time she laughed and
giggled like a little girl, we spoke again over the
next few days getting more and more friendly and the
talk getting more and more intimate.

When I asked her what her 'passive' husband meant, she
took a moment to answer. "It's a husband who likes to
see his wife get screwed. to watch a man much bigger
than him take her right in front of him and be forced
to witness her come with a stranger," she said her
voice getting husky.

I asked if she had done it before and she said she had
but I had to coax it out of her but she finally told me
how it started. She explained how on holiday five years
ago she had gotten drunk and let some army guy fondle
her in the gent's toilet. While there her husband had
come in and freaked out, but the man she was with
punched him and knocked him to the floor then preceded
to force her to suck his cock while Jim her husband
watched from the dirty floor.

I could tell she was getting excited telling me the
story and to be honest I was getting hot too. "His cock
was huge and I was scared at first, but while I sucked
his cock I could see Jim watching and I just knew he
was not angry but horny."

They'd let it happen once again, but it was not as
good. "It's not easy to find the right man and get the
fantasy really going. We have made do, up to now with
just films and pretend. That is until the ad," she

"When can I see you?" I said, simply so horny now I
hand my cock out. We made arrangements to meet at a
hotel not far from where I lived but she gave me
instructions which I was to stick to no matter what,
role play was the name of the game.

I saw them as soon as I walked into the hotel bar, they
where sitting down near the back wall. Wendy saw me
staring at her and having never seen my face she waited
for me to come over, I did and the game began. Her
husband Jim was a skinny man not very tall looking and
going bald, he glanced at me nervously as I leaned down
and kissed his wife full on the lips saying, "Well
hello, at last we meet."

She giggled and invited me to sit next to her which I
did without saying hello to Jim, her skirt was so short
and her legs so thick that her black stockings where on
full show with even some white flesh at the top
squeezing out. I glanced at her legs and grinned at her
not hiding my open staring then without looking at Jim
I said, "Get me a beer."

Wendy gave me a small grin then shot him a killer look.
He got up and do what I asked leaving us alone, "Make
sure you make him suffer a little," she said smiling,
then she placed her hand on my leg.

By the time her husband got back we where kissing and I
had my hand on one of her massive ass cheeks, Christ
she felt good and she was hot pressing into me and
forcing her tongue into my mouth.

Jim coughed to let us know he was there and then tried
to make small talk while his wife and I felt each other
up, my cock was on fire but she still hadn't touched
it. She pulled away from my kiss and looked at Jim
saying, "Jim darling, you don't mind if we go up to the
room now Peter wants me to suck his cock?"

I almost laughed out loud but held it, Jim looked in
pain as he nodded his agreement. Five minutes later we
where all three in their hotel room which was nice with
mini bar etc, I looked at them both and said, "Right,
you get me a drink and you get your clothes off,"
pointing at Wendy.

While Jim made the drinks he watched his wife take off
what little clothes she had on, first her skin tight
top to reveal a lacy white bra with a huge pair of
flabby white tits squeezed into it, her belly swelled
out under the bra curving back under her waist band of
the skirt.

Next she shucked her huge wide hips from side to side
as she pulled her skirt down over her fat ass bending
forward to show just how fat her tits would hang down.
When she stood back up I had to fight not to jump on
her. Her belly was half hidden with the large panties
she wore but it was huge and her legs where so fat that
even though her legs where slightly apart they touched.

"Get your fat tits out slut," I commanded and she
looked at her husband as she undid the bra, her tits
dropped like two sacks heavy and sagging, she had angry
red marks where the bra had cut into her skin and her
nipples where sticking out like massive rubber cigars.

"Take off your panties and lay on your back whore," I
snarled taking my shirt off as she did what I said. She
lay back on the bed wearing her stockings and
suspenders and watched as I undressed, my cock was
already fully hard just looking at her and strangely
because her husband was there too, "Open your legs now
and show me how you wank off," I hissed pulling my
shorts down and standing back up proudly.

My cock is about 10-inchs and thick too, you wouldn't
think to look at me but there you have it, Wendy had
two hands working on her pussy one holding her belly up
out of the way and the other fingering her gapping cunt
it was amazing. She was staring at my cock with her
mouth open trying to look over her huge tits to see me.

"Oh Jim, look at the size of his cock!" she moaned
working her pussy.

"You look like such a fucking whore like that," I said
as I started jerking off slowly, Jim was looking from
me to her open mouthed.

"I am a whore, a nasty filthy bitch, just for you," she
laughed back at me raising her hips up off the bed as
she drove four fingers into her pussy. I moved over and
kneeled beside her reaching out and dragging one of her
heavy tits up so I could pinch her nipple, she reached
over and wrapped her small hand around my cock and
started jerking me off fast.

"Ooh please you have to fuck me now, I cant wait to get
that cock inside me," she moaned close to coming.

I had to wrench her hand off my cock, "Open your
mouth," I spat moving up to her head, she grinned at me
and said in a low husky voice, "I just love sucking big
hard cocks," I almost came.

It was not an easy position but I managed to fuck her
mouth with long slow trusts while she sucked as much as
she could, she was a good cock sucker moaning and
slurping on it making it real wet.

"Next time I see you I'll bring John a huge black
friend of mine," I moaned. "His cock is bigger than
mine and he just loves fat sluts like you," she groaned
out loud with my cock still in her mouth.

"He could be stretching your cunt right now," I managed
pumping her mouth a little faster getting off on this
now, her husband forced to watch and listen. She let my
cock slip from her mouth and said, "I've never sucked a
black cock before! Mmmm if he's as big as you he can
fuck me when ever he wants." She was jerking me off
rubbing my shaft all over her face smearing her heavy
make up. She glanced over to Jim, "Jim you could fetch
the drinks and clean me out afterwards?" she chuckled
at him.

He moved back on the chair but said nothing, he wasn't
even jerking off. Next she looked up at me and groaned,
"Fuck me now, give it to me I cant wait!" she pulled at
me to move but I held her arms pinning them to the bed
then looked over to Jim.

"Get over her asshole and eat her pussy, get it good
and wet for me to fuck," I didn't know if I'd gone too
far but when I saw him scramble between her legs I

"That's it pal, lick that pussy! Get your wife's cunt
ready for me," I sneered as he lapped away like a wild
man. Wendy was humping her massive ass up off the bed
forcing his face deeper into her flabby folds and
moaning she was about to come.

"Wait a minute Jim, that's enough! Take off your
clothes now and lay on your back," I barked yanking him
up to his knees.

Both Wendy and Jim stared at me as if I'd forgotten my
lines, "Move it asshole or you'll be real sorry," I
snarled and with one last glance at Wendy.

He stripped off and lay on his back beside her. His
cock was not that small about average I'd say and it
was soft, he lay there not saying a word as I told
Wendy to get into a 69 with him but not to touch his
cock. The poor mans head was hidden between her belly
and pussy folds but he was lapping away again as
requested making a lot of noise, her ass looked as wide
as a door frame with the thick suspender straps
crossing each flabby ass cheek and her pink wet pussy
hanging open.

When I kneeled up behind her my balls slapped against
Jims face and when I lined my cock to her gapping hole
they covered his eyes. "Fuck me hard, fuck my fat
pussy!!" screamed Wendy. I slammed into her in one go.
I knocked the wind out of her and she cried out so loud
the whole hotel must have heard, her pussy was so wet
and so damned hot my cock was on fire. I pulled out and
slammed back in harder this time and she squealed with
joy screaming out, "Ooh fuck YES!! Oooh yes!!"

Jim was having his face battered by my banging balls,
but looking down I could still see his tongue lapping
at her clit his face wet from her. "Yes, I'm cumming!
OOOOoooooh fuck yes!!" she continued as she had a
howling orgasm that made her flabby body shack and roll
from head to flabby ass.

Every time I slammed her it made her fat ass cheeks
ripple like water only to be jerked back as I continued
to pound her hard. Her pussy was pumping out come like
she was pissing and poor Jim was soaked and red faced.
At one point my cock slipped out and I tried hard to
slam it back in but missed twice the second time my
cock pushed it's way between her pussy and Jims mouth.

I had just rubbed my cock against a man's mouth over
and over again and I felt so fucking horny that when I
slammed back into Wendy she got another two minutes of
hard intense fucking making her come again hard. The
next time I slowed down I glanced down and saw that Jim
was in a frenzy licking sucking and lapping at Wendy's
pussy but my cock too, he made no difference between
the two and before I could say a word or move away my
cock just popped into his mouth.

I watched like it was a movie in a daze as he sucked
about four inches into his mouth, he was sucking my
cock A MAN! I almost pulled away but it was too late
and the fact was it felt good. Wendy was banging her
ass back trying to find my shaft.

"Come on, I'm not finished yet, fuck me more! Give me
your spunk!" she called out. So I pulled my cock away
from Jim and slid it back into her burning cunt. She
groaned out loud, "Ooh Jim, his cock is so big. Look
how he's stretched my pussy," she moaned pushing back
at me. "Come inside me. Fill my pussy you're your hot

I fucked her slowly, and looked down at Jim and
replied, "I think Jim would rather swallow it," and I
smiled at them.

She moaned out loud, "OOOh yes, that would be perfect,"
but she thought I was just talking like about my black
friend but then she saw Jim's cock stiffen. "He likes
the idea, look his little cock is hard," she teased.
"You want the nasty man to come in your mouth?" she

Jim was too far under her to answer.

"Come all over his face, the fucking worm. I think he
likes you better than me," she cried out moving forward
and getting off him. I could see his cock was hard and
his face was red and wet.

Wendy came over as I stayed where I was kneeling over
his red face, she started jerking me off slapping his
face with my cock, "Yeah all over his fag face," she
snarled, looking wild eyed at her husband.

This was by far the strangest sex I'd ever had and I'm
no fag but when I came in came in buckets, it splashed
all over his face and hair as Wendy jerked me off
wildly. To his credit he kept his mouth closed and it
was Wendy that licked and sucked the last drops from my
worn out knob making sure Jim got a close up show of

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