Aussie country girl


Aussie country girl
I met her through work, rough Aussie country girl from out in the scrub who made the commute to work every day to work in the city. She had huge tits, a great personality full of life and energy and a sexual appetite to kill ten men. The first time I went to her place I got drunkenly into a taxi, showed the driver how much money I had and said ?Get me as close to this address as this much money will get me? and he agreed to drop me at the local pub where I arranged by text to meet her. As soon as I was out of the taxi she was on me, forcing her tongue into my mouth, her breath thick with cigarette and cheap booze. I let my hand wander down to grab her firm arse, clearly wearing no underwear beneath the thin dress she wore. On the way back to her place we stopped at her brothers to buy weed and smoke a few billies, her brother a funny guy who was very accommodating. After that we had to trek through a small scrub area where she stopped me again and forced her tongue into my mouth, her hand finding my instantly hard cock right away. I sat on the stump of a tree in the clearing and she went to her knees and started to blow me. Deep throating me she brought me close to filling her mouth before she abruptly stopped and said ?I want to save this for home?.

When we got to her house we smoked some more weed, had a few beers and talked about our lives, got to know each other. We had a great connection, and her rowdy sense of humour worked wonderfully with her natural sexuality. As we sat the dinner table, my hand found its way under her dress and into her wet waiting pussy. She was squealing within seconds, very vocal about what she liked with her squeals and moans bouncing off the walls. She grabbed me by dick and dragged me into the bedroom where we fucked for what seemed like and hour with great intensity, her shrieking in pleasure as wave after wave of pleasure wracked her curvaceous frame. I nearly screamed in ecstasy myself as I blew my thick load up her back after her fifth orgasm and she lay with her back against me until we fell asleep. We woke hours later and fucked again, slept more, woke up smoked more weed and fucked a little more. I left at the end of the weekend with a great new friend and very empty balls.

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