Catching a friend's wife after fucking some black guys

Catching a friend's wife after fucking some black guys
It had been a long day and my first day in London with
my new colleague Roger, we had spent the day running
around London seeing client after client. The plan was
to stay in London as our last two clients would only see
us late at night so it was a hotel for us both, however
they both cancelled at the last minute and Roger
suggested we go and stay at his place. He said his wife
would be happy to have us and we set off for his place.

He tried to call her from the car but got no answer but
it didn't bother him and we arrived at his small house
at around midnight, but as we pulled up outside his
house we saw three young black guys walking out of his
drive way or so it seemed to me. He didn't seem to
notice and showed me the way we only missed them by
seconds and I could hear them laughing and joking in
great form it seemed. It let me in and we walked into
the dark hall way with the only light coming from the
sitting room down the hall, we where both talking and
making noise but we stopped short when we walked into
the sitting room.

We found his wife laying on her back on the sofa
completely naked except for a pair of black stockings
and her shoes. She was spread eagle with her thick
chunky white legs hanging open obscenely and her slack
bald pussy on full show. Roger never mentioned her more
than casual conversation and he never mentioned her
weight, she was a very big woman with the biggest pair
of tits I had ever seen resting on her large round belly
that curved down to a second belly that formed her pussy

She had spunk all over her great white tits, large gobs
of thick spunk splattered all over them and it looked
like she had spunk in her black matted hair too. She
stirred when she heard us and let her head flop to one
side to look at us with red eyes, it looked like she'd
been smoking dope. She didn't bother to even close her
legs and lifted her hand up to wave hi before she
realised it was her husband.

He had stopped dead beside me and I saw his mouth drop
open, he lifted his arms up and his mouth started
working but nothing came out. When I looked back at her
it was as if I wasn't there, she was staring at him and
smiling like an idiot, then her smile turned to a grin
,a nasty grin. Roger found his voice but I think he too
forgot I was there.

"You promised you'd stop," he said exasperated, she
chuckled and coughed then shot back at him, "Oh shut up
Rog, you where meant to stay in town."

He stepped closer to her and she moved her massive body
up the sofa causing her belly and tits to wobble very
nicely, I stared at her and despite the situation I felt
my cock grow.

"You've got spunk in your hair, you fucking slut," he
spat at her his voice rising. She looked hard at him and
then moved her hand up to smear the thick wad of spunk
on her tit into the skin lifting the heavy breast up and
making her nipple stand up wet with spunk, she let her
legs drop open wider exposing her pussy again glistening
with sex.

She dropped her free hand between her legs and pressed
it into the soft spongy flesh on her open pussy. "On my
tits too, and look at my pussy I took three helpings up
there too," she hissed back at him and turned her head
to stare at me on the last word.

I watched as she used her hand to spread her pussy open
showing a gapping hole stretched from what looked like
some seriously large cock, there was a thick gob of
spunk just dribbling out running down to her asshole
that was hidden in fat. Roger stepped closer and I
thought he was going to hit her but he made a sobbing
sound and stopped staring down at her, she stared back
still with that nasty grin and still rolling her
enormous clit in her podgy fingers.

"They where brutes Rog, they ripped my panties off and
made me suck there cocks," she purred at him mocking.

He said nothing and I stayed where I was staring on, she
looked at me from time to time but Roger still acted
like I wasn't there.

"One of their cocks was 10-inches long Rog, he made me
suck it and then the fucker rammed it into my pussy,"
she continued openly masturbating, she started again
feeling her tits and rubbing the remaining spunk into

My cock was bursting now and I found the whole scene
surreal, like I had stepped into a movie. Roger spat at
her, "Fucking black cocksucker," he stepped back and I
saw him fumble with his pants.

She laughed and shot back, "But baby it was you that
wanted to see your chubby little white wife fuck a black
man, it was you that insisted I do it for you," she was
grinning wickedly at him.

He yanked his trousers down to his knees and I saw his
white hairy arse from behind. He stumbled towards her.
"Well you can suck my cock too slut," he said and almost
fell on her.

She jumped back and let him hit the sofa then fall onto
the floor, she was almost sitting and she laughed out
loud, "I told you your tiny cock is too small for me
now, I've had so many huge black cocks that your excuse
of a cock makes me laugh."

This was not very nice now and I felt for Roger he
looked so defeated at her feet like that I had to do
something. I'm a white 40-year-old man slim and in
shape, I also have a large cock. It grows to 9 inches
but the amazing part is its thickness. After many years
I found that fat women where more susceptible to taking
the whole thing, this has been a problem many times and
as I love nothing better than a good hard fuck it was
not always so easy. I knew that it was rock hard when I
stared at her and I knew she would shut her big mouth if
I pulled it out, so I did.

She looked straight at my zipper and grinned her wicked
grin saying, "Ooh no not another brute of a man." She
chuckled as I pulled my pants down and yanked my shorts
over my throbbing cock. Her grin dropped and her mouth
opened and right enough she shut up, I heard her suck in
a big breath and hold it a moment as we all stared at
one and other.

She looked at Roger in what looked like panic, "Rog, are
you just going to let him do what he wants, I don't even
know his name," she cried out.

Roger spat back fast, "If your slut pussy is too sore he
can fuck your ass."

She looked like he had slapped her in the face. She
looked back at me and waited.

"Get over here and suck my cock you nasty bitch," I spat
at her tugging my foreskin back and showing her my huge
purple knob. One more look at Roger and she moved fast
sitting forward and resting her feet on the floor, her
massive tits spilled onto her knees and between her open
legs, I could see clearly the thick wads of spunk in her

She reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock
pulling it towards her mouth but stopped with her lips
an inch from my cock. "I've sucked many like this baby, I
hope you don't waste it in my mouth. Roger was right you
can fuck my ass" and then she slid her mouth down my
shaft taking more than half then closed her lips around
it and pulled back.

She went down again and this time to my amazement she
took it right to my balls swallowing my entire cock. She
pulled back out and repeated it before moving faster and
taking half then all every stroke or two. I looked down
at her stretched lips wrapped around my cock and it was
fucking amazing, I grunted my approval humping my hips
to meet her head and fucking her mouth faster and
faster. She pulled it out of her mouth leaving a string
of saliva from my cock to her mouth.

"Mmm, I love big cocks," she purred smearing it across
her face, she beat it against her own face while jerking
me off at the base.

Roger spoke up saying, "I don't care what you do to her

His wife leaned under me to suck my balls one at a time
making lots of noise. Next she sat back and spread her
legs wide using her hand to once again open her slack
cunt "Give me your cock, come here and show Rog here
what a real cock will do," she was taunting me and I
loved it. I pulled my jeans off quickly and dropped down
between her open legs, her pussy was resting on the edge
of the sofa looking spongy and soft, her belly curved
down to cover the top half of her pussy.

She leaned back more and lifted her legs up off the
floor opening her pussy even more and exposing her
asshole. Any thoughts of fucking a virgin ass was out,
it was still open from the recent fucking it had just
had complete with a gob of spunk dribbling out. She saw
me looking at it and laughed. "They fucked my pussy and
ass at the same time and Leroy always comes in my ass,"
she purred at me.

This some how made me mad and hot at the same time, I
moved forward my cock finding her slippery cunt on its
own and then rammed it into her as hard as I could not
caring how it affected her. She screamed out in surprise
but flung her arms around my shoulders pulling me to
her, I pulled out and slammed it back it banging off her
soft fleshy mound grunting loudly. I gave her ten good
hard rapid trusts then stopped a second then five more,
she was moaning and crying and clinging to me.

I could feel her huge tits wobbling under me and I
pulled her arms off her so I could lean back up and
watch her tits flop about and see my cock pumping her
pussy. She grabbed handfuls of sofa and gritted her
teeth as I fucked her with long hard strokes loving the
felling of forcing my cock all the way and banging as
hard as I wanted.

Her belly flopped about as much as her tits and she had
to use her hands to try and stop both as I hammered her
mercilessly. "Fucking nasty slut, your cunts swimming
with spunk," I grunted down at her, she arched her back
and came on the spot, bucking and heaving and crying out
"Ooh yeah you like sloppy thirds big boy" she came like
that for a minute until I slowed almost to a stop.

I pushed it in and out slowly watching the wet slime
covering my whole cock catching my breath and that's
when Roger came back into the story. "You think I
haven't found out what you get up to, you think I don't
know everything you've done" he spat at her, she was
breathing hard and coming down just savouring the

He looked at me and spoke, "Last week she sucked one of
her black boys cock right in the bar in front of the
early evening customers and then the slut went into the
gents with this guy and two minutes later there was a
group of guys waiting outside the toilets. I saw one
slip in and the first slip out, after the fourth guy it
was me next and when I went in I saw they had a large
hole in the wall with the toilet behind it, a fucking
glory hole or whatever. I pushed my cock through and she
just sucked it right in. Didn't you whore?" he shot at

She was still moaning softly as I fucked her slow but
steady. "I think I would have remembered a little cock
like yours and it would have been the only white one, I
saw your sorry ass in the bar and put on the show for
you, but if you had really followed me you would have
seen me getting chain fucked by the four of them, the
bastards made me kneel in the piss with my dress hutched
up," she purred back at him and started humping her hips
up and down causing some nice friction from her slack

They where putting on a good show for me with their
insults and stories, "You didn't see me at Leroy's when
he made me fuck four guys, they paid him ?200 to fuck
me, that was last Monday lunch time, where you outside?"
she asked.

He grunted and she continued, "They even forced two of
their big cocks into my pussy, I was split in two. They
fucked my ass and cunt at the same time and had me suck
the other two off in turn," she panted.

I yanked one of her heavy legs up and slammed my cock
into her hard.

"Yes like that, fuck me harder you bastard go on fuck
your mates wife right in front of him," she almost
shouted at me. The bitch wanted it so I gave it to her
pounding my cock in and out of her already over wet cunt
sending her giant tits all over the place and making her
come within ten strokes.

"Ooh yes ooh yes like that! Fuck me give me that lovely
big cock."

I did for a good ten minutes I reamed her cunt out my
cock and balls covered in thick slime. I pulled out
wanting to check her ass out and saw Roger beating off
beside me, his five-inch cock in his hand staring on.

"Turn your whores ass around so I can see your fat ass,"
I snarled at her.

She smiled up at me and nodded then rolled her massive
frame over. Her ass came into view and bent over the
edge of the sofa it looked huge, big flabby ass cheeks
slick with pussy juice and spunk, I looked at Roger and
nodded to her ass inviting him to have her. He looked
shocked and shuck his head no, I leaned over his wife
pressing my body down onto her and said, "Fuck her ass
Roger, give her ass a seeing to," I ordered. He looked
at me a second then almost fell over again trying to get
up behind her.

She freaked out and struggled under me, "Get off me you
fucker, get that worm away form me!" she snarled back.
"Rog, you know the rules," she warned and that was the
thing not to say.

He butted forward and gripping her flabby ass in one
hand he shoved his cock into her ass, she moved forward
to get away but it was too late he was in. I held onto
her while he fucked her urgently ramming into her with
no apparent effect.

"You're going to be real sorry," she said in a
controlled voice but he was out of it now not caring
what she said.

"Don't worry I'll pay you the ?50 whore," and then he
came jerking his hips into her ass and coming inside
her. He slipped out and she struggled even more slipping
away from me and jumping up, she was pissed off now her
huge tit where heaving and she shuck from head to lovely
flabby toe. She was fuming looking at Roger.

I don't know why I did it but I shouted at her in a loud
voice scaring her into silence, "Shut the fuck up bitch,
I'm not finished with you yet!" We all stopped and
stared at each other.

She looked at me and waited, I leaned back and pointed
at my hard cock. "Come over here and sit your fat ass
down on my cock slut, up the ass," I commanded and she
nodded and came over to me.

She turned around and sat back onto me with her back
facing me, she reached under and guided my cock to her
used asshole then sank down onto it. It was still tight
been much smaller than her cunt but the four two loads
of come in there helped and she sank all the way down,
"now move your ass and fuck that cock whore," I snarled
digging my fingers into her thick hips.

She started humping up and down my cock driving all 9
inches up her ass and loving it, she was breathing hard
with effort and pleasure.

"Faster bitch, fuck that cock up your nasty ass," I said
slapping her ass hard and jerking her up and down faster
helping some. I could see her tits flop about even from
behind and when I reached around I found her belly, I
squeezed it loving the feel, then I grabbed a handful of
tit and squeezed it hard. She started grunting and then
moaning "Ooh yeah I love your cock up my ass, fuck my
ass with that horse cock."

That got me humping up as fast and hard as I could her
huge hips wobbled with every trust and she held her tits
in check. I pushed her off then back onto the sofa with
her big ass facing me, I was on her in a flash ramming
my cock back up her ass.

"YEEESSS!! Ooh fuck YEESSS!!" she screamed as I pounded
into her. Her whole back and ass shuck with the force
driving me on, the more her fat wobbled the more turned
on I was. "Fuck my fat ass you bastard, make me come
again I love your cock!" she grunted her face against
the sofa.

I pulled her ass apart obscenely stretching it wide and
getting more cock into her mauling the flesh and
watching my cock pound in and out. "I'm gonna fill your
slut ass again," I grunted about to come.

She cried out, "No!! Come in my mouth. I want to suck
your slimy cock!"

I pulled out fast about to explode and she moved fast
spinning around and grabbing my cock in her hand, she
devoured my cock whole taking the whole thing inside and
sucking so hard it hurt. She grunted like an animal as
she bobbed her head up and down it while jerking me off.

"Give me your spunk, go on right down my throat," she
hissed before sucking it back in, I was gone by now my
balls twitching and jerking about she was licking the
entire length and moaned loudly.

I lost it totally knocking her hand away and taking my
own cock in hand I beat off rapidly while rubbing my
cock against her face, I came right then firing wad
after wad of spunk onto her face and hair, I held her
there by the hair until I had emptied my balls all over
her face.

After I went to clean up and when I got back the sofa
was made up for me and they where gone.

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