Chubby Kelly pays the rent

 Chubby Kelly pays the rent
At 4'6 and 86lb nine (and a half) year old Kelly was just a bit chubby. She
was laying on her bed on her tummy, wearing pink fuzzy sweatpants and a tiny
white crop top when her Daddy came in with Dave, the landlord. Dave and
Daddy had an arrangement - instead of paying rent Daddy let Dave play with
Kelly. This was nothing new. After Kelly's Mommy died a few years ago
her Daddy had taught her to suck his cock, and when Dave was visiting to
pick up the rent check the chubby girl had walked into the room with cum
still on her face. After Daddy realized Dave was turned on and not horrified
it was decided Kelly was sufficient for any future rent payments.

"Hey Kelly. Dave is here." Daddy said.

Dave sat on the bed next to Kelly and rested his hand on her white bare skin,
letting it slide up under her crop top. She kicked her legs lazily and
looked back at Dave and at Daddy, smiling, her blue eyes sparkling. The two
men were already growing hard, and were starting to remove their pants
exposing tented boxers. Kelly wiggled her fat little butt a little.

"How are you little whore? Has Daddy been fucking your fat ass hard for
me?" Dave asked, smiling. He loved to humiliate her, and the truth was
it turned her on too.

"Of course Dave" she giggled.

He roughly grabbed her blonde pigtails and pulled her face close to his,
kissing her mouth wet and sloppy, then spit on her face. She could see
Daddy watching nearby, jacking his cock slowly. Dave pulled her tiny white
top off and threw it to the floor, then reached around under her and pinched
both her young nipples hard. The fat cunt gasped. Dave was clearly in
a rough mood today. He spit on her face again.

"Good little piggie." he spat.

Dave yanked her sweatpants down to her fat thighs, revealing white cotton
bikini panties decorated with pink hearts. He swung his hand to spank her
chubby bubble butt *THWAP* *THWAP* With each hit it jiggled. The fat whore
whined, squirming her butt, as she looked straight ahead at Daddy, taking
his rock hard cock into her warm wet mouth as Dave spanked her pantied ass.
*THWAP* *THWAP* Daddy grabbed her pigtails and shoved his huge hard cock down
her throat, making her gag.

Dave reached between her spread legs and rubbed her bare fatty cunt through
her panties. The cloth stretched tight across her hole was wet, the little
slut loved this. He slid the gusset of her panties aside and slid his finger
along the slippery cuntlips, listening to her moan as she gagged on her
Daddy's big cock.

"Damn, she is crazy wet. What a slut. Let me get at her mouth, Bill."

Daddy roughly pulled the whore girl off his cock, pulling her off the bed
onto her knees and towards Dave. The landlord stripped nude and slapped
his cock against the slut's fat cheeks. She sat on her knees, her pink
fuzzy sweatpants bunched up around her knees and fat thighs, her white
cotton panties dotted with cute white hearts stretched across her fat little

The well trained slut opened her mouth, looking up at Daddy and Dave as they
both spit in her face. She reached one hand out to stroke Daddy's cock and
rubbed Dave's balls with her other hand, as Dave grabbed her blonde pigtails
and yanked her onto his rock hard cock. Spit ran down her chin onto her
bare chest and tiny fat girl titties.

"Aww, I think those fat little tits might be growing into big girl tits soon,
huh piggie?" Dave laughed. Kelly's eyes teared up a bit.

Daddy went to get something from Kelly's dresser, and returned with a pair of
tweezer style nipple clamps with tiny bells on them.

"What do you think?" he said.

Dave just smiled as Daddy reached down and clipped the bell clamps onto her
tender developing tits, smeared with drool from her rough blowjob. A tear
ran down Kelly's cheek. Daddy slapped her ass HARD, almost knocking her off
balance, but she kept sucking Dave sloppily as she looked up at him, crying.
As he body moved the bells on her preteen tits jingled, adding to her
humiliation. Her cunt burned, wet and needy.

"She wants to be fucked. I can smell it from here." Daddy said.

"What a damned nasty piggy slut whore. I can't believe it." Dave laughed.

Kelly blushed, her cheeks bright pink, wet with tears and drool, looked
up at Dave with pleading eyes. Dave just responded by pulling harder on
her blonde pigtails, making her choke and gag, tears in her eyes as
Dave forced his huge cock down her tender young throat.

"Lets stretch that fat piggie ass first." Dave said.

Daddy grabbed another toy from Kelly's drawer, a huge red butt plug, much
too big for a normal nine year old. But Kelly was not a normal girl.
Daddy spat on the plug and held it in his left hand as he yanked Kelly's
white little girl panties down to her knees and slapped her ass HARD,
leaving several red handprints across her large backside. The fat slut
arched her back a bit, her chubby asscheeks opening to reveal her pink

Dave pulled his cock out of Kelly's mouth, slapping it on her messy face
as she gasped, able to breath again. Suddenly, Daddy slapped her ass and
started to shove the huge ass plug deep into her young anus. Kelly let out
a loud yelp and moan which was quickly silenced as Dave slid his rock hard
cock back into her open mouth. She choked, moaning as Daddy nestled the big
plug deep, stretching her tight ass hole.

"OK, I want to beat that fat ass. Does she still have that crop?" Dave asked
as he pulled out of Kelly's abused mouth.

Daddy grabbed the riding crop from the top of Kelly's bed and handed it to
Dave, then grabbed his chubby slut daughter by her pigtails and roughly
pulled her head to face him as he spit on her face.

"How is my little kellycunt slut doing?" Daddy asked, as Dave ran the crop
delicately across the white chubby slut ass.

"kellycunt is good daddy but i am afraid Dave is really going to hurt me
Daddy" the slut whined. Dave grinned.

"Now, kellycunt, you know Dave can do whatever he wants with your body. What
is your relationship to Dave, sweety?" Daddy rubbed his cock on her slimy wet

"i'm rental propeRTY!!!! AHHH!!." Dave started beating Kelly hard with the

Each stroke of the crop left a bright red welt on her creamy white fat ass,
and left her chubby butt to jiggle. Each stroke made her titbells jingle, and
made Daddy's cock grow even more as she looked up at him with pained,
humiliated eyes. Daddy pulled her down, making her bend over painfully, legs
spread, ass sticking up wide at Dave, cuntlips poking out between her chubby

"Thats right, slut. You're just meat to me, kellycunt." Dave said, as he beat
closer and closer to her wet cunt lips.

Dave hit her hard directly on her cuntlips five times, then set down the crop
and started to gently rub Kelly's bruised twat. Her pussy was slick with
juice, and tight despite her chubby nature. Dave slid a finger inside as
Kelly began to gasp and moan, squirming to get more of his finger inside her
needy slutcunt.

Dave slid another finger inside as Daddy sat down at Kelly's head and pushed
her head into his lap, letting her suck his cock. Her moans got louder even
as the cock filled her mouth and Dave flicked his finger against her immature
clit. Kelly's cunt dripped down the inside of her chubby thighs.

"Cum, you fat dumb piece of meat." Dave growled as he shoved three fingers up
Kelly's tight cunt, flicking her clit with his other hand.

Kelly started to cum and Dave yanked his hand out of her cunt and slapped it
hard, sending her over the edge into a powerful orgasm, her chubby body
jiggly as she came, the bell nipple clamps ringing.

As Kelly descended from her orgasm Dave lined his cock up with her moist cunt
and shoved it in. Kelly wailed, moaning onto Daddy's cock as the two cocks
skewered her cunt and mouth, with the big ass plug filling her third hole.
Daddy's big cock stretched her young mouth and made her gag as Dave started
to fuck her hard, pounding her young cunt. He began to slap her ass, leaving
red handprints over the welts from her earlier beating, turning him on even
more, his cock stretching her young twat as his balls slapped against her bare
lips and clit.

Daddy pulled his cock out of chubby Kelly's mouth and started to moan and
grunt as he jacked his cock, unleashing sticky cum all over her face. She
looked up at Daddy with cute wide eyes as she moaned, her cunt stretched, her
face dripping with sticky cum. Daddy rubbed his cock all over her face as he
reached down and flicked her clamped, sore, nipples. Her twat twitched with
the sudden pain and pleasure and she began to cum, squeezing Dave's cock.

Dave reached down and twisted the plug in Kelly's fat ass, as he started to
pound her twat hard, Daddy continuing to play with her nipples. The tightness
of her cumming cunt was too much, and Dave grunted and shoved his cock all the
way in, releasing inside and filling her 9yo pussy. He pulled the ass plug
out as she continued to cum hard, milking his cock. Her ass gaped obscenely.

"Such a nice tight cunt for such a fat dumb slut." Dave said as he pulled his
cock out and slapped her ass. A dribbled of cum ran down her inner thighs.

"Yeah.. you want to take her ass? I'd love sloppy seconds on her cunt." Daddy

Dave smiled. "Come here sweety piggie and lick my cock clean."

Kelly crawled around on her knees to face Dave, pink sweatpants and white
panties still bunched up around her legs. She opened her mouth and began to
suck at the head of Dave's limp yet rapidly hardening cock. She sucked
deeper, he hands manipulating his balls with her well trained hands.

Behind her now, Daddy stared down at Kelly's ample rear and smiled, watching
cum ooze out of her pink inflamed cuntlips. His cock twitched and grew as he
reached out and rubbed her red spanked ass, feeling the welts from the crop,
then moved to her gooey fucked cunt. Kelly moaned and began to lick and suck
Dave's balls.

"Make sure you slobber on it nice and good, fat cunt. I'm going to do your
ass next." Dave smiled at Kelly.

She started sucking his cock again, slobbering all along its length, her hands
playing with his balls. She looked up at him with her cum covered face. Dave
lay flat back on the bed and grabbed Kelly's hand.

"Come on up and sit on my cock." he said.

"Yes Dave." she skampered up, her pants and panties finally dropping to the
flood as she climbs onto him.

Kelly faced Dave as she lowered her tight asshole onto his rock hard cock,
sitting slowly on it. She groaned as the cock stretched her tight rosebud
hole. Daddy grabbed a ballgag.

"Daddy are you going to fuck my cunt? please?" Kelly begged.

"In a bit sweetie." Daddy replied, slipping the gag into her mouth, stretching
her jaw wide with the pink ball.

He grabbed some flat rope and grabbed her arms, binding them tightly together
behind her back. It forced her to sit up straight and thrust her chest out,
showing off for Dave.

Daddy pulled on her nipple clamps, then yanked them off. Kelly moaned into
the gag, drool running around the ball and down her lips onto her chin. Her
nipples were sore and hard. Dave's cock roughly plunged in and out of her
tight stretched ass.

Daddy got two pieces of paper from Kelly's desk and wrote on them. One said
"Grade D Fuckmeat" and the other said "Fat Whore". He grabbed two
safety pins and handed them and the notes to Dave. Kelly saw them and started
whimpering and crying into the gag. Tears, spit, and Daddy's cum covered her

Dave took the "Grade D Fuckmeat" paper and held it up to her left tit.
He slowly slid the safety pin through her titmeat right near the nipple, as
she screamed into the gag, sobbing. He could feel her ass clenching around
his cock, buried deep inside.

Daddy watched, slowly stroking his cock, as Dave pinned the "Fat Whore" sign
to his daughter's young fat titmeat. His cock twitched, rock hard looking at
the signs pinned to her chest, her messy face, her fat ass stretched by Dave's
huge cock.

"Do you want her cunt?" Dave asked.

Daddy reached down and rubbed her cunt, soaking wet. She nearly came,
whimpering into the gag.

"Yeah, i think she wants it too, what a fat slut." Daddy smiled.

Dave put his hands around her chubby waist and with Daddy's help spun her
around his cock so her back was to him. She lay back with her legs spread
wide, her bare fat cunny lips open for Daddy. Dave's gooey cum still dripped
slowly from her whore twat and sat drying and sticky on her chubby thighs.

Dave's cock drilled her ass slowly as Daddy lined up with her cunt. His cock
slid in easily, her cunt soaking wet with her juices and Dave's cum. She
moaned loudly into the gag, her cunt and ass filled. Daddy and Dave both
started to pound her, not holding back.

"You love this don't you kellycunt?" Daddy said.

The young whore nodded, moaning into the gag. She began to cum, screaming and
moaning into her ballgag, drooling, humiliated. Her cunt and ass squeezed the
cocks filling her tight holes. Dave began to play with her abused tits,
heightening her orgasm.

"I want to cum on her pretty little face. I'm almost ready." Dave said.

Daddy started fucking her even harder, slapping sounds and the smell of sex
filling the room.

"OKAY, ready?!" Daddy said.

He pulled out of her twat as she squirmed, twitched and came... Daddy picked
Kelly up by her tied arms and dropped her to her knees. Daddy and Dave
started jacking their cocks at her face. Daddy came first, covering her face
with more gooey cum. Dave came just afterwards, grunting as he emptied his
balls onto her face. She looked up at them, her mouth stretched wide by the
pink ballgag, as they degraded her face.

Daddy took the ballgag off and Kelly licked her lips then began to lick Dave
and Daddy's cocks clean.

"Thank you Dave and Daddy." she gasped.

"Nice work fat whore." Dave said, and slapped her bruised, welted ass one more

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