Assistance in Lingerie Department

Assistance in Lingerie Department
Tiffany was very bored on a Sunday afternoon and decided
to drive to the mall for some last minute Xmas shopping.
She entered through the fine department store which was
unusual for her. As she walked through store she noticed
the lingerie department and thought she would buy
something new for his homecoming.

As she browsed the racks of satin and lace garments the
clerk offered his assistance. Odd it was a man but
surely he was gay she thought. Together they picked out
several items then he led her to the dressing area to
try them on.

Just moments after she was in the dressing room he
knocked to see if everything was OK. A bit hesitant she
said yes but wanted his opinion of the black and teal

?Does this look OK?? she asked as she stepped out of the

Feeling very vulnerable she waited for his response.

?It looks good but try on the other.?

The other was a French maid looking outfit with thigh
highs and garter belts that she had never worn before.
She put the outfit on but had trouble with the belts. He
got down on his knees and started to buckle. He was so
close she could feel his breath on her skin. He started
at the back then came to the front. He lifted the skirt
and buckled one then he moved to do the last and
stopped. All he did was breathe. Hard.

His breath was hot and he was doing this on her pussy.
For minutes he would just breathe. She could feel
herself getting wet just from his breath. She put her
hands on his head and moved his head closer to her
pussy. This was the sign he was waiting for. She wasn?t
wearing any panties.

He propped her leg up on the styling block and slowly
gave her pussy long licks. He started to suck on her
clit just like she liked. He then started to finger fuck
her while still licking her dripping throbbing pussy. He
ravished her pussy with his tongue. She had missed this

He got up and pushed her shoulders down. His cock was
amazingly hard through his pants. She unzipped his pants
and before she even touched it she was sucking on the
head. It was big and very cut. She loved to suck cock.
He moaned over and over but neither wanted to cum yet.
She sucked his balls and then fingered his ass and again
sucked his cock.

He laid on the floor and had her sit on his face. She
buried her pussy on his face while his tongue fucked
her. She instantly came on his face. He sucked her clit
and she came again. He made her cum over and over.

He started to moan in a different tone. His body was
moving yet he was still ravishing her pussy. She turned
around and saw a man sucking his cock. This sent her
over the top. Her pussy lips covered his face and his
cock was getting sucked. He inserted his finger in her
and this made her squirt all over his face and just then
he came too. His cum drank by his cock sucker.

We all got up and fixed our clothing. I told him I would
be back next week. Maybe they would have a new ?load? of
clothes by then.

After all Mark would not be home for several weeks and
she wanted to find the right outfit for him.

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