Black BBW inmate longs for white dick

Black BBW inmate longs for white dick
A few weeks after I turned 37, I was at a weed party in
a rural part of southern Indiana. I was the only non-
white person there. The party got busted and but I
didn't worry about it. I had been arrested for weed
three times before, all in Louisville, and each time
got just a fine and probation. And since hubby is rich
and I'll never have to work again, that's no big deal.

But the judge who sentenced me, an old white guy who
probably doesn't care much for black people, told me
that it was obvious I hadn't learned my lesson so I
needed to do time. He gave me 90 days in jail.

I was paroled after serving 45 days, exactly half the
sentence, and those were 45 of the toughest days of my
life. Part of it was being apart from my husband and my
four daughters but a big part of it was having sex
withdrawals. I'm a nympho but don't have a sensitive

I've never had an orgasm from my clit being stimulated.
I have to be penetrated, so I can't masturbate without
a toy and I didn't have one in jail. So the lack of any
kind of dick was driving me crazy. I lay there in my
cell for hours every day, craving a good fuck. Come
kept oozing out of my cunt, but I couldn't do anything
about it. I was tense and cranky all the time and had a
hard time concentrating.

When I was released, hubby was waiting for me outside
the gate. I walked out wearing the same clothes I wore
when I went to jail a white T shirt with no bra,
black jeans, a black thong and red flip flops. I gained
15 lbs. while in jail, pushing me up to 230, so my
thong and jeans were very tight.

After a long, emotional hug during which neither of us
said a word and I broke down and cried, we got in the
car and I thought we were heading home. But he stopped
at a hotel/casino on the way and said he wanted us to
get lunch at the restaurant there and then gamble a
bit. We walked hand in hand through the hotel, toward
the restaurant, with me on his left. We were walking at
a steady speed when suddenly, without warning, he
shoved me against the door to one of the rooms.

He charged at me, wrapped his arms around me, opened
his hands wide and started squeezing and caressing me
all over while kissing my neck. I hugged and kissed him
back, slipped off my right flip flop and started
rubbing the bottom of that foot up and down his legs. I
started making grinding motions at him and he did the
same to me.

I thought it was just going to be a quick make out
session; a preview of the way we were going to get it
on that night. I expected we would go back to walking
toward the restaurant at any moment. But suddenly the
door opened and I fell backwards, landing on my butt. I
looked up and noticed that hubby had a just opened the
door with a key. He reached down and picked up the flip
flop I'd taken off, carried it into the room and closed
the door. I got up, took off my other flip flop, went
over to the bed, laid down on my back and anxiously
awaited his arrival.

As he approached the bed, I opened my arms but he
stopped. "First things first," he said in a very
serious tone while his arms were folded. I had no idea
what he was talking about. "Take off my belt," he
sternly commanded me. "Yes, Master," I told him as I
got up and obeyed him without hesitation. He then took
off my T shirt and jeans but left on my thong. At that
point, speaking in the same tone, he said "Get down on
all fours and stick your ass up in the air." I did so.
He then spoke to me as harshly as he ever has.

"Because of the stupidity you used in smoking weed and
getting caught, you deprived me for 45 days of the
pleasure of having my fuckstick inside your mouth and
your black cunt. For that, you must be punished."

My punishment was 45 lashes with his belt, as hard as
he could give them. It hurt very badly but it also
turned me on very much. As soon as the lashes were
over, my body collapsed. Hubby took me in his arms,
comforted me and kissed away my tears, telling me he
hated having to punish me and hoped I would never make
him do it again.

Eventually, his kissing away my tears led to us French
kissing, slowly at first but gradually getting faster.
When we started to get out of control, he threw me on
my back, sat up and let a huge chunk of spit fall out
of his mouth onto my lips. Once the spit landed, we
began French kissing again, getting lost in interracial

While that was happening, he took off my thong, which
was soaking wet. He turned it inside out and showed it
to me. Lots of big clumps of my come were built up
inside. He licked out about half of the come, then
stuck the thong in my face and made me lick out the
rest. Right after I finished, he aggressively jerked me
up by my hair and we swished my come back and forth in
each other's mouths.

That drove me over the edge. I had to have some dick
right there and then. Hubby was still fully dressed
except that he'd taken off his shoes. But in one
motion, I shoved my right hand into his pants and
underpants and grabbed his rock hard seven inches,
which was soaked with pre-come.

"I want it," I sensually told him. "First you have to
ask for it 45 times," he said. So I began. In my
sexiest voice, I asked him "Master, may I please lick
your fucking fuckstick?" After each time I asked, he
would tell me how many times I had said it. Finally,
when I asked for the 45th time, he said "Yes, you may."

I undressed him completely. He lay on his back and
spread his legs. I lifted up his dick with my left hand
and his balls with my right and began gently gliding my
tongue on the back of his scrotum the most sexually
sensitive area of his body. He immediately began
gasping over and over. I kept licking him there until
his reaction became less dramatic.

I started licking in circles right under the head of
his dick, where he's also very sensitive, and finally
started fucking him with my mouth. Suddenly I felt
something go into my nose. It was his come. The first
shot somehow didn't hit my tongue or the roof of my
mouth. It shot so powerfully and at such a perfect
angle that it got into my nose! The rest of his load
almost filled up my mouth and I swallowed it, as I
usually do.

As soon as he was finished coming, he sat up and
sensually told me "Put on a show for me, Ebony." I sat
up facing him with my legs extended straight out so he
could see the bottom of my size 11 feet, which is a big
turn on for him. He has a massive foot fetish.

I began massaging my 46DDs with my hands while licking
my lips, then pushing my knockers up to my mouth,
kissing, licking and sucking them. I glanced over at
hubby every few seconds and enjoyed the look of ecstasy
on his face. Then I got my feet in on the act. I
massaged with my hands and gave a tongue job to one
knocker while rubbing the bottom of one of my feet
against the other knocker. I also placed my nipples
between my biggest two toes on each foot, twisting my
nipples around.

Then I treated my feet as if they were dicks and gave
them a blow job. I closed my eyes and licked the bottom
of both of them and also between all of my toes. I
opened my mouth wide, placed my lips against the bottom
of my feet and gave them a good tonguing. I kissed them
over and over.

My eyes had been closed for several minutes but I could
tell by the way hubby was breathing that he was
extremely turned on. And that got me even more turned
on. I was planning on going on for much longer but then
I felt him tackle me and throw me over on my front. I
knew what he wanted then, which was also what I wanted,
so I quickly got in position and he slid his dick in,
doggy style, both my and his favorite position.

He fucked me hard and fast and almost instantly said
"Ebony, you've gotten tighter." And I realized he was
right. The 45 days without penetration made a
difference. And my added tightness gave me even deeper
stimulation, especially when I contracted my cunt
muscles and squeezed his dick. And he loved the feeling
of that.

I had two quick orgasms that were great but I knew
there were much better ones on the way. But my
squeezing hubby's dick with my tightened cunt was too
much too soon for him. He came in just a couple of
minutes, even though he had come in my mouth just a few
minutes before. Still, he seemed to have a very
powerful orgasm.

We stayed in the hotel room for several more hours and
he fucked me six more times, having a more intense
orgasm every time. And I had about 25 orgasms, some of
which lasted for more than a minute and caused my fat
body to shake so violently that I thought the bed was
going to collapse beneath us. At times I screamed so
loudly I'm sure others in the hotel must have heard it.
And at other times I opened my mouth to scream but was
unable to get any sound out.

Finally, my cunt was so sore that I couldn't take
anymore. I was totally exhausted but totally happy and
euphoric, too. Hubby lay down in bed and rested.
Meanwhile, I walked nude out onto the balcony of our
hotel room. I sat down in a chair in front of the table
out there and put my left foot up on the table while
keeping my right foot flat on the floor.

I really wanted a joint while I was in jail, I missed
weed almost as much as I missed dick - but I didn't
have one, so I settled for a cigarette. As I leaned
back, relaxed, smoked and felt the sensation of the
cool breeze on my body, I thought deeply about the sex
binge I'd just finished. I'd never been so proud to be
a submissive black BBW nympho who has a hot white
husband/master. And I'd never been happier to be a free

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