Busty Natalia experience continues

Busty Natalia  experience continues
A week or so passed by before I heard from Kristen again. She called me at my office.

"What are you doing for lunch?"

"I am going to have lunch with my secretary. Why?"

"I'd like to do something special for lunch."

I told her where we had planned to go.

"Great, get a booth in the back and I will join you there."

I started to protest, but Kristen had hung up the phone.

Sylvia gave me a quizzical look.

"We were going to have a friend of mine join us for lunch." I told her.

Sylvia said that she didn't mind and at 1200 noon we left the office. We got to the diner and got a booth towards the back of the dining area. It was darker there. The waitress brought us water she asked if it was going to just be the two of us.

No, there will be one more lady joining us."

When she turned to leave I noticed Kristen walking towards our table. She was dressed in a mini skirt, stockings, and atop that was about 2 sizes to small. Kristen's high heels put it all in motion. She looked like a model as she walked towards us. Her hips swaying back and forth.

As she passed the other tables, heads turned and many of the men got their shoulders slapped by their wives or girlfriends. When Kristen reached our booth I introduced her to Sylvia and Kristen slid in next to Sylvia, leaving Sylvia sitting between the two of us.

The waitress returned and we all ordered drinks and engaged in some small talk. Kristen brought up the subject of Steve. I smiled at her as best I could.

"Do you still recall the last time we were over at her house and what we had talked about?"

"Yes, Kristen, I do remember."

"Well, when can we get together again?"

I blushed at her question as she nodded towards my friend Sylvia. I knew what she was wanting, she wanted me to help her seduce Sylvia, right here in the diner.

I slowly shook my head in order not to bring attention to myself, but to stop her from talking about it in front of Sylvia.

"We had so much fun the last time we got together was, especially playing all those games."

I could not believe that Kristen was discussing the last sexual meeting we had right here in this very location.

"What kind of games did you play?" Sylvia asked in an excited voice.

Kristen smiled at her asking, "Natalia didn't tell you?"

No, she didn't, Sylvia answered, All I know was she said she had been to some friend's house that weekend and had lots of fun."

Kristen now smiled at me. "Natalia, I am so glad you had lots of fun. We didn't know if you had enjoyed yourself or not the last time."

I blushed so deeply that Sylvia looked at me and and asked if I was ok.

Yes, I am just fine," I smiled back at her. "But there at things here that are not what they seem."

At that time I noticed Sylvia jump a little then look at Kristen. I looked at Kristen. too. Her arm moving under the table. I did not need to look any further, I knew she had her hand on Sylvia's leg and was rubbing it.

Looks like the game was on. I was getting hot just knowing what Kristen was doing. I then put my hand on Sylvia's other leg and she turned to look at me.

"We will stop if you want us to stop, but this is the kind of games we were playing."

Sylvia looked from me to Kristen and back at me. My hand was now under her skirt. She smiled at me ...

"Your hands both feel good but I am a married woman."

I returned her smile.

"So am I, and so is Kristen. We just want to have some fun with you and show you that you can find pleasure in other areas and still be married."

Kristen's fingers and mine touched near the top of Sylvia's thighs and we watched her face. Our touch was having its impact. Soon she slid down a little in the booth and allowed us to finger her wet gash through her panties.

Kristen then looked at me saying, "Take her to the bathroom and bring me back her panties."

Sylvia looked at her as Kristen pulled her hand from her wet crotch and watched her lick her fingers. Sylvia moaned when she saw Kristen do that.

Sylvia and I went into the restroom and I looked at her. She was flushed and I told her we could leave if she wanted. Her response was to pull up her skirt, pull her panties down her legs and hand them to me.

I kissed her, then gave her a readers digest version of how this all came about. I even told her about my daughter being involved. It made her blush. With that Sylvia leaned in and kissed me, hugging my body close to hers.

We then went back to the table and immediately Kristen asked me for Sylvia's panties. I handed them to her, in plain sight of whom ever was looking. Sylvia blushed but slid closer to Kristen.

Kristen then ran her hand along Sylvia's leg and found her wet pussy. She fingered Sylvia for several minutes. Sylvia groaned through a small orgasm. Kristen then licked her fingers and looked directly at me.

"Today after work you will bring Sylvia and her oldest daughter over to our house and we will play some games."

Sylvia looked at Kristen in shock then started to say something. Kristen again put her hand under the table, fingered Sylvia's cunt then told her.

"You will do this or your name will be all over town on how big of a lesbian slut you are. You see that man other there. He is video taping this whole ordeal and there is a camera under the table here and it has a great angle of me and Natalia fingering your pussy."

Sylvia looked at me. I told her I had no idea there would be someone video taping. Sylvia looked at Kristen in defiance, refusing to believe there was video. Kristen motioned to the guy sitting in another booth to came over. He handed Kristen the recording device and went back to his table.

Kristen hit the play button. There, in living color was our hands stroking Benda's thighs and her panty covered cunt. Then Kristen fingering her bare pussy a few minutes later. Sylvia sat there in shock as Kristen reminded her of our appointment after work.

After lunch Sylvia called her husband to tell him she was going to be late getting home. She told him to pick up their grade school age child at the day care. She and I talked about what had just occurred. I told her how I was seduced into their little games too.

I told her that they were very seductive and that we would be required to help them satisfy their intense sexual appetite.

"Is there was anyway out of this?" Sylvia was in tears.

"No, not unless you want to risk your marriage, your children and your reputation in our small community."

Sylvia looked at me and weakly smiled. All I could do was apologize.

"I'm so sorry for getting you into this mess!"

The afternoon dragged on. Sylvia and I talked a few more times while in the office. We decided to go to Kristen's together. We would stop and pick up her daughter. Her volleyball team was practicing at the school that was on the way.

Sylvia drove and when we got to the school her daughter, Bridget came running out to meet us. She was still dressed in her tight spandex shorts, her tight fitting shirt and her volleyball shoes.

She jumped in the car, gave her Mom a hug and spoke to me.

"Where are we going?"

We needed to go by some friend's house for a few minutes." Sylvia answered.

As we pulled up to Kristen's house I noticed that Steve's truck was there, too. I also noticed another car parked along the side of the road and wondered if they already had company. We went to the door and rang the bell. Kristen answered the door in the same clothes she hand on at lunch time.

We walked into their living room and Kristen offered us a drink. We all accepted and Kristen went into the kitchen calling Sylvia into the kitchen with her. Sylvia left me and Bridget alone in the living room and soon we heard Kristen and Sylvia talking in the kitchen. They were talking about lunch.

Sylvia came into the living room followed by Kristen carrying drinks. Sylvia handed me my drink and Kristen handed Bridget hers. Kristen started talking to Bridget and learned she was still in high school you could see her face light up.

Kristen also told Bridget she was a very pretty "young woman" and this made Bridget blush, but she thanked Kristen for her compliment.

Sylvia drank her drink and excused herself to use the bathroom down the hallway. I sat there with Kristen and Bridget. We talked about our day and plans for the evening. Bridget even talked about her homework and Kristen told her that if she ever needed help with school work to call her.

Bridget thanked Kristen and I looked at Bridget. It was obvious that Bridget was wondering what was taking her mom so long in the bathroom. Kristen noticed this, too.

Kristen got up offering to go check on her to make sure she is ok. Kristen left the room and left Bridget and I alone. I looked at the young girl, wonder what her mother was up to down the hall.

A few seconds later we heard Kristen say, "Bridget, Natalia come here, I have something you need to see."

Bridget and I sat our drinks down and moved toward the hallway. We looked and there was Kristen standing in the doorway to the master bedroom. I knew what was going on in there and followed Bridget down the hallway. It seemed like it was a mile long as we finally got to the open door.

Kristen turned just enough to let Bridget into the bedroom. There on the bed was Sylvia, on her hands and knees, one cock shoved into her tight pussy, one inside her sucking mouth. Sylvia was naked and appeared to be loving it. She was shoving her hips back onto the long cock that was fucking into her tight pussy and sucking that cock in her mouth, drooling all over the bed.

Bridget screamed at her mom as she watched the hot sexual scene in front of her face. Then she felt hands on her tight spandex covered ass and turned to see who it was. It was a third man who had been waiting for us to come down the hallway. The man grabbed Bridget and turned her back around and growled at her.

"Watch your mother. Watch how those cocks slide into her pussy and mouth with ease. Your mother is a cunt. See she is liking it."

All the while he was holding her by her shoulders, not touching her anywhere else, just holding her young sexual body there.

While all this was going on Kristen had moved over to me, undressed me, then undressed herself. We were now hugging, kissing and touching each other while enjoying the hot erotic scene on the bed. Kristen's soft hand was on my soaked pussy, working fingers inside my welcoming slit.

Soon we heard Steve grunt as he flooded Sylvia's hot wet cunt with his sperm. After staying buried inside her for several moments to let his balls drain into her, he pulled his wet dripping cock out with a plop as cum dripped onto the bed.

He still had a combination of his cum and her mother's juices on his long cock as he moved toward young Bridget. Bridget looked at the cock then at her mother then back at the cock. Kristen moved over to Bridget and got down on her knees. She pulled Bridget to her knees, too. She took Steve's cock and held it in front of Bridget's face and said, "Suck it clean."

Bridget looked back at her mom and then opened her mouth and took in Steve's semi hard cum coated cock. Bridget sucked it slowly and Kristen talked to her telling her to lick the bottom with her tongue and to suck hard on the head. Bridget did as Kristen instructed and soon Steve's cock was hard as a steel bar again.

Kristen helped Bridget stand up and then undressed this hot little sexual package. Steve looked at this young woman then told her to get on the bed beside her mother. Bridget did as instructed, her virgin little cunt starting to show some wetness.

Steve moved up behind her. Looking down at her he saw the wetness of her cunt and laughed.

"Like mother like daughter, right Natalia?"

It was my turn to blush. The other man took me by the hand and led me to the bed. He shoved me until I kneeled down beside Bridget. He pulled his cock out and slammed it deep into my soaked cunt while I watched Bridget's face as Steve deflowered her.

She cried as he ripped her hymen and then started to moan and shove her ass back as he fucked her hard and fast. Soon she was calling for him fuck her harder yet. Begging him to cum inside her like he had just cum in her mother.

The guy fucking me also was ramming his cock into my womb, driving me toward orgasmic pleasure. I had no idea who he was, but he knew how to use his cock on a woman. I wanted to cum so badly on his pulsing cock. Even though I wanted him to never stop pounding my cunt with his hard prick.

The guy who Sylvia was sucking moaned and came in her mouth, filling her to the gagging point. Kristen looked at Sylvia and instructed her not to swallow.

"Keep Ted's cum in your mouth, but to kiss her daughter. Share some of that rich cum. Let your daughter know what sperm feels like when in flows down her mother's throat."

Sylvia wanted to say no, but did as instructed, knowing that this was probably being taped as well. I watched as Sylvia kissed her daughter and allowed some of Ted's cum to drip into that hot young vixens mouth.

My pussy was now beginning to churn and I came. My orgasm gripped my body and I collapsed on the bed. I felt my lovers cock explode inside me. Warm coated sides of my womanhood. After laying a moment, exhausted, but wanting more, I felt a tongue licking at my dripping cunt.

There between my legs was Sylvia, lapping up that creamy cum as it trickled from deep inside my belly. She was after the cum, but was one hell of a cunt lapper. I came several times more.

Before we left, I was fucked by all three guys. Even Kristen fucked me with her strap on dildo. Sylvia and Bridget got the same attention from all three.

After we left Bridget was the first to speak.

"Can we do that again sometime?"

Sylvia and I laughed, saying, "Yes, I guess we can."

We know we were stuck with Kristen and Steve until they get tired of us! On one hand we wish it would end tomorrow. On the other, the pleasure we had received today was incredible. We can hardly wait for that next phone call..

I hope you like my story. It is based on real life events and is still going on. I cannot put it all on paper right now, because I have to deal with the emotional and physical effects it has on me.

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